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SharePoint 2013页面查看器Web部件iFrAME链接不在页面内工作

I'm using Sharepoint 2013 (Foundations I believe) and have a page where I have added a page viewer web part that points to a php file that resides on our old intranet site (it's a sales report). The


I created a new login and a new user in Azure SQL server database. What I want to do is providing a read only permission to this role for a single table in the database. While doing this I ran the


I am trying to pass input value to another with Dash Plot. The main page has a list of strategies : First_page = html.Div([ html.Div([dcc.Dropdown(id='strategy', options=[{'label': i, 'value':


I've read multiple posts and find nothing wrong with my syntax, can someone point out the error? I am testing some queries in PHP MyAdmin, on a WordPress Database. The table I am querying has a


I have monthly sales csv files at the server. for example- Sales_May2018.csv , Sales_Apr2018.csv etc. Now i need to read those files in R every month. It should read the latest sales file &


I need to change 1 to 2 and 2 to 1 in a 12121212 list. I tried str.replace and googled for hours and got no answer. input = 1212 output = 2121 Thanks in advance


How to update navigation drawer when my Home Fragment Activity is calling Another fragment from itself. I have created card view in my home fragment activity, so when I press the card onClickListener

I have three base Classes {Player,Weapon,Game} and one inherited Class Troll from Player. I keep getting the following Errors and Warnings: makeStep and ~Troll marked 'override', but does not

Windows Telnet脱机安装

I'm trying to install Telnet client offline I know that this is possible using command prompt and DCIM. When I did a .Net 3.5 offline install I had to make a iso file and use some specific .cab files

SQL SRSS创建一个在添加用户输入值后更改的列表

I am using MSSQL on Visual Studio 2010. I set up a report which grabs a list of all IDs that start with '999' from two separate databases, and will allow the user to type in an ID to view that


get quite stuck trying to set the datasource for the angular material table. this is what i'm trying to do: export class ServersTableDataSource extends DataSource<Server> { data: Server[] =


I am trying to setup the smallest possible project in Microsoft Visual Studio with vcpkg and boost. But no luck after hours of changing bits and pieces. The code: #include <boost/optional.hpp>


What might be causing this error? My code: var a = () var s = 0 if (a == s) { console.log('in') } The error: SyntaxError { "Unexpected token" (1:23) }


In file included from ./Market.h:6: In file included from /Users/shubhamsharma/projects/liquibook/src/book/depth_order_book.h:6: /Users/shubhamsharma/projects/liquibook/src/book/order_book.h:559:17:

VisualStudio 2017中的工具箱不

I try to add the componenets DataGridView and Combox in my toolbox but i couldn't add them, i work with .net4 ,thank you for your help


I'm cleaning up packaging for a python project I didn't create. Currently, it does some explicitly unsupported magic to get its dependencies from a requirements.txt file. The file looks like it may


I am new to sql server and I want to sum a particular row for this year 2018 and for last year i.e. add data from jan 2018 to jun 2018 similarly for 2017 as well. This is how I want the output


Is there any way to send an image with text to whatsapp through an app created with Ionic? for the moment I use an ionic plugin called 'socialsharing' and in android works great, but in iOS I have to


I am writing an application that uses PowerShell to create a user, assign an O365 license, and provision OneDrive for Business. Everything generally works, except I get errors when logging into the

I'm getting an error at "Server" saying it's not declared due to its protection level. Basically, I'm trying to run a Get method that retrieves documents related to an order number. Everything

如何制作PYQT GUI刷新

I am making a gui in pyqt which gets battery levels for a robot and then displays them. The gui would therefore have to constantly update its battery level displays (which are displayed using


I have a ViewController with a UIStackView aligned to its parent container with some margins (Leading, Trailing, Top Space, Bottom) and Vertical Axis. UIStackView is set to Alignment "Fill" and


In writing a database to disk as a text file of JSON strings, I've been experimenting with how to most efficiently build the string of text that is ultimately converted to a blob for download to disk.

