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I am trying to upload an app bundle to the Google Play Store, and the play console shows an error message: "An error occurred with running the bundle-tool for your uploaded app bundle. Ensure

can you help me with this, I don't know what wrong. The "fullName" is Ok, but when I add "require" and "pattern", it's stuck. Just HTML and CSS. Thanks enter code herehttps://codepen.io/quang-dang/

Any advice appreciated. library(ggplot2) ggplot(data = mpg) + geom_point(aes(x = displ^2, x = hwy)) mpgfil=fliter(mpg, cyl = 8) mpg_manu=select(mpg, starts_with("man")& ends_with("rv")

I have a java code to retrieve parameter from aws ssm parameter store using IAM role. This code is throwing some HTTP error. Can someone help me on this? package com.au.nab.sit.parquet.dbload;

I'm PHP Codeigniter developer (intermediate level), I have a huge excel sheet for record of employees and their trainings with training dates and attendance, I need to generate reports of trainings (

Problem Failed at the ffmpeg-binaries@4.0.0 install script 'node install'. How I do it npm i ffmpeg-binaries Environment Ubuntu 14 on VDS Node v6.0.0 NVM v3.8.6 Last string of npm-debug

I am getting this error java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.yaml.snakeyaml.Yaml.<init>(Lorg/yaml/snakeyaml/constructor/BaseConstructor;)V while trying to run some SeLion Test cases. These test

I want to debug my mex code with VS Code. So I am trying to setup the VS Code with my Matlab 2018a version. But VS Code could not find the path for the Matlab application. I am using the following

I does't getting one thing . i need to store the text at the particular indexpath.That means i have tableview.In the tableviewcell i have textfield.Once i typed the text but the problem is while

can I write ESLint rule for package.json? To check specific field or can I make it through the plugin? Can't found this information in Google, so hope you'll be tolerate.

The ConvertHexToBinary function returns the proper binary string.followed by a bunch extra 0 & 1s Cant figure out why the extra is being tacked on. #include<iostream> #include<vector&

The date is like this enter image description here I want to calculate coefficient of each group and fill coherent cells(column D&E) I can do it in R with subset(), and calculate in each subset.

I want the search bar to get empty on press of enter key and not to get multiline i.e making the multiline property false. But I also observed that to read enter key native event multiline property

Suppose I have a data table, dt1: dt1 <- data.table( names = c("A1", "XX", "A2", "XY", "A3", "XZ"), A1 = c( 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0), A2 = c( 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0),

$('. element').css ({ 'transform' : 'translate(blah blah);' }); I like how this is organized compared to the only way I know how to change css with JavaScript. Element.style.color='red'; I'm

Please answer,how to get image from storage folder using tenancy laravel. enter image description here

I'd like to know if there's a simple way to add filters to a Scrooge thrift API at the service or method level (to do eg. serialized request logging)? I'm currently on Scrooge 18.6.0, but can upgrade

I am working on a application being build on DDD principles ,following is the project structure. App (Background task) --> DomainEventHandlers -->SomeDomnainEventHandler.cs Domain (Class

How to get route match percentage between two locations? I have a list of drivers location from their source to destination. Now I have my own source and destination latlong. So, I would like to

Im trying to implement android webview in a nativescript app. The webview is for handling prescriptions(refills/transfers) with the walgreens api. The webview requires some logic to navigate it and

I am trying to concatenate multiple csv files( all placed in one folder) in a pandas dataframe. When I use glob, I get an empty list. I am am not understanding why. Here is my code import pandas as

I use this trick in my Web API application. I work with Dto (Data Transfer Objects). A Dto is the JSON representation of my entity. I don't know how to deal with enum. I like enum and in my database

I found an old post with code written by @jindon I can't figure out how to modify this code to use it in other columns, for example comparing data between J and K (and not A:C and D:F). Sub test()

I can't use anything but basic cout and cin for this and I have been having trouble all day. Currently all I need to know how to do is alter a char* in a void function void to_hostname(char *address)

I need to transpose the SQL table in the following format. From: datetime | value1 | value2| value3 2018-01-11 00:01:00 | 1.22 | 2.22 | 34.12 2018-01-11 00:02:00 | 2.22 | 3.22 | 43.

