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Oracle APEX:交互式网格-ORA-01400

I'm sorry for maybe a newbie question, but I spent like a day trying to figure it out (comparing to sample master detail application) and did not found a solution to my problem. I have a table where


I am not clear if a module can have Application class. I added a module in my project, and now it shows this error. Let me know will the module application class work if I use this tools:replace="

在Maven项目中找到JUnit 5测试

In our Build Pipeline we would like to know a priori all the test classes (and even better all tests) that would be executed if the build was started. Is there a maven call or some JUnit5


I have a curl request in my PHP program that is slowing down the system so I wish to make it asynchronous. Here is the code snippet: $url = array( 'text' => "This is a menu", '


I am trying to create a search function in my web-page that searches for text. If the text is found, it is highlighted and if not, a pop-up saying that nothing has been found will pop up. I want to


I've been browsing the net for solutions but the one's I got is always only with when the user only inputs the link and not in a sentence/paragraph. I want to convert the link of a youtube video (

I just started with liquibase and ran into this line in one of the changelogs: --changeset NAME.SURNAME:1 endDelimiter:@ rollbackEndDelimiter:@ What is the usage of "endDelimiter:@". I think it


i have a horizontal Stack View that fills the full width of the screen and contains 3 vertical StackView, that are empty when the controller is loaded. the horizontal has alignment set to fill and


Follow the below steps to generate keystore(.p12). OpenSSL setup 1) Download OpenSSL https://sourceforge.net/projects/openssl/files/openssl-1.0.2j-fips-x86_64/openssl-1.0.2j-fips-x86_64.zip/


I want to find a better, more elegant solution than using 2 iteration to find a value in an object. I looked at functions to search within an array such as find,indexOf but was wondering I could


I have a folder in which my python program generated text files (data in CSV format) are stored. I want to read 3 files into Pandas Dataframe with latest modified time. I am using Windows Operating

YouTube数据API V.3中的订阅范围

In my project user have to activate it by subscribing our channel, so I use the https://www.googleapis.com/auth/youtube scope. User sees it like I want to manage his YouTube account, but I want only


eg: `select t1, t2, sum(t1,t2) as t3 from table1` or `select t1, t2, concat(t1, t2) as t3 from table1` I can get the column define of t1/t2 by using select column_type from information_schema.


i am very new in typescript and firebase cloud functions development. i want to organize cloud functions project in different controller class. here is my api code const functions = require("


I need to get an API to fetch the electronics items based on the category. I have added the category and items needed from the API below. Category - Mobile Phones and Tablets Products - Mobile


The code for my app is managed through GitHub and GitHub is telling me there are some vulnerabilities within my package-lock.json file. Now as I understand it is that there could be multiple


Many people have faced this issue in Chrome and IE Edge. But I cannot include newer version of AjaxToolKit nor can I use any readymade fix due to client permissions. Is there any work around to make

当TAMP试图通过SSH保存文件时,Emacs 26.1挂起。

I’m using Emacs version 26.1 installed via homebrew on macOS. It often hangs while I’m editing a file over ssh using tramp (say, every 20 minutes). When I hit Ctrl-x-s to save file (or automatic


i want show download or upload progress in item ViewHolder how can mange every item and view item in adapter recyclerView in asynchronous way? [ i use MVP and clean architect and write this


I have a Window that I'm using as a login dialog in my application. Here's the button handler in my MainWindow viewmodel: private void LoginDialogButtonPressed(object obj) { var vm = new


I am trying to set up my mixed-dpi monitors on linux mint. laptop monitor has resolution: 1st monitor is laptop monitor, resolution 3840x2160 2nd monitor is external monitor, resolution 2560x1440


I am designing a screen using linear layout.The screen looks like: As you can see after the last layout some whitespace is coming up and I am not able to remove them. The code: <


I have financial data stored as YTD values per month and would like to write a query/view to have these as periodic values. Sample source table: Looking around I did figure out a way, by pivoting 2


I have one activity - MainActivity. Within this Activity I have two fragments, both of which I created declaratively within the xml. I am trying to pass the String of text input by the user into


html, body { margin: 0; padding: 0; } .container { position: relative; left: 490px; top: 100px; background-color: #66ff66; width: 400px; } input { width: 100%; height:


from matplotlib import pyplot as plt img = cv2.imread('horse.png') cv2.imshow('original image',img) gray = cv2.cvtColor(img,cv2.COLOR_BGR2GRAY) cv2.imshow('gray_image',gray) print(img.shape) print(


Using jenkins pipeline, I want to fail build when a word (for example, "FATAL") is found in build log. There is a Text Finder plugin that can do it in freestyle jobs, but cannot use it in pipelines.

