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Why is samSays not working inside the function even though the function is returning? HTML: <button onClick="drivinSchool()">Drive</button> JS: function drivinSchool(){ var


I am currently trying to implement trading views embedded chart feature. The problem is the website that needs this supports more pairs than trading view does so this pair 'BTCUSD' shows a chart and

TestVIEW将多个字符串设置为一个STATE(int ReSID)

Good morning, How can I put multiple string ressources inside the setText to display them in order ? I have a layout with a TextView (id: TxtDisp) and a Button (id: NextSentence) that change the


Previously when I was adding a entity to database with Hibernate I used to check that it hadn't already been added. But in an effort to improve performance I forgo this check and just tried to add


I am learning jHipster. My entity relationship model has projects and files. A project can have zero to many files, and a file always belongs to exactly one project. project <(1:1)-----(0:*)>


Is it possible to check duration of audio file before uploading in similar way like file.size in the example below? handleSubmit = async event => event.preventDefault(); if (this.file &&


I'm trying to learn how to use CoreData and the correct way to implement it, currently I have watched this video on youtube (link below). At the moment it all makes sense, however when I go from one


I want to implement ability to collapse the gray .content block (with blue sqare inside) smoothly based on drag value when user drags .drag element. What is the best and efficient way nowadays to do


var z = function(){ var a = this; var x = function(){ var b = this; var m = function(){ var c = this; console.log(a); console.log(b);


How do we interpolate an image taken as input by a given factor using Python as the programming language?


I'm trying to make a project related to share market. I want to have the share price at every 1-minute interval and the python script will message me using twilio about the change.


Iv been struggling with a macro to copy a specific range based on the active cell, while hiding certain columns and copying only visible cells. It will be used for copying information about the next 7


A simplified example from a recent blog post: struct B { void f(); }; struct D : B { }; constexpr auto as_d = static_cast<void(D::*)()>(&D::f); // (1) template <void (D::*)()>


I have two list. First list contains each book language, that contains about 30000 items. ['es','de', 'ita', .] Second one contains about twenty language code, as follow : ['eng', 'ar', 'fr', '

如何在LaaLVER 5.6中添加自定义方法到资源控制器

What is the correct way of adding a custom method to a resource controller in Laravel 5.6? What I have so far is a new method in my ProfileController: public function approve($id){ $user = User::


Hi am designing a system that allow the user to scale and skew a image base off the anchors that they can drag and scale. I am kinda stuck and looking for some type of resource to put this together.


I followed this document https://firebase.google.com/docs/auth/web/facebook-login token is a new accessToken given from the client const context = ({req}) => { const credential = firebase.


Olá, estou fazendo um programa em Python para uma central telefônica. O usuário tem permissão para cadastrar as regras de discagem. Gostaria de usar expressão regular simples que aceitaria somente '[]'


I have a line of python code that doesn't work the way it should (at least to the best of my knowledge). Following is the code line: print 'progress: {}%'.format((i/len(e_numbers))*100) The value of


I have got this coefficient table under the form of a dataframe: coefficient_table <- data.frame("less_than_1" = c( 1, 0.5, 0.1, 0.025, 0.010, 0.005, 0.001), "1-5" = c(


I'm building a website whereby when scrolling, it will appear as if the section below which has a height of 100vh, overlaps the current section like so: https://i.gyazo.com/


I have a problem, clicking in a < tr > of a table I call a javascript function which in turn calls a function in php to get data in a database. The click on the table row works, sql works, and from


Aloha everyone, After a lot of research I did not find anything simple to my little problem. I start on Angular5 and Firebase. My issue is the following : I loop on a table and for each identifier I


What is the way to programming online gambling games What are the programming languages Possible sources of learning thank you >


Hi I am stuck in a razor page rendering. I am using core identity and have modified the default "/Pages/Shared/_Layout.cshtml" to use bootstrap 4. Then when I moved to "Identity/Pages/Account/Manage/


All I have found is that different Processes/Threads share the same hardware, hence the need for multiplex the use of memory. and Important aspects of memory multiplexing are: Isolation Separate


In my (generated) docbook files I got an ID / IDREF pair that started with a number (say 015_code with the attributes xml:id / linkend and consequently a warning was emitted (XMLMind in this case):

十月CMS -数据太长的列

I have an error saving a field to the database, which is giving me the error: String data, right truncated: 1406 Data too long for column 'content' at row 1. However the field in the database is set


I would like to pass data from EditPostViewController to NewsfeedTableViewController using delegates, but func remove(mediaItem:_) is never called in the adopting class NewsfeedTableViewController.


