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I have a container with 4 elements which I would like to lay out like this: ┌───┬───┐ │ a │ c │ ╞═══╪═══╡ │ b │ d │ └───┴───┘ The HTML is something like the following: <div id="container">

I keep getting an error when creating a hyperledger channel 2018-12-15 10:52:07.687 UTC [channelCmd] InitCmdFactory -> INFO 001 Endorser and orderer connections initialized Error: got unexpected

I am using Windows 10 I wish to use wxPython as a GUI for my Python3 programs. I am using SublimeText 3 to write and launch my scripts When I launch my script from within Sublime the program runs

The official Python documentation states There are (at least) two distinguishable kinds of errors: syntax errors and exceptions. But when looking at the Exception Hierarchy I see that syntax

I am having an issue when adding index to my table rows. I have assigned index value like this: <ng-container matColumnDef="id"> <mat-header-cell *matHeaderCellDef>#</mat-header-cell&

The project is passing npm run tslint in my Macbook, but it fails in CI. CI build detail see: https://travis-ci.org/FoXZilla/short-night/builds/468354760

I'm trying to build my executable (that depends on library utils.so) using the following command g++ -L/path/to/libutils -lutils -I/path/to/utils_headers executable.cpp -o executable Actually I don'

I came across this thread: XSLT8690: XSLT processing failed (SO) And the following comment: The XHTML or HTML4 doctype reference generated by a local XSLT from IE is blocked by w3 which

I have 2 tables: This is the relationship between the tables. This is the Channel table This is the Feedback table This is the visualization Basically, on the barchart, I am required to combine

This jquery code is not working. I want to fade content section and slide up images when i clicked the next or prev navigation. But not want the all the slide fade. All files are included. Included

I'm trying to have a stack allocated array inside a struct. Well the pointer I mean. But I'd like the allocation to be done without extra code because I know the size when I write the code. If I can

Example for the output: >Hello! Welcome to the day calculator Enter a month to check: (1-Jan, 2-Feb, etc) 2 >Enter day to check: 21 >Enter the weekday of the 1st of the month(1-Sunday, 2-

I have this script which contains an arrow function. I need to create is as regular javaScript. I don't really understand how arrow functions work, and my IDE thinks it's bad syntax and refuses to

1) student_table student_id student_name 100 yash 101 rahul 102 jay 103 roy 2) stop_table stop student_id abc 100,102 def 101,103 This is my

How can I get quotient of 10 / 100 in asp.net mvc controller.I always get 0 return.Is there anyway to get the right answer 0.1. decimal newpercent = percent / 100;

I am not getting data after authorization in GitLab. I tried to add debugger in options.Events but it's not working. I am getting null data for my user. Here is my code for authorization

Please tell me why is it not working? I have almost the same code but to edit contact page. Why is this one acting different? web.hph Route::get('/products/{id}/edit', 'TreesController@edit');

I use ValueAnimator by repeatCount ValueAnimator.INFINITE valueAnimator = ValueAnimator.ofFloat(1f,9f) valueAnimator?.repeatCount = ValueAnimator.INFINITE valueAnimator?.repeatMode = ValueAnimator.

I am using LEANBACK_LAUNCHER for open hidden application in android.but its supports only for api 21 and above what can i do for api level bellow 21.

I have a react native project right now which has a root folder 'app' and two sub folders 'client', the react native app, and 'server', my express server. app client server My 'app' folder servers

For getting the id of the event clicked i used the below code it worked but i want to get id of all the events in the calendar and store them in an array and display in php script. eventClick:

I'm trying to write a music player in javafx . I want to : 1- choose a mp3 file 2- then add its metadata to a tableview with a play button(for each row) to play the row's song. everything work well

I have very old php4-5 project that needs to migrate to php7.2 It has a lot of codes like: echo '<img src="img/'.$r[imgurl1].'" strip_tags($r[details]) It's now in my local ubuntu 18 apache&

I have been struggling with an issue for a while, I want two device to communicate just over layer 2, I have a router(OPENWRT) and a bridge (OPENWRTbetween them, Now I came to the point which I want

im tryin to check if ithe inputed command has a string given, if not it should return with an example. The user tpyes $random followed by options that will be chosen from randomly. If there are no

