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there is a line. how do I split it into an array via separator ",". If you try to split, the same line is returned var str = "1,2,3,4,5,6"; console.log(str); console.log(typeof(str)); var


I'm currently having a problem writing a xml value to a database table using NLog. I'm using WCF and C# I have a request XML object that i'm writing to the database, and if i use the built in "


I am trying to use django and celery to automate the task and want to run celery as daemon. I copied the code for celeryd and celerybeat from its official documentation and put it inside the /etc/init.


Currently, whenever I perform a MySQL Database Restore from a (.sql) file. It takes a long time to complete the restoration process. Especially when the database is very large. After searching the


I am currently trying to insert a DataRow into an Oracle SQL Database. The entry gets inserted into the Database but always gets a new ID. I am providing an ID in the Insert Command but it always uses


Fairly new to structs and having trouble with a question. I am required to create a program that gets a csv file and creates nodes from the lines. In the past the nodes ive used have had a ->next to


I am going to build an inventory management mobile app and trying to propose a database, class diagram and use case design. The app is initially intended to use by inventory technical staffs.

如何在数据库Android Studio中存储文本视图数据。

May I know how to store DatePickerDialog in database? Log.d(TAG, "onDateSet: mm/dd/yyyy: " + month + "/" + day + "/" + year); String date = month + "/" + day + "/" + year;


I am new to Java development and just saw a file with .bak extension that looks like a java class but it is not. So I am wondering what is the purpose of the .bak files in general and why and when


A new inspection was added in IntelliJ 2018.2 which should warn from unstable APIs: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-159541. This warning shows up for the Guava's EventBus. Why is this an


To determine if a picture has already been uploaded we are comparing its md5 hash. In practice, we have found that there are too many collisions. What would be the best solution (reliability +


Is in tensorflow available some function like pipeline/gridsearch in scikit-learn to check automatically what parameters of model are best-suited for the problem (hidden layers parameters/ activation


I am trying to create a program with python, I wrote code that allows one computer to connect another, I don't know how I can see the other computer desktop and control it's running programs ip = "


I am trying to build safari extension where I need to have login form in the popover. I am so stuck in it I do not have any idea on where should i start from. I have already developed chrome extension


Hi I want to show an image gallery on my site and then have a link that allows the user to download the whole image gallery All the image automatically convert to the zip file & displayed button


I'm really not that good at writing htaccess. It looks like gibberish for me. :-) So what we wan't to do, is to remove the .php extension to the URL. Here we have our script RewriteEngine On


is it possible to show text of encoded value in html dropdown as text? Actually, I want to show some icon (Font Awesome or Glyphicon) in html dropdown as text, but didn't find anything which works.


I want a page control on a collection view. For this, I have used UIPageControl which is provided by swift. I want the page control to look and feel exactly like what we have on Instagram. For

FLUS JS叠加条形图

Im trying to put stacked bar chart, it works fine if there is only bar chart. var dataset = [{ label: "orders", data: [[0,215],[1,13],[2,23],[3,48],[4,68],[5,22],[6,1],[7,3],[8,13],[9,

我的代码中的一个错误,我无法理解(13 BTW)

current = input (" Now subtract it by 1. Uh-Oh, My calculator is broken, please tell me what the difference is.") current = int(current) print (" OK, my calulator is up and running. We must multiply


I use gradle-node-plugin instead of frontend-maven-plugin. "yarn run-script build" task in maven is written such as following <execution> <id>yarn run-script build</id> <


I would like to plot sum of two sinusoidal in Python, like on attached screenshot. Could you please recommend how can i do it in matplotlib?


Using this list : Arrays.asList("firstName","lastName","email","phone.mobile","phone.home","password"); To create a JSON structure like this : { "firstName": "Joe", "lastName": "Mow"


I have setup a parametrized job to deploy on several environments. Now i want to restrict deployments to some environments based on the LDAP-groups of the current user. I am using Dynamic Choice


I am trying to load the pre-trained model used in the demo project of object recognition in DeepLens (SSD-Resnet50). However, the model is saved in the optimized format in S3 (binary + xml). I want


Im trying to nest an array inside some json data. Unfortunately for the first index, there is nothing for me to reference and i am getting undefined errors and sometimes no errors, just console.log


I have a table being created using jQuery using ajax input. I want one column in the table to allow update. The table is being created and populated; however, the "item.hmpOrder" column is not able to


Can you all teach me step by step on how to add a simple question and set its answer in the quiz app where users can type in the answer and automatically can check the correct answer for themselves,


I have issue: I want to delete cell in edit mode when click minus button (no need show delete button confirm).

