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hello have a warm wishes. i have a table with lots of data and i need all data but the data that only updated last for example Table id - name - user_id - email 1 - abc - 1 -


I have some script in Python which are executed by crontab on Raspbian. I use the MySQLdb library for request in the local network. All scripts work fine if i launch them directly, by Python-IDLE, or


I am implement FCM in my project and its working fine. But not received message while follow below steps. Open Settings>Apps>MyFCMApp Click "Force Stop" Send message from Firebase Console Open


I'm trying to create a video player with the ExoPlayer API. My app is using API 23: Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) and implementation 'com.google.android.exoplayer:exoplayer:2.8.1'. I'm playing a .mp4


I am interested in labeling the xtics with strings from a column in a file. The file is written in the following manner: Index Name Status Value 1 Ver1 with 0.3 2 Ver1 without 0.25 3 Ver2 with 0.35 4


I want to check if JS changed so I can bump their version. For now, I use a JSON file with JS version and CSS version and I update this file every time the build task is running. it looks ~ const

为什么我的Spring Bug应用程序不投掷错误?

So i wrote a small application , In order to get familiar with basics i made it as simple as possible . I made a simple mvc application with Config.java file and when i thought that now the


Let's suppose class Sale< ApplicationRecord serialize :items, Array end How do you search based on array property. The items is a list of integers or ids. Now i want to find out all Sale


I have an issue with geting Git to run in Visual Code. I am using the Git destribution from Cygwin in my git.path setting on a Windows 10 system. The setup works perfectly if I open the folder


Like a lot of people I have been struggling with autofill/autocomplete in Chrome recently. While doing so it has become apparent there are two different sources for the autofill data and two


I have component which need to have multiple checkboxes that generated from database. let say it is interface Option { id: number; name: string ; } interface UserOptions { id: number;


but show message and stop activity why? What should I do to use messages with static class public class DragDrop extends Application { public static boolean sonuc=false; public static ImageView


Pretty basic question : how to change the color of the y-axis values in a line chart. I need the background of the chart to be a specific color, with the y-axis values being white. I need the values


I would like to make my own implementation for JavaFX rendering, how could make my own implementation for that?


I'm using API to collect JSON file. I have managed to extract this output as I demonstrated below. And now I'm on the stage, that I have JSON extraction and need to make in the way that BQ will


I have successfully created a .rb custom fact that parses a built-in fact to create a new value, however I am now trying to use it as nested custom fact for Puppet. The hierarchy I want to create is


new Container( margin: const EdgeInsets.fromLTRB(20.0, 10.0, 20.0, 10.0), color: Colors.black12, child: new Row( children: <Widget>[ new


I don't understand what does timeout option in axios mean ? Explain it to me if I can use it. Because I have a use case wherein I would hide the loading spinner after saving the records to the server.


I have been asked to detect a tone frequency in speech signal like piano music . using matlab ?if there are any blocks or codes to help me do so on matlab ,,plz help guys with little details plz!!!

在Protractor Typescript的VS代码中是否有测试资源管理器?

I'm working in Protractor Jasmine framework in node js. Do we have test explorer or any plugin which lists all the TCs in the feature files of the project? So that we can execute the test directly


I'm using the following code to Transform a small rectangle coordinates to a larger one ie: A rectangle position on a small image to the same position on the larger resolution of the same image

I use the basic registration form but I want to add a multiple select, a User can have multiple Skills and select them when he register. My problem is that when I select multiples values Laravel only


I'm using ExcelDataReader to load the excel data into a DataSet, which will be eventually be loaded into an DataGrid in WPF. I have specific columns with headers as "SLNO" and "FY" which I don't want


I am getting this error from the Visual Profiler: Error: Internal profiling error 3754:999. The problem is that I don't know to what this error is related and I can't find anything on Google


I am running a spring boot micro-serivce within my docker container running as a kubernetes pod. The swagger UI runs fine when the spring boot application is run locally. When deployed in to our

Gangang-BCRIPT HasHead Toice太短而不是密码

I want to create user authentication system using Go and I stuck with logging into an account. I use bcrypt to hash password than I save it to the database(MySQL). The problem shows when I want to