I am connecting to a MySql DB from a spark application(spark-2.0.0-bin-hadoop2.7). While connecting, I am getting below error Using Spark's default log4j profile: org/apache/spark/log4j-defaults.

This single insert into a small table takes about 20-25 seconds. Is there anything I can do to to speed it up? I would assume this could be done in few seconds instead. Are there any other settings I

I was installing android studio and after that by the time when I tried to install emulator there was an error of VT-X so I enabled that in boot menu, still error came. Then I tried to install haxm by

I have a requirement where I need to make contacts favorite in the app itself. I have shown the contact book using the following code: if ([CNContactPickerViewController class]) {

I am using kivy-ios to build an app on a Mac. When I build the app in Xcode I get the ImportError: No Module Named Requests I've scrubbed the internet looking for a solution. I have put the requests

I have deployed new SSL certificates and I want to restart all the services with the tag myorg-ssl. How can I restart all services with a particular tag?

I have two DataFrames named df and df2 respectively. For column id , df and df2 contain the same kind of elements, but the order of elements is different. Now I want to merge df and df2 and keep the

Now I have made the redis cluster.I want to connect scrapy-redis to redis cluster,but I didn't find any settings on the Internet.I tried the official redis configuration,but it didn't work.

I have a set of toggle buttons in a relative layout. A user should be able to select only one toggle button at a time. I have tried the following link but none of them seem to work. Any idea on how

I am trying to send a message over a UDP socket connection I setup. The server connection is successful as reported by the system calls. However the sendto() system call fails with EAFNOSUPPORT (

Currently Im trying to access the defaultmethod( ) of interface using the object of interface ( testobject) referring to the implemented class Is it possible to do so??? package pkg1; public

When I create a local network (either on my mac or with my Raspberry Pi) the network appears in the list of network options. On my mac, I can always just click it and join. I have however recently

in my server.r i am reading uploaded file using dat <- reactive({ if (is.null(input$datafile1$datapath)) { dat <- read.csv("D:/sample_withbatch.csv")

Im trying to create a function to my theme which will check if a user has an active variation for a product. One of my products is subscription based, and has 3 levels - Red, Green and Blue. If they

var moviesDict:Dictionary = [ "Star Wars":"George Lucas", "Point Break":"Kathryn Bigelow"] var movie = "Point Break" var director = moviesDict[movie]

I'm currently trying to build a small flask app in python which takes in a csv via pandas and paginates the results. I've already finished the process of importing the dataset with pandas, converting

I have a cocoa app and I can get it to reopen from the icon in the tray with the following in my AppDelegate file: func applicationShouldHandleReopen(_ sender: NSApplication, hasVisibleWindows flag:

I am trying to use multiprocessing using selenium in python. My code is as follows: from selenium import webdriver from multiprocessing import Pool import xlwings as xw driver = webdriver.Chrome('

For my program I want to pass data into the vertex shader as unsigned bytes and then convert the bytes to a float value (between 0.0 and 1.0) for color in the vertex shader with something like this: #

Please help me with this. I'm unable to find any lead on this one. https://blender.stackexchange.com/q/119105/62723

I am trying configure git server and client using two windows(both with windows 10 os) machines. So, I downloaded git Git-2.18.0-64-bit.exe file and installed on both the machine. First I created the

so i have this login page, and remembered password. after login then logout, my expected result is the login text-box and password text-box is pre-filled right away. it does in chrome and mozilla but

I want to apply regular expression to eliminate english characters numbers and symbols in urdu text . I am extracting tweets from twitter in urdu and i want to remove every thing beside urdu and i

We are trying to create two tables in a DB with Kotlin. We have tried multiple various syntax. If we comment out all the code associated with the second table the first table is created and holds

Is there any way to generate valid but unused Indian mobile numbers. Here are a few approaches I tried in ruby. "93253" + rand.to_s[2..6] A good way to generate mobile numbers, but there is a chance