Bootstrap 4(Bootswatch)模态缺陷

So I have a problem with the modal in Bootstrap 4. I'm using Bootswatch 4 (which is based on Bootstrap 4). The problem is that the mobile-navbar button is "jumping" and that there is a gap to the


I have a fixed canvas of 300*400. Any image put inside it is scaled to fit inside the canvas. Now i have a a AI api that sends coordinates based on original image size and hence when the rectangle is


I have the below macro that deletes 8 rows of data leaving 1 row Sub sbVBS_To_Delete_Rows_In_Range() Dim iCntr Dim rng, rng1, rng2, rng3 As Range Set rng = Range("A9:A16") Set rng1 = Range("A18:A25")


I have a pandas dataframe that looks as follows : X Y 71455 [334.0, 319.0, 298.0, 323.0] 71455 [3.0, 8.0, 13.0, 10.0] 57674 [54.0, 114.0, 124.0, 103.0] I want to


I have a script connecting to Oracle DB while doing the job. This connection required external libraries from third party like Oracle common driver. I found the way to add system viariables to the


public function afterSave($insert, $changedAttributes) { parent::afterSave($insert, $changedAttributes); // code for after save } From the code above, I'm understanding that the variable $


I made a fit to my data using scipy.optimize curvefit However I don't want to actually "fit" from 3.45 to 3.65. From 3.45 to 3.65, I want to make a straight line, like a baseline. How can you do


Data is changing in service and component but it's not getting reflected on view. Following are the solutions used which didn't solve the issue : Used lifecycle hook ngDoCheck Used angular zone and


I am using LiveData, DataBinding, and Kotlin in my application. I defined a Binding Adapter for a RecyclerView like this: class MainListBindings { private val TAG = "TasksListBindings"

微软Azure认知服务面临API - iOS在Advut人脸上快速出错

I am implementing Oxford on IOS after have done it on Android. In IOS with swift I am able to create a group, create a person but having issues to add faces. Error is below: 43EF-BA8A-08EA75F0E115&


i can from python3 code download only attach file email, but file in body does not download, how i can download file in body, Thanks. i use imap or pop3.


I have been trying to create a bootstrap drop down box with some additional buttons inside. I have the main functionality sorted but the aesthetics are not quite right. The issue I am having is that


I have a CSV file with data from multiple variables, and I would like to separate them. My file looks like this: VARIABLE: GRP1.SGRP1.100:VAR1 Timestamp (LOCAL_TIME),Value 2018-07-18 13:52:09.100,


I'm doing a website and I have a problem in the footer of the website on my end it's working fine but on my friends computer ( mac ) there is there is a problem Link : http://yb.websites-drafts.tk


i do not understand how phpstorm can be like this , by MISTAKE , i injected Angular language in my html codes at a PHP file , now i can not disable this , it does not allow me to remove the injected

当使用AdvFrand时,我得到了java. io.FieloToFunExtExpCE.

I got a confused problem.I want to upload a hdfs file to all spark workers.The code is as follow: import sys import os from pyspark.ml.feature import Word2Vec from pyspark import SparkConf,


My laptop configuration:- Dell vostro 3568 i3 6th generation it had 4Gb RAM, i upgraded that to 8Gb 1 Tb HDD, 15 inch display, pre-installed ubuntu.


My customers signup on my website through an AJAX call. It works well if they signup is successful, but not if there are errors in their form. (the client side just does nothing). FYI, I added the


I have a data like this. first column is the number of days from one starting point. second column is value generated after each number of days as given. example after 1 day i get 5$, after 2nd day i


I am currently testing the sklearn.multioutput.MultiOutputRegressor. Since there are N regressors per tree i, is is possible to extract each of the N predictions per tree i per observation? The


I would like to upload tiff files to my webserver. I have modified the plugin to accept these files. The problem is the thumbnail doesn't create. I don't sure that this plugin can make thumbnails to