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I am using Navigation Drawer in my project and the "Add" feature is in an activity which is called by fab. I need to get the data from the Activity to the Fragment. I have already tried with bundle

Beginner here. My code should be able to check that a given number is in the form xxx-xx-xxxx. The if statement is wrong somewhere I think. Any tips welcome thank you. def checkit(a): if a is (int[0:

I'm developing a website using Gatsby and some plugins, but this site needs to have some progressive web apps features and as I read the docs you must install gatsby-plugin-manifest and gatsby-plugin-

In ADA if I use the insert command with a key that already exists in the hashmap will it just update the value stored with that key ? Here is some docs about ada Hashmap http://www.adaic.org/resources/

I would like to find meeting times that work with people in other timezones and do not care if the meeting is in my working hours or not (but I do still want to be mindful of others working hours).

As facebook has announced "There is no charge for SMS messaging through August 2018. After that, apps that exceed 100,000 SMS messages per month may be charged at standard SMS rates". However, up to

I am trying to write a regex that matches a comment that begins with a (* and ends at the first occurence of a *) (* comment *) From other posts on stack overflow about matching between parenthesis

For some reason, I cannot seem to get the following call right. The method signature is: -(void)getMyBlock: (void (^)(NSString *))completed; // It returns a string. The following attempt (and about

I am trying to use the stm package in R to calculate the relative prevalence or proportion of topics in a corpus at different periods. For example, let's say at time period 1, the composition of

I got 2 table -- User and Preference. I want to create a user and simultaneously a preference and that prefenrence ID will be the foreign key in the table User. But I don't know the best way of doing

I am new to REST API. I want to forward the request to another API endpoint when user calling one API. I try to implement it by the following code but it doesn't work. @Path("/API/v1/NEW/keys")

I've got a variable, the contents of which vary as the program progresses. I need a txt file created, pulling its name from the variable (whatever it happens to hold at the time). I can't seem to do

I've written some VBA to read race results from an Excel 2010 spreadsheet running on Windows 10 Home and then output it as XML. If the race times are formatted with the custom format h:mm:ss.0 then

We have an API that works as a façade, encapsulating a call to a internal service. We're planning to change the interaction between the façade and the internal service because we're modifying the

Can you pls review this Python code? The 1st case is call-by-reference, the 2nd case is call-by-value(copy), I think. What makes them different and how to change the 2nd case to use call-by-reference,

Hello guys I hope you can help me with an issue with django. I’m trying to send an email with EmailMultiAlternatives and all words fine, the only problem is that I need to use accent in the company

Well, as the title states, it doesn't submit to the database if it's autocompleted, but does if it has not been. I do not want to disable autocompletion, and I'm not sure why it's doing this. I have

I am thinking about using dynamodb stream to keep track of changes in dynamodb table. I understand that normally we will have a lambda function to process event, and this lambda function must be

I have setup PostFix that is also running with dovecot on my server. My server is running Ubuntu 16.04. I cannot send or receive emails from squirrelmail that is also running on my server and it

Been trying to setup Cognito/Pinpoint integration to get metrics on user sign in and sessions, following the developer guide: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/cognito/latest/developerguide/cognito-user-

Good Evening All, I have spent a couple of hours trying to figure this out. I tried everything but it seems not to work. I am launching a script via a windows batch file through python and a dialog

I'm looking for a plain English explanation of what an Observable is in RXJS. What it can be used for, and any useful explanations either video links, tutorials, use cases, examples, or anything

So I have a class titled Globals.java and I'm trying to add elements while using a different class, but I keep getting the java.util.NoSuchElementException .Thank you for the help

In JUnit is there a place where I can define how methods to be tested should flow? I have class called Location which I have written a test for. All tests pass apart from testGetName which is called

I'm calling the SAML authorization endpoint on my Cognito user pool and once I log in through my other provider, I get this error when redirecting back to my website: Error in SAML response

I am new to F# (started to learn only today), I tried to implement fibonacci sequence recursively. I am not sure whether it is syntactically or logically wrong let rec fibonacciRecursive (x : int) =

I am getting 404 errors on refresh with other headers. I never work with nginx before. Anyone can advice how to fix this error? I try multiple solution like adding try_files $uri /index.html; to the

I have a C# application that works on Windows, but when I try to run this on Linux using Mono I get this error: System.DllNotFoundException: NCrypt at (wrapper managed-to-native) PInvoke.

