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I would like to reorder stacked barplot datapoints so that in each bar they are sorted from largest to smallest COMPETITOR by its total VALUE and not alphabetically. I generated the data to use


I would like to concatenate multiple vectors into a data frame, using the names of each vector to guide the concatenation. for instance if I have vectors x1, x2, and x3: sample(1:50,20)->x1;


I am trying to get data from api: https://api.coinmarketcap.com/v2/listings/ final let url = URL(string: "https://api.coinmarketcap.com/v2/listings/") var coinInfoArray = [CoinDataModel]()


Problem General How to achieve an event-like communication between parent and child components, but from the parent to the child? My situation I have a Dropdown component, which normally closes


I've been committing changes inside my GitHub repo. I now want to roll back to a certain commit that I've made sometime ago. How do I reset my repo so that all the commits I've made, after the one i'


I have looked online quite abit and cant seem to find an answer and hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I am a little familiar with wordpress loops but I have a bootstrap theme with


Is is possible to rename: https://github.com/feklee/multitrans to: https://github.com/feklee/MultiTrans ? If so, how?

odoo11如何改变XPath qweb模板

I'm trying to make some changes on 'My Portal' page in the website. now i need to modify this template to be accepted <template id="portal_my_home_sale" name="Portal My Home : sales entries"


I am facing the following exception: library(tidyverse) library(dplyr) library(rlang) data(mtcars) select_expr = "mpg , cyl" mtcars %>% select_(select_expr) Error in parse(text = x): <text&


I'm trying to achieve behaviour where my overlay div gets visible over the whole page after a button click. I was trying to use both jquery syntax with .show()/.hide() and getElementById functions but

创造风格的RSS feed插件

I was looking everywhere but i can't find any help with creating my own "FeedWind"-like widget. Can someone please show tutorials or something like that ? Thanks


Ordiellipse plot, part of ellipses are shown in bottom left corner, no other information is shown I am trying to create an NMDS plot with bee species data grouped by the presence/absence of mines. In


I can't use background: for this task. Because it can not be linked. So far i made this: .fullpage img { height: 50vh; width: 100vw; } The problem is with vw image is stretched. Edit: I also


I have 2 files with thousands of lines looking like this: file 1: MYO5C|PPIAL4D 2 2 CHMP6|TRANK1 0 1 MYO5C|PPIAL4C 1 1 file 2: MYO5C 13 10 11 15 10 12 PPIAL4D 293 165 170 293 166 171 CHMP6 1 3 3 1


I'm trying to get a list of players. I receive the response of Call > 3 Players but in a bizzare format. I do not know where is my mistake, I search for 5 hours without result. ApiClient.class:


JQUERY CODE: $('#selector button').click(function() { $(this).addClass('active').siblings().removeClass('active'); $('#gaga').toggle }) PUG CODE FOR #gaga element: p#gaga | This is `${


I want to make relation between 2 tables by third table like: Player can be signed to 1 team only. Team can have many players. current relations player model public function teams() {


I want when someone cliks google login and his/her profile pic,email and name appears on drawer just like pic below, there should also be an option to update profile so that he/she can replace that


I recently try to learn Webdesign and wanted to do a simple fadeout of an image with JavaScript. I Know there is an easier way with jQuery and after some time with this problem i used that way, but i

Android模拟器ASOP ` `命令没有找到

I am trying to launch the android emulator, but am having a ton of difficulty running the emulator command due to it saying command not found. The emulator is executable and is an ELF file. -rwxrwxr-x


I am trying to include some .haml external files into a main .haml file, like you would do by using SCSS. I tried a numerous of ways to do it, but without no success. I need to mention that i use


I'm trying to understand how to use @QuerydslPredicate but my test API fails when it is called: Servlet.service() for servlet [dispatcherServlet] in context with path [] threw exception [Request


I'm using Xamarin Studio and GTK#(.NET). I have the following problem: I've made an app, and I need to(dinamically) download web images(favicons) and display them in a Gtk.Image widget. When I try to


I want to insert a node by index using the add () method but it does not work help fix it. This is how the call should look like: list.add ('2', 1); // At the list: '1', '2', '3' But when I make a


