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Can I put the shell scripts that I want to use in the package that is being deployed to the instances? I created the directory "aws/scripts" on the root of my artifact (where the appspec.yml resides)

如何为DealFuffsV2 REST API验证客户端

Making a 'detectIntent' request made through axios (post) to dialogflow REST API returns with status code 401. I am passing the "client key" as a authorization bearer. This is the key taken directly


I have a jenkins job that runs an ant target it's build. During this build process within ant, we get annotated tags and create file names based on those tag names. I'd like to be able to use those


I am trying to use proxies with my request urls in R. It changes my requested url from "www.abc.com/games" to "www.abc.com/unsupportedbrowser" The proxies are working since I tested them in python.


I'm working on a steganography method which hides text withing html tags. for example this tag: <heEAd> I have to extract every character within the tag and then analyze the case of the


I want to be able to add in a vector more numbers without being aware of how many elements I actually have to add. I should stop only when the element that I want to add is 0. It is certain that the


I am testing a login and account creation program. When the user presses the Create New Account button it prompts them to enter a Username (which saves to a variable-sNewUsername) and a Password (

Laravel JS自动完成

I can't figure out what's going on here. I'm trying to make a pretty simple ajax post to do an autocomplete in laravel. I have an input box and a spot for the results: <div class="form-group">


I currently have two dataframes that have been pulled from CSV files that I need to join. Problem lies in the fact that the join column isn't matching and there are many files I must go through, so

Android Studio从另一个包加载资源

I am implementing an Android application that has both live and office packages other then the main package. The manifest file is included inside the main package. The ic_launcher and app_name


I am new to programming/coding and would like to know where to start? I have coded before in c#, but very basic and forgot almost all of what I learnt because I didn't know how to study a new


I am having a scala-play-slick application and am using Google guice for dependency injection. Slick version 3.0.3 My repository looks as follows @Singleton class Repository @Inject()(


I made an application running in the background and I want to add a function to measure the slide on the screen. I'll leave you both, and somebody can help me. I'm a beginner and I've been looking all


I am using .NET to call a stored procedure. One of the parameters the stored procedure expects is @Category VARCHAR(200). Below is my method to call the procedure: string connectionstring =


I had a working API IIS site. I then Upgraded my solution from .netc2re 2.1 to 2.2, and I'm now getting the following error: "ExceptionDetail": { "Type": "System.InvalidOperationException"

Amazon CoeDebug DOCSK命令无法启用ECR

We are trying to configure Amazon codebuild using ECR and Docker.but unable to enable docker using the following buildspec.yml file. version: 0.2 phases: install: commands: - echo


I'm working with an undirected Graph. With this I have a List of Vertexes having each a name and an ID and a List of Edges having a source Vertex, a destination vertex and a weight. With this I'm


I am writing a function in Python 3 called word_count (that takes in a parameter, which I have called my_string) that is supposed to count the number of words in a string. The string might contain


I'm trying to track which jenkins job are scaling up slave pods. It shows from jenkins dashboard. Wonder how to print out from the CLI


One of our data sources sends a feed with an aggregate of data per day. A periodic snapshot. For example: shop, day, sales bobs socks, 2019-01-01, 45, bobs socks, 2019-01-02, 50, bobs


I’m seeing some odd behavior with AutoMapper, where I can’t directly map source and destination fields, when the destination field is in a sub-object. Instead, I need to wrap the source field in a

Django self.request不过滤查询

I am trying to achive some basic search in my search template, but when I search, it works in the URL, but doesn't change any of the posts in the template. Views: class SearchListView(ListView):


I want the mat-checkboxes to be populated from an array. I am able to build the form group and form array and see their contents in the console. But I am unable to get the list of devices to display


I am using the BigQuery python API along with the BigQuery connector for Pandas. Every time I append to the dataset in BigQuery I want to make sure I start from where I left of the last time to


I have a pagination demo application in Angular. I am expecting to be able to navigate to a URL like http://localhost:4200/page/:number. The URL appears to be changing in the browser's URL address bar


