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I'm trying to get tesserocr python library to run on 4 cores. According to tesseract docs, I understand it supports up to 4 cores. I have a tesserocr python3.x job running inside AWS Batch (docker

Which of these package version numbers is canonical for NPM? 2.0.0-pre1 2.0.0-pre.1

I'm developing Xamarin app for Android. There is a notification. After tap, there is black screen for a few seconds so I want to add a splash screen. I'm trying to add it but each try is not

How do I combine teleport controls component with the thumb controls component? I got thumb controls working here http://typhoon-rule.glitch.me sort of, the left thumb click will trigger the box

Whilst coding a simple login-logout system, I stumbled upon one thing that I forgot how to do: How do you unset a session variable in PHP when an HTML button is pressed (without AJAX)? Thanks in

I'm trying to edit segments of multiple movies together into one clip using Swift, AVFoundation, and AVKit on macOS. The following Swift code is a good example of what I'm trying to do: import

I have a question regarding retrofit. I am making a request to a service through POST, and I need to add Header and Body. What is the correct way to do it, or at least functional. I have tried with

Does anyone know a trick how to convert a Digraph into a io.StringIO png? The only code I could find is to save it to disk, but I would like to leave out any disk usage and to process it in memory

I made some API call as node.js and I checked it works well in my local. So I tried to put into Dialogflow. But It doesn't give any variable. I explain my procedure below. [1] This works well in

There is a library in which there are only header files, only source files, as well as those and others at once. For example: animcallback.h - has no source code tinyxmlerror.cpp - has no header

Create a 7x7 multidimensional array. -Put random numbers between [1, 100] inside the array cells FillBoard(int[][]):void -Select a random row and column to start the game (should not be a wall). -

I have a problem on connect to a rtsp camera using ffplay. The camera is under a router that permits only the tcp protocol. I can watch the camera using ffplay only if I am in the same network of the

I have a class, say Cat which I currently define as follows. class Cat: def __init__(self, clone_num=0, **kwargs): self.clone_population = clone_num def clone(self): props =

The first script is for drawing the circle: When I attach this script to a gameobject it's drawing a circle around the object. using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; using System.Collections.

Context I am using telegraf.js for more than 3 bots which run very well in plenty of groups. Currently one of the bot needs to request for Display Picture the user who does not have display picture.

I have trained SVM image classifier using sklearn. Assignment requirement is to make separate "prediction.py" function which takes an image and classifies it. Generally it's done by clf.predict() but

The newest version of Chrome has locked out Adobe Flash Player. I use flash a lot. As said above, do you plan to dump flash before Adobe stops supporting it? I am hoping that by then there will be a

When I try to access any route under the auth middleware I get redirected to a login route. Route::group(['middleware' => 'auth'], function () { Route::get('area-cliente/resumo', '

I'm trying to send an email using SendGrid in my Google Cloud Function. I have my key in the Firebase environment variables, so that's present. const sgMail = require('@sendgrid/mail'); sgMail.

I am trying to run a flask application in a docker on windows. I followed this tutorial: This is my flask application: app.py: from flask import Flask app = Flask(__name__) @app.route('/') def

I was following an Internet tutorial about progressive web apps, with the following examples (MWEs of the important files): service-worker.js: var dataCacheName = 'template-pwa'; var cacheName = '

I'm trying to create a many-to-many relationship. so I used the @JoinTable annotation to configure the table that was going to be generated by hibernate. But intellij says that there is no such table

I am trying to set a multi host multi node using docker swarm. One server is in my local network and the second server is outside my network. created the swarm manager as docker swarm init --

I'm using a MouseMotionListener to draw on a JComponent. addMouseMotionListener(new MouseMotionAdapter() { public void mouseDragged(MouseEvent e) { System.out.println("DRAG ["+(i++)+"]");

In a Symfony 3.4 project which I develop using PHP Storm I use the PHP Storm Terminal Window for running the Symfony server like php bin/console server:run This works fine. However the terminal uses

