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I'm trying to divide output into two files with following script: try { gci C:\Windows\System32 -r -Force | % { if(!$_.PsIsContainer) {$_.FullName;$file=$_.FullName} } > paths.txt } catch [System.

I have an a element with text including \r\n inside it's text. HTML is as follows: <a href="/Profile/ProfileView?isSuccessScreen=1&amp;URLID=x/ayvqzf7zojzzqiauihka" class="list green profile "

Problem: Create Horizontal UIStackView with 2 elements Item weight with "Short text 2" should be "wrap content". Item with "Long text 1" should fill all free space. Please help to understand, how

I have a React project in Typescript and in many of my components I use an interface inside the State: interface Item { selectedValue: string originalSelectedValue: string loading:

I am trying to add 2 grid.mvc in the same page (with the same structure) and fitering, shorting and paging apply to both grids. I cannot to find proper documentationbut i have seen people uses

I am trying to summarize in a table all the rows that match a condition as OpenOrder and the ones that dont. For now, I have a query that shows all the conditions select count(fk_OrderType)

I have golang app that uses google vision API and google video intelligence API. To set credentials i set the ENV variable GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS . I set a file path here where my credentials

I tried: form.isDirty(); // return true or false for static form field But when I'm add field dynamically in fieldset that method not work. Also I tried update layout window.updateLayout() after add

Here my function for to verify a email : # Vérifie que l'adresse mail du partner soit valide @api.onchange('email') def adressmailtoverify(self): for rec in self:

Quick context: I'm seeing errors on program shutdown, that stem from dependencies between global members (::sigh::, I know, I know). One global variable's destructor might refer to another global --

I have access to 2 remote systems which are connected. I created 2 programs(client & server) to simulate a simple communication. I want to create a program whereby the client machine connects

How to make a condition inside table in php with foreach? foreach($query->result_array() as $dtrpt) { $cRet .=' <tr> <td align="center"

I want to scroll my whole content of the dom from bottom to top till the content is rendered completely but I faced the problem of timing of animation as it rendered the content till 10s and start

I want to display images in php from my database using Mysqli. THis is my code in question.php: <form class="form-horizontal" role="form" id='login' method="post" action="result.php">

Not sure if the way i phrased my question makes sense, sorry if it doesn't. Basically, what I want to ask is, is it possible to retrieve value from href into controller. Example, I have 2 href <

I have 2 collections in my Node App for appointments and customers, I am wanting to display the appointments and also the user associated with them. I have setup as below but I don't get the user in

Struggling with what is probably simple syntax to 'retrieve' a reference to a socket which is already connected so I can 'reuse' it. This code works fine (the socket stays open once created)- String

I have a piece of code here getBase64(file) { let reader = new FileReader(); reader.readAsDataURL(file); reader.onload = function () { console.log(reader.result); };

Hi guys I have a script in FPDF and PHP to create and save a PDF document. I'd like the user to click save and the document must be saved on a folder inside the server that is hosting the website (in

I'm implementing multiple uitableview in single view controller. now I want my container view same height as my embedded UITableView. How can i achieve it?

I have a hybrid project with both AngularJS 1.x and Angular 6 code. I'm trying to bundle all the .html templates to a js file so that all the following AngularJS calls - .directive('myDirective', [

I want to build chart for currencies like charts on the coinbase website. When I inspected the request for this api, the api is https://www.coinbase.com/api/v2/assets/BTC-USD/historic?resolution=day

We have a unmanaged CustomSolution in our DEV-Environment which contains all components for deployment. Usually we export and deploy this solution in a managed environment. Our customer now wants to

I'm struggling with the following problem. I have a droplet in the digitalocean.com service on which I have installed ubuntu 16.04 server. On this server I installed the Nginx HTTP server. For this

This is the ffmpeg command ffmpeg -f lavfi -i color=s=480x150:d=10 -loop 1 -i image.png -i audio.mp3 \node -filter_complex \ "[1:v]scale=-2:2000[fg]; \ [0:v][fg]overlay=y=-'t*h*0.025':shortest=1[

i want add columns to dataframe1(df1) that not exist in dataframe2(df2) and take value from df2. for example df1: A |B |C | --------- ad|bd|cd| ss|tt|yy| df2: (only 1 row) A|B|C|D|E|F|G| -----------

