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I need to get the zipCode and the city in multiple viewControllers. Here is how I'm currently doing it import CoreLocation let locationManager = CLLocationManager() class MyViewController:

I would like to find an elegant way to sort an array of strings containing numbers such as ["a1", "a2", "a11"], so that the numbers are correctly displayed in the right order (as I did), and not as ["

So I'm writing a program in c#, but i'm quite new to the language so I reuse a python script that I created long ago. It works fine in both command line, idle, vs code and on linux, but in the c# app

I have some strings like s0 = "\"first line,\\nsecond line,\\n\"", and some other strings like s1 = "first line,\nsecond line,\n", where s0 is like the string representation of the whole s1. I wonder

I have 2 large arrays, their length is 220500 . First one contains frequencies and second one contains corresponding amplitudes. In frequency array, I'm looking for a certain frequency (if I'm looking

I was able to get this to work after much frustration, but I was hoping someone could explain to me why this works: var monthCharges = WRVUData.AsEnumerable() .Where(dr

I am building a REST service based on the spring greeting example. This works fine and I am really happy with the time spring saves me. Today I am trying to get the OAuth2 security with access token

I hope somebody can help me with this: I am writing a code that approximates a picture with sin function. To be more specific: I layed an array above the image. Of each "tile" I distinguish the

I'm calling mailgun using mailgun-php to send a message through a PHP page on GoDaddy windows hosting. I just started over with a fresh install of the latest of mailgun-php by following the

I'm creating a custom TInputDirWizardPage in InnoSetup to ask for multiple installation folders from the user. On the default input directory page the component named "DiskSpaceLabel" is visible

I'm trying to construct a neural network for the Mnist database. When computing the softmax function I receive an error to the same ends as "you can't store a float that size" code is as follows:

Im trying to create some routes inside of my dashboard but Im having some dificcult, My project has a root page where it has route for /admin its working fine, inside of the admin page Im using the

I was trying to understand Recursive Transversal. I stumbled upon this link where they wrote something like this for an example let company = { // the same object, compressed for brevity

I'm starting a download session in a view controller: class MyController: UIViewController { func startDownload(withURL url: URL) { downloadSession = URLSession(configuration:

My code is a program that a doctor for en example insert informations of a patient. So he can add,load,save,delete,update a contact. My problem is when i want to remove a contact using ArrayList, the

I am trying to use an int to represent a register value. I need various parts of the number (in its binary form) to set the state for control lines etc. My code works fine until I get to number 4096

The Sonos Music API (SMAPI) implementation I built is working fine. I can select playlists/albums and play tracks using customsd.html. But after a couple of minutes the Sonos app fails and tells me "

Then JpaSpecificationExecutor interface has List<T> findAll(Specification<T> spec) Page<T> findAll(Specification<T> spec, Pageable pageable); Exists some way to implement

I am using a third party view controller to verify my app with firebase. It works perfectly to create a user using their phone number but after creating an account, it just stays on the input phone

I came into this, when I tried to install Xamarin.UITest as Nuget package in an Android project. When I try to compile the project I have that error: Can not resolve reference: `System.Drawing`,

I have a problem when I shot projectile when I run the projectile colloid with the payer how to avoid that by making a space between the gun and the projectile to avoid colloid the projectile with the

I do not want to change my sockets method. I was hoping to have access to io from the connected function. Is this possible? function sockets (server) { const io = require('socket.io')(server);

I have error in this code: intPtr = Marshal.AllocHGlobal(Marshal.SizeOf<Win32API.OBJECT_BASIC_INFORMATION>(object_BASIC_INFORMATION)); Win32API.NtQueryObject(zero, 0,

Can anybody help me please? My question is that how to to display popup message on camera image capture using broadcast receiver. I have register Receiver but it is not working. Receiver class:

I publish a website. And under Chrome Click F12, begin an audit. It say file in jpeg format are old and prefer use jpeg2 or webp format. Webp format i read it's not supported by all browsers (IE11)

