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So I've been trying to find out whether the domain is registered or not. This is the basic code : import pythonwhois domains = ['google.com','yahoo.com'] for dom in domains: print(dom) det =


I am creating a WordPress plugin and I ask user to insert some images on the settings page of the plugin on admin side. Now when a shortcode is inserted in the post, I want to display those images on


Having a Jenkinsfile I can list all environment variables using sh 'env'. Is there an equivalent command I can use to list all available tools? I'm running on a hosted Jenkins which uses labels to


So this is more of a theoretical question. I am used to C++-like languages, where there are shortcut operators for assigning the result of most binary operators to the first operand, such as a += 3;

请帮助我解决为什么Stual-Idi02V2(STM32 L1超低功耗MCU)没有在我的电脑中检测到?

In my computer STEVAL-IDI002V2 board did not identified. At least it did not showed in device manager.But STM32F401 Nucleo board work fine for my computer and it was successfully identified in device


I have been provided a WSDL by client at the beginning of the project, I ended up creating a request and response objects for given WSDL using SOAP UI, where the request object would look as follows,


-(void)testNSObjectCancelPreviousPerformRequestsExpectationMock { XCTestExpectation *cancelExpectation = [self expectationWithDescription:@"cancel callback"]; id objectMock =


Hey guys this program takes n integers in the list and then gives the count of the next t numbers entered by the user. If the numbers are in the list it prints the count and if it is not then it gives


I have a webView in my app and I need to set the font-family from a .ttf font which is inside the assets folder, here is my String which fills the webView : String font_size = 24; String font family;

调用WSDL方法返回Null PoExExtrut异常

I'm new to SOAP and WSDL and I'm trying to call the method getBankCertificate but get this exception: NullPointerException Do I need to send some parameters with the call? try{ $this->client


I steles authentication through Bearer authentication. For this purpose it is necessary to create the calendar: to make calendar as public to come into the console to create a application, to allow

Avoir Spinner调整自己的尺寸

I create programmatically a TableRow with some dynamically created Views in it like EditTexts or Spinners. Then I add the TableRow to a TableLayout. I want the cells of the TableRow not to resize


I am aware that I can make a TestSuite enumerating all the classes that I want, for example: @RunWith(Suite.class) @SuiteClasses({SQLServerTests1.class, SQLServerTest2.class, }) public class


I am developing 'write comment' using angular5 and jwt. When a user writes a comment, it send the comment content to the server along with jwt token. In this case, should the server handle the


I am wondering if there is a pattern that forces the user of my component to set a property after it is autowired. For example i have this: @SpringComponent public class MyAutowiredClass {


I would like to reorder many tables in alphabetical sort according to their respective caption. Example : Currently, I have: table with caption "PHP" table with caption "Javascript" table with

JQuery -在Navar栏上悬停改变透明徽标到填充徽标

I am trying to get my logo to change from a transparent background to a filled background when the user hovers over the navigation. Currently, my JQuery works on hover but when the user moves off


I am trying to create an image. By checking the size, I can see that image has been created. But I am unable to assign that image as image property of UIImageView. Please help. let imageRenderer=


I have an activity which uploads a post picture to firebase storage and then gets the image url and description from edittext and uploads it to firebase database. Upload task is successful and my map


Need to know the MIME Types of file without program file name don't have any extension


I am attempting to create a device that talks to a casio fx-9750 calculator through its serial port with an arduino. I have figured out how to receive values and decode the BCD, but i'm stuck on how


I am working on a project that I found on github that has been abandoned for quite some time it appears. I've put together somethings already from said project, but I have very limited MySQL knowledge


I was trying to create a function for Browserloading, and called it from another class , but getting below error. FAILED CONFIGURATION: @BeforeMethod beforeTest org.testng.TestNGException:


Issue I am trying to reconstruct an array from the parts that constitute it but I am failing to obtain the same result. I instead end up with a single-dimension array with all the values from the


I would like to redirect all traffic on my site to HTTPS except for the ads.txt file. I have tried the following: RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !/phone/version/currentversion.

