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Here I'm adding new https://www.google.com/ on manifest.json file, but it showing error like this.[mainfest.json error] how to solve this error, any idea.? Source code Link:-https://github.com/


I am using Docx4j 3.3.6 inside an OSGI bundle in order to convert some MS Word docx documents to pdf using docx4j-export-fo instead of plutext . Unfortunately i am struggling with the dependencies.


I want to create system app for android of things which has all the features like reboot the system. I have downloaded android things image from android things console do i have to download the

ReLyn VB.NET指定编译器版本

I am trying to compile a VB program using the code below, the code requires VB 15.5 and even when I specify LanguageVersion.Latest or LanguageVersion.VisualBasic15_5, I still get error

My program (running as administrator) is calling GetFileAttributes() on a directory located in Program Files. It fails, and GetLastError() returns 0x80070005 ("Access is Denied"). I'm not able to


I'm working on a project where efficiency of the search functionality is critical. I have several flag columns (like enum flags in c#). Searching on this data is super fast (3 milliseconds round


I am new to git and try to upload local files to remote repository. My Git is stucked at writing objects, but I find that the objects are those untracked large files. Counting objects: 722, done.


I working on one application, and I started learning ASP.NET so I am begginer and I am trying to add one field in view. So, I have Firstname,Address, ZIP, State etc and I want for every medical


Our application writes uncompressed video frames to an avi file. In case of not sufficiant performance frames are dropped (probably by the Avi Muxer). This cant be fixed of course. But our problem is


I'm trying to compile this open-source project for android, Softether. I have already setup the android-sdk and android-ndk. export ANDROID_SDK_HOME=$HOME/Android/Sdk export ANDROID_NDK_HOME=$


i am showing a table of picture in the page var oTemp = new sap.m.ColumnListItem({ vAlign: "Middle", cells: [ new sap.m.VBox({ items: [


I have a problem with Angular and its HttpRequest, I want to get some data with HttpRequest get method, here is my code: getChartsData() { this.http.get('http://localhost:5555/DNZ/Produkt/Monat/


I have the following dataframe df1: A B C D 0 case 1 1950 1.1 0 1 case 1 1951 1.3 0 2 case 1 1952 1.7 0 3 case 2 1950 1.9 0 4 case 2 1951 1.2 0 5 case 2


We are in the process of evaluating VSTS as a Requirements/Test Management platform. Is there a way of viewing Requirements (Or Work Items in General) in a tree structure? I have tried but can't

Android POST海量数据用改写得到小响应

I followed this to use Data in RetroFit Now Here I am POSTing Huge data from with input fields.. like below "id": "42", "name": "Nike Shoes for Men", "description": "Nike Shoes", "price": "12999", "


I wish to set up 2 wordpress installs for the same website. One for US english and one for UK english. They need to be more bespoke than just using a language plugin and so I will use 2 similar themes.


I wanted to test firebase initial app on Unity. I made a build from Unity in MacOS and in xcode project folder, I have runned the pod command succesfully. pod install After this I opened xcode


Into my view I have one unnecessary char " ; " I copy it from inspector. How I can't find where it is (propably not in main blade)?


i can't enter my web site www.nationtech.net , when i am trying to enter my site URL on the browser , they show http://www.nationtech.net is requesting your username and password. The site says: “

如何使用Spring Data DoMoDB在应用程序启动时自动创建DyNoDB表?

I am using spring-data-dynamodb Spring Data extension to integrate AWS DynamDB with Spring Boot 2.0. I was able to make it work. My question is, is there a way that the table is automatically


I am making a discord bot using python. I have a function def search(userName): but the userName MAY contain spaces Eg. Enter userName: Me Head and I want the function to read bot arguments


My issue is: I have a file about 100 Mb that I've tried to read line by line and the do some processing. The performance was not very good. That's why I want now to change and read it in memory at


$cells = array(); foreach ($worksheet->getRowIterator() as $row) { $article_unique = $worksheet->getCell('B'.$row->getRowIndex())->getValue();


I try to understand the solution for a problem using the sieve of eratosthenes algorithm. The problem description is provided below: A prime is a positive integer X that has exactly two distinct


I have an entity menu, with a child relationship Restaurant. I will to check if that there are restaurants with the Menu, the menu cannot be deleted, so I made this Junit Test: Restaurant resto =