I am trying to install the redmine Git Hosting plugin for redmine 3.3.2. I have followed the steps at (http://redmine-git-hosting.io/get_started/) but when i try the 9th step, which is to login to the

I'm struggling to convert csv filled with hex rows. Here var_dump of one row: c8ece520ede020e4e0edfaf7edee20e7e0e4faebe6e5edee20ebe8f6e5 How to convert this into cyrillic string? If I run in through

I have a template that use bootstrap and html 5, not created for angular. So i'm trying to adapt it to angular. I have the following files in my angular.json "styles": [ "src/styles.

i tried to add csp meta tag and allow all but didn't work enter image description here

I’m using a free plugin for Wordpress, that seems the author is not very proactive unfortunately, although it is a super useful and great plugin. So I got an issue, as in the config for the plugin,

I've looked around on SO and other places online and haven't been able to find a solution yet. I have a UILongPressGestureRecognizer on one view controller which performs an animation on a UIView then

VBA is not fetching the headers of an XML table when the table only has one line. Is there a way to fix this? I'm using: ActiveWorkbook.XmlImport url:=url, ImportMap:=Nothing, Overwrite:=True,

I'm currently trying to make my like functionality use AJAX requests so that the page doesn't refresh whenever the user likes an image, however, I've been facing a "500, internal server error"

I have an InputBox for the user to enter members of an array by one by. When I push the "Sort" button I want to sort the array going and show the item in TextBox1, with a space between each item. How

I have a TableView which Contains a Shopping List and I would like to send to myself via Whatsapp. I haven't found anything about this kind of export. Where do I start, I'm totally new to this topic.

I am designing a redux reducer where I came across a situation where I have to append nested form data. I am not able to think of a situation. Statement that includes mutation is: state[var1][var2] =

I keep all my projects in a folder called 'Projects' and have a venv in each project. I have the venv path setting in VS Code set to my Projects folder path, and when I use the Select Python

I have the below block of Scala code as part of my data processing pipeline. Form what I understand so far, the UDF takes in one argument file_contents which is of type String type. The UDF then does

Can't set up an alias for a custom package. I'm using the Visual Studio Code. My imports looks like this import ( "fmt" "log" "structute-test/util" "time" ) But when I try to insert

I have a seemingly simple problem for which I am struggling to find a solution. I have a list of ~3,000 tweet ID's for which I wish to get the number of retweets, likes and the number of followers of

I have been successful in taking a file off of my computer and sending it to a document library in SharePoint. However, the "Title" column in the document is blank. I would like to set the "Title"

I want to build my Java game in IntelliJ IDEA. I did what I found on the internet (artifacts etc) but where do I have to put the jar for it to find it's resource files? I have a directory called "res"

I am getting this error sqlalchemy.exc.NoForeignKeysError: Could not determine join condition between parent/child tables on relationship Post.tags. Here is my code: class Post(db.Model): """

I am trying to increment the delay of every data-attribute inside the div element. See my code JQUERY jQuery(document).ready(function($) { var Column = [], startDelayTime, counter; Column = $

I have a environment configured with tensorflow-gpu and keras. I have the GPU driver installed, cuda toolkit and cudNN 7.0 for CUDA 8.0. My code is running without errors, however it seens that the

I have a table like: | client_id | product_type | |-----------|--------------| | c_1 | p_1 | | c_2 | p_1 | | c_3 | p_2 | | c_3 | p_2 | |

I'm publishing Google Forms data to a Google Docs template. My Google doc has three tables. I need a script to update the second table so that if a cell in column 2 is empty, the entire row will be

Django==1.11.17, Python==3.6.7 I would like to extend the number of characters used for the session key. Looking in django.contrib.sessions.backends.base.py: class SessionBase(object):

I am using the following Script Task to enumerate over a file directory, then pull a list of files and load them into a Recordset Destination. I don't want to drill down past the directory I

I am a student and new to VBA coding and programing. I need to create a code that will asses 3 if statement and based on the criteria of the if statements a cell value (discount given) will populate