WeChat QR Code


I have an android app that gets the rssi value of nearby bluetooth devices.I want to get notification when I get far from a device even if the app isn't running(I mean want to get notification when it


I'm working on Python 2.7, with OpenCV. I'm trying to find automatically the borders of a bill to crop it at the right size, here is one example: enter image description here


I have a master-detail splitapp use for phone browser. Master page display the main list and when I click on an item, it will navigate to detail page. The problem is, from detail page, I click on


So i'm trying to realize akka persistance, but I have an error: Persistence failure when replaying events for persistenceId [1]. Last known sequence number [0] java.io.InvalidClassException: kz.dar.


this is mycode i can add data to table i can't create delete and edit button I'm not good at English, but i will try my best to understand you. <?php $cat_id = $conn->


Today MySQL suddenly return every search result null and it just happened in just one table(user table). But everything ok before! I'm using MyBatis as the ORM framework, below is my query: and i can


i have a code to show google maps native is platform is cordova or android or ios, and show google js is platform is web. My problem is in device, the maps show sometime, not always. See my code y

无法编译包含Windows API的JNI函数

I am trying to convert a cpp function into a JNI function. The c++ fucntion I've written contains a few windows APIs for collecting event logs. The funtion works perfectly and I could get the desired


I would like to store time with offset in database. These time and offset will be used to start jobs. I use Hibernate with Oracle. Is java.time.OffsetTime appropriate? What is the corresponding


Say I have a collection of user-ids i.e. [001 002 003], and then I would have a function that does something and requires the user-id as its first argument. (defn some-function [user-id name e-mail] (


I am trying to use firebase cloud functions in my project but when I do the firebase init, it appears an error messagge: HTTP Error: 400, invalid project ID specified. Someone can help me.

Ruby on Rails应用程序的测试

I just wanted to test my small Ruby on Rails application. I already benchmarked the database using sysbench but now I want to combine the test (webserver + mysql) in order to see if the server's


I have a url as string :- url='https://www.business-standard.com/article/technology/xiaomi-mi-a2-india-launch-today-how-to-watch-livestream-know-specs-price-118080800144_1.html'. I want to add this


I have a formflow bot which has following fields: Site Name Parent Site URL (need to pass hyperlink) Site Owner There is no regex used for hyperlink Whenever i run from webchat channel it works as


I am having the StackView with Slider as a child of StackView and set the SemanticContentAttribute value as ForceRightToLeft for StackView. The stack view not arranged from Right to Left it always in

使用PHP从HTML中的类名与IMG SRC一起获取数据

$classname = "pr"; $page = file_get_contents($url); @$doc = new DOMDocument(); @$doc->loadHTML($page); $xpath = new DomXPath($doc); $nodeList = $xpath->query("//*[contains(concat(' ',


I setup userTimingHit for Google Analytics for tracking how much time spent a user on a specific page and form. I have used JavaScript for to collect variables and send them to specific GA timing tag

微软Visual C 14是必需的。

when i install scrapy package,The following error occurred: error: Microsoft Visual C++ 14.0 is required. Get it with "Microsoft Visual C++ Build Tools": http://landinghub.visualstudio.com/visual-cpp-

ADBE EXE不存在反应本土化

while runing react native giving error File 'C:\Users\inbox\AppData\Local\Android\platform-tools\adb.exe' specified for property 'adbExe' does not exist. while adb.exe exist in path C:\Users\inbox\


I got to change the slider value when the control center of change playback media position is changed commandCenter.changePlaybackPositionCommand.addTarget { (event) ->


So I am working with C# and Crystal Reports library. I have a method that gets the SQL query for a specified parameters as shown below; pi.GetIndexParameters()))[0].CommandText; My issue is that


here is kernel function, what should i do to reduce time it costs? this code include reduction which is most part of my code, i also think about use shuffle to calculate,but i failed. And i want to


we've been using GitLab for about a year now and are trying to find an approach to update the system. Environment: GitLab 10.2.4 to GitLab 11.4 installed on SLES CSB 3.1 installed with SALTSTACK (


I'm currently reading the php manual and is trying to understand the formal syntax for floating point number. I tried but failed to find the official documentation that explain the meaning of


After a retransfer of a stack to another subsystem, there is a analyse failure "Not all images have the 'Mailbody' flag set".