Can we access excel file just using only simple button? In addition, when I clicked the button it will access the excel file with 2 or more worksheets.

std::unordered_map is implemented as a hash table. According to http://www.cplusplus.com/reference/unordered_map/unordered_map/insert/ In case of single element insertions, the Worst Case time

I not so good in vb. Currently I need to edit this below coding. I have created the code below. When I edit the content there will be showing a time but the time that showing in my website is by the

I have joined 2 dataframes and now trying to get a report comprising of columns from my both data frames. I tried using .select (cols = String* ) but it is not working. Also the method described

I've used tensorboard with some fairly simple NNs before and every time i just used a callback on the model.fit() function. I've tried to learn more about GAN's and tried to understand some code like

I wrote a function: function findAll(collection) { var MongoClient = require('mongodb').MongoClient; var url = "mongodb://localhost/"; MongoClient.connect(url, function(err, db, res) {

I have, for example the following data PC1 PC2 PC3 0.476545 2.65481123 0.145040802 -2.44345124 0.85386659 -0.360863449 -0.36447774 0.175554996 0.

I see this question has been answered before, though said solutions don't match the current bug I'm experiencing. The situation is this: two methods have to be created at the users_controller of the

i need some help getting this to work This route Route::view('/product','shop.show'); view works fine ,but if i add a word to this route like Route::view('/shop/product','shop.show'); the same view

I have written one response.php which takes input from $_POST["input"] and print parameter as response. But how can i start this web service through command line and show response on web page (

I have a model of regression prediction saved in SavedModel folder in tensorflow. Instead of manually adding test data as follows: saved_model_cli run --dir /temp/saved_model/1537705608/ --tag_set

I created a clothes mask to extract the clothes object from a image, but there are some white noises included in the mask, the following is the illustration (the outside black area is the background).

I have a C# app that is sending post requests to and from a php script. I have token based authentication setup on the php, and I have my C# app sending the tokens, however, even with obfuscation, if

The management of the elasticsearch store is handled in-application. Suppose the application indexes an aggregate on save and delete to the database. Let Event be the aggregate and EventType be a Many-

I have a text file like the image attached. I need to insert that data to sql table. with |APFSFE SPI 200 future in the adjacent column and Maturity Date should be SEP 18 for all the rows

t<- c(1/12,1/6,1/4,1/3,5/12,1/2,7/12,2/3,3/4,5/6,11/12,1) r<- range(c(1%,12%)) So i have defined 2 vectors above- t is time ( monthly, bi monthly, quarterly etc..) and r is interest rate. My

I have recently read a blog on SVN access to repository via different schema and came across ^ sign when we want to access our repository.The ^ sign I have understood is used when we want to go to

I have a spreadsheet that I want to send individual sections of (including the header) to certain people. I have a field titled "Name" that I would like the macro to pull the name and fill in with the

TableColumn candyName = new TableColumn("Candy Name"); candyName.setMinWidth(100); candyName.setCellValueFactory( new PropertyValueFactory<Candy, String>("candyName"));

I'm trying to understand the regularization. How do they come up with this formula? Why is it theta * theta? Regularization Formula

I have this 2 tables: Plan Table Plan Coverage Table I want to access all the coverage_description using the plan_code and display it on my jsp page. This is my code. Plan.java @Entity @Table(

I would like to find my IP address that other machines on a corporate split-tunnel VPN see me as. Is there a way to determine that from terminal?