Welp, I see quite a few hits on this, but none seem to answer my question. I have a REST method that returns this JSON: {"people":{"people":{"new_user":{"id":7,"name":"Marvin","lang":"en","


this is my generic class Array, I would like to ask about the copy constructor and assignment, is this the right way to do it? If yes, then do I really need to insert both of them in the class? Thank


In order to retrieve the reviews for a place in Google maps I need to perform 2 axios calls. The first to retrieve the place_id and the latter for the reviews. Results are stored in the main app


Im handling output from the process by using: try (InputStreamReader reader = new InputStreamReader(process.getRawProcess().getInputStream()); BufferedReader buf = new BufferedReader(reader)) {


so my character /player get big but it doesn't seem to revert back to its original size after a few seconds. using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using UnityEngine; public


It's my first time using stackoverflow so sorry for my question. I have been learning java and swift for only 4-5 month, so i'm just a beginner. I'm writing a simple app with google Map and some other

i'm trying to put < a > which it directs into a link when we click inside a td but idk what's wrong with it echo "<td>"<a href="http://www.link.com"> "</td>"; is what i did


I have two classes, one creates a model with some objects as nodes and elements, and the other assembles the data of the model into some matrices. The code simplified: class Model: def solve(


how to convert 090(Number) to '090'(String)? everything I try to do with 090(Number), it will be converted into 90(Number) automatically, so I get 90(Number) or '90'(String). I want the '090'

PHP表pdfMake AngularJS

I'm a noobie of PHP and AngularJS. I echo a (big) table from PHP to my HTML Page. I want to print the content of that table in a downloadable PDF file. PDFmake works well, but how can I pass that

![enter image description here] I (https://i.stack.imgur.com/1yd7K.png) Didn't install photography theme. I don't know how to rectify that error and uploade the theme. It's a paid theme.

Nginx的CentOS 7不能达到通过HTTP

nginx configured on vps but default index.html not reached by public ip or domain name via http nginx config server { listen 80 default_server; server_name domainname.com; root /

在素数检查器C #错误

i've write this piece of code to check if a number is prime or not, but it doesen't work, I mean that the output is: 1 isn't a prime number 2 is a prime number


I have generated a certificate using powershell using this suggestion found at Stackoverflow: New-SelfSignedCertificate -Subject "CN=Test Code Signing" -Type CodeSigningCert -KeySpec "Signature" -

功能_proto_ VS原型

The picture below shows that a function has a proto and a prototype, I understand that a proto is an object that is used to look up the chain. Does a prototype contain the actual prototype? Is that


Is there any way to automate the canvas components of PixiJS. Our Web APP is using of PixiJS. How shall we automate the canvas .


I would like to: get certain data in page 2 for every element in a list created (pdfs files) data from page 2 (for Bond Futures CGB column 2, 11 and 16) create a data frame aggregating all


I am trying to execute prepared statement inside stored procedure. But I'm getting issues with it. Here's the stored procedure: DELIMITER $$ CREATE DEFINER=`root`@`localhost` PROCEDURE `


Design and diagram a network that meets the following requirements: Core network resources are duplicated in at least 2 regions Network traffic is routed to the appropriate region, based on user


This might be sound like a naive question, but I'm not sure how to fix this. I had a django app, which had a cron process running. This app has been moved to a different directory and now I can't kill

离子为背景的CI / CD

I'm tryng to create a gitlab ci cd for ionic app and I would like to create a test with testcafe but I can't run ionic server in background in order to test the UI. Do you know any solution? Thank


When i’m running my web app on ios i have the following error message on my iPhone I get stuck as i cannot find how to solve the it: Oops, looks like there’s no route on the client or the server for


I have extracted longitude and latitude using geolocation plugin in flutter. But now I need to create name of place from those longitude and latitude. I tried using geocoder plugin, but final

如何开启/关闭使用Android Studio计数屏幕?

public class MyBroadCastReciever extends BroadcastReceiver { @Override public void onReceive(Context context, Intent intent) { if (intent.getAction().equals(Intent.ACTION_SCREEN_OFF))


So I am using laravel and Browsersync for live reloading. In my webpack I have the following: mix.js('resources/assets/js/app.js', 'public/js') .postCss('resources/assets/css/app.css', 'public/css'


I have specs created in the project https://github.com/JonkiPro/popcorn/blob/master/core/src/main/java/com/core/jpa/specification/MessageSpecs.java#L30 the problem is with the fragment if (Optional.