WeChat QR Code


I'm currently working on a project that uses CoreData for data saving in swift, and for the purpose of synchronization I wanted to use iCloud, and the first thing I thought was on the CoreData iCloud


As the title say when i launch i notify the small icon on the status bar doesnt change color to white and is almost invisible: Notification n = new Notification.Builder(this) .

为什么在GoDIDENT上用GD2上传1.5 MB文件来创建拇指图像的致命错误

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 3537 bytes) in /home/soft22bdtask/public_html/sto/system/libraries/Image_lib.php on line 1471 $config_manip = array(


I have a slinding up panel in an activity and i need the panel to be expanded on start, so when I do it it covers up the marker. How do I make the focus of the map be a little higher. I tried the


I am new to iOS,My task is sending feedback screen,In this there will be name textfield, email textfield and feedback textview which were presented in a UIView.Based on the content in feedback


I have a stateless ejb3 which is working fine, but eclipse is showing the following error beside the Ejb class name : Multiple markers at this line - CHKJ2050W: The ejbPassivate() method must exist (


I try to install the npm in an Alpine linux container and I get the stack, $ npm install npm WARN prefer global node-gyp@3.6.2 should be installed with -g > phantomjs-prebuilt@2.1.14 install /


import pandas as pd import xlrd ER= pd.read_excel (r "C:\Users\user2\Documents\Daily activities plan") print(ER)


I am fairly new to Angular/TypeSript/Ionic 4 so this may be a bi silly but I am using the Ionic Storage plugin, , that you can find in this page "https://ionicframework.com/docs/building/storage".


In my Three.js project i have a mesh using a buffergeometry. Using raycaster i find the intersection of a ray with this mesh in a specific face of which it says me the index. How can i find

OpenCV SVM分类器图像识别

I am using C++ and OpenCV 3.3.1 I try to train a SVM with OpenCV my steps are: Preprocess the Image Feature Extraction with SURF creating the DataSet for learning positiv and negative Images


I have Python code (3.x) like this. The code is read data from the database and write into the text file (file2.text) which date are folder name & last modified date. I need to sort data of last

月份返回日为第四而不是4 [重复]

Is there an API in the .NET framework that returns an alphanumeric suffix along with the day of the month, given a DateTime instance, like so? 4th March 2019 instead of 4 March 2019 or 21st


How can i declare a bit(binary) and append more bits to it later on for GO language. The size of the bits is dynamic base on the number of bits that will be appended to it. Then once finished


I have changed some rights within a new core (solr 7.7.1) I am trying to configure. That has now led to failing to start the core on solr start. The rights look allright to me and everything else as


I'm trying to log the IP address and login timestamps when users log into our system, and in order to do so I have overriden the authenticated() method of the LoginController : function authenticated(


I wanted to know, how we can track mp4 videos on website using google analytics? The video is embeded version of youtube


im using one of opencv's sample code "stereo_calib.cpp" to get the intrinsic and extrinsic of my stereo camera. but im not sure what kind of measurement opencv used in the: -s=<square_size default=


We are facing issue related manifest marge after changed in merged file error is "The prefix "tools" for attribute "tools:node" associated with an element type "uses-permission" is not bound." , why


I built and finished a full angular 7 app with MySQL and PHP as database and back end language respectively. Each sent request, even with small size response, like 100 byte, will take extra few


I'm trying to extract the contents of the class name. How to do I extract all the contents including the ones inside the 'em' tags and after the 'em' tags too? See picture below: I tried the


I have my owncloud server setup in Digital Ocean(Ubuntu server). I wish to migrate it with customers data to the Google cloud(Debian server). The main thing is, I want to use Google Drive as my main

在NETBeaS或Eclipse中,VSCORE中的CTRL D是否有类似的功能,可以一次更改多个行?

I just wanted to know if netbeans or eclipse has a similar function to vscode that can allow multiple lines to be changed at a time (Ctrl+d)


i have tried multiple answers, also set the cashe size to the recyclerView,but no success. layoutManager = new LinearLayoutManager(getActivity()); recyclerView.setLayoutManager(


Im not an expert on JQuery so here it is. I have an HTML that looks like this: <ul class="first-class"> <li class="second-class"> <a href="#_"> <i class="fa fa-


I am trying to authentificate user to crowd service using this packages : https://pypi.org/project/django-crowd-auth/ django-rest-jwt I work behind a proxy using CNTLM : i configured os


I was looking at the go code for aws terraform provider, as I myself want to create a custom terraform provider. And i ran into something like this: func resourceFile() *schema.Resource { return &


How can I use XMLAGG without using group by function in sql.