Spring AOP对控制器方法的注释不起作用

Annotation @Target({ElementType.METHOD}) @Retention(RetentionPolicy.RUNTIME) public @interface MyAnnotation { String value(); } AOP @Aspect @Component public class MyAspect { @Around("@


I am writing a plugin that uses the compilationParticipant extension point of the JDT. The plugin isn't working right now and I try to figure out why. I have one CompilationParticipant: public


Private Sub btnAssign_Click() Dim qtyschedule As String Dim qtyspares As String qtyschedule = Forms![frmMainMenu]![hiddentxtqtysched] qtyspares = Forms![frmMainMenu]![hiddentxtqtyspares] If


I am new to iOS app development. Now, I am developing an app using Swift 4 and the app will require the user to enter some information. Then, I want those information to be sent by email to an email


I want to update my data, i use this but it won't update my data, the id still empty. So, how i can execute multiple sql query at same time ? $mysqli = new mysqli("a", "a", "a", "a"); if (


I was Going through an example of flyweight Pattern i found online. import java.util.Random; import java.util.HashMap; // A common interface for all players interface Player { public void


I have a fresh project on Laravel 5.6, where I'm trying to study and understand API Auth with Passport. I'm trying to do that, and after that to make a Javascript application from where I'll access


I have a console application registered to azure service bus that sometimes (not periodically, but random) show me the following error: The operation did not complete within the allotted timeout


I am using the d3.drag to drag text. Some people use d3.select("text").attr("x", d.x = d3.event.x) to change the postion of text. I have read the doc of d3, I find that selection.attr(name,value) the


i have a controller in my ember 2.18 app and i want to make it listen to some event 'myEventName' triggered somewhere in the app, to change the model properties. according to the API docs for this


I have deployed a simple questionnaire as an HTTP and LTI-based external tool using Tsugi (more specifically this example https://github.com/tsugiproject/tsugi-php-module). I am trying to add this


I'm training an LSTM in Tensorflow on the PTB dataset which predicts characters. I've ran seven epochs and although I believe training the model for a bit longer could be helpful, I feel as though I

I'm trying to make a web tool that asks my Node server to fetch a set of data from an external API and for each object, call another external API to get another set of data based on the object ID.


I created a VueJS project that I want to publish to Github pages. Unfortunately I have a problem to resolve my asset because the github page URL is https://martindelille.github.io/eleform/ and asset

Visual Studio 2017型

I experience a strange error in visual Studio 2017 Proffessional each time I add a file to my project. The files are created by my colleague developer and added by SVN to my local project folder.


we can get the rect from from a stateful widget by adding global key to it, but how to get the rect from a stateless widget in flutter? as all the fields in a stateless widget must be final, I can't


I have a SCIP project to solve a binary problem with nonlinear objective function that works well but for some instances I got a message saying "the best solution is not feasible", and there is some


I'm working on a microsite that has to work on IE11 as well. I'm using the JPlayer to control some sounds. SVGs are controlled by sound via GSAP. Everything is working well so far, but the "ended"


How do I eliminate the blank cell value in data validation list without creating a new column to sort out the empty cell? Formula for my define name =MASTER!$C$2:INDEX(MASTER!$C$2:$C$100000,


I have an android app that gets the rssi value of nearby bluetooth devices.I want to get notification when I get far from a device even if the app isn't running(I mean want to get notification when it


I'm working on Python 2.7, with OpenCV. I'm trying to find automatically the borders of a bill to crop it at the right size, here is one example: enter image description here


I have a master-detail splitapp use for phone browser. Master page display the main list and when I click on an item, it will navigate to detail page. The problem is, from detail page, I click on


So i'm trying to realize akka persistance, but I have an error: Persistence failure when replaying events for persistenceId [1]. Last known sequence number [0] java.io.InvalidClassException: kz.dar.


this is mycode i can add data to table i can't create delete and edit button I'm not good at English, but i will try my best to understand you. <?php $cat_id = $conn->


Today MySQL suddenly return every search result null and it just happened in just one table(user table). But everything ok before! I'm using MyBatis as the ORM framework, below is my query: and i can