I have an address param within my app say " 921 Beverly Hills, california, CA- 09001" Upon tapping this I want google maps to open and show annotation for this exact address. How do I do that? Any


I built an ajax function which works perfectly when i hook it to admin_head or admin_notices hooks but it doesn't work when i hook it to manage_posts_extra_tablenav hook, instead of doing the ajax


I want to use pretrained weights for 2 parts of my model. I have 2 checkpoints from different models, from which I can load only one into my main model with tf.estimator.WarmStart as I'm using the


I am trying to map through a nested Array using JSX. Here is the Array: this.topics = [ { id: 1, name: 'first', headings : [ {

Swift Table视图单元格没有

I am very confused on the reuse of the cells. I have a table, each cell is a cell with a switch on it. If I toggle a switch I set the background color of that cell to a different color. However every


I am trying the below; it is failing with error 'Message: element not intractable'. Presumably because Python is trying to fire them both at the same time. The first one works. But, the second one is

Windows 7上未执行的C幂壳代码

Powershell code executed through my C# application is executing perfectly on Windows 10, but won't even run on Windows 7. Neither does it get beyond Process.WaitForExit() I've tried using Powershell (


When i run jupyter notebook it just shows up blank I checked Console for errors and it showed me this: This is the line that the above Error message is referring to: Here is the URL bar if you need

如何在CITOS上安装GCC/G 8

I'm used to install packages on Debian/Ubuntu distributions, but now I need to install gcc and g++ version 8.*. There is only version 4.* in CentOS repositories. What's the correct way to install them

Laravel FormRequest提出请求失败

I am building a RESTful API with Laravel 5.8 I am using FormRequests to validate the users input to my POST & PUT requests. The POST works absolutely perfectly, but the PUT request are failing


I have two arrays of objects, which I want to combine into one array in order of the timestamps that are a part of each object. The first array is an exact second, and the second array is a range of


I am having an issue with my web forms datagrid responding to a click event. Allow me to explain: Upon the page being loaded for the first time, a dropdownlist is filled for the user to select an


# Will I watch it? hero = input('Which superhero is it?? ') if hero == str('Spiderman') or str('spiderman'): print('Sure!') else: print('Go away.') No matter what I put in, it always outputs


Background I have a command-line application that I use to connect to a remote device on port 1234. I cannot change the port number, and I do not have access to the source to rebuild this tool. I'm


I want to use CMB2 on my custom post type, but it is not working. //my functions.php code for custom post type. register_post_type('zknizmslider',array( 'labels' => array( '


I'm new so I can't comment on this question, so I'm making this new question instead.. is there a good way to save socket.io message history I want to know if there's a good way to do this,

SITECORE 7.2:API控制器返回未授权401

This is a simple controller I have in my Sitecore application: [RoutePrefix("api/v1")] public class TestController : Controller { [HttpGet] [Route("testme")] public ActionResult Suggest(


I am creating a chart for a project that has a binary that when executed generates a configuration file in YAML format that looks like this: --- PARAM_1: value1 PARAM_2: value2 My chart needs to


I am trying to write a java program to fetch call records from Empirix server. In order to fetch call records, first I need to generate a token id by sending a HTTPS POST request to a server https://


I try to implement programming concepts in the real world, like input validation and other "catches". Besides "Idiot Proof" is there a methodology that specifically plans for user error? What is it/


I have a Sharepoint list that contains a column for an attachment, which is an image file. When retrieving information on the list item that has an attachment, it has a field attachment: true However,

使用Django Web应用程序作为项目提交

I have my main project created in Django as a web application, I have completed my coding. So now that I have to submit the project and have to present it. Is there any way I can render it as an


I am using ggplot to create a graph with multiple ROC curves overlaid. I want to add the optimal threshold (Youden's threshold) to each line and add the AUC for each line to the legend. test <-


I have a sub that fills an array with a list of user defined values from a fixed range in my spreadsheet. I want to call this sub from another, and utilize the values in the array to drive a For Each


I code a site where people can create accounts and put a profile picture The problem is that when people change their photo it keeps the same name and photo ducoup we always see his old photo Is it