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I am working on a project that needs to connect to a docker database container. Currently, I am able to connect to the docker database by using for the host and 8167 for the port. Instead

Below is a sample of 2 homework TM where Im not sure what complexity class they fit in. Also have to decide the complexity class of the complement. These 2 in particular confuse me because I got a

I'm looking for a super easy way to store and retrieve string in a central location. What would be a .net technology that would: 1) Run on .net mono 2) could store and retrieve short strings by a key

So I noticed that in android project build.gradle file under app folder contains signing keys with passwords etc. First of all signed apk will contain all this info in it? And it as well gets pushed

I have a script with a line in ajax calling $.get('YT-API/upload_parser.php?getsize', function(sizelimit) When on the page it pops an error because it is looking for the file upload-parser.php in

The Pixel doesnt move just the target appears. The whole program just seems to freeze. After the Target point is chosen. Here is my code:

I am working on building a simple 2D game engine and have a class which is capable of acting as a button in a game. I am trying to make a member function such that the user can give the button object

I have a dataframe that looks like: df: ColA ColB A 0.78 B 0.91 C 0.36 D 0.67 E 0.88 Code: p1_logit_model=sm.MNLogit( df["

I am working on project where user enters data then data sent to server and server sends jobId. Then job starts in background and when job completes it has to send another response after 5 mins. I

I'm not sure what's going on here. I installed Python with Anaconda, there are no previous versions of Python installed. Everything works fine with Spyder, Jupyter Notebooks, or within Anaconda prompt

I have a string group like ("hello", "hi", "how r u", "how are you", "how r you", "how are u", etc.) and i want to create a function that can compare a string varible (like $varible = "Helloooo") with

I need to call a SOAP web service run by a 3d party (an official public entity) which is served via HTTPS (SSL). I've submitted a CSR and received the 3 certificates from them: the domain certificate,

I am reading two files f1 and f2 into my Python code and I need to compare them and get the result as a boolean. def open_file(file_path): with open(input_file, "rb") as f: file = f.read()

I'm having a real hard time learning React. I can do simple stuff like this. https://github.com/misschohoh/react-input-sumtotal (which took me a total of 10 hrs to figure out) Then suddenly it goes

Getting this below Error while trying to up the application in my local box. Any idea how to resolve this below Error java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: org.apache.catalina.LifecycleException:

I know this question has been asked thousands of times - But none of the answers I've found helped me in any way to resolve this issue. I've recently changed my developing team and Bundle Identifier.

I have a boost::multi_index class which has multiple indexes. If i want to store a normal iterator i can do multi_index_table::const_iterator x_itr == my_table.find(x); but if i try

PyGSLIB is an open source python package which have to scripts for Mineral Resource Estimations.It was inspired by Datamine Studio macros. With PyGSLIB you can write a script to do the entire resource

Suppose my server application uses a Router socket, and clients connect to it using Dealer sockets. ZMQ Curve cryptography is used, which means both the server and individual clients have each their

I am trying to export a tableau view using python tableau server client. Following is the part of code which is used for creating pdf. server.views.populate_pdf(view, options) with file("dashboard.

I am trying to switch to a specific mailbox before retrieving the latest email from the Inbox of that mailbox. I have the following code working in Outlook 2010 but when I use the same on Outlook

How can I use MoleculeGraph to create the molecular graph of the following cif file by using pymatgen.analysis.graph. https://materialsproject.org/#search/materials/{"task_id"%3A{"%24in"%3A["mp-23939"

I want an ion-select and ion-input in same line with width as follows: ion-select 10% width ion-input 10% width I wrote the following code for that (Stackblitz): <div style="display: flex"&

I am using http://achecker.ca to validate my HTML/CSS and verify that I am WCAG 2.0 compliant. I'm quite happy with it for the most part but it is giving me an inappropriate error that is frustrating

Currently in my kafka consumer i have turned off auto commit, so currently when processing of messages failed for ex: three invalid messages, the manual ack fails and the lag increases to three.

