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So my group and I have been doing an interactive table top tower defense game in Python+Unity, where input is given by IRL towers, that get detected in Python and then sent to Unity through UDP. We've

i am new with wix code so i need to know how can i use buttons that will increment text with 1 when the user click and then i need the number of clicks to be stored in database and then maker this

I wrote a currency converter, but when I added button and activeCurrency, I take a bug that "Unexpectedly found nil while unwrapping an Optional value" I try to fix it, but nothing work. Here is my

Is Discards feature correctly works with IDisposable objects? Is it call Dispose(); when its needed? I have a code: Boolean existing = Mutex.TryOpenExisting(name: key, rights: MutexRights.

I have two simple classes for working with 3d geometry Point and Vector. They both have 3 coordinates as public member variables and define some operators like +, -, * . class Point { public:

the question is (SQL ORACLE 11g DATABASE) : Create a "UnivUser" role, and give this role the privileges of select, update, insert, delete, and execute pl / sql packages and sequences. This user will

I made a random number with this: import random number = random.randrange(0,100,2) I wanna iterate in it : for i in number: print(i) or like that: for number in range (50,100): print number

I have some questions. I want to make a bot with this procedure. ㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡ I : Hello Bot : Welcome to my agent! Bot : What's your name? I : Smith Bot : Smith Bot : 1 Bot : 2

I'm new to coding and have been working on an app following and outdated tutorial. I have managed to fix every error message on my Heroku log when I push my ruby app through. The app still pops up an

I have to implement the following method which takes in a value element in a Java Map and returns a Set of pojo encapsulating key & value objects in the Map. public Set<CacheElement<K, V&

In the below bash script all values are passing in one time. But i need each time one value should pass then iteration should happen, next time one more value should pass. please help me on the same #

I am saving leaderboard data using save data as transactions I save user information like display name and photo url and of course score, in some cases user can change display name and/or photo url.

I want to pass parameter result to controller method "vykresli" but it always crashes, because apparently result is always null. I am sure i am passing parameter the right way with "?" in "Vykresli?

I've the following Prolog Parse tree, that I get from a Prolog script I've written by using DCG Rules and that parses a simply grammar. s = sentence(assertion(subject_phrase(determiner(the), noun(

<div> <div>A</div> <div>B</div> <div>C</div> </div> <div> <div>A</div> <div>B</div> <div>C&

My code is: import matplotlib.pyplot as plot xval = [0,1,2,3,4] yval = [0,1,4,9,16] plot.scatter(xval,yval) plot.xlabel("x values") plot.ylabel("y values") plot.show()` and the error is: TypeError:

I am trying to create a wp type text editor to upload image and content for a post. So I've used summernote as a text editor. What I am trying to achieve is, I want to send the post content i.e the

I want to know when and how I use malloc, because I don't know how to use it, and why should I use it. If I have a void* pointer, what I should do? void* pointer = /*(what type?)*/ malloc(sizeof /*(

After sonar scanner runned by jenkins job, analysis result is not going to sonarqube server 00:15:23.616 INFO: ANALYSIS SUCCESSFUL 00:15:23.621 DEBUG: Post-jobs : GitHub Pull Request Issue Publisher (

Story So, I wanted to create a small game for cross platform, but then I ended up in devices that don't support JIT, such as the IPhone, Windows mobile and Xbox One (game side, not application side).

from tensorflow.python.saved_model import builder as saved_model_builder export_path=r'tensorflowservingmodel' export_version=1 builder = saved_model_builder.SavedModelBuilder(export_path) signature =

I'm training a simple convnet in tensorflow and I'm creating checkpoints every few minutes. Unfortunately when I interrupt the training and restore the checkpoint later and try to continue training

I created a simple Flutter app using the default template and made a few changes to it. It was working fine until I tried to add some plugins, then it started complaining about this. I tried various

Hello guys I'm new to react-native and in new version old navigation syntax are not supported (eg. Stack navigator replaced with createstacknavigator) i have tried many examples bt nothing works

I have a .dat file that is a dictionary/thesaurus containing about 300k lines For each word, the following lines below it that have a word in brackets at the start of the string are the thesaurus'

