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I'm unable to figure out the error which is causing the app to stop working when I run it. This is one of the subsections of the app(Events). This is the EventList class with getters and setters

I have create a react app using below command npx create-react-app my-app Now when I am building the app for production using below command npm run build It generate below files with suffix.

I have an Offer object in Play models, which can have on or more OfferLines, so I have @Required @ManyToOne public Offer offer; on OfferLine and @OneToMany(mappedBy="offer", cascade= CascadeType.

I'm trying to set up can bus interface using PICAN2 and raspberry pi. My goal in this project is to be able to send/receive data from cars can bus to control the ca's ECUs. So far I have installed

I want to kill and remove the software that uses the 8080 port that EDB Postgres localhost server so I can use the port for Jenkins. Using tasklist it tells me the port which is processing, fine for

I've been searching everywhere and can't figure out the solution to this. I'm trying to get an attribute of a nested xml tag from wikipedia, but have so far been unable to get the nested attribute. I'

I am new to Code::Blocks and trying to embed Python (3.7.0) in C using the Python/C API. I am testing a simple program: #include <Python.h> #include <iostream> using namespace std; int

How to add insets to boundingMapRect of MKPolyline to use it with MKMapSnapshotter? let polyLine = MKPolyline(coordinates:locations , count: locations.count) var region =

I've created a subprocess using subprocess.Popen(['myapp'], stdin=PIPE, stdout=PIPE, stderr=PIPE, bufsize=0) that executes a C-program that writes to stdout using e.g. puts(). The problem is that the

I found in this question that deleting the database and it's log file does not remove everything about the database. It still shows in SQL Server Object Explorer from withing VS2017. I think this is

For numpy ndarray, there are no append, and insert as there are for native python lists. a = np.array([1, 2, 3]) a.append(5) # this does not work a = np.append(a, 5) # this is the only way Whereas

I do find multiple solutions on here, but non of them work for me I cloned an ixisting Androi project, it worked perfectly fine, I added and changed some code, added a fragment and a resource for

What is the TYPO3 reference index and why can it contain outdated values? If you are surprised by this question, I just like to get some good quality answers into Stackoverflow, that help people to

I m trying to build android app from my existing website and add Firebase push notifications to it but errors comes up Android resource linking failed Output: D:\Android project\app\build\

https://www.pickleballtournaments.com/oncourts.pl?tid=2027&venue=Main you can view that source and see a near bottom Was able to get html before now there is a google script near the bottom

The following code display only 3 of 4 Editext within a ScrollView. The problem is the last Editext which is overlapping the Button Why ScrollView isn't working properly? <?xml version="1.0"

Suppose I am working with an episodic problem and have the entire perfect model of the environment, that means I know the dynamics of it. Then if solving it using Dynamic Programming algorithm,

mylist=[] - Heading ========= mylist.append('退货商品不符') mylist output: ['\xe9\x80\x80\xe8\xb4\xa7\xe5\x95\x86\xe5\x93\x81\xe4\xb8\x8d\xe7\xac\xa6']

Sorry I don't show the whole code, but it's private-owned by my company. Here's a picture. Opening the link you'll understand what I mean. (I can't understand the reason short questions aren't allowed

I'm trying to run a python script through my PHP page. when the script runs the output states that my modules does not exist. I am using exec("python3 sciprtname.py arg1 arg2") I have installed these

In this example, I am trying to match the integer literals with the types[] array. Technically, the printf() should be printf("The variable %c = %d (%s) \n"), but gives an error if I don't specify

class Login (GridLayout): lbl_ip = StringProperty(socket.gethostbyname(socket.gethostname())) lbl_datetime = StringProperty(time.strftime('%Y/%b/%e %H:%M:%S')) def login(self):

df1= Date Team1 Team2 6/1 Boston New York 6/13 New York Boston 6/27 Boston New York I am trying to calculate the number of days since the last time Boston appeared in

I am trying to show a large version of an image when clicking on a Glide SliderLayout and have created two layout files as below; one for the standard view and the other for the enlarged Slider view.