I am using the diamonds dataset from the dfply module, to predict diamond price from its other features. I would like to include the mean of the predicted cell value in each box. For example the

i would like to have the header "top bar" in the web view above. But in the mobile not top but bottom. How does that work? thank you

We have a Tomcat-ran application in a Docker container. It uses several properties files which are copied by the Dockerfile into the ${CATALINA_BASE} directory in build time. We now had to modify the

I'm trying to write a script to extract an excel report from an outlook email that I receive daily, and save it in a folder called "OLAttachments" in my Documents folder. I also need it to replace

I have a shared preferences file that looks like this import android.content.Context class Scores (context: Context) { private val PREFS_FILENAME = "com.Scores.prefs" private val

I have successfully implemented profile log in yii2 that will log all executed mysql query. But the problem is, it also log the query that are rollback during the process. I want to keep record of all

so i got this project in my class. i need to get Electronic Coins from specific API (onload). this was easy, the problem is that i need to Append Button (with "more info" detail) and when i click on

I have two big arrays of two readonly structs: A and B. I need to enumerate over them but I need to do it in the most optimized way. readonly struct A { long a; long b; long c; long d;

I m trying to install cloudera on azure using the link below https://github.com/Azure/azure-quickstart-templates/tree/master/cloudera-on-centos It gave me a few errors, below deploy cloudera on centos

I have an array of angular objects. I want to replace an entire element in the array with another element. export interface modelCourse{ var1: number; var2: number; } I

So I have JPA Entity (lets say Foo) for which there's FooRepository defined as extension of CrudRepository<Foo, Long>. Repository has few custom methods and among them there is a method (let's

I would like to increment the values based on assert results : def a = 1 def b = 1 def c = 0 def d = 0 (assert a==b, "Mismatch") ? (c++) : (d++) Is it possible?

I am trying to create a new table from an old table so I can remove some duplicates and implement a composite primary key. I have created the new table from the old one using LIKE, so the columns

I'm trying to get a list of ami-ids using awscli and need it to exclude anything tagged with mongo. For example this will give me everything with mongo in the tag name aws ec2 describe-images --

I'm new to redux and pulling out my hair trying to get a basic test to work with redux and moxios. API is just axios, with some custom headers set. I get an error on my post method: TypeError:

How can I delete a file in Java ? //DELETE TXT FILE public static boolean delete_txt(String path){ File pathfile = new File(path); if(pathfile.exists()){ if(pathfile.delete()){

When using react-loadable, you aren't easily alerted by errors thrown in those async components, like a bad import. I'd like to be able to disable react-loadable in dev environment and enable it in

I have the following dataframe s: arrays = [['bar', 'bar', 'baz', 'baz', 'foo', 'foo', 'qux', 'qux'], [1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2,]] tuples = list(zip(*arrays)) index = pd.MultiIndex.

This is the typescript code, I want to set enum in the Event object by looking it through value. I have this enum - export enum EVENT_TYPE_ENUM { EVENT_TYPE_ONE = "evt.1", EVENT_TYPE_TWO = "

Using Google Query, I would like to return 0 to a cell when the query returns an empty set for a particular month in 2018. This is the query I am using with the named range all_data: =query(all_data,

I am trying to use BufferedReader to read through the lines of a file, but it is giving me a FileNotFoundException. After some searching i found a way to check if a file exists (i used this : https://

What is the difference between these two? We have a website application hosted in IIS and in side web.config it has: <compilation targetFramework="4.0" /> So the default i assume is debug =

I have a flask app that has a tree structure of the form (inside the main folder): Procfile app --app.py --static ----images ------favicon.ico ----style.css --templates ----home.html

I want to implement this optimization problem from this paper using cvxpy or any similar library. The problem I am facing is how do I code this so it is understandable for cvxpy. from cvxpy import *

I want to change some constraints aromatically in different cases. Declaration of my Constraints coming from the storyboard: @IBOutlet weak var topConstraintPostImageView: NSLayoutConstraint!