WooBooad -显示价格旁边的变化-格式化

I am using the following code I found to display the prices next to the variations in woocommerce. It works brilliantly, but the prices are not aligned, when the length of the variations differ. (


I am building a nodeJS backend for a ReactJS front end and would like to know the best way to handle authenticating certain users. What I have so far is basically if a user is in my mongoDB


I've just learnt about PCA/SVD and I just wanted to make sure that I've implemented the coding correctly. I also have a little trouble understanding increasing latent dimensionality. Is this another

使用Java API在CPLEX中添加不等式约束

I am new to cplex. I want to convert following matlab expression to java X = cplexbilp(ObjectiveVector,Aineq,Bineq,Aeq,Beq);. Currently I am using the following line in java but the solution is


I am reading in a CSV file from a commercial measurement processing software by writing my own CSV import method (in c# btw). The contents are a bit strange in that many intermittent empty cells occur


I am using kube flow on top of kubernetes to run ML models in the cloud. I have already installed istio-system as a namespace using istio-demo.yaml file. Also, I already have Prometheus and Grafana


I have a function like below , I want to loop through an array and return some value based on comparison, function genBorder(old , newer) { var temp = "blue"; old.forEach( function(x) { var oldy =


I have a project in Unity 3D and I am using a precompiled SQLite library for Android, OSX, iOs and Windows. On Android when using large transactions my database file can grow from 1MB to 1GB. Doing


This is rather an academic question: If I were to put lot of processing inside the onCreate() method of the Application class, what's there to stop it? By doing this, don't I gain the power to slow


This is my database: CREATE TABLE `btom` ( `idabom` int(100) NOT NULL, `bomt` date NOT NULL ) ENGINE=InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1; INSERT INTO `btom` (`idabom`, `bomt`) VALUES (1, '2019-02-01'),


For example, I have two server-apps, one of them is the REST API, another one is the WebSocket server. So, what is a better approach enumerated below? 1. UI - HTTP request -> app1 UI - socket -&


How to get autocomplete addresses when i enter a text in textbox using HERE MAP API. I used the Retrieve Location Details for a Suggestion i got the values but how to use this in a Web Form. In


I am trying to setup an Ansible Dynamic Inventory with Google Cloud. I created few VMs using Terraform and than I am trying to get listing of VMs and trying to install some softwares using Ansible.


So I have 6 different Coffee types on my dashboard, each with their own unique page address. If I search the coffee name, I would like it to take me to the details of that specific coffee type, i.e.


I'm using a script called "ImportJSON" created by paulgambill https://gist.github.com/paulgambill/cacd19da95a1421d3164 My URL has quotes char Example http://SomeAPIULR?{"Type": "SomeType"}&


I have the following sample data :- ID PET_TYPE REF 101 Dog 1 102 Cat 7 103 Gerbil 2 104 Cat 9 105 Mouse 5 106 Cat 1 107 Rabbit 2 Using Oracle, is it possible to


At my workplace we are in a peer to peer network for the purpose of sharing files and the database for the accounting package(sage evolution). I have been tasked with moving our network to server


I was making a small project of banking system and while making registration function i made functions to check that whether the username or password is already taken or not so whenever i called these


Definition of a split app in App.view.xml looks very simple: <SplitApp id="idAppControl" /> It doesn't define initialMaster, however, Master.view.xml is used as a default master page. Where is

创建微软- Azure C

While creating personGroup to identify faces through FACE API of Microsoft Azure (in c#), I encounter exception in 'var response = MakeRequest().Result;' System.AggregateException: 'One or more errors


I am using Geth node with flags geth --networkid '49' --datadir 'E:\Dir' --rpc --rpcapi 'web3, net, personal, admin, eth' --rpccorsdomain '*' console i am trying to get Accounts using Web3.js.

N-Buff-PRD从角度CLI 6不能缩小/消除/删除评论

Since I've upgraded my Angular app to use Angular CLI version 6.x, compiling it for production (using ng build --prod, as usual) does not produce minified js. This result in very big vendor.js size (


I'm struggling with big data file in R (more than 10GB) and using big.memory package. It works well for some calculations but I can't create any serious chart from chosen column. ggplot return the