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how to make bootstrap vertical navbar collapse on a click of a hyperlink in angular 6 ? here's my code in this how can I make navbar collapse on click of a hyperlink and display the clicked page.

I would like to create r function which takes 2 parameters: data.table object instruction on how to add new columns to the data table. These new columns are a transformation of already existing

Hello friends I'm very beginner in android studio and in programming field. I have watched a video tutorial on how to make sms app but i want to develop an app for knowing the current balance in bank

I have a big problem with my Paypal Plus Plugin and the PayPal Checkout in general: When I place a product in the cart and want to checkout, everything is fine. I choose PayPal as the payment method

I am a bit confused about the actual purpose of the validation dataset. As I understand, we use the validation dataset to "pre-evaluate" the model to avoid overfitting. For me, it is more like we use

I've been trying to make a java library which decodes wm-bus telegrams but I'm stuck in the theory. Here is an example. This is an already decrypted telegram payload part from a water meter

I'm new in using unit testing and i want to test my android project using Junit but i don't know how to test my code after i create the test file. I need someone to guide me how to do the junit. I

My .csv file looks like this: col1, col2, col3, col4, col5, col6 "a, """"b, ""string1"""""", ""string2, string3"", """", c," "d, """"e, ""string4"""""", ""string5, string6"", """", f," I want to

I have a dropdown to that plot specific data range based on the dropdown value. However, it keeps creating new plot to the output rather than refreshing the same plot. Please help, here is a cell. I

I have looked all over the place, and found similar questions but am not finding the answer I'm looking for. I am creating an app for a decartoner machine that will take input from a user about a

For some reason, ich6 and ich9 intel hda devices are reported under 1af4 vendor id in guest os (win10): 1af4:0022 and 1af4:0032, while by my understanding they should be under 8086, so being 8086:0022

I have a class offset_ptr that works like a pointer but stores the memory address it points to as offset to its own address this. Here is a version with everything removed that's not required to

I have a database with hundreds of tables, some having a column named column1. I want to count occurrences of a specific value in these tables like this: Table | Count -------|------ table1 | 0

Firstly I would like to say that I'm really beginner in IOS development and AR technology. I have developed sample projects about AR using Arkit. I have created vitrual 3D object and put the object

I am making a game that can be played with 1 to 3 players, Before the game starts the user is going to be asked how many persons are playing. The part i am struggling is displaying the right number

I'm trying to render SSRS reports using remote processing off the report server. I'm embedding the MS ReportViewer into an existing MVC application. As this component is designed for the older

How to migrate FileProvider to androidx? In the manifest file, how to specify the FileProvider? <provider android:authorities="${applicationId}.FileProvider" android:name="

I tried to create my xml-text: SELECT XMLELEment("firms", XMLAGG(XMLELEMENT("firm", XMLELEMENT("FirmID", wo.id),

Me and my friend just made the applications for androids and wanted to register and then upload them on the google store(play store), but our country(Georgia) is not on the list. It was surprise for

I have a dataframe like this: Gmt time Ask Bid AskVolume BidVolume 2018-10-10 10:30:00.573 1.14908 1.14906 1.57 1.00 2018-10-10 10:30:01.044 1.14906 1.

How to detect pos terminal inbuilt printer(handheld andoid os)

I'm rewriting a Ionic project to work with ngrx because it is growing a lot and I need to maintain a centralized state. I have implemented it with ngrx and using normalized states with the help of

I want to detect all faces from an "Where's Waldo" image just like in this video (at 23 seconds), using OpenCV. I already tried using all the haar classifiers OpenCV provides, but I don't get any

I have setup Solr 7.4 cluster with 3 nodes and 3 replicas and 10 collections. I am facing an issue where refreshing a Solr query may give different results (number of documents returned (1558 and

I am making a website with angular 6, but here some effects are not working on clicking routerLink but working when i refresh the page again. The effects are fadeinLeft, fadeinRight also fadeinUp

npm i @angular/cli -g npm ERR! Unexpected token < in JSON at position 1 while parsing near ' I currently cannot use npm install anywhere. Tried to use npm clear cache --force Tried to downgrade

I am experiencing some trouble using POST(). I am unsure how to specify the body() when the json is a bit more complicated. A simple example like this works fine: POST(url = url, add_headers(

I want to build SQL query and save it to the text file. I need it to execute that query later. DbCommand can create valid SQL query, but how can I take the string representation of the query to save

I am new to python time series. Not able to move ahead with this error. i want to forecast for multiple time series using ARIMA and store them in a dictionary or an array. h=5 for i in range(len(t.

