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I am using kube flow on top of kubernetes to run ML models in the cloud. I have already installed istio-system as a namespace using istio-demo.yaml file. Also, I already have Prometheus and Grafana


I have a function like below , I want to loop through an array and return some value based on comparison, function genBorder(old , newer) { var temp = "blue"; old.forEach( function(x) { var oldy =


I have a project in Unity 3D and I am using a precompiled SQLite library for Android, OSX, iOs and Windows. On Android when using large transactions my database file can grow from 1MB to 1GB. Doing


This is rather an academic question: If I were to put lot of processing inside the onCreate() method of the Application class, what's there to stop it? By doing this, don't I gain the power to slow


this is my database CREATE TABLE btom ( idabom int(100) NOT NULL, bomt date NOT NULL ) ENGINE=InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1; INSERT INTO btom (idabom, bomt) VALUES (1, '2019-02-01'), (2, '2019-


For example, I have two server-apps, one of them is the REST API, another one is the WebSocket server. So, what is a better approach enumerated below? 1. UI - HTTP request -> app1 UI - socket -&


How to get autocomplete addresses when i enter a text in textbox using HERE MAP API. I used the Retrieve Location Details for a Suggestion i got the values but how to use this in a Web Form. Thanks,


I am trying to setup an Ansible Dynamic Inventory with Google Cloud. I created few VMs using Terraform and than I am trying to get listing of VMs and trying to install some softwares using Ansible.


So I have 6 different Coffee types on my dashboard, each with their own unique page address. If I search the coffee name, I would like it to take me to the details of that specific coffee type, i.e.


I'm using a script called "ImportJSON" created by paulgambill https://gist.github.com/paulgambill/cacd19da95a1421d3164 My URL has quotes char Example http://SomeAPIULR?{"Type": "SomeType"}&


I have the following sample data :- ID PET_TYPE REF 101 Dog 1 102 Cat 7 103 Gerbil 2 104 Cat 9 105 Mouse 5 106 Cat 1 107 Rabbit 2 Using Oracle, is it possible to


At my workplace we are in a peer to peer network for the purpose of sharing files and the database for the accounting package(sage evolution). I have been tasked with moving our network to server


I was making a small project of banking system and while making registration function i made functions to check that whether the username or password is already taken or not so whenever i called these


Definition of a split app in App.view.xml looks very simple: <SplitApp id="idAppControl" /> It doesn't define initialMaster, however, Master.view.xml is used as a default master page. Where is

创建微软- Azure C

While creating personGroup to identify faces through FACE API of Microsoft Azure (in c#), I encounter exception in 'var response = MakeRequest().Result;' System.AggregateException: 'One or more errors


I am using Geth node with flags geth --networkid '49' --datadir 'E:\Dir' --rpc --rpcapi 'web3, net, personal, admin, eth' --rpccorsdomain '*' console i am trying to get Accounts using Web3.js.

N-Buff-PRD从角度CLI 6不能缩小/消除/删除评论

Since I've upgraded my Angular app to use Angular CLI version 6.x, compiling it for production (using ng build --prod, as usual) does not produce minified js. This result in very big vendor.js size (


I'm struggling with big data file in R (more than 10GB) and using big.memory package. It works well for some calculations but I can't create any serious chart from chosen column. ggplot return the


i am trying to start an activity as the timer starts and start another activity when timer ends after 10 seconds. but after 5 seconds, onFinish() method calls automatically. please help me to overcome


I have two input box for date selection (startDate and End Date).As soon as changes being detected in start date object focus switches to endDate field.But as it get focused, immediately it looses its


Trying to learn web scraping. I cannot get this code to output to console. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. let request = require("request"); let cheerio = require("cheerio"); let url = "https://

Python 3:如何同步两个不同线程上运行的两个循环?

Good day, I am making a program with two threads: the main one processes the GUI and does data analysis, the other one takes measurements. I have two threads mostly to be able to prevent the GUI from


Using devtools::check() gives the following error message: R CMD check results 1 error | 0 warnings | 0 notes checking whether package ‘abc’ can be installed ERROR Installation failed. See ‘/tmp/

在Android Studio项目中导入LIBS类被锁定

I copied the commons-io-2.6.jr into libs, and i decompressed it. But the icon shows classes were locked. The FileUtils class can not be used. enter image description here enter image description


Adding multiple Rows in Dynamic Datatable take too much time in C# Winforms, How can I overcome this issue ?