This is 4th day learning how to code, I'm still a little confused about some of the basics.It has pygame, pygame.text, So essentially my code looks like this. #Mouse click to get mouse Position

如何使用GETHuxErMeta Meta?

I try to do this in wordpress : SELECT * FROM `ZGCxrEcMusermeta` where meta_key like 'CoursRL_%' in wordpress i start with : $TOne = get_user_meta($user_id, 'here my query', 'true'); all my next


I'm using AWS Amplify, React and Facebook SDK to let users sign in. It seems to work but the pop up shows and closes right away. I have tried this code, FB.init and FB.getLoginStatus and FB.login

如何在透明RCT SVG上设置阴影

I want to have a drop shadow on a transparent SVG element. I have tried using all different kinds of filters but to no avail. css3 filters on the svg element(filter: drop-shadow(0 -6mm 4mm rgb(160, 0,


Actually i understand what is backtracking, which is the state when the engine applies a greedy quantifier, which result in other atom failure so the engine starts to backtrack to the previous state


I am trying to create a jar for my intellij project. The problem that I am facing is that most tutorials such as: TUTORIAL EXAMPLE show that in order to generate the jar file I have to go to this menu

无法回滚JDBC事务;嵌套异常是Java.q.L.SqExExc:Oracle Oracle。JDBC.Dealth.T4CCONNECT419F8104关闭

Could not roll back JDBC transaction; nested exception is java.sql.SQLException: Connection oracle.jdbc.driver.T4CConnection@419f8104 is closed. Spring version:spring-jdbc-4.1.7.RELEASE org.

如何将此API数据存储在Windows .SeaStestStor或Windows .LoalStur蓄中?

I have this JS code that fetches data from an opensource API and gives me 10 results. If I refresh the page I get 10 new results. I want to store the first 10 fetched result in a localstorage or



SPORY COLYTYPE = COLLY加倍,当数字有逗号和点时,没有拖尾字符错误。

i have squared data in txt file with "|" separator data with value like this no| value 1| 3,123.00 2| 1,122.75 import it with this code: library(readr) data <- read_delim("file.txt", "|",


I want to login using username and password that is stored in firebase realtime database.But my code does not work.. I include my database picture and code..please help me.. This is database image


MagicOnion is Realtime Network Engine like SignalR, Socket.io and RPC-Web API Framework like any web-framework. i want to make chat feature using this framework but there is to few documentation.


In my angular application, I am using proxy configuration file consisting of some proxies. My file looks like this. proxy.conf.json { "/login": { "target": "http://w3:8080", "changeOrigin":


(Hi!) I'm trying to do a condition in my view but I have the following error : Unexpected token "name" of value "OR" ("end of statement block" expected). And I don't know how to fix it, here is my


I want to remove usernames from a column in my dataframe. I tried below method, however I can remove western names but not Indian names. Kindly suggest me how to remove Indian usernames from the


Imagine I have a graph which I query with that MATCH (n:Class)-[:HAS]->(i:Item) RETURN n.id as Id1, i.id as IdI, i.isWhatever as Criterion getting IdC IdI Criterion

错误:RealLink /VAR/LB/DOKE/OFLAL2:无效的参数

This morning I was getting this error when executing docker-compose up ERROR: readlink /var/lib/docker/overlay2: invalid argument


I have a database (recovery mode = full), its transaction log is full. I know that i can solve it by shrinking the transaction log to fix the issue. I would like to know the reason why it became


GCC 7.3.1 compile the below code while clang 8.0.0 does not. I would like to know if this syntax is valid (in which case I will report it as a possible clang bug). Thanks for your help. template<

C 11移动一个向量到另一个-传递一个rValk引用到构造函数

I am trying to understand C++ move semantics, std::move() and rvalue references. I've implemented this example. #include <iostream> #include <vector> int main() { int totalSize = 6;


<ng-container "let test= someList[1]"></ng-container> I want use variable in ng-container But that code is not working. How to make it right?


I'm using run/debug configurations to run npm application: and I run it in debug mode. I don't know why but the application does not stop in breakpoints I put in the code. The command I have in