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Using the inbuilt data set iris and ggplot2 package, I plot barchart with Species on x-axis and Sepal.Length on y-axis. How can I add errorbars to this chart?


how to delete app from play console? Is there any way to delete rejected app from Google Play Developer Console? How we can permanently remove draft apps or games from Play Console.


I have 'FIRCollectionReference' i.e. collPath which points to a collection. I have setup listeners to watch for document additions, edits, deletions under this collection. Here is my sample code.


I'm in the process of writing a JPEG file decoder to learn about the workings of JPEG files. In working through ITU-T81, which specifies JPEG, I ran into the following regarding the DQT segment for


i want to draw text on screen, but i received a error: java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke virtual method 'void android.graphics.Canvas.drawText(java.lang.String, float, float, android.


I am currently having a website named this, when I enter it, it always shows IP address on the browser. And I am currently not able to fix this. The hosting is done by Amazon ec2 and domain is bought


I have the below auth guards that is defined for my app admins, designers, customers and etc. the default guard is the designer guard. I want every guard to have his own private channel. So I am


I'm trying to install Pimcore. I'm using Valet to manage virtual host, nginx and PHP. I've run valet link host and valet secure host and while opening the URL. I'm getting error https://prnt.sc/jymj61.


dears, My issue is that I have a page that has many command buttons, and the issue is that once a button is clicked and an action is invoked the other command buttons don't work again, even the one


In a .Net Standard 2.0 library, used at this moment in an android app, my method receives a string from GetStringAsync() correctly. However, when I pass this value to another method, the value becomes


Hi I have created a block chain network and i am trying to save the data into the peer and for that i am saving it into data.json file which contains some already existing data object but my code is


I am trying to plot reference and output values which are being displayed on the serial monitor of arduino in the format(ref,out) and the problem is my plot is taking sometime to update values thereby


I am new to programming and was wondering if I should consider programming in OSX or Linux. I use visual studio 2017 at the moment and enjoy it very much but I see so many programmers talking about


I want to change each product downloadable link to a lesson that will have multi media link and description so i need add meta box(Every other element ) Is there any hook about this? or plugin?


I made API with Django Restframework. [models.py] from django.db import models class Article(models.Model): article_no = models.AutoField(primary_key=True) content = models.CharField(


There are two normal cameras and one Cardboard(VR Box: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QezB4sjvJ7s). The two cameras are placed on the front of the Cardboard. The two cameras can be connected to a

为每个应用程序Spring安全OAuth2 SSO填充角色

I have two different application APP-A APP-B Application A has its own ROLES=USER MAP Application B has its own ROLES=USER MAP Both App A and B has common authentication table. I want spring


I created a generic class in StarUML with a template parameter. When i use the java extension for code generation it doesn't generate the generic class properly, it makes a regular class. How do I do

在服务器上访问CaKEPHP 3 .x网站的子文件夹

I have develop an application built in cakephp 3.6 and upload it to www.example.com/dharmik, Now I want to access my website subfolder like www.example.com/dharmik. But it shows HTTP ERROR 500 I


I have the following db structure and am wanting to add in a new table called notepad: ClinicTable (Id PK) PatientTable (Id PK, ClinicId PK FK) DoctorTable (Id PK, ClinicId PK FK)


I have got my.db file stored on my Windows PC. I need to shedule incremental(only changes) backup of certail table in this file to another database. Can you help me and recomend App that could solve

在Android 6上崩溃,而不是8

The following code works flawlessly on Android 8. On a tablet running 6 it crashes when getting the getinputstream with a file io error. I've tried for HOURS and HOURS without any luck. PLEASE help.

OFFROW变量不能出现在OpenMP FrestPrand?

code ofstream myfile("file_path"); #pragma omp parallel for default(none) schedule(dynamic) firstprivate(myfile) private(i) for(i=0; i<10000; i++) { myfile<<omp_get_thread_num()+100<&


I want to detect when someone has touched the screen. To do this I have the following code in the update function: print(Input.touchCount > 0 && Input.GetTouch(0).phase == TouchPhase.