I have been trying to figure out what the total bytes is when im transmitting a payload from my end-node to the Gateway. My payload is 25 bytes and as I understood the minimum PHYheader is 13 bytes.

I want to forecast the next week (horizon = 7) electric load with lag=7 using AR, KNN and SVM, where should I start? Is there a code that could help me with that or even a tutorial ?

I am working on a report which requires multiple PDF files to download in one zip file and as well as create a new PDF file and save that new created file on server as well. I am using DotNetZip and

i need to create a website with angular6 and aspcore . i create a server with asp core and it create this token : { "access_token": "eyJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiIsInR5cCI6IkpXVCJ9.

I have been trying to create a push notification system for my little app but i ran into an issue. On my standalone app i only get push notifications on my top notification bar but not on lock screen.

I want to create a pdf of a very big html table. I make use of angular material 7 virtual scroling to create that table. Here is the html template code : <cdk-virtual-scroll-viewport itemSize="

I have a single compute engine that I am trying to make accessible by HTTPS. I assigned it to a instance Group and added a port name that mapped to 443. Then I created an HTTP(S) load balancer who's

Why do these date formats not match? I am getting an error message that shows the date in question and says it is not in the format that appears to be in, %Y-%m-%d. What's wrong here? Error Message

I am developing an angular5 website with ASP.Net Core 2.1 for web API. I want to integrate CCAvenue payment gateway. Can you provide any reference?

Why total memory extracted from getRuntime().totalMemory() is not equal with when we use ActivityManager.MemoryInfo()? In below two code part I get different values: long totalMemory = Runtime.

I would like to change the color of setHeaderTitle because the default is pink.Could you please tell me how? menu.setHeaderTitle("Choose"); I know that if i change colorAccent from <style name=

I want to get words out of parenthesis using a regular expression. This is my code : var patt = /(?!.+\))\w+/g; var str = '( hello ) ehsan (how are) you' ; console.log( patt.exec(str) ) ;

I want my Asp.Net MVC page to reload when backbutton is pressed on firefox (it works on Chrome but not Firefox). On Firefox, the last page is memorised in cache, so it doesn't reload, I tried to

I have an assignment due to create a program that lets the user enter 5 Strings, saves them to a text file and then outputs the lines of the text file, but after the Strings are entered the program

I know the rsync tool and I have studied this post, but I cannot do this: I have ~/Documents/src/ directory which has many sub-directories and files. I need to create ~/Documents/des/ directory which

I am trying to transmit data too and from a Java server and a Python client. I am successfully able to transmit data from the client to server, but no data is received at all. On the python client, I

I am using ARKit 2.0 and scene kit. How Display 3D Model dimensions in ARview swift ios. Example: https://i.stack.imgur.com/RPQWA.png

I am embedding the VLC ActiveX Plugin in a Windows Forms application. In the documentation for the WebPlugin there are methods like vlc.addEventListener(eventname, callback, bubble) and vlc.

I am trying to make ajax load more from an array. My array is not creating by database. I created it manually. Firts page load, i get first 2 values by default. And i must call next values by

I am trying to achieve the effect of mask and glow using opencv in python. I got a design pattern I did like to merge onto sets of mask and glow images. import cv2 img = cv2.imread('design.jpg')

I am trying to get URL from browsers using Accessibility API. For Chrome, Opera or Safari is pretty straightforward. However it seems I cannot do the same for Firefox or Vivaldi browser. Does anyone