I am following microservices tutorials from the link : https://github.com/sqshq/PiggyMetrics and I was able to successfully start the following services config registry gateway In each services .yml

使用PKG配置文件编译FFPEG X265

I'm trying to compile FFMPEG with x265 on Win10. I am using the latest full MinGW build from xhmikosr found at: http://xhmikosr.1f0.de/tools/msys/ FFMEPG without x265 compiles without problems and


I want to load adsense ad after user clicks OK in a JavaScript alert window. Here is the code kindly tell me what i need to change to implement this? <script> if (window.confirm('Continue?'))


i have a Block specified Path. for example http://example.com/image or http://example.com/file.php Some one going to this path it need showing you dont have permission or redirect another page.. How


I'm trying to build a website builder (that will generate static websites at the beginning). I don't know how to handle the situation when I need to allow customers to use their own domain. I did a


I have to establish a communication between a C++ code and a Python code and sending messages in both directions ( first message will be from C++ to Python and then and until the rest of the program


I have a problem. Because I want to create website form which collects leads into database. However it will be managed by the guy who is not so in computers. So my question is how to manage it,


First time doing this. Two days since I struck this issue and have not located the problem. I installed laravel on a Ubuntu 18.04 instance on EC2. The project works fine in my local Homestead


I'm using Ember 3, and I am having an issue using the Router service with dynamic segments. In my component, I use the Router Service to transitionTo a child route on a click, but I get this error:


i removed images extension from URL : RewriteEngine on RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME}\.png -f RewriteRule ^(.*)$ $1.png [NC,L] but i need to ignore anything


I have a userform that I developed in VBA in MS EXCEL 2016. After a user uses the form once, I use the Me.Hide statement to hide the form. However, if the user launches the form again, I use the Me.


I have a REST endpoint that I am calling with Angular Http. I need to chain two calls, then use the results from each to create an object to return. Pseudo code: POST new entity to server and get a


Private Sub Btn_Simpan_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Btn_Simpan.Click Try If Txt_Kode.Text = "" Or Txt_NamaPerusahaan.Text = "" Or Txt_Manager.


Can someone guide me to upload multiple images to Firebase at the same time? What I'm trying to do is upload several images to Firebase Storage and save each reference in Firestore (in an array, for


I created a .php file to export data from mysql to json format. [{"name":"data1","data":[[{"name":"InfluxCoin","data":[[1534032000000,0.87]]},{"name":"Advanced","data":[[1534032000000,0.02]]},{"name":


I am doing a stock taking program for a school project. I have a combobx populated with all the items sold (extracted from database) and I have a spin edit for the user to select the quantity of the


I have been trying to generate a table in R Markdown with output to word looking like this (a very common table format for chemical sciences): I started with kable using markdown syntax to get the


how to implement a functionality after getting a alert box saying session will expire in 1 minute do you want to continue (with OK/ Cancel buttons) after getting this alert if user has stll idle


I'm using mongoose to interact with mongoDB in a rest API, and while using discriminators, I get this error : Discriminator with name "serviceMember" already exists know that with this code


For example : when we use the dimens folder for a texte size value , we go the dimen ( small ) to change the texte size for the small layout(screen) . So i want to do the same think for images i want

浏览器/选票:SOL:102 18:帕塞尔误差:预期

i get an error msg when trying to compile browser/ballot.sol:102:18: ParserError: Expected '{' but got identifier contract token is ERC20Interface, Owned, SafeMath { ^----^ cannot