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I have a very complicated MathJax rendered equation with interactive elements inside it. This is rendered inside a react component, but, MathJax is absolutely non-compatible with react. So I am now

I am running into this error while trying to run an Xcode project. Can anyone know what will be reason for this error. Error: make: *** No rule to make target dependencies/hppc/com/carrotsearch/

I have already asked this question please answer me. How to add Toolbar in BottomSheetDialogFragment

I am new to aws lambda. I am trying to send mail with aws ses with aws lambda, without any triggers. Here is my code import boto3 from botocore.exceptions import ClientError ses = boto3.client('ses'

Here's what I tried to do with my code: function [A, t] = radio_decay(A_0, f, tau_p, tau_b, t_i, t_f, delta_t) % Function that takes as input the initial number of nuclei (A_0), % absorption factor,

Hai i create custom log , in bootstrap.php i write this code, Configure::write('Log',array(`enter code here` 'csvupload' => [ 'engine' => 'File', 'className' => 'Cake\Log\

I want to print the python console output on Html page in Flask. Please someone help me to do the same. I have made three files. app.py, index.html and result.html My app.py: for i in image_path_list:

Hopefully someone can help me here. I've had a good search through multiple sites and tutorials about mklink but couldn't find the answer. I am wanting to make a symbolic link between folders on two

A little bit of context: Ultimately, my goal is to decrease the jar file of my application. My idea is to just use CompileOnly for my dependencies in my build.gradle and just load the jar files

I am trying to typecast result to custom class with System.Linq.Dynamic.Core but I am getting exception: System.InvalidCastException: 'Unable to cast object of type '<>f__AnonymousType0`2[

I'm trying to concat some videos with same resolution and same video codec into one single video using ffmpeg Concat demuxer ,while some video has audio,some without. but I get result of a whole

How to store the text based on the tag. I have used textfield in the tableviewcell. My viewcontroller:- func tableView(_ tableView: UITableView, cellForRowAt indexPath: IndexPath) ->

I am working on android app which fetch data from API and show in recycler view. I don't have any idea about design, and someone told me to not to assign fix value to height width and if I don't

I could not able to invoke the thread run() via Spring aop , ie Application not invoked the Aspect code .Any suggestion? Spring 4.0/ Java 1.7 spring-context.xml <bean id="

I am facing an issue in creating a calculated column in Quick BI. During the creation of the Calculated column, it creates the column without any errors but when I click refresh to see the data it

I am using photo editor android sdk in my app to edit images.When I am using same image for different editing operations like apply stickers, filters or other changes.I do editing and save image with

I have a function wrote on Spray and i want to change it to akka http code, but i havn't found how to do it. Here is my code: override def post[T: Marshaller](url: String, data: T, query: Option[Map[

Featuretools currently does not yet seem to have completed https://github.com/Featuretools/featuretools/issues/163 which would offer more native scikit-learn integration. Still, I wonder if there is

I have (5000, 32, 32, 3) as numpy.ndarray. (number of images:5000, image size: (32x32), channel: 3) I want to re-size the image (32x32) to (28x28) How can I do this?

I am not expert in REST architechture and I am going through the tutorials. I have a confustion in understanding the role of http methods. What I have understood is,there are four HTTP methods GET,

I have this code below working fine with toggle the collapsible. My problem is the font awesome icon. If I click the + sign it will expand the card and its working, but its not changing into - sign.