Given 2 excel files, each with 200 columns approx, and have a common index column - ie each row in both files would have a name property say, what would be the best to generate an output excel file

I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this (I'm fairly new. Maybe this belongs more on Software Engineering or Code Review), but here goes. I currently have the following: A frontend -

I want set the item click listener in recycler view. I try to use an interface and set the click to the adapter but it don't work. Can you help me ? What is the best way to do it? Thanks all!

I need to start the Service after several seconds. But the onStartCommand method do not get called. I test it with API level 26 and API level 24, but seems not work. public class MyService extends

I am getting BoxConstraints forces an infinite width. exception while trying to display data. I looked at various posts but I am still unable to figure out the issue. Basically, I am building a

I ran a RandomForestClassifier, and I would like to visualize the output (the decision tree) in jupyter notebook, but I keep getting an error. rnd_clf=RandomForestClassifier(n_estimators=500,

I am using XEP online to generate a PDF of my HTML pages. On one of them I have a wide table formatted to take the whole width of the screen. When printed, it cut the table side. I call it with this

This sounds like a basic thing but I can't figure out how to achieve it. I have a Worker class that does some tasks. @NonNull @Override public Worker.Result doWork() { //Some work

One day i opened my project, go to make Archive and my Xcode show me 20-40 warnings with not understanding problems. Please say me what is it? Because i surfed google for try to find something but not

This is really a weird error. Am trying spring security on camel restlets endpoints Route from("restlet://test?restletMethod=GET").to("some endpoint"); Added default Security jar spring-boot-

I have list of users and there is one field called parent, some users might not have parents. I want to get the full parent hierarchy, full child hierarchy for given user id. What should by my

We're trying to query MySQL databases in Java using JDBC .We have formulated a way to construct the JDBC connection URL based on the user input like username, password, DB name/SID, IP, port etc. This

Trying to grab Urls. But my foreach loop just return first two Div's url. It doesn't go any further. function getSiteContent($url) { $html = cache()->rememberForever($url,

I am doing DB2 monitoring : Tracing SQL statements by using an activity event monitor. Data has been logged in sqltrace.activity_trace_evmon and sqltrace.activitystmt_trace_evmo tables however i

I have a Pandas df and I m calling to_latex. Everything is good apart from the fact that the table is too wide for the page I wanna print it into. Since it is indeed too wide, but not too much, I m

I'm having such a hard time using the cloud storage from firebase with Angular that I end up in a dead end. I'm trying to do something simple: retrieving the data from the database and saving it in a

I have the method below on my Database Methods class and I would like to print the saved elements of the database in an HTML table using JSP. So far I have the following code. In my first JSP page I

I am trying to create an objects inner property in knockout, based on this article. Objects can be customized like this: var data = { name: 'Graham', children: [ { id : 1,

I am trying to implement a fixed menu button in my layout, each section has its own unique menu button and I would like each one to reveal as they are scrolled but keep the position fixed. I have

is this possible to convert the signature of the function anotherMethod passed in myMethod to a Tuple?: def myMethod(df: DataFrame, str: String, type: String, anotherMethod: DataFrame => RDD[

I have created a PPT using morph transition in powerpoint, I would like to convert it into a gif along with the morph transition is this possible or if there is anyother way. I tried to change it into

I'm trying to find a way to change a wordpress plugin code I like from mouse hover to click but I don't fully understand in what language is it written or how to do it. I'm sure most of the code will

I am making a simple program where I am using a sample of PDF files to build a full text indexing on my database. The idea is I read each PDF file, extract the words and store them in a hashset.

i need permutation and combination of 3 digits/characters in pattern of two i mean i want to {1, 1} {1, 2} {1, 3} {2, 2} {2, 3} {3, 3} out put from 1, 2, 3 input i finded following code on the