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I'm a beginner and I'm trying to run a sample program. But when I paste the code to Xcode, The Xcode told me that " type 'Any' has no subscript members". Please help!!! Thanks code


I am developing a temperature monitoring application in a hen house with a web interface. I use two arduinos and a Raspberry. Arduino 1: I connected a temperature / humidity sensor and an RF433Mhz


i am working on project(python). i have three branches Old-Branch Live-Branch Master i want to run three server per branch one server. currently i am doing this by run server on branch_1 then


I have two CSV files; one containing X(longitude) and the other Y(latitude) values (they are 'float' data type) I am trying to create a single CSV with all possible combinations (e.g. X1,Y1; X1, Y2;


I'm using an icon which I display based on a condition using ng-class. I want to add ID's for that dynamic HTML tags. Here is my code <i ng-show="ctrl.data.length > 1" ng-class="{'glyphicon

发布/项目/ ID/时间记录时空消息的404错误

When posting the following payload to "/projects/1/time-records" I am getting a response with a 404 error code and an empty error message: {"task_id":"1","value":"1:00","user_id":"1","job_type_id":1,"


I have datagrid (one of column is time) with filter. Before using filter user can scroll down to time for example 2:00pm After using filter the first displayed row in datagrid have to be 2:00pm (will


How to get the Linux application group name programmatically ? There is no direct way to get it using the SDK.


` <waypoints> <waypoint> <properties> <property value="2.935860e+002" name="RangeAway" /> <property value="2.000000e+000" name="Keel Clearance" /&


I have two lists of files (list a & list b) on python, each list has a column for date, a second column for time, and other columns containing extra information. I want to do the following process:


We are using TFS 2017 update 1 (on premise install). When I try to paste a large number of HTML tables and lots of text into the Description field, I get the following error: TF401262: Value of long


I am stuck for two days on the deployment of this project. I have searched again and again and still haven't found why. The project was passed from hand to hand up to me. So here is the problem: $ ng


I have the following problem: I have some images on my server, and they are not showing up. I have the following code: <?php $filename = 'dog.png'; if(file_exists($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']


i am fairly new at python programming and i was trying out a python script in my server; I am trying to loop through a file with python to get the following output sample output file 3 i the input


I use the following snippet to filter my list to include items that contain specific string: {{ my_list | select("match", ".*string.*") | list }} How can I do the opposite? Create a list that doesn'


There are a number of answers already having to do with creating new file associations. I don't want a new file association per se. My app can open PDF files. All I want to do is configure my


I am right now working on a method to track whether screen sharing is enabled or disabled. I have tried two methods so far, checking for the existence of the launch file with [[ -f /etc/com.apple.


Below is my sample code that show a simple d3 graph which supports node dragging without force layout. In this graph while dragging nodes, the link always start and end at static points i.e. in this


SystemStackError: stack level too deep I'm having trouble while deploying to heroku. I searched before posting here and followed some tips. Added precompile config in config/application.rb class

在JS中获取Android Chrome浏览器地址栏高度

How do I get the height of the address bar in JavaScript in the Chrome browser for Android (marked by red rectangle in left picture)? I need to know that as it disappears while scrolling down and I


I want to initialize a member field with a member field of another class. // a.hpp class A { public: std::string m_protocol_field_end{"\n"}; // should be changeable, therefore no const // b.


I am using scrappy framework for the data i want. As my spider started some of the requests are getting served but after few requests i am receiving the status code as 503 and some times 429. As i


A while ago I heard about the propagator model in a video of a presentation by Sussman: http://web.mit.edu/~axch/www/art.pdf https://groups.csail.mit.edu/mac/users/gjs/propagators/ What are some (


I was taking a course that was talking about operators and during an exercise this example came up stating that 'a' > 'A' === true. It didn't explain why it is true. I've tried researching a bit on my

如何在注释TEI XML中插入断线或返回

I'm writing up annotations and I'm currently trying to format them. I'm working in Oxygen and I've tried both and and obviously just hitting enter within the annotation but none of them are working


Hello I am trying to run jasmine unit tests using karma in VS. I have a var simple gulp task that should just work. I am getting the error Process terminated with code 1.. gulp.task('test', function (


I have the following tree: base +--- module +----- __init__.py +----- db.py (provides is_connected() and others) I can import this as import base.module.db or as from base.


