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It has occurred to me that the char type in java can be entirely replaced with integer types (and leaving the character literals for programmers' convenience). This would allow for flexibility of


I want to align my drop-down to the next line placed in a table but unable to do so. I tried break tag - I tried div tag - But all to no avail. PLease help. Here is the screenshot - UI Drop


I'm having trouble wrapping my head around the behaviour of the init function. I'm trying to build a login page, which goes into the CheckingAuth stage upon page-load. Here's my init function: init :

SCI KIT学习集群模型是否隐藏全局状态?

I'm trying to cluster some data with the scikit-learn's AgglomerativeClustering model. To determine better parameters, I try different arguments in for loop. It seems only the first result is well


Galera, boa noite, gostaria de saber qual ou quais bibliotecas para reconhecimento facial com extração de pontos nodais em python, se tiverem o codigo pronto ou uma video aula valida, ja ajuda também.

Socket聊天IO在从发件人到接收方接收消息时在用户仪表板聊天Express JS中显示未定义

I have integrated Socket.Io chat in express js while sending message to particular user form chat room message has been send sucessfully but from receiver side while receiving data it shows undefined


I can't seem to find this anywhere but I'm trying to convert timestamps expressed as hh:mm to total seconds. d = ({ 'A' : ['08:00','08:10','08:12','08:26','08:29','08:31','10:10','10:25','10:29',


I got an array of coins with many details, that looks partially like that: array(360) { ["VEN/USDT"]=> array(15) { ["tierBased"]=> bool(false) } ["id"]=> string(7) "


The Problem there some problem with maybe my installation of better-sqlite3 cause when i try to execute my index.js (click to show it on pastebin) with node index.js there always the same result.


I have a problem. I try to make vue templates, but after bundle i see the empty page. main.js 'use strict'; import Vue from 'vue' //import 'bootstrap/dist/css/bootstrap.min.css'; import App from './


I have viewpager with tabs below my appbar layout. My toolbar has flags scroll|enterAlways. The view pager tabs have recyclerviews. When I scroll the recyclerview, and then if I try to switch


I have a csv table with more than 30 columns with 0 values per row, but some of them have values. So I would like to use Pandas to extract those values and store them into a max of 5 zones with their


I am having a problem with KendoUI PDF export. I believe the core "Regular" font loads, but the varients don't seem to be there. am I configuring "bold\semibold\etc" wrong?? The docs are REALLY bad


So I have this code but I don't know why two lines in the code are compiling automatically. Two lines are below. #include <iostream> #include<stdio.h> using namespace std; class


не могу вывести массив объявленный в MainActivity, нужно чтобы можно было свайпить и удалять, все делал по документации, компилятор ошибок не выдает, но приложение не запускается на эмуляторе или


I have a Google Sheet that has quiz entries. Each correct answer adds points and points will be deducted for wrong answer. Here I use ARRAYFORMULA(SUMPRODUCT) formula to calculate points. The formula


I am trying to update state each time I type into an input. The action creator is firing but the reducer is not and I am not sure why. Below is the component and the reducer file. I have commented


i have this code and i'm having a problem with it, when the first if statement is working i can't run the second if statement until the last delay finishes and if the second if statement starts i can'

I am trying to load a .csv file lying on my desktop using pandas on jupyter notebook and getting the following error: What's the problem with the code? The same method works on windows. (I'm using


We are just starting to really use VSTS and VS2017 together. When I add a related work item to a commit from within VS-2017 can the state of that work item be changed? If the item is new, it shows


I want log route visited info, so insert a mysql recored. this is my event listener. /** * * @param GetResponseEvent $event */ public function onKernelRequest(GetResponseEvent $


I want to write a function that randomly picks elements from an training set, but based on the bin probabilities provided. I divide the set indices to 11 bins, then create custom probabilities for


I am having some trouble with while loops and events using background tasks in ASP.NET Core hosted services. I am trying to get my Progress_Changed event to fire from within the while (!


What happens is that "mystring".toCharArray() returns a CharArray but I need an Array<Char>. Why CharArray exists? what's the idea behind it? How can I cast a CharArray to Array<Char>? I


So I have 3 activities: MainActivity, AddEntryActivity, and CategoryActivity. I want to use startActivityForResult from Main -> AddEntry, and then AddEntry -> Category and have the data from Category


I have collection with following type of documents: {"status": "Minor", "appId": "123", "otherFiled": "abc"} {"status": "Minor", "appId": "123", "otherFiled": "xyz"} {"status": "Major", "appId": "123"

在Python 3中将输入()转换为字节?

