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I have 2 enums enum class Enum1{ X1, X2, X3, X4; companion object { val default = X2 } } enum class Enum2{ Y1, Y2, Y3; companion object { val default = Y3 } }


Using your concepts about object oriented. (Create a aplication in JAVA presenting this menu:) 0 - Create account (simple) 1 - create savings account 2 - Criar bonus account 3 - Deposit 4 -


I am trying to send a message from app to myself on facebook messenger and I get the error from: facebook send api getting : {"error":{"message":"(#100) No matching user found","type":"OAuthException",


Newbie here - I need to get a table output that has one column with say, all the fruit names and another with say small fruits. There's no primary key in the table. I was trying something like this

For plotting graphs in R, I usually use basic plot plot(), barplot(), boxplot() functions from the package graphics. But ggplot is used more often I think. When/Why is it better to use ggplot


Every time i make a request i create a new Volley Request Queue: public void initializeQueue(Context context){ File cacheDir = new File(context.getCacheDir(), "Volley"); this.queue = new

使用AMQP/MRTT、消息代理和节点Red在Live Web页面上呈现数据

So basically I need to create a project where some sensors send out data through either MRTT or AMQP to some message broker, through Node-RED it needs to be written to a DB. Then i need to use the


I am trying to get a dump of all image URL's from one S3 bucket on AWS. How would I do this? I have been trying below code, but I keep getting error 's3.ServiceResource' object has no attribute '


This is probably best explained with the actual code here below. But I am scratching my head as to why I get: "Uncaught ReferenceError: djson is not defined" on pageload execution of loadresults but


Please help me i need to add pagination in android firestore i have used base adapter to get events from firebase. i have read doc didn't find solution. DocumentSnapshot lastVisible =

ASP.NET应用程序Azure SQL通知更改

I am looking for a way to alert / notify my ASP.net application when a record is changed on my Azure SQL database. I am aware that Azure SQL databases do not support service service broker and this


I have a simple class, called Vehicul which has three private members: marca,pret and tip and tip is a string. Then it's says that tip can be one of the values Bicicleta, Motocicleta, Trotineta. So,

Python 2中的参数

Hi I'm trying to run am object detection code written in python 3 on python 2.7. I have a problem in on the PEP 362 -- Function Signature Object which is only available from python 3.3. so I'm looking

在NoDE.js、Express、MunGDB Web应用程序中,我的重定向逻辑到配置页的故障获取结果

I am using node.js, express, and monogodb. I was trying to create a web app where when a user logged in it redirects to his profile page. I have created login logic and route as: //Show login Form


I'm working on an alarm clock and I have a serious problem, the BroadCastReceiver always gets called exactly in time, I do some work like getting intent extras, nothing heavy or long and then I call

在DoCK化的Java Web服务中启动新进程

Is it possible to have an application containerized in a Docker container and then to create a new process at runtime? I have something like this: launchProcess() { Runtime runtime = Runtime.


I'm trying to use a for loop to display posts, which works great as I can display information from my database, but the problem is all the tags for all the different posts will have the same 'id's


In my swift project I have a tableViewController, with class TableViewController, and one prototype cell, with class TableViewCell. Now I want to use: tableView.reloadData(), or other function, in the

使用VS 2017的MyxExpUsix64 API调用中的非手动异常

Using Visual C++ 2017 version, the following sample code (as given in https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb384811.aspx ) is running with unhanded exception. // Compile this sample with: /EHsc


What HTTP request headers are to be included in arduino while requesting for reading a text in a particular website? I requested reading text from google.co.in but didn't get proper answer. The


How can replace added file in dropzone by click replace button. Codepen this is my codepen that i handle dropzone with jquery sortable. i want to add a button named replace to every file added to


So I have a normal html page with php etc all that normal website stuff. Then I have a canvas with a html5 game on the page that is in a canvas and whenever I click into the canvas and play that game


I wanted to make an animation of a random walk in 2D together with a histogram that updates as the steps advance. But I am only able to update the plot showing the walker, the histogram plot is just


I have column called speed in table Speed. I need to create a line chart group by minute (created_at) and point appear speed. For example p1 (110.4) , p2 (113.5), and more. There can be many values


I have that htacces code, which is redirecting all pages without "www" to "www", except the main page. Also this code is redirecting all pages with "http" to "https", when I try to go for example to


I am trying to find an IDE for C programming similar to rstudio and rodeo. I like their environments which provide the auto-filling codes and you have access to all parameters and matrixes. Could


I have a text file which contains characters like [tyy] .. ue:"yyyu" [tyy] . ue:"yyyu" [uyy] ..ue:"yyyu" [uyy] .. ue:"xu" [iyy] ue:"xu" [uyy] .