I have a 2 collection. I want to combine. $a = collect([1,2,3]); $b = collect(['a','b','c']); I want that ; $c = 1-a ; How do I combine the two? {{ Form::select('things', $c , NULL,NULL ['id'


I wanted to compare 2 directories A and B. If some extra folders and files present in directory B when compared with A, i need to remove that. But the first important thing I wanted to know is how


I currently have a tooltip component provided to me from work which all works great, so I have made a Tooltip Wrapper to fulfil extra requirements. The issue is i want to close all other instances of


I want to change csv name (in this case Example.csv) to a specific name: date time name. I have a library called from datetime import datetime This is my sentence to create a cvsFile: with open('


I need to know if I can get value from a checkbox in excel. In the excel spreadsheet, I have a list of servers that need to be restarted. only those that are in check. Thanks


I would like to show to user the title of the marker added to a map, however none of the solutions that i've found on the web is giving anything. Unfortunately not the showInfoWindow nor selectMarker


I have a grammar in MLT.g4 and a sample text file test.vid. The start symbol in the grammar is prog. I have run antlr 4.7.1 , and successfully compiled the generated java files. When I run $ grun


As title says, when I use short cut command + N to generate such as Constructor, getter, I always get private methods however I want public one. Does anyone knows how to configure?


In a Ruby script, I want to update the CDATA content while keeping the format as CDATA. doc = Nokogiri::XML(File.open('text.xml')) doc.xpath('//Test').each do |test| test.content = 'new string' end

please read the full question before marking it as duplicate or down-vote it. i am developing an app what can slice through a picture and run google vision to recognize text in each chunk or slice of


I use variables to set the version for multiple libraries in my gradle file. Problem is, once I use a variable, I don't get suggestions when an upgrade is available. For example: buildscript {


I am working on an e-commerce Android App. My firebase Performance shows that I have 53% response is over 2 sec. how I can reduce it. and 40% slow on firebase fetching data. Client says raised that

I'm using ExoPlayer to display a stream video like that: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <RelativeLayout xmlns:android="http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android" xmlns:app="http:


I use angular2-query-builder in my project. Besides, the back-end project using Java, Spring boot and Rulebook as a rule engine in order to fire rules which are generated by angular2-query-builder. So

在弹簧MVC 5中没有@ eababyAuto配置的弹簧引导执行器2

I am new to Spring boot actuator and I am trying to integrate the latest version Spring boot actuator 2 in Spring MVC 5 project (Without Spring boot) Following are the classes I have implemented:


I am using spring and thymleaf my entity is myEntity.java @Entity public class Ecran { private String nom ; private long id @ManyToOne(fetch=FetchType.LAZY) @JoinColumn(name = "typeDemande")

从Mozilla Firefox浏览器中删除网站链接

I have used window.print for taking printout. But using this, in printout it shows website url on top of the page. For remove this URL I am using the below code, <style type="text/css" media="

WebServise Response之前的表视图数据源方法调用

background thread execution fatal error: unexpectedly found nil while unwrapping an Optional value

如何使用SeleC C访问HTML表

I'm trying to access html using selenium c# web driver. Part of my html as follows (Full html is here ). <table scope="band" type="tabular" cellpadding="2" border="0" bgcolor="#555555" id="

HiLo.js Instagram OAuth-重定向URI与注册重定向URI -http://LoalHo宿不匹配:4444

I'm using the library hello.js to oauth with instagram. But its not liking my redirect uri. { error_type: "OAuthException", code: 400, error_message: "Redirect URI does not match registered redirect

角6 SSR与ASP.NET核心2.1:窗口未定义

I am using Asp .net core 2.1 with angular 6.0.2 server side rendering. But my issue is that When ever i add Routing to my angular app it gives me error "window not defined" while rendering the page on


I have a problems with few test with chai. Here I created gist with my test file code https://gist.github.com/dulgeoion/56f90024ddc416abd3496d4d52dfb030 So, on last two test's I got this error


I know this is a quite simple question, but I have not found a solution so far (newish to R). I have a blob of data in a txt file and get it via the folloiwing function: path <- "filepath"


I have a filter section page in my website. I'm using Meteor and I want to show all the Albums/EPS/Singles that have at least one song that meets a price criteria. A sample album/EP/Single document


I would like to test my Web api in asp.net core 2.0 using moq. With operations like : GetAll, getByID there is no problem. But issue starts when I want to test methods like Insert or Update. Whenever