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更改Django CealVeVIEW中的默认破折号

Is there a way to change in Django CreateView the default dashes to a needed text, e.g. 'Select a Product' in my case? Code of my view form


I'm new to Unity and am just messing around with what terminology for C# programming Unity adds and I'm trying to figure out how to get my character to jump. I can't entirely figure out how to make my


Today I have been developing an SMS app, and am trying to add a settings Fragment. However, when I call getSupportFragmentManager().beginTransaction().repalce(); Android Studio returns an error "Wrong

错误的Python运行版本,添加Python PATH和Python HaveVar后,在SIT.pyy中出错

I am continuing with this question. https://gis.stackexchange.com/questions/287287/installing-osgeo4w-on-windows-changed-python-version-import-error-no-module Basically, I ran a command for


I have table ** Table:** MTID code boxnumber 1 10-01 10 1 10-02 10 1 10-03 10 1 10-04 10 1 10-05 10 1 11-01 11 1 11-02 11


I was looking at the serialzier part in django rest framework. I saw the following models in an example class Album(models.Model): album_name = models.CharField(max_length=100) artist =


I'm trying to create a bonus screen but the textviews overlap. The reason I make them different textviews is that the characters should add up from the left to right and colors should be different (


Suppose I have mock_class.py: class SomeClass: def __init__(self, value): self.value = value def print_value(self): print(f'my value is: {self.value}') def fubar(values):


In hyperledger fabric orderer takes care of replicating blocks through atomic broadcast thus achieves consensus. Then why do we need consensus algorithms such as kafka, pbft etc to be integrated with


I am new learner of Javascript and I got stuck in "functions returned from other functions". The code is as below. var createScream = function(logger) { return function(message) { logger(


(I'm using Tensorflow 1.8.0 ) The documentation from Keras on how to save a model mentions no difference between saving a sequential model vs. one created from the functional API. But, all of the

无法获得简单的AWS Web套接字发布工作

I wrote this uber simple client to publish a message to aws sdk via websocket protocol (javascript version). https://github.com/aws/aws-iot-device-sdk-js var awsIot = require('aws-iot-device-sdk');


The end goal of this landing page is to have two images side-by-size, both 100% height, but 50% width, maintaining the aspect ratio and hiding the overflow. This seems like it should be pretty


I'm using a library that extends the prototype of my classes. Although not important, in my case the library adds the EventEmitter prototype to my class, then it instantiates the class with an


I am trying to request media files from a server that was set up in our company by a third party. I'm trying to use Python3 to send POST requests that will eventually get me the media files. Though I


So basically this is a code for a game hack and the code works perfectly fine, except the 8th line, which gives me the error "user defined literal operator not found" and I think this might be because


Summary: Swift allows me to import 'RealmSwift', but it doesn't allow me to create a new instance of the Realm class (or type any code using Realm keywords). I don't have any other code because this


private void subjectpagenextbtn_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { TextBox[] subjectnamearray = new TextBox[] { subjectname1, subjectname2, subjectname3, subjectname4, subjectname5,


I have a list of lists li=[[abs,sdf,ghk] ,[asd,ghf,sss]] Want a dataframe of the format: col|col|col ------------ abs|sdf|ghk asd|ghf|sss Thanks


hi i want to install packages without direct internet. i search for it. forexample using this reference pip install relative_path_to_seaborn.tar.gz but i think if i can not consider packages


Comment enregistre un fichier pdf ou d'occasion avec php

Android Studio:任务执行失败

I'm new in Android Studio. When i try to build APK, this message always appear : Error:Execution failed for task ':app:mergeDebugResources'. aapt is missing on 'C:\Users\Andre S\AppData\Local\


The below code causes "Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token <" Any ideas how to resolve this issue? My goal is to use supersize with directory image discovery instead of the static HTML entries


I am new to Perl and am trying to remove tables from HTML files under some conditions. Here is an example. I want to remove the string between table tags if the string does not contain the string


I have two datasets in my SSRS report: WP_AllCoverages and LossesAllCoverages. In order to calculate Loss Ratio I need to divide Losses by EarnedPremium for each year and each month. For example Loss