I would like to put several images on each page of my navigation bar. Here is below a screenshot to have an idea. My problem is my second image is not above the "packages" page. Impossible to do

All elb and alb access logs are streamed to one s3 bucket directly, I'm trying to write a lamda function to parse through each folder, get the zipped log file, unzip it and stream the contents to

i have a list : a=['1','2','4','3','7','5'] I wanna convert str to int. In fact, I want to write a function that multiplies a number in the list elements. Thanks

So the first solution that I found for this said to do: (n & ( 1 << k )) >> k But I don't understand how this will work because if I have the number 11100, and I want the 2nd bit,

I'm a PhD student in Political Science, working in comparative politics. I want to examine individual perceptions of polarization in multi-party systems. I'm trying to replicate a score of perceived

Sender page $.ajax({ type : "POST", //type of method url : "1.php", //your page data : { PID : $PID, PQ : $ProductNeed },// passing the values

I want to use Discord.js to send a message to a User based on their User ID. So not whenever a user sends a message, but whenever I want. Example code: bot.fetchUser("123456").then((user) => {

Is there a way in ChartJS / react-chartjs-2 to align the Y-Axis title to the top of the axis instead of the default vertical alignment? In other words, instead of this: I want this: My basic

Trying to evaluate a dataset using its ground truth as well as predicted values, here's the code: preds = dict() truths = dict() for sub in submission: sub = list(map(float, sub.strip("\n").split(

So the code that I am working on is for an IRC bot, and I want to implement a way to limit channels based on the CHANLIMIT server option. The CHANLIMIT option is a list of limits with the prefix and

I'm trying to deploy my create-react-app here But I'm getting these error. static/css/1.e03ed13c.chunk.css net::ERR_ABORTED 404 (Not Found). I have no any chunk.css file. What is a problem? Can you

What I'm trying to do: I'm trying to create a program design where a UI program created with the Turtle Graphics Library in Python communicates directly with an EV3 Python Program that exists on the

I am writing a function that will help me compute the longest subpath of a tree-like data structure. What I have written so far uses a recursive method to "dig" into each sub-branch - basically a

I try to set up a simple system with some Spring Boot microservices. There is a gateway, discovery(Eureka) and config server in the system among the business ones (they are not ready at the moment).

I am trying to add an outer map to an existing map but still return the same thing from the method. Here is how the existing map looks: def someMethod() : Flow[ByteString, MyClass[OtherClass],

In the below code, a struct called Card is assigned with let. Then, once assigned, I put this card into an array. Now, in func resetCards, I want to set each card in the array back to its original

here is Sample Data. Everything in input directory is dynamic. Only thing is data dictionary will have fix 7 different values for each value of keys in input_dict. And it may have only 1 or 0 values.

I have recently observed a problem in allocation and copying of Numpy arrays: Array allocation takes constant time (wrt. array size); copying the contents of another array into the allocated array,

If someone were kind enough to answer me the next question I would appreciate it. I am learning to program in NetLogo but I do not get the following: if we have a list with several lists inside. how

I'm working with MKV files only. When I convert from original to target, video and audio works 100%. I however have issues copying the Chapters too, sometimes it works, other times not. The output

I currently have a design for a Sci-Fi Map and I wish to be able to add functionality in HTML so that when you click on a state, you are redirected to a page on my website which has information on the

I'd like to use JEP 330 to run a single-file source-code program with Java (>= 11). Doing so, I'd like to pass options understood by the compiler (javac) but not the runtime (java), e.g. -

I need to get the path of a directory. The directory contains the java file where the main method is found. So I have already searched stackoverflow but still did not find an answer. I have already

guys. I need a little help.Please help me to write a C program which counts the number of lines in file, and number of operators if/if-else.I will be very thankful for the help :)

In visual studio 2017, I created a new Cross-Platform project, Mobile app (Xamarin Forms). I choose Blank project for the Android platform and shared code. NET Standard. Without entering a new line