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User gives me access(read/write) to his(her) calendars. I have service account. How to create new calendar in user's account? I see calendar/v3/reference/calendarList/insert, but this API function


thanks in advance Just trying to make an dummy app with instant app functionality. Installable part just works fine and the instant app module is also getting launched from android studio, but when


I'm supposed to make a profile page similar to linkedIn's profile. Users should add some data -via multiple forms- like work experience, education, etc. I'm currently using ionic 3 framework (with


Implement a hybrid search algorithm called H2Search that takes an unsorted array A of positive integers and divides it into sub-arrays where sub-array Ai contains all elements of A who has i digits.

谷歌EngML KML动画更新多个变化

I cannot figure out how to apply multiple animatedupdate 'tour steps' in KML. Please help. All data is linked here to demonstrate the problem. In this example.. first open the link to the rail model -


I've been trying to solve this problem for the past two hours. I cannot, for the life of me, understand how the folks who developed Go did such a fine job with the language but such a terrible job


screenshot I am learning scraping and while all my scrapes are working just fine, I am having difficulty getting response when I hit https://www.jabong.com. The Spider opens and just pauses at that


Is there a way to detact windows refresh event, and then change the wallpaper.


I understand that, SOCK_DGRAM and SOCK_STREAM corresponds to Connection-less and connection oriented network communication done using INET Address family. Now i am trying to learn AF_UNIX sockets to


I have a number of files that include a date in the name, in the format: filename - day month year (e.g. myfile - 22 August 2017) What I'd like to do is to have it in the format: filename -


protected void UserControl_ButtonClick(object sender, EventArgs e) { var uri = string.Format("https://api.ethplorer.io/getTokenInfo/{0}?apiKey=apikey", addTokenPop.getAddress()); if (


I am trying to tag POS to the texts for the review texts downloaded from Yelp dataset challenge (Round 11). Listed below are the functions I wrote: r <- unlist(lapply(rec_texts, function(x) {


Not sure of origin of fault, but after migrating my website from eHost to JustHost, my bootstrap dropdown lists only sometimes work in Mozilla and Chrome, but works normally in IE. Refreshing the


I have added a favicon to my website build (currently on my local machine) using the below code and it appears as it should in Chrome. When I open the file in Safari and bookmark the page the icon


at the moment I'm thinking about buying an LCD - Panel for a new project of mine. The problem is, that the LCD - Panel LTM240CT047 doesnt comes with a suitable Controller for it. Has anyone an idea


I created a class that represents a tree, thus I created another class that represents the iterator of this class. To access the elements of the tree I use the operator * but I want to implement to


i am successful in generating invoicing pdf and also able to send email and attachment together using php mail. but the issue is - when i render the pdf in browser it displays all the contents but


I cannot get marker-start to work. The marker-start only draws half my marker (marker-end works fine). What am I doing wrong? <svg width="300" height="300"> <defs> <marker id="


I've created a multiple angular checkbox filter, which can filter the list of products. They are working fine but they are working independetly. As, I have given different functions for input boxes.


I have created a Google form that has multiple fields. I want to store the responses to existing Sheet which has format & formula already set. I tried to select Select existing spreadsheet: from


Guys please I'm on an airtime loading project and I want just a small part of the camera source to get the text I just want to create the rectangular box fir that part but my code isn't working,


In our company we works on rfid devices and programming for working with them. We want to handle connection and reading of each rfid devices with multi thread programming in C# with creating a thread


i looking to count time of complete task in go, this is my actual code : package main import( "fmt" "time" "math/rand" ) func sendEmail(email string){ fmt.Println("send", email)


I'm studying the semantic web, and i have the follow dubts More information: my graph is the follow: [Natasha]--- knows--> [Bob] [Bob]--- brother of--> [Alice] [Alice]--- play with-->


My Question is How I can Add A Function To Django Built-in Login I want To Add get_absolute_url() Function In User Built-in Model Models.py from django.contrib.auth.models import User from django.


from sklearn.model_selection import train_test_split train,test,train_label,test_label=train_test_split(feature_data,target_data,test_size=0.20,random_state=3) from sklearn.preprocessing import


I have got a 3d array (an array of triangles). I would like to get the triangles (2d arrays) containing a given point (1d array). I went through in1d, where, argwhere but I am still unsuccessfull.