I've created an attribute programmatically like this $eavSetup->addAttribute( Product::ENTITY, self::mpn, [ '

I can tell mongod does not respect its own default config file because when I type 'mongod' in the terminal, i see MongoDB starting : dbpath=/data/db however in my /etc/mongodb.conf i have

I am creating an android app which shows website pages in application. One page in the website has download PDF link, which downloads pdf file in the browser.But when i try to download the PDF in the

We are currently using Spark 2.1 based application which analyses and process huge number of records to generate some stats which is used for report generation. Now our we are using 150 executors, 2

$custom_column = '<div class="display: table-cell">'; if(Auth::user()->role_id !==3){ '<div class="checkInfo green"> <

I am saving a EditText to SharedPreferences but I am not able to see in my Fragment and this is crashing my app when I try to set the text into EditText. But when I delete setText and trying to have

I have been going through previous SO answers and have yet to find an answer. I am trying to save and load a class instance with pickle and I keep getting the error: type object 'Foo' has no attribute

My have the share prices df2[x] below as Y: 2018-09-05 6.22 2018-09-06 6.19 2018-09-07 6.22 2018-09-10 6.24 2018-09-11 6.24 2018-12-05 4.65 2018-12-14 0.00 short position

I am using MacBook Air. I installed the xammp but it's not working. I am getting "Unable to connect". Let's talk about in details I downloaded the xammp from this link https://www.apachefriends.org/

can anyone please help me? i need to convert this code to C. #include<iostream> #include<vector> #include<string> #include<map> #include<sstream> #include<

I try to transform the type of specific columns in my df. Therefore I create a vector with the names of columns I would like to change and then loop through it. But instead of changing the type I

I've recently deployed my website and my back-end on the same vps , using nginx , but now when i do request with post-man to http://IP:port/route , i get response from the server from any pc using

I am new in asp net, and i need to ask which is the best way to handle token expiration time. When i am making a login in my application, i am getting this string. { "access_token": "

I want when clicked on a submit bottom with method POST pass to a special URL that created with information in form and save a query to MYSQL of word press so i append to end of admin-ajax.php

am building an app with graphQl using node js, but am getting am error saying users is not a constructor, here is my code const graphql = require('graphql') const Users = require('../models/user')

I am able to see the hamburger icon which appears when the screen is made smaller, but when I press it is unresponsive. This is the code for my base.html file {% load static %} <html> <

I have a question that I thought I would throw your way. I searched for similar questions on here and I didn't find anything helpful for this particular issue. I have been working on a whack-a-mole

There is a typical way to write object updates via forms using wtforms in flask. The endpoint function instantiates the form even if there is post data. In that case, I don't understand why form data

When I tried to run this. It's giving me this error. p0 = Sequential() p0.add(Embedding(vocabulary_size1, 50, weights=[embedding_matrix_passage], input_length=50, trainable=False)) p0.add(LSTM(64))

How could I, ideally with 1 table scan, determine if a column has all increasing values. ie: 1, 2, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, would it need a custom function?

I have previously used Box2D, so this code I'm using is already functional on another project, the only major difference is that the world isn't being passed as a paremeter, it's given as a Global

I have two classes which both need to know about each other // Creator.h #pragma once #include "Creation.h" class Creator { Creator() { myThing = new Creation(*this); } int age = 42;

It's problem from the book: "Computational Geometry: Algorithms and Applications", Springer-Verlag. Given two simple and disjoint polygons P and Q, where P lies strictly to the left of Q,

I finished my project in vb.net 2017 it has some reports (designed by crystal report version 13.0.3500.0) in my computer it works fine. but in client machine after I installed the project package in

I am trying to build Android X86 (32-bit) on my Ubuntu 16.04 X86_64 machine. My build is failing at certain parse.tab.c: [ 0% 3/56404] build /home/sohamsalil/android-x86/output/android-x86-source/

I have this error: 'System.Collections.Generic.List<projectname.class>' to 'System.Windows.Documents.List' I'm trying to make a list of lists. Code: ` List<AuditDB> allAudit =