SLF4J: Class path contains multiple SLF4J bindings. SLF4J: Found binding in [jar:file:/C:/Users/212700540/.m2/repository/ch/qos/logback/logback-classic/1.1.5/logback-classic-1.1.5.jar!/org/slf4j/impl/

命令TimeSOUT [OSD1] [信息]运行命令:SUDO/UR/SBI/CEPH卷

I'm having issues running ceph-deploy or creating manually osd My environment is virtual machines on openstack which each have a virtual volume attached. Ubuntu 16.04 The command hangs at the below


Currently I am using ng-table-dynamic table and few of my columns are date (dd/MM/YYYY) formatted. When I try sort those columns, it is sorting based on text format rather than date. For ex:- if we

Azure Bulb容器:获取文件内容到字符串数组

What I'm trying to do is to parse the content of a certain file into an array of strings. StorageContext storageContext = new StorageContext(); var blobContainer = storageContext.BlobClient.


i made a backup with duplicator of a website. I'm in localhost and i don't understand how use the installer.php file.


While calling an unmanaged dll ,I am facing issue - I am accessing below method where I am passing two input parameters and expecting two return variables . [UnmanagedFunctionPointer(


I am working with MongoDB 3+ version. I have a collection of documents ("doc") "doc" has list of "rows". Every row has list of "units". Unit has field "status". I have to return document with rows,


I have the following data: Group Hormone Damage Score Greater 1 B control damaged 4 1 2 B control undamaged 4 1 3 B JA damaged


Edit: sorry, images are recognized as code. Trying to fix it. I have a hikashop made in joomla. What I want to do: -I want to change price of product according to date that is about to be purchased.


I used some packages that I no longer need in my flutter project, namely the wilddog_auth and wilddog_sync, I can remove the imports from my dart files (aka removing import 'package:wilddog_sync/


I want from this url "http://localhost:8081/#/scenarios/SCNRF3SZ2FS54E66B456" to "http://localhost:8081/#/scenarios/SCNRF3XAPLPJ241807A9" but do not work!! export default new Router({ mode: 'hash'


Scenario Outline: Create a new employee with mandatory details with different iteration. When I fill all the mandatory details in the form '', '' And press the submit button then All the details


I am trying to make a todo app using redux and I'm stack on how to delete a todo from the array. reducer.js export default function todo(state, action) { switch (action.type) { case 'ADD_TODO':

一些产品的MaMeNTO 2自定义选项是不可见的

When i add a new product, I tried to import the customizable options from the previous one. I have saved it after imported the data. After added all product, i try to test it on front-end. Most of


Here is my code: import numpy as np cx = np.array([0, 0, 3, 3]) cy = np.array([0, 3, 4, 0]) M = len(cx) for j in range(M): wx = 0 wy = 0 for i in range(M): if i == j:


So, The thing is inside one directory there are 5 html files like 1.html,2.html,3.html etc. and inside those files there is a table I want the data from those tables to be extracted and display it in


I'm trying to connect to database with SQLite. There is no error appears in editor, but when I run the application I am getting error message that says; "java.sql.SQLException: No suitable driver

Windows 10笔记本电脑的图形缩放

My app is developed on a Windows 7 desktop. (3x1600x1200 monitors.) It has "session management" allowing the user to save the size and position of all windows, and at next start the same windows


I am importing a node module folder that contains both Typescript and JS files. I use ts-loader for the typescript, but for some reason, it is creating a long list of errors and I think it's because


The problem is that video and audio are not in sync and the session was somewhat sluggish. Going over the inspector the the video bitrate was about ~1650Kbps and the audio bitrate was about 30-35Kbps.


Going through this article to overcome the blocked port 22. They require you to edit the config file in the .ssh directory, but for the life of me I cannot find a config file inside the .ssh

I've read a lot of post here and tutorials on internet but I'm not able to connect to my webapp on a Tomcat from my Eclipse to be able to debug my code. Following some post and tutorials, I've

如何在统一中编写HTTP POST请求?

Mthod: Post Link: www.link.com Headers: 1: appKey="ABC" 2: Content-Type="text/csv" How to write the C# Script to send the data through post.?


I don’t know if this is the right place to ask this type of question but: i usually use Xcode for IOS development, can i use the excellent xcode editor to develop Android apps writtten in Java?


I am trying to call a function after the response has been sent to the browser, but my template load after the response sent to browser. Template.orders.rendered = function() { Meteor.setTimeout(