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I fitted a logistic model using statsmodel as below: import statsmodels.api as sm logit = sm.Logit(train1['resp'], train1[v]) result = logit.fit() result.summary() ==================================


How can I download a file from db and not from a certain path? I'm uploading a file this way: [HttpPost, ActionName("CandidateCreate")] [ValidateAntiForgeryToken] public IActionResult


I am trying to setup a virtual address mapping with 2 levels of indirection for a Cortex-A v8 64bit in Baremetal. Page Table level 2 will contain Table descriptors and page Table level 3 will contains


I have converted a shapefile to a GEOjson file using d3-geo-projection and am loading the file into the browser. Also to check for errors I have uploaded the file to http://mapshaper.org/. It loads

如何在矩阵中删除第一个n个列/ 0个值?

Referring to this previous question: Remove all-zero rows in a 2D matrix import numpy as np data = np.array([[4, 1, 1, 2, 0, 4], [3, 4, 3, 1, 4, 4], [1, 4, 3, 1, 0,

IIS 8.5禁用虚拟应用重写规则

I have a site with multiple 'virtual applications' running on IIS 8.5. I want to run my main site e.x. www.example.com on HTTPs. The virtial applications should work ONLY on HTTP. e.x. www.example.com/


I'd like to format my Java methods this way: public void methodWithOneParameter(final String one) { } public void methodWithMultipleParameters( final String one, final String two) {


I have tried to integrate HTTP post request. I need to change the default value of the global variable into the response for the post request. getPermissions(permissions: PermissionParam):


I'm try (must) use getOne for get data form DB, and when entity not found, I can not check with obj == null. I want to check if entity found or not, can you help me in this case ? Thanks all!


I have nav tabs <super-tab *ngFor="let page of pages" [root]="page.pageName" [icon]="page.icon" [id]="page.id"></super-tab> .ts pages = [ { pageName: 'Cassava1Page', title:


I created a trivia app using react-native and the navigation relies heavily on react-navigation. I want to introduce to the player the option of continuing from where he left. ie: when reopening the


I am using windows authencation and asp.net impersation is enabled. I have deployed my application on server "ABC" everything works fine except file save.Files need to be saved on server: "XYZ".I am


Please help. When i convert my browser into french language from control panel->region, Its work for me but when i check in user browser who have french browser its not working for him. If user

ASP.NET MVC:大型PDF下载失败,但大ZIP下载成功

I have a code written to download large (around 160 MB) PDF file. I can download large PDF file in local environment without any issue but same failing in production environment. Also application has


I have two protocols: Pen and InstrumentForProfessional. I'd like to make any Pen to be an InstrumentForProfessional: protocol Pen { var title: String {get} var color: UIColor {get} } protocol


How to configure email notification for different network issues in Centreon(Trial-version)server?


I am trying to create a custom domain type to force constraints for multiple tables. Constraints work fine, but I would also like to add custom cast that will apply lowercase before actual cast and


I would like to validate a string format that should only contain only numbers with also following conditions both satisfied: If it is a integer number, the maximum number of digits is 5. For example,


I created a dropdown field in the checkout of woocommerce and gave every one a named key. my question is how to save the named key and show them in my backend. Till now i can't show the named key. $


I get an error (ORA-04091: table DBPROJEKT_AKTIENDEPOT.AKTIE is mutating, trigger/function may not see it) when executing my trigger: CREATE OR REPLACE TRIGGER Aktien_Bilanz_Berechnung AFTER INSERT


I build a server listen port. I use tensorflow estimator API build a neural network for predict. But each request will be reload checkpoint file on disk. I think it waste the time. Can i load


There are many crashes reported for WebKitLegacy on Crashlytics and I have been using webview in my application. There is no way to figure out why these crashes occur. I have set the delegate and


I'm getting error about Undefined Index on line 2 in this case: if ($_POST['go'] == 'create') { I know I can fix it with isset, but I don't know how to do it inside another if statement. Thank you

XAMARIN Android警告XA0106,无法删除这样的数百条警告

My target mono android version is 8.0 and i am building my app at API level 26 while building droid i am getting about 500 warnings related to nuget packages in Android and IOS is OK. something


I want to add custom input field where user will enter details of bank as required and on click of button all data have to save and display at woocommerce_created_customer detail page from where