I have wallpaper app. App sent json request using volley. public void getJsonResponsePost() { pDialog.setMessage("Downloading json"); pDialog.show(); Map<String, String> params

OAuth2 Nojs:无效客户端:无法检索客户端凭证

I am trying to implement oauth2 in express js using oauth2 server https://oauth2-server.readthedocs.io/en/latest/ const oauth = new OAuth2Server({ model: require('../../models/model') });


Basically I am making a Userform and would like that the data start on the next emptyrow in Column B starting from Cell B4. Here is the code I got from a userform template found online: Private Sub


I have done a bit of research on strtok, and I know that we pass a string and a delimeter into strtok, in which it returns a pointer to the first token. Subsequently, we used this code: while(token


I know the issue here is that I am trying to save a nil value but I have been debugging for hours and I can't figure out what seems to be causing the value to be nil. This occurs when I hit post on


I am trying to make a login php post but its not posting correctly i need the following sent to the Curl but its just not sending //Set the post parameters curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS, '


I'm trying to find a way to get my mailing system online, but I'm not very familiar with where to start. I'd like it to be accessible via a dashboard I've set, which allows my user to change different


I want my team to move away from manual testing as much as possible. As part of that I want us to automate around 1000 manual testcases. Some of these tests are for legacy features, which don't even


I'm developing a web service in PHP, using nosoap. this is my file, webservice.php, What am I doing wrong???? thanks function commerce_bank_cron() { include_once drupal_realpath(libraries_get_path('


I try to run script for my TFT screen. When I start it within environment IT WORKS. So script is fine. When I start it outside environment I get: ./test Traceback (most recent call last): File "./


I'm using UCE to connect to STUN server. But I don't know how to use that library. There isn't any document or example. How to use it? Please help me!


I am trying to do motion detection of whether the person is walking or running. However I got only 40 short video clips of a single person walking or running. How to do the motion detection using


I'm trying to write a program where my phone vibrates when a "zone" is entered ill get straight to the logic of the system. After vibrating, I want to wait x amount of MS before it vibrates again..


I am trying to attach some files(zero/single/multiple) and send them as attachments to an email using angularjs and spring. One thing noticed is when selecting the files from multiple directories only


I made a chat app with node.js, using websockets and socket.io. So in the typing event works but it doesn't when I try to change the room. At the beginning when loading the page, the default channel


I have a data frame with int values and I'd like to sum every column individually and then test if that column's sum is above 5. If the column's sum is above 5 then I'd like to add it to feature_cols.


I was trying to make a keylogger in pyhton and have stumbled upon this piece of code on numerous blogs: file_log='F:\\test\\log.txt' def onKeyboardEvent(event): logging.basicConfig(filename=


I have defined a function, which returns length, if string is passed and prints something, if an integer is passed. But, it is calculating the length of the integer also. here is my code : def


i want to ask a question , i used a MotionEvent code to drag a button for a question and answer game im working on it , the thing is that i cant click on the dragged button anymore after i start

I have a multidimensional data set with about 10K points having 200 numeric columns. I would like to efficiently find which points are "isolated" in the sense that they are far away from the closest n


from flask import Flask, render_template, request, redirect, url_for, jsonify from sqlalchemy import create_engine from sqlalchemy.orm import sessionmaker from database_setup import Base,

VSCode autoformat不使用用户片段

When the setting "editor.formatOnSave": true is set, VSCode is formatting the code with the Default Snippet, not the User Snippet. How to fix this?


Can some one please tell me the equalent code for below .Net code in java. Thanks in Advance. private IDictionary Varaible{ get; set }


I have the NSE data of all companies of 2016 and 2017. It includes their closing price, opening price, high, low and total traded quantity. Now what machine learning algorithm should I use to train my


I am storing JSON data in a SQL DB which returns a string, and I need to convert it to a JArray in C#. A property of one of the properties is not a string or number, but a method name and it throws an


My Requirement : I have 72 oracle tables which have data inside it. Few tables have billion and million of records. I need to copy data from 72 tables to another 72 tables as it is. What is best way