Since I started using version 3 of Python I have had many problems with sending string through sockets. I know that to send a string in a socket, a 'b' must be placed before the string to convert it


Currently we are using wordpress theme Listgo(https://listgo.wiloke.com), we have modified the theme completely. my question is: how can i place the woocommerce Extra price in the listing(http://


The code below is panel.css and panel.html. I am trying to set the height of div.sidebar and div.content from its position to the bottom of the page. But setting their height to 100% doesn't actually


I have shown permission dialog using requestPermissions. Is there any way to dismiss the permissions dialog programmatically ?


Computers ASUS ACER LENOVO Books cartoon book story book study book Mobile Phone huawei honor samsung Please .How to build with `@Override public boolean onCreateOptionsMenu(Menu


I am trying to make a simple conditional GAN in keras with sequential model only from keras.datasets import mnist from keras.layers import Input, Dense, Reshape, Flatten, Dropout, multiply from keras.


I have too very long lists, x has more elements than y str(x) List of 13833 $ : int [1:27] 218 215 212 207 189 178 163 160 154 146 $ : int [1:34] 454 451 440 422 419 412 384 381 375 366 $


I am making a program in which I need to set multiple hotkeys that can be pressed by the user. I declared the hotkeys like this: Dim index1 As Integer = 0 Dim hotkeycounter as integer= 0

Bower 404误差

This is my first time using Bower, and I can't figure out why I'm getting 404 errors for its files. I installed Bootstrap 3 Datepicker by following the official instructions. When I try to load the


I have created a Mobile App Service and hosted that on Azure. Sometime specific line of code throws exception and I'm not handling those. Instead I'm logging those in ExceptionFilterAttribute. The

PowerPoint VBA -需要帮助识别思维单元对象

I am struggling to work on thinkcell objects in PowerPoint. I need to execute an automation post selecting an object on active slide. Now before I can do my task through macro, I need to identify

Word VBA:导出每一章(TITLE 1)作为一个单独的PDF

I try to export each "title1" style paragraph into a pdf file with the title1 text as filename but I always get a "incorrect filename " even when the title is "text1" Sub ExportTitle1() ' '


I am wondering if one can write a functional program (as in Haskell or OCaml) that takes two lists and determines if the first is a sublist of the second, with the property that the program cannot

Python 3将元素添加到列表中,而不考虑DICT中使用的密钥

I have a dict that I defined with: keys = ['Valid', 'Reverse'] NOC = dict.fromkeys(keys, []) I then iterate through a file and based on elements in the rows I add them to different lists in that

VisualStudio 2013 PRO安装完成错误,并非所有功能都正确安装

My Visual Studio 2013 Pro installation completed with below error (image below). How can I install the remaining features which gave error. I have tried repair but after its completion I again


I want to validate at least one checkbox is selected. Below is the code I'm using. public classGejalaKariesGigiActivityextendsAppCompatActivity { Intent intentData; Button buttonSend; @


so i have this eloquent $table_data = article::with('comments','authors','categories')->get(); and it will return this kind of output id:"169" title:"test" content:"test content" {id: 178,


csv file insert in to two mysql tables.One table include active(status = 1) data and another table include other(status=0) data.how to write jdbc query for this 2 tables.here is my code List<


Using Angular, I'd like to find a way to add HTTPClientModule to my project's app.module.ts imports and add HTTPClient to app.component.ts as an import and in the constructor so that I don't have to


I have an object which has validation rules for another set of objects. I'm confused on how to write conditions for this scenario. when "validation" property is true, the actual object should do the


I have the code abstract class Base case class C1(val value1: Int) extends Base case class C2(val value2: Int) extends Base def match_test(thing: Base) = thing match { case _: C1 => println(C1.


I am curious why each item in the JavaScript chapterFiles array (shown below) is being iterated over twice in the each loop: - var generate_timeline = false var fs = require('fs'); var files =


So I have a list of items with anchor a that successfully listen to the following event: $('body[data-link="media"] #media_content a').on('click',function(e){ e.preventDefault(); var page = $(


I am making an app in XCode and I need a Back Arrow in White. Does anyone know where I can find one. I haven’t had any luck so far. I haven’t added any code so far, and if I did I wouldn’t know how to.