I am new to github and from cvs background. I created branch from master branch work on it and everything looks good. Now I have to merge my branch back to master branch. I can do this in eclipse as

GooDLE项目同步失败在Android Studio3.1.3(2018)

Gradle project sync failed on Android Studio. I tried to import other Gradle distributions on Android Studio via File > Settings > Build, Execution, Deployement > Gradle > Use local gradle


I am creating a VB .NET project with database where I look to configure the connection string via app.config 's reference. The problem is my project is running fine - creating database connection


I'm absolutely new to XML, but I was asked the following task. We are trying to build a structure in which XML Elements will have it's own as a child. And I'm not sure if it's allowed and possible. Up

如何使用jQuery /JavaScript在字符串中找到HTMLTAG

I have a text area in a page. If user try to give some html tags as a input and submit then i need to throw an error. How can i get this done using jquery/javascript? Could anyone please help me


I have a csv file and that needs to be transformed based on the two columns. Sample snippet: a,UUID_ID,c,d 1,UUID1,3,2 1,UUID2,'add',2 3,UUID3,23-2-2018,5 Expected output looks like this: a,d,


Trying to display a "user is typing" message using socket.io and javascript. Thought it was going to be as easy as broadcasting the event (which in my case is a keypress on an input field), and then

响应代码:401在ASP.NET Web窗体上

Currently I am writing a web app to pull data from a database and display it dynamically using google charts. When I start the website I am alerted with an error when trying to post and am left with


We are building an electron app on Mac and have enabled code signing with electron-builder like this: npm run pack && electron-builder --mac --osx-sign Can I use the same certificate from


I Have below mentioned dataframe in R: Unique_ID D_1 ST_1 D_2 ST_2 D_3 ST_3 JJ-123 2018-04-01 No Range 2018-03-12 50-80 2018-02-01 10-30 JJ-113


How can I make the blue box be directly under the red box without extra space? .div1 { background-color:black; display:inline-block; height:100px; } .div2 { background-color:

I'm been working with CLion when I would update his cmake version to use my default cmake binary, so : "/usr/bin/cmake". When I entered cmake's path, there is two binaries matching the expression : "/


I'm trying to install open edX devstack ginkgo release but there are many errors. I followed this http://edx.readthedocs.io/projects/edx-installing-configuring-and-running/en/latest/installation/index.

编写VBA代码的UIF if语句

I am quite new with VBA. How do I write this vba: If a cell starts with DY, then return NAS in another cell. If not return NAI. Thanks in adv.


a team at my workplace have developed a JAVA application for automated testing. They use xcode simulator to run tests on different devices. The problem is that when running tests via the xcode IOS

为什么LoadParams.requestedLoadSize将指定的页面大小返回到LIPEAGEDListBuuditer 3?

I am creating a PagedList using: LivePagedListBuilder(dataSourceFactory, 20) Inside my implementation of PageKeyedDataSource, loadParams.requestedLoadSize returns 60. I tried with other numbers, and

iOS Swift PrimeCopror偏移所有控制器的内容

Evening, I'm trying to retrieve the relative position of a page in a page controller In a scrollview you would do like so: scrollview.offset.x / scrollview.frame.width What I've done: first of


Let's imagine I have a component that requires authentification (in fact some instance of that component need an authentication, other do not depending on "id" route instance variable) : ngOninit() {


I am looking for a solution for constantly (say every 1 hour) monitoring a folder for zipped files and trigger another job when zipped files are received. I need a script which can be triggered

Spring REST控制器-检查客户端是否断开

Is there a possibility to check in a Spring RestController, whether a client closed the connection? I try to implement something like this: @GetMapping public ResponseEntity<Resource>


the following sql declare @head1 table (head_id uniqueidentifier) declare @sub1 table ( head_id uniqueidentifier, own_id int, own_field nvarchar(20)) declare @sub2 table ( head_id


I am doing a reactjs project but it there is a problem. I am suppose to enter a text into the input the text is suppose to appear in the console.log. Between onSubmit function between 42 to 52.


I have a dataframe, DF, which has two columns. The first column has the names of individuals the second column has the height, in cm, of the corresponding individuals. If the height of an individual