I am programming an Android application. I have two lists one for the machines and another one for the players. I would like to design a system where I can choose a machine and a player. After I will


I need to draw formulas after an applet has started, so I try to do the next: public class SearchIdeaApplet extends JApplet { private JPanel mRootPanel; private JButton mPrevButton;


This is very odd. I just build a component which is called gw-responsive-tabs that has an input variable which happens to be an Array of some object. When I deliver the input data from the html like

ReEX TestSo()当它在数组内通过时,失败的时间正好是50%。

I have an angular 4 pipe to sort an array of objects by the value in a specified property, the array will always originate from an mssql server. It is intended to sort strings as lowercase strings (


I'm building a reactjs application which needs to load another application on demand which is also in reactjs (imagine its a 3rd party application), I read about react-loadable (https://github.com/

JavaScript FixBaseCAN

I'm trying to create a user in firebase for my website using javascript and HTML and save i to the FirebaseDatabase like this: My HTML code: <head> <script src="https://www.gstatic.com/


i want to make a text fadding in and out on scrolling but in a certain way. I already see a lot of questions but none answer what I want to do. I just saw this website and I would like to make a


That is what I want to achieve: server.tld/nextcloud -> use a virtualhost for /nextlcoud alias www.server.tld -> wp.server.tld server.tld -> wp.server.tld The first thing is the exception.

Im looking for a node module to make a request. I see multiple different options that all seem pretty good, is there one that is considered the best, thanks.

从对象输出电源外壳中删除@ {}标签

I need help removing the @{} extensions from object output. The code bellow is listing the last modified file inside a folder. But the output is inside extension @{}. I have tried the Out-String but


Im trying to transform my data that currently looks like this: ]1 What I want it transformed into is for each User I want a timeline as to what process occurred first and when. Such as: I was


When dragging a Polymer 3 Web Component in Safari 11.1 (MacOS) dragstart is immediately followed by a dragend event if dragging starts on a child in the Web Component's Shadow DOM. It works fine in


How can I put a custom error message with php? The x-moz-errormessage works great but not so the oninvalid="this.setCustomValidity. // Formular erstellen $Formular = $javascript . ' <br><p


I want to customise the code on the click on cash on delivery option in payment method on wordpress ecommerce website developed using woocommerce plugin.

Spring MVC无法映射URL

My dispatcher servlet is as follows <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <beans xmlns="http://www.springframework.org/schema/beans" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"


i created an android app using Android Studio 3.1, and then installed it on a Samsung Galaxy S6 running on Android 7.0 Nougat. The problem is that i can no longer uninstall the app from my phone:


I have two very large data frames that is causing the following code to run extremely slowly. the check method checks if the first number from df1 is between the second two numbers from df2. If it


From Database System Concepts Suppose we have a relation funds_received(dept_name, amount) that stores funds_received (say, by electronic funds transfer) for each of a set of departments.


I am looking to charge some custom price for each product at order review section in magneto 1.9.I am adding check box for each custom price /product.once checked price should be updated in sub total &


i want to send ready header to remote server via cURL. can i? -----------------------------94634231838239954992124494 Content-Disposition: form-data; name="id" 1 -----------------------------


Why i am unable to run this java class of maven project? enter image description hereI am using selenium webdriver 3.12.0. when i try to run the class the eclipse is showing run configuration option.


I got a segmentation fault (core dumped) in my Account 6. The program outputs 6 accounts in total (alternative between checking and savings accounts). Account 1 is checking accout and account 2 is


Is there a direct function or any another way in python where I can generate random integers for my given size and I want to specify sum of those numbers as well. For example. I want to generate 7