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I have been generating a QR code from python(version 3.7) but an error saying cannot import is displaying, even after checking source code of qrtools. Please help! from qrtools import QR my_Qr = QR (

I have a problem, while calling a function inside an if statement. Function that doesn't work properly is "drawRight()" with 2 arguments that draws divs, text and other elements in a loop. When I

so I'm trying to read only the first line from a text file and display it in a label but I'm not sure how exactly to code it. This is what I've done so far StreamReader sr = new StreamReader("

I am creating an app containing FireBase Messaging Service. I added service to manifest: <service android:name="xxx.xxx.MyFirebaseInstanceIdService"> <intent-filter>

My program keeps producing an error saying that my variable $event_date is undefined even though its defined. $get_events = mysqli_query($conn, "SELECT dates, colour, event FROM calendar WHERE

i know that modelform in django is a form which is used to generate a model instance but suppose if we want to update an already present model instance through a modelform, then will it update a model

I am using FeignClients to connect from 1 microservice to another. Microservice A connects to Microservice B. Microservice A has a POST rest endpoint: @PostMapping("/urlA") Microservice B has a GET

Task – a. Create a Pipeline script aka Jenkinsfile to Run below stages – 1. Checkout 2. Echo the version of java and maven being used 3. Display the Pipeline name, Job number 4.

I have successfully installed Bitbucket Plugin and restart the Jenkins. Wondering why is the option that shows up after adding the plugin not showing up in my Jenkins. As you can see in the image

I have already asked a question about my issue, but I didn't get any proper solution, so I am adding the whole details here. In my Activity, there is TabLayout and viewpager. On creating the activity,

When I try to create a sales invoice according to your manual, I get an error that is not clear neither in the key Concepts, nor is it marked as required in the API documentation for Sales Invoices

i want to create a a chart to demonstrate data from mdx query .I am using Adomd.net. I have cube with 3 dimensions Date,Customer,Internet Sales Fact ,im using AventureWorkDW2012. I want to

I'm trying to understand how to work with type-level strings in Haskell. I have a data type declared as follows: data MyType (s :: Symbol) t = MyType t Think of it as a value of type t tagged in

How with bash to get from a path all but the first folder ? e.g. from 'a/b/d/e' to get 'b/d/e' for now I do that with pythonpy $ pip install pythonpy $ echo 'a/b/d/e' | py -x '"/".join(x.split("/")

I was wanting to use some codes that using sun.awt.image.PNGImageDecoder in my project. The problem is source code is based on Java 8 and my project using JDK 9+ (11). So I got this error: Package '

I am trying to divide the image into two sections (top and bottom) after drawing a line as shown in the figure, I some how got the indices of the red line drew by three points (A,B,C). How can I now

I have the following dataframe: id date tmax tmin 12 MX17004 2010-02-02 27.3 NaN 13 MX17004 2010-02-02 NaN 14.4 22 MX17004 2010-02-03 24.1 NaN 23 MX17004

So I have been trying to figure out scraping abit and still learning. I have created a script where it prints out numbers but some of the numbers has a class that are disabled and what I want to do is

The small test components: <template> <div id="report-chart" v-if="report" ></div> <div v-else> Loading </div> </template> <script>

I have an outside rest service, sometimes the response that I get is appropriate, other times it look like this - ×××××¢×× ×ש×ת, When I get appropriate response Content-Type in header is with the

I have a set of variables I am trying to monitor in the Chrome Devtools Console. It is a fairly extensive list of 25 and I am currently outputting them like this console.log(variable1); console.