九BOT-iOS BLE应用程序

We are developing an Bluetooth iOS app for "Ninebot mini scooter". Here we can able to scan and connect Ninebot BLE device and also we are getting values from the device characters the problem is the


I have some code I simplified for this question. this.getDataRuleList.splice(this.count, 1, dataRuleData); console.log(this.getDataRuleList); this.count += 1; getDataRuleList is


I have this method: public NumPal next(){ stringRev = reverseString(stringCur); numRev = Long.parseLong(stringRev); numCur = Long.parseLong(stringCur); numCur = (numCur + numRev);


I have a custom control (MediaPlayer) that contains 2 other custom controls, a media player (Host) and a control bar (UI). This control in itself is quite simple, it just binds the two together for


Hi so i do not want to allow logins, but hackers are getting to the logins by going to https://www.example.com/index.php?option=com_users&Itemid=101&lang=en&view=login I cannot disable


So, I need to create a function that gets all occurrence matches on one string based on a regex, then store them in an array to ultimately choose an arbitrary capture group number within an individual

PHP MySQL 00WebHoST从数据库中检索数据

I am new to using database with php, using 000webhost I don't know what to write to get data from specific table connection.php <?php $servername = "localhost"; $username = "*****************"; $


I am currently working on a paper thats around 250 pages long. When I download as a pdf the images stop showing up at 115 pages. And when i download as a word file and convert to a pdf the word file


I have a Imagebutton inside Gridview, i need to get user confirmation upon Imagebutton click. Based on the input i should continue the flow(if ok navigate to next page, else stays on the same page)


I am trying to implement the Gamejolt API into my Unity game. I have downloaded and imported v2.4.0 of the Gamejolt API, and dragged the GameJoltAPI.prefab into my scene. The problem happens when I


I am trying to use a variable in nodejs. It giving me errors whatever I try. How can I use a variable in this string let txt= 'some unknown texts' "MATCH (productName) AGAINST ('txt')" Here I


I am currently developing an app which as a need for a box with some information above a table view. Unfortunately, I can not create the required behaviour with a standard UINavigationBar or a


I've been trying this, but nothing is being rendered in the DOM. What is the trick here? recurse(i, arr) { if (!i) { i = 0; arr = []; } if (i >= 4) { return

是否值得为像OKTA或Azure AD这样的提供者编写包装?

When you use an external provider like Okta or Azure AD, to outsource the authentication and authorization flows, you need to put logic in your web portal or thick clients, which are Okta specific. E.


I'm new to swing, and I'm trying to implement a simple GUI with one form (HospitalGUI.form). When I run the associated Java file (HospitalGUI.java) as main, the form is visible. I want to be able to


I have the following function that finds a value within my table: var a=3; var b=4; var c= $("#maingrid tr:eq(" + a + ") td:eq(" + b + ")").text(); alert(c); This is working correctly. However, this


Im using Firebase to store the data on my app. Right now I manage to save and delate my data inside the firebase database and is store on this way: enter image description here im facing this


I am able to successfully create and insert entries in a table via Hibernate, however for some reason my update method appears to not be working. For my table, I chose to use Java annotations in the


My PHP script is returning the Mysql value with the highest ID, not the requested ID: <?php $db = mysqli_connect('localhost', 'root', '(Password)', 'web'); #THE 'userEmail' variable is from a


My candlestick chart works except the last bar is hidden be the y axis labels. How can I position the y axis to the right to expose the last bars? This clip show just a sliver of the bar, not enough


Category component <ul v-else> <li v-for="cat in getCategories"> <router-link :to="{ name: 'ProductsCategory', params: {category_name: cat.name}}">{{ cat.name }}</


I am trying to display 2 piechart in same view, this is my view code : <div class="panel-body form-horizontal"> {{-- <div id="morris-donut-chart"></div> --}} <div class="

如何循环多维数组并一次加载一个部分?- JavaScript

I have a very very big multidimensional javascript array object with coordinates of many earthquakes. Like this: var array_eq= [ [ 0 : { "casa": "home",


I want Jenkins to run JavaScript unit tests. Although I came across different JavaScript unit test frameworks, like Jasmine or Tape, I cannot find any documentation on how to make them work and set-