Completely new to WPF and following a Microsoft walkthrough which asked to replace the XML with the following: <Window x:Class="Window1" xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/winfx/2006/xaml/

Sorry, I could not think of a better, fitting title. The text should clarify Hello, following scenario: 4 employees should work on different days. The table looks like this: Date name 12/13/

Let's say I have an existing Items Array: const existingItems = [ { "path": "xxx.yyy.zzz" }, { "path": "yyy.xxx.zzz" } ]; Than User will add a new Element to this array

(Copied from a post I made on the imgur community forums on Nov 10 https://community.imgur.com/t/imgur-api-get-non-album-images/61788 . I have reposted it here because it was suggested by the Imgur

how I can emulate specific syscall in Linux? For example, I would like to emulate bind syscall. How can I do it using qemu? another way?

When we develop private code, is it necessary to apply PHPdoc on classes, methods, etc ? In the book "Clean Code" by Robert C. Martin, part "Javadocs in Nonpublic code": As a useful as Javadocs are

I created an opacity gradient to a div in css, but there is still the border of div visible (the black horizontal line which looks like a border-bottom) Here is my css code: .audio-caption-

I just want to understand how "multiboxing applications work" and which libraries It's using. I can't find any clean open source applications and tutorials about multiboxing. Or basically How to

I'm using Respect/Validation class and I have custom rule CustomRule() which works fine: use Respect\Validation\Validator as v; // 'email' => v::CustomRule()->email()->setName('email');

i work with Django. i use AbstractBaseUser for create User in models. i create form's for my models . my forms don't save password in my database Forms: from django import forms from django.contrib.

I have a function that takes references as parameters and returns impl Future. The future doesn't refer to the parameters (it takes a copy) so the references don't have to outlive the function call:

Why won't my modal close upon clicking the x or close? It makes absolutely no sense to me why this won't work given the right attributes that I'm using. Also, when I click Preview Image button, I

I know that there exists a way in scala as mentioned below. val joined_df = df1.join(broadcast(df2), "key") How can I do the Broadcast join in Java. Do I have to do sc.broadcast (df2) and use that in

I have the following json output (generated by ansible) and a seemingly easy task of pulling a few key/value pairs out with jq. However, I can't seem to get the output I want. { "custom_stats": {}, "

I'm writing some code in C++ for testing collisions using the separating axis theorem and in certain orientations it wrongly triggers that there is a collision occurring I'm following this tutorial,

In development, my team and I are experiencing 400 Bad request, using Webpack Dev Middleware with .NET Core 2.1/2.2. Our SPA is unable to load as our main script file cannot be served, nor reload on

This question is in regards to a discussion that went on here. I have a collection of urls in an array that I need to parse through using a Firebase Cloud Function. Instead of iterating through the

I keep having the same error "buy handles valid purchase application raised an exception (see log for details)" and I don't have any clue what I should modify in my code to pass the error. ('Aandeel'

I want to build a create function that would create new list, the function will get a 4 "function pointer", The create function will Allocates a new linked-List-Creates a new empty list. This function

notice : My English is not good, While asking questions, keep them as simple as possible. I also try to express it by drawing to help understanding. issue I want to be able to work on another

I need help with a code. The code I have has a play button, and when you click the button it pops up a youtube video and automatically starts playing. The problem I have is that the audio of the video

I have two schema and one of them has a reference ID from the other one. I want to populate the reference but it returns the reference id again. Population Code: const cars = await Car.

I'm trying to compile my program using CLion under Linux (Ubuntu) OS. My CMake file: # cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 3.5) project(untitled2 C) set(CMAKE_C_STANDARD 99) set(CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS -

I created table in pgAdmin4: CREATE TABLE public."Aktor"( --tableWithActors "ID" bigint[] NOT NULL, --id "Imie" "char"[] NOT NULL, --name "Nazwisko" "

I have a need to globally replace the pattern: \' with \ ' (i.e. \[space]') in a file. I am trying the following sed command: sed 's/\\\'/\\ \'/g' »In-file« > »Out-file« but I am getting