I hava a table in oracle. I want to make several tables, which would contain 1/10 data of this table. I was able to write following code, but it doesn't seem to be efficient as it runs through the

I'm unsure of how to set up MySQL database on gitlab ci and run it so that I am able to access the database while I'm online

I've successfully installed tensorflow with pip install tensorflow and that all works well. I can also successfully install tensorflow-gpu with pip install tensorflow-gpu but I can't import it in

I have sql diagram: I want insert value into 2 table SeatDetails and BookingDetails. I have code as: protected void btnDatVe_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { try { //Thêm vào bảng

I am trying to find sentences that has opening and closing parenthesis within another one, like (text (more)) . I tried something like the following \([^\)].*?\( - \(.*\( - ((?:\([^]]*\))+) to match

several months ago i migrated my on-prem TFS server to VSTS, and it worked great except for migrating users. No problem, i created new users that have been in use and people are using the VSTS

Story I'm developing the AWS Lambda functions and compile the code using webpack. I've read some of the articles and it seems that the process.env variables are auto replaced during compilation.

I have this simple program: #include <stdio.h> struct time { int hours ; int minutes ; int seconds ; } t[2] = {1,2,3,4,5,6}; int main() { struct time *tt = t; printf("%

I am working on a school project where I am designing a device that can input calendar events. You might think of it as [day/hour/minutes] picker, that stores the chosen combination. I need a 3 level

i hope you can help me. I have an exercise that ask me to implement a linked list with two arrays: first array: contains data second array : taken first[i], second[i] contains the index of next value

When adding a pyramid from the objects library to the scene graph, the objects appears, but the size shown in the attributes inspector is 0 for height, width and length. When I attempt to change the

I have written the following function for determining if two strings differ by exactly differing-char-no character positions. (defn differ-by [id1 id2 differing-char-no] (let [zipped-ids (

I have added latest Firebase Performance SDK and in Android 8(Oreo) or above app is crashing with error message OnFrameMetricsAvailableListener that was never added. App Level build.gradle

I have a script with some instructions: user@debian:~$ cat myscript.sh #!/bin/sh echo "Hello World" > /etc/h4x0r The permissions are quite exhaustively set: user@debian:~$ ls -l myscript.sh -

I am new to Hadoop and trying to run the Map reduce program below FlightsByCarrier.java import org.apache.hadoop.fs.Path; import org.apache.hadoop.io.IntWritable; import org.apache.hadoop.io.Text;

I have recently converted my application to Angular Universal. Most of my application works as expected, but I have this directive that resizes elements based on other element heights. It looks like

I'm a newbie in Wordpress, so excuse me if I ask a noob question. I want to redirect some of the URLs to a specific page (deal.php). Now, these set of URLs (regex provided for these URLS) does not

Good Morning, I am working on a html form. I have used the below code to setup the form. Username <div class="formElementsWrapper

I have two arrays something like this private float[] distances = new float[]{3.2,5.3,4.43,2.56,1.02}; private Coordinates[] coordinates = new Coordinates[]{ new Coordinates(3,

I need help with validation in order reservation. I have table reservation for items and I need get all items between specific dates. I using timestamp because I need get all orders with minute

After reading about tombstones and collections in cassandra i understand that the right way is to use addition (+) and addition subtraction (-) operators. All places i have read i got the impression

guys can anyone help me here what i am trying to do is instead instantiating it in controller i bind it in my container and then i am using it but when i send my mail its not able reslove the Project

me he iniciado con ionic, y una de las primeras clases no enseña como ejecutar el eumulador de android desde consola, pero al hacerlo me aparece un error que aun no he podido solucionar, tengo

I dynamically created a set of checkboxes and labels in plain JavaScript. This works fine and the checkboxes are displayed: const label = document.createElement("label"); const checkbox = document.

How can I exclude 'Wednesday'(for example) from a range of dates. I have no trouble setting start / end days, but need to disable days when club is closed.

What may be causing "PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser" to not work on a local server. Can it be a configuration issue? PHP Version 7.2.12 <?php include('simple_html_dom.php'); $html =

I am trying to write a peace of code that asks the user if they want to restart and if they say yes it does and if no it says thanx for playing. import os import time while True: try: print "He

select count(*) from table takes more time than select count(*) from table where x = '1' . Using where clause sql has to do some extra work so why the query having where clause is fast.

My question is specific to Flutter, not just Dart. How to get a class's static function as Function just like other global functions, so then I can call Function.apply() or anything like that? What