I am trying to implement a multilevel questions-answers tree. More specifically, there will be one root question and then one would have the opportunity to create multiple answers for that same root

I have a question regarding the hash(self) function of Python. So in my method I have the following code pieces def __init__(self, upper1, lower1, upper2, lower2): self.phase =

const express = require('express'); const fs = require('fs'); const app = express(); app.set('view engine', 'hbs'); app.use(express.static(__dirname + '/public')); // MIDDLEWARE 2 app.use((req, res,

I am following this tutorial. I am trying to get manytomany relationship between Post and Tag using composite key PostTag. But i am getting this exception mentioned in title. PS: I have removed getter

Right of the bat, I'm going to say that I believe that this is what I want: Update multiple rows using select statement. The answer seems to be for what I want to do. My tables ares as follows.

I have a text file with lot of rows with letter spacing, i.e. cat test.txt Some word here: T h e Q u i c k B r o w n F o x J u m p s O v e r T h e L a z y D o g Some doggerel: J a c k A n d J i l l W

I want to customize the response when a caller uses wrong HTTP method. @RequestMapping(value = "/simulator/table/{id}/action", method = RequestMethod.PUT) public GenericResponse doSomething(

I want to find the best way to detect edges for the given matrix,then write algorithm on MATLAB to detect edges. a=[ 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 100 100 100 100 100 100 1 1 1 100 100

I have two fields - tare weight and cargo weight. If I change any values, the sum should be within 5000. If I entered a value more than that, this two fields should highlight and error should be shown.

I'm using a flat list. I need to get the index or position of the clicked item in it. suppose if first item is clicked I should get 0,for 2nd item I should get as 1 and so on. Please find below code

I am trying to implement encryption/decryption in my ionic 3 application.I have tried AES_GCM. Following is a code. can anyone help me solving out this problem or give me entire working example.

I have a problem with the phaseCorrelate function. I have 2 stereo images and I want to find out the shift between them. Both images have a resolution of 1280 x 960 Pixel. Here is a code snippet: Mat

I am inflating many imageviews dynamically, each having different color filter. Sometimes the app gets slaggy and UI starts sticking. I did some research and now I am loading bitmap in background

I am trying to get the informations that are saved in the firebase real-time database and display them on a map using the google maps API. This is the code I have so far. Right now it opens and shows

I am making a socket connection to a localhost. I would like to receive input back from from the server on this connection(or any connection, but using the same connection seemed like the easiest

I am trying to understand the real difference between conflict and compulsory misses and found this example very confusing. Consider a 2−way set associative cache with 256 blocks and uses LRU

I am now using a hyperledger composer to make a food supply chain. I want to combine hyperledger composer and ipfs. How do I combine them?

I am new to ruby on rails. i just getting the parameter from the url. but it gives me this error as follows: "undefined method `parameters' for nil:NilClass" I am new to StackOverflow too so pardon my

As I try to install the latest version of rlang I get some strange messages: When I try to load rlang I get a message: Error in library(rlang) : there is no package called ‘rlang’ Your advice will

I have seen a few different examples of sync.WaitGroup Example 1 var wg sync.WaitGroup wg.Add(1) go doStuff(&wg) wg.Wait() Example 2 wg := new(sync.WaitGroup) wg.Add(1) go doStuff(wg) wg.

I just started learning machine learning .I am learning decision tress and I was trying to implement it in python from scratch. Actually,I used this site where the python code was explained. (https://

In my applications I want to use common controls (i.e. EDIT, BUTTON COMBOBOXEX32) on non client area which is expanded by DwmExtendFrameIntoClientArea. The whole process of expanding works well, but

I have a table for storing cost of a voice call according to prefix of the number: Prefix ratio 44 0.01597 447 0.04958 447530 0.03 447531 0.048 447532 0.04950 1 0.1 97 0.1

I am working on creating a shiny dashboard and I am trying to create space between the different menus of the sidebar. Below is the code I have written so far for the UI. library(shiny) require(