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I am trying to extract the text from a topdown analysis in SAP using VBA. I basically need to move down the column, evaluate if the extracted text contains a certain character string, then extract the

I have a cherryPy server which, among other things, access needs to access a "single instance resource". Single instance resource is serial communication to another device and an entire set of

I have a program that contains pages and tags, and I want to add a related pages feature. The rule would be that the pages would be ranking by how many tags they share. So: [ { page: 'one', tags:

guys i'm struggling these days with understanding the toggle switch code i found this on google and i'm trying to understand the code to strengthen my css skills please help me and thank you in

I have a shared folder in google drive. I'll use this link as an example: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/1/folders/1on07liV24xKCVpcWkOJEu6Ci8Lmcl9hi I have a script in r like below: head(

Beginner Level - Unit Testing Here's the function INITIATE export function initiate(context){ try { _context = context; _localStorage = window.localStorage; } catch (ex) { } How could I

I've looked and read several tutorials about different buttonlayouts, but I'm still unsure about the best way to approach this. My aim is to have one button in the center of the screen and one button

I am working with bookdown and the emmeans package. I am trying to render a pdf where I can fit a series of plot with minimal space between each other ```{r 3AeMixEffCmass,out.width = c("32%","32%","

I want to edit records but when use query binder to join two tables in visual studio 2017, it make cells read only. It is helpful in reports but not in form where I have to edit.

We have a custom DateTimeModelBinder that used to work fine with ASP.NET Core 1.1, but after upgrading to 2.2, it fails. This is the breaking part: bindingContext.ModelState.

I have the following code class BasePage{ constructor(driver){ } } class Section extends BasePage{ constructor(driver, parent){ super(driver); }

Hi I am trying to find a simple way to expand my db query and group the records shown by month (Ideally I would like next month stored in "Next Page"). Is there a way to do this? Current query @

When looking at javascript google API, we have plainty of constructors such drawingmanager object in order to create shapes (i.e. circle or polygon) manually using the mouse. I wonder if this

import axios from 'axios' export default { name: 'FileList', props: { }, data () { return { pageSize: 10, offset: 0, model: "", rows: [] } }, mounted() { this.search();

I am looking for a simple way to round floats to the first significant figure with the exception that I want to round to two significant figures if the first two significant figures are 11, 12, 13, 14.

I am trying to match features between two point cloud i test by canging many parameters but it always produce wrong matches. I am calculating PFH feature descriptors of SIFT features. Thank you for

So I am trying to model simple projectile motion (no air resistance etc) using the ode45 solver in Matlab. I know there are easier ways to do this but this is the way I've been asked to. This is my

In my case, I'm just executing a simple JavaScript function to a div element with id="bodyText". The first time I enter to ArticlePage it works as desired. export class ArticlePage implements OnInit {

I want to start from this layout and then get to this one at the smartphone breakpoint. Do you have any idea on how to get this?

string querytransactions = "select TransactionID as 'الرقم المرجعي' , TransactionDate as 'تاريخ العملية' , TransactionDescription as 'وصف العملية' , AccountID as ' الحساب' , WithdrawalAmount as '

The CSS file works when in the same folder as the file but won't connect when in different folders. <link href="css/custom.css" type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" />

I need to figure out the code needed to drag Helix Cube around with the mouse.

I am trying import android.support.v4.app.Fragment but I get the error "Unresolved Reference: Fragment". But if I try to import android.support.v4.app.FragmentManager or any other class inside

I was wondering if it is possible that in R package glmnet that we force the coefficients to sum up to 1? As if those coefficients are weights between [0,1] of individual predictors? I figured out

I have two mongoose schemes one for users and one for posts. One user can like many posts. At the end I would like to present in the client side all the posts the user liked in one section which I

I am getting b/m error when I try to use matplotlib . I tried many commands but could not fix the error i.e sudo apt-get install python-matplotlib pip install matplotlib sudo pip3 install matplotlib

I recently inherited a java project and my job is to improve the project in every directions. So it dazzled me immediately when I saw the main.java of the project. Which consist of 12K lines of code

Basically, I have only worked with Java and pure JavaScript yet. Now, I would like to start with TypeScript, but I ran into the following problem: class Speaker { saySomething(): void { console.

How can I include a .jar in an ionic 3 project? This .jar is for printing on a printer Datamax O'neil Apex 2. Thanks

I have a piece of code that (a)obtains temporary AWS STS credentials and (b) calls AWS S3 putObject(): stsToken.then(updateConfig) .then(newS3()) .then(S3.putObject(objectParams).promise()) .then(

I would like to use copy, paste function in VBA, but when I am pasting from text format in to general I am receiving less digits when I am copying 11 digits number. Example: 00001234567 should be

I'm trying to do something very simple in AngularJS but just can't seem to get it working. I have a directive and I place some HTML inside the directive that uses ng-repeat on an array inside the

If a user tries to access a page, I want him to be redirected to the login page, but with a status code 401 (unauthorized). Like this: if not 'logged_user' in request.session: return redirect('

Ok, I have a working program that reads external virtual memory on linux. What i want to do: Program 1 is executed and has specific addresses in memory to communicate with program 2. I know that

i am trying to deploy my heroku app but it keeps showing following errors. remote: File "/app/.heroku/python/lib/python3.7/site-packages/django/contrib/staticfiles/storage.py", line 43, in

I have a data frame and would like to repeat each row by each element in a pre defined vector. for example if I have a matrix (I use matrix for example) matrix(c(1,2,3,2,1,3),2) [,1] [,

I have a pingfederate server acting as an IdP and also as an OAUTH AUTHORIZATION SERVER I am looking to perform some IdP Discovery for the OAUTH clients From what i see it works fine with my

I am trying to implement code to get the annotations in the Promotions tab for a clients newsletter and i do get it to work. However, it only shows the annotations after i reload the Promotions tab,

How to upload my APK file to review in google play console without publishing the app to all users?

the goal of the program is to multiply the count times the value of hamburger. I put the count in a while loop but every time i run the program it freezes and doesn't execute. def input1(): menu =

I am having trouble getting the hero image and the background to show up. The files are in the same folder, with images, css, and javascript folders for those files. HTML is in main folder, others are

I'm trying to implement a colleague's Oracle SQL Procedure into pgAdmin 4, but I'm getting several syntax errors. I don't quite understand the difference between syntaxes yet, could you please help

I'm brand new to PHP and am trying to create a form that will populate data from my mysql database and then allow the user to edit any of the populated data to update the database. I tried piecing

i have a vue login form thats returns the errors as a query. after the first error the query object is loaded the the error string, the subsequent once are not even if they show up in the console

I have to create a mongo image with some default collection and data. I am able to create mongo image with this data by referring the following link :- How to create a Mongo Docker Image with

I'm following this : https://symfony.com/doc/current/bundles/FOSUserBundle/overriding_templates.html I found the default template inside vendor/friendsofsymfony/user-bunfle/views/layout.html.twig

I am new to SpringBoot. I don't know how to create a few objects of the same type in the way that enables to use this objects later for example in the controller. Let's say I would like to create

I want to send one of this JSON objects in hidden input in html. [{ "id": 1, "firstname": "John", "lastname": "Wick", "position": "Manager", "salary": 4000, "email": "johnwick@

So for a bit of context, I'm doing quite a lengthy project and I can't figure out what the issue is with this error? any ideas. Trying to link a GMapsFX library to an FXML file but this error keeps

I need help with a rollback. I need to insert in table CATEGORIA ONLY when I insert into CATEGORIA_IDIOMA. So I tried a TRANSACTION, but it does not work, I have a UNIQUE CONSTRAINT IN