删除LaaVIEW 5.5全局范围

I have a problem that I want to solve but I can not figure out. First of all I would like to mention that I use Laravel 5.5 version. Here is the issue ; <?php class Product extends Model{ use


I was wondering why my legend in the following plotting is not showing correctly? (There are two unwanted square symbols in black & white.) plot(1) legend("topleft", c("Sig. Area", "Power"), pch =


How can i make it possible to stream the right video according to the users internet speed? I am working in a project for people in rural zones, so this is a must. I understand you can put different


I have a custom editor script that has an enum to define whether or not the application should launch into a setup or live mode. If I set the enum to no, when I hit play, the application works


I wrote some code in Go to call vmstat to pull some statistics data. There are several variations to the cmdArgs and I annotated which are working and which are not: 1 package main 2 3 import (


I am trying to make a component of two buttons in a single file to export it into a single column into ag-grid-vue. I am able to display only one button per column. Here's my code: <template>


I'm creating a Powershell script to download the latest version of a bunch of utilities. For some I know the URL and file name so this works: $url = "https://download.sysinternals.com/files/

春季数据MangGDB 1.1013和蒙戈3.4

i'm trying to upgrade from mongo 3.2 to mongo 3.4, I updated my pom to use the latest spring-data-mongodb (1.10.13), while doing so i noticed spring-data-mongodb is still being compiled/depended on

I was trying to get results from a local server. The class which I am using in the service is as follows: @Injectable() export class GridSearchService { server = '';


I'm learning how to make unit testing in Pyhton programs but I'd like to make those tests to my project made in Python 3.6 and PyQt5. I have found some information about this but the examples are


On Android targeting API 19+, I am trying to write an algorithm that can successfully speak "hello" to the user in their native language. This should work immediately upon loading the app without any


I have two datasets (data frames) with me: 1) Precipitation data (Monthly) 2) SOI index (monthly) Rather than plotting a scatter plot, I want a grouped plot. Firstly, I want to group the SOI index


How do I format a link that will go to an anchor within a PHP document? For example: http://chambervu.com/lososos/index.php#p=10 - does not display the intended result, however if I go to http://


Let's assume our program has 2 layers: A (user interface) and B (does the actual work). IF I understand DIP correctly, then: Without using DI the layer A would depend on concrete implementations


I want to run a lasso and ridge regression for a out of sample predictions of wages. I have 13 explanatoryvariables and want generate all possible interactions terms and also maybe ^2 them oder ^3


Does vBulletin or any other third party offer a plugin which can be embedded in HTML that displays most recent vBulletin forum posts in a "news feed" type style?


I have this text where I want to match the first link only: <a href = "http://www.ncbi.nm.nih.gov/pubmed/22642873"> ghfgh</a> <a href = "http://badlink.com">fghfg</a> For


Is the below method considered as an insertion sort? for( int i=1;i<arr.length;i++){ for(int j=i;j>0;j--){ if(arr[j]<arr[j-1]){ int temp=arr[j]; arr[j]=


I am having issues using tshark to capture BTLE advertising packets. The system works very well with Wireshark. However, when I try to run tshark from the command line, it immediately quits and says "

需要有人在Android / Linux知识帮助我一些问题

Could anyone who has a few minutes please contact me to help me figure out some possible issues? Ty


User load my page in browser, where he must be identificated (back-end authirization written using nodejs, koa). After successful reg (or login), I wanna render page, written by react (redux). Can I


I've created a regex which seems to do it's job well, but 1) I'm using a part of it somewhere else in my programm and 2) it is not easy readable. And as I am not a guru in regexes and maybe I will not


I have 5 slides and in the beginning when first slide is active counter should show 01 / 05. When later slides change, for example if third slide becomes visible then <span>03</span> gets


Why this code is taking 3.87 seconds in C++? #include <stdio.h> #include <time.h> int main() { int iterations=999999; int size=1000; int i,k; clock_t tStart = clock();


I have a list of UNIX epoch times (Python), something like this: [1526496663206, 1526507363973, 1526507363973, 1526574425012] I want to subtract them from the current time and get the left time, for


I am working on a form: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1z6P8woIWRmTbIYZq-V9P4BZ1F5T9a4-nIkGfx8gNMGQ/edit?usp=sharing I want the form to send an email when I change the value in col O to one


I am trying to count the number of occurrences of a randomly generated number in 3 different cases: 10, 1,000, and 100,000 iterations. In each iteration, I would like to count the number of