I have an ObligationV1 and two states ObligationStateV1 and ObligationStateV2. How do I achieve A state is upgraded while the contract stays the same. where the state goes from V1 to V2 without


got one beginners request. I am currently working on a small CRUD web aplication. It´s basically split into two parts - there is an UI side (javascript) which handles the user inputs and then calls


I have a problem right now with matlab and the function imwrite. I use imwrite to create a portable graymap based on an array. The array has the size of 2464 to 2056. Here is the code of my mask pgm:


I do have the following code in Matlab: parfor k=1:length(x) xq=x(k); yq=y(k); zq=z(k); for j = 1:length(Nodes) if(and(and(xq==Nodes(j,1),yq==Nodes(j,2)),zq==Nodes(j,3))) if tq~=

SyfOn\Debug \ExtExe\FATAlpEnabable错误(EyPARSE)解析错误:语法错误、意外文件结尾、预期

I develop on E-Commerce website with Laravel Framework .After login in admin Panel and try to add Product name,Product Price ,Product Description from Product Controller.It shows recurrently the


I hope someone out there can help me! I'm working on a Toshiba SATELLITE-L50-A-1DN, and I am having problems connecting a camera to the USB ports, as well as the integrated webcam not being


My Problem: Find a way to Authorize a User if need be with BasicAuth if it is set in the DB for the specific Controller/Action, before JWT Authentication is used. I am searching for a way to call two


// A service that interacts with the BLE device via the Android BLE API. public class BluetoothLeService extends Service { private final static String TAG = BluetoothLeService.class.getSimpleName()

Bootstrap 4 WebPACK无模态和转盘元件

I'm using bootstrap 4.1 in my laravel project. Bootstrap building with laravel-mix, I would like to use a bootstrap without modal and carousel elements. window._ = require('lodash'); window.Popper =


I am trying to create a React HOC to access the context in a lifecycle method. I am getting the following error (0, _withContext.withContext) is not a function. (In '(0, _withContext.withContext)


I have a woocommerce subscription product with two variations (Pay once and Pay over 12 months) in my shop/product pages the displayed price is the one of the variation (Pay over 12 months which is


I have json as follows: series: { type: object minProperties: 1 patternProperties: { .*: { type: object

GTK:Pango -得到包裹线

Can we get the wrapped lines in Pango layout? Followed is part of codes. I read Pango manual. pango_layout_get_lines_readonly seems to return PangoLayoutLine not the wrapped lines. I don't know what


I am developing ecommerce site using codeigniter framework and working with paypal payment gateway while working with test account when click on checkout button it is redirecting to https://www.


Am I able to use multi thread with Puppeteer for parallel testing?


I Implemented sample retrofit 2 response via GET type, where I click button to get the response, but I have Failure response public interface GithubServise { @GET("/users/waadalkatheri/repos"


I have a task where i have to convert the .xls file into ods foramt using java code, can anyone have done this before please let me know it will save me. thanks in advance


We developed an android app using Cordova + Framework 7. when we download apk file from chrome browser , it is asking open with Extract, moveto folders instead showing install page. If i open the


Saving the data using the glyph-icons. In my code floppy disk is saving the data but when i click on remove icon also data is being saved. I need make reset the form when i click on remove glyph-icon.


As the https://github.com/neo4j-examples/neo4j-procedure-template/blob/3.3/src/main/java/example/FullTextIndex.java shows, the example shows a public Log log; field but barely use it. In my case, I


I've create this simple makefile and I want to run all the process witn make while do that it run only the first section module1 and not module2, what am I missing here ? .PHONY: module1 module1:


Pretty new to ag-Grid. I have loaded an xlsx file into ag-Grid. I have set the editable property to true to allow editing. Now I want to save/export this edited grid. How can I approach this?


Hi I have an put code on selenimum where in browser get refreshed after 20 second, however what i want i want put some more code on it for before opening the browser its get clear history catch and


How can I implement the following psuedocode in Scala using reflection? trait Foo[A] def parameterizeFoo(param: Class[_]): Class[_] = ??? assert(parameterizeFoo(classOf[Int]) === classOf[Foo[Int]])


I know that fd number will be generated when the open () system call is executed. Is it possible to know the memory address of a file with that fd number? When write(), using fd number, file->