How do i show a notification in my app when a child is added/modified in firebase database ? I am using android studio. I have seen a lot of answers to use FCM or GCM . But is there a way that i can

启动ANGALR CLI服务器时出错

I Just Generated my Application on WebStorm. When I run command ng serve this shows this error. ERROR in ./ansi-html Module parse failed: Unexpected character '#' (1:0) You may need an


I am using ffmpeg lib: ffmpeg version git-2017-09-16-08ec828 Copyright (c) 2000-2017 the FFmpeg developers built with gcc 5.4.0 (Ubuntu 5.4.0-6ubuntu1~16.04.4) 20160609 configuration: --enable-pic


Hello I know that the zero after a Artisan::call function is the ExitCode an it means that the command was successfull. I run the command for some MySQLI DB queries. And then I print it on the website


I have object with multiple nested objects: frequency (int) requester (object) name (string) age (int) I want to make create view so user can edit the whole object. So far, I've created


I use Haskell with Stack in watch mode like this: stack build --file-watch --fast --exec simple-app-exe After the simple-app-exe is run, Stack waits for the user input so some commands can be


I would appreciate if you could let me know how to apply describe () to calculate summary statistics by group. My data is like the following but there is a lot of coulmns: Financial Distress x1


As I understood from documentation, in order to use window and watermark function, you must to perform aggregation. In my case I have a stream of log in format: |name|type|action|received_time|.


So I was following this example here https://github.com/panique/php-long-polling/blob/master/server/server.php and am looking to do this for my Notifications system. function LongPollNavigation(


I need your help! This is for a project on Java: I would like to create objects out of database records (SQL), I know how to call the DB records but don't know how to insert them into a new object.


from matplotlib.backends.backend_agg import FigureCanvasAgg as FigureCanvas from matplotlib.figure import Figure import io from flask import Flask, render_template, send_file, make_response, request


I am trying to remove rows from a matrix based on a condition. I have a 371000x5 double matrix, and a 371000x1 vector of dummies (1 and 0). I want to remove each row from the original matrix, where


I am making a simple measuring app with ARKit. As seen in the GIF below, when moving the camera around, the white node jumps around rather than staying in the centre of the target. I understand why -


I tried using checked but it is not working. Is there any other way ? <h:outputLabel value="Gender"></h:outputLabel> <h:selectOneRadio id="gen" value="#{employeeMB.gender}"> <f:


my question has probably a simple solution, but I cannot find it. When compiling my older objectarx code with Visual Studio 2017 and testing with AutoCAD 2019, the following function prints just fname


I'm trying to create a layer on top of a third party library, in this case libchan. Here's an interface I've defined: type ReceiverStream interface { Receive(msg interface{}) error } type

Windows sDeMeMeg()MSG代码

I use this code: [DllImport( "User32.dll", EntryPoint = "SendMessage" )] private static extern int SendMessage( IntPtr hWnd, int msg, IntPtr wParam, IntPtr lParam ); This code sends


I am working on a sharing functionality where I have achieved the basic sharing part and is working perfectly. Below is the code for same let message = "Download the app from the link below" //Set


Is it possible to check if a key exists before or after a given reference key? Here is my posts node: -LFdM9Dfy7t-xiK-pO5h -LFdPpn7wsRM3Y5TUPiN -LFdQ0x1T6OF_FiCeIWk -LFg41ZcFHgrI0VSY83v -


I am new to html and javascript coding. So i have encountered a problem where i have to send a variable to a specific page and call that function out when needed. function submit() { firstname


I made a little wordpress website and in the smart phone screen my header image does not appear as I'd like. The website is here : here I tried to apply this code to the img div : margin: 0 auto;


I have 3 form. Names: MainScreen, LoadingForm, MoviesInfo. When I press the button on MainScreen, it is doing some works and LoadingForm is loading inside a panel on MainScreen.I want to do when works


this error is showing in my ios screen after downloading java script in my device. ReferenceError: Can't find variable: Text This error is located at: in App (at registerRootComponent.js:35) in