I have this code, which is kinda long winded but gets there in the end … class WorksButLongWinded { constructor (callback, params = {}) { // defaults this.foo = "string"; this.bar =

My company is deveveloping an Ionic 3 App which is distributed to iOS devices using MobileIron. When the App is started the first time after install it appears to hang and there is a crash report in

I'm looking for feedback on my use of natural vs surrogate keys. Below are some examples coupled with the thought process behind each decision. I believe the first two tables are designed in an

I'm spinning up 1000 containers on a single Docker network, all from the same Docker image. Currently it takes a long time to deploy. I've separated the process into docker create and docker start,

my Excel VBA to save as PDF on MAC OS sometimes work, sometimes don't work. It will give the error "Error while printing" then "Run-time error '1004': Application-defined or object-defined error". My

This is my json file, country_id:String, name:String scholardetails:[{ country_id:String, scholarshipname:String,

I am trying to create an UIImage that I will use to set the background for a UICollectionViewCell. I found this function to convert a UIView to UIImage: func imageWithView(view: UIView) -> UIImage?

I have a dynamo table for a news page. It consists of guid, newsDatetime, newsText, language What would be the best idea to structure the table? Most users would see the first five text items

var temp = apiService.getSystems(accessToken = ACCESS_TOKEN, id = LOCATION_ID) temp.map { it.data }.flatMapIterable { it }.flatMap ({ t: System1 ->

As the topic, I have a problem in updating database by inputing new data in a TextBox. I have searched for answers online for quite a long time. I got several similar questions and answers, but it

I have two models, Accountant and Customer. I want to do the auth with Devise. I have following config: In routes Rails.application.routes.draw do # devise_for :accountants, path: 'accountants'

I am trying to learn tensorflow. I am really confused with the usage of tf.Variable . I know that in machine learning we have to randomly assign weights to the filter. But this can be done with tf.

I've migrated my HTML/CSS/JS code into WP and building the theme from scratch with an underscores boilerplate. I am looking to link from my homepage to an internal page that has a different head()

i have a problem with binding DataContext in button ContentTemplate. I would like to change content in button by DataContext property. Here is my code: <Button> <Button.Resources>

I have a problem wrapping my head around trying to convert strings into lists and producing the desired output. So far I have this code: def func(): characters = '?/><,.:;"[]{}=+()*&^%$

I am using Ionic 3. My app has to components, splitted in left and right section. And the left section is a parent component and the right section is a child component. My current problem is that I

I am trying to execute selenium scripts in Jenkins server which was hosted on a Linux RHEL machine, I don't know how will Linux open google chrome or firefox for selenium automatic testing. Can anyone

I am writing a script using 'java.util.Random' and I am trying to initialize two random variables for the same println but it only works if I comment out one of the variables. Here is the code where

I am having two domains https:www.site.com and https:www.site2.sa which is pointed to same IP. www.site2.sa is added as addon domain. I have put files for www.site.com in public_html and files for

How to use built in mysql function in YII2 active record? This is my query that I want to covert in active record. And how to implement the same in SearchModel? SELECT * FROM `dts_track` where

I have already configured https on my site. While http redirects to https www does not. The conf file is setup as: <VirtualHost *:80> ServerAdmin admin@example.site ServerName example.

I am trying to make a simple get request using the AWS Amplify SDK for React Native and an IAM Authorizer in API Gateway. I always get the following error message: Credential should be scoped to a

When we have invalid characters(example:<,>,&..) in soap request, example: <soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/" xmlns:per="http://person.ws"> <

I am using sequelize js with nodejs in the backend server for a rest api. When I try to insert/update data into a relational table with foreign key, sequelize trys to insert data into wrong column

i want sorting numbers of out put file but i have error.(i caculated average of numbers in input file and wrote them to output file.then i want sort data of out put file) code: import csv from

My Node-red recently started crashing, following is the stacktrace: TypeError: binary is not a function at Function.from (native) at Function.from (native) at /usr/local/lib/node_modules/

In my application, I am trying to add subtract multiply and divide. All operations are working fine other than division. Please help. Here is my code. As you can see my code is fine. Not sure what's

Suppose I have a div in iframe, and I want to know its left position from outer frame (the main viewport), then does the getBoundingClientRect() return the left distance from its inner viewport or the

I have this sample chart that I made in MS Excel. Each data are different in sizes based on the legend above. Is this possible in Chart.js?