I used to run my application on a JBoss WildFly (12.0.0.) on an EC2 instance. Also i had my databse running on a RDS instance. Everything connected very nice and it worked. But two days ago, i had to


I have a controller with many actions. now I want to use token-based authentication so I changed the behavior like this: public function behaviors() { return [ 'authenticator'


At work we have a sweep on the world cup and the table is starting to divide. I was interested who are completely ruled out of winning and equally how many outcomes people have to win. There are 30

在主机重新启动后,DOCSK编写MSSQL DB持久化数据

My Docker-Compose.yml: version: "3" services: db: image: microsoft/mssql-server-linux:2017-CU8 ports: - 1433:1433 deploy: mode: replicated replicas: 1 environment: -


String a="77*b+7-77/98+6"; String b[]=a.split("[*+-/]");// works fine b[]=a.split("[+/- *]");//gives pattern syntax exception because of " * " b[]=a.split("[*/+-]");//works fine b[]=a.split("[-


Im using a map in my ionic app , i have generated .apk but when i install it in my phone i am getting this error , my system information is Your system information: Cordova CLI: 8.0.0 Ionic Version:


In the my image, i have select 3 wrong committed and pushed to mys server. I want to remove it from server. I have also done revert this but when i build in jenkins . i have git repo and jenkins set


I'm getting this error when building gradle. What went wrong: Execution failed for task ':transformClassesWithJarMergingForRelease'. com.android.build.api.transform.TransformException:


I need to connect several Postgres & MySQL Cloud SQL service from my ETL server. I am using SQL proxy to connect with this database services. But problem is google doesn't allow default port for


Given these schema orders(order_number,created,status) products(product_id,product_name) orders_products(order_number,product_id,quantity) If I would like to delete orders older than N days, I would


$r ='insert into posts set id="'.$id.'", postId="'.$idus.'" ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE whoLikes= whoLikes,$idus' like := ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE new = new+'$new' but i need:= ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE


i have a "SettingsFlyout" that always display at the right side of the screen, can i set it to display at the left side? i added images that shows the close and the open state.


This is the body of visitMethodInsn method of MethodNode class: @Override public void visitMethodInsn( final int opcode, final @InternalForm String owner, final @Identifier


I want to loop through the dataframe and if the merged_Df$language is equal to english, indonesian and scots I want to extract those rows of dataframe and put it into another new dataframe. The


I am trying to order the largest scores in a file that is loaded into an array. Currently, the program opens the file, then reads it and then splits up each line into two parts - a name and a score;


I have read about controller based exceptions using @ExceptionHandler. I have read about global exception handling using @ControllerAdvice. I have also read about extending HandlerExceptionResolver


This is the code for accessing extended execution session public static async Task<bool> BeginExtendedExecution() { // Create new session. var newSession = new


I've implemented lock-free Stack, based on 'Concurrency in action' book example. I wanted to benchmark it and compare it to other lock-free stacks, i.e from boost::lockfree. I used google benchmark


This is a simple question for most of you. I would like to make sure that I'm using the terms correctly in the following sentence and if there is a better way to express this. I have developed a


I'm aware of these questions: Warnings of valid HTML5 attributes in Eclipse (2016) HTML5 Tags and compatibility (2014) Any of these say, eclipse just don't know HTML5 and the only way to deal with


Recently we started to use Git instead of CVS. We have "develop" and "release" branches. Few days ago, colleague should create release - it means merge changes from develop branch to the release


I'm building a quadruped using RPI3. I use encoders(Rotary Position sensor) which is connected to RPI3 via SPI. I have used Shared Memory to send the the encoder values to my python script for