I have problems wrapping my head around how to achieve the following Problem with Reactive programming: I want to call a Method getSearchResults(searchterm: string): Observable<Foo[]>. In this

Android Studio LogCAT不显示控制台。日志消息

I am very new to android studio. I have the source code of an android mobile app that is developed using Angular. I am trying to put some debug messages to understand the code by putting console.log


So I have two working .vbs scripts do two different things, one removes the read-only attribute in a file, and the other removes all files with ".v" extension. Both work when a folder is dropped on to


I'm trying to use consumerGroup instead of HighLevelConsumer in a typescript project, but I'm not able to configure consumerOptions for consumerGroup. I am getting the following error when I assign


I m currently working with d3.js. I want to differentiate the lines by giving different color in the chart. But i dont know how to do it even though i added color values for lines in their respective


I want to do AES256 Encryption in .net core 1.1. RijndaelManaged is not supporting with the .net core 1.1. So Im using here AES aes = new AES.create() This part of code create the random private key

IBM Watson基调分析仪

Trying to work the sample code to work. I am using Java 7. I get an error on this line service.setUsernameAndPassword("<username>", "<password>"); The notification is asking me to


I'm trying to remove .navbar-brand>img when the screen size has increased more than 768px using media queries but i'm not getting any luck. The styling that I have applied to the img is removed


i'm tring to do a login with spring security,but it not work, because it return to me this link: http://localhost:8080/login?error and report me on the main page: this is the code: An index in the


I'm trying to Log unique request id for each http request using MDC to my resource for debugging and trace a particular request. For same I've created one custom annotation @TagRequestID. Below is the


I am using the COM to work with Excel 2007. When I use the following code, it opens to the first sheet by default. Excel = Sys.OleObject("Excel.Application"); Delay (3000); // Wait until Excel


My favorite editor, geany, has an option "Disk check timeout", after this timeout it checks if someone else has overwritten the file that I'm editing. This is a simple tool to detect if two people

当应用程序从iOS 11上的XCODE断开时,不要重新插入BG SATE

When i detach my device from xcode. My app is not able to receive push notification in Device when its in BG state. And its only happening at specific devices like iPhone 6s and iPhone X over iPhone 6


I take query amazon api: SellerId=A3BPY54OD5IOLM MWSAuthToken=amzn.mws.74b1ed79-0823-e315-3dbd-b32f54708e6a AWSAccessKeyId=AKIAIKIVD3SQIKXBGQNQ SignatureVersion=2 SignatureMethod=HmacSHA256 Version=


I have to create two classes, let's call them A and B . public class A { double Number1; double Number2; A(double Number1, Number2){ this.Number1=Number1; this.Number2=


I have this command line to dispaly the YARN policy: http://myhost:6080/service/public/v2/api/service/Namecluster_yarn/policy/YARN%20_QueueName/ The result is: { "id": 131, "guid": "


I'm using Asus Tinker board and trying to use GPIO to control leds. I'm very limmeted in what I can install so I'm using shell commends to do this. like this: echo 223 > /sys/class/gpio/export


I have a column called Account Verification which return values either true or false. I formatted the value on table to Yes and No, but when filtering the column, I still have to search true or false


I set items in Carousel, and set Event actions_intent_OPTION in dialogflow. I want select items by handle touch, in simulator action on google use Language(Thailand) I try handle touch items not


I have already read other questions (1, 2, 3) about how to make git realize about a concrete move, but they don't answer my real doubt: is it possible to manually handle git move understandings while


In my code there exists a step during likelihood calculation where I need to evaluate exponent of -ve numbers and take the logarithm after adding such exponents. For e.g. > log(exp(-2500)) [1] -


I would like to implement In-App purchase of consumable products for an app I'm developing. I want to validate the receipt on the server side as indicated in the documentation: App start transaction


I need to populate the whole panel dynamically, based on the selection of combo box. How can I add an event listener these dynamically created text fields to collect the user input? Basically, I


I'm trying to setup a LinkColumn and I've seen in the examples that a the args parameter has usually the form args=[A('pk')]. I'm wondering what is the meaning of the A().


While making xpath to extract data out of the below given HTML nodes, I'm unable to extract the corresponding text from corresponding elements within a Div. <div class="Main"> <div class=