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How is it possible to store all of str2 which have size 5 in str1 which have only size 2? Am i hacking the system? #include <iostream> #include <cctype> #include <cstring> using

Continuation of the previous question So there is extended conftest.py with added parametrization of test: import pytest import os from selenium import webdriver from pages.signin_page import

I Want a script that renames a file on my computer to something random every second, I have the code to rename it here import os os.rename('Original-File-Name', 'New-File-Name') Here's the

Whenever I try to load an ad using admob, I get the following error W/Ads (23418): There was a problem getting an ad response.ErrorCode: 0 W/Ads (23418): Failed to load ad: 0 W/flutter (

I am on .net framework environment and i need to know which one is more good, using script tag and use all my packages in head from npm, or starting another create-react-app site from strach? how to

can you tell me the way to change ripple effect color in flutter . I don't mind about the kind of widget I can use whatever you suggest , it doesn't bother me .

I have a Client datatype (representing a customer) which has a principal of type Person and a contact of type Contact (for contact details). The Client datatype (with the mappings) is: @Entity

I'm trying to write a simple little reminder Bash script which will sleep for some number of seconds and then pop up a Zenity window with the reminder message. The 2 input parameters to the Bash

I am trying to write a test to test if an error has thrown exports.handler = async data => { try { throw new Error("Invalid Data") }; } catch (err) { throw err; } }; I wrote a

I have a very simple request: I'd like to "stack" or vertically combine tables using SQL that share some column names, but not all column names. If I were to attack this problem in R, Hadley Wickham'

I made the first process of installation of vue-native, and I'm following the "Getting Started" Hello world tutorial (https://vue-native.io/getting-started.html), but the App.vue is never executed,

What is the recommended way to programmatically turn on (and off) AirPlay audio playback on an AVPlayer object on macOS Mojave? I assume I need to set the right device id using

I've created an app using tasker that changes the GPS off and on based on a few conditions. I have the adb platform-tools as following the guide from https://tasker.joaoapps.com/userguide/en/help/

I am trying to get prepared statements to work, but I get the same error. It says I am trying to use a Boolean where a mysql_stmt is required. if ($_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD']=='POST') { { require(

I've mostly finished off a project that calculates the area of a triangle and circle. However, I'm having a hard time writing a code that will catch this bug. For example, you say whether you want to

I have a csv file like this: DATE , Name , Description 2012181605 , Meeting , Business Meeting with John 1911181200 , Eating , Eating with my wife Date is stored as a number: In this example the

To implement unit testing for one of my programs, I've added a makefile rule to build the program as a static library when "make check" is run. I wrap main() with #ifndef TEST_LIB and #endif (TEST_LIB

I have a set of half a million items stored in the database and need the following operations: union(x, y) just like in Union-Find findAll(x) finding all y such that find(x) == find(y) ununion(x, y)

Is it possible to resize by pulling the matrix on the 4 side of the view? I can resize from a single point to a ratio like this. The example above works as follows: protected boolean onTouchDown(@

If we have three integers a>0, b, ab>=0 such that a*b=ab, then if ab=0 then b=0, if ab>0 then ab>0. What is the good way to implement this statement as a proof function in ATS? I guess the proof

I am familiarizing with the architecture and practices to package, build and deploy software or unless, small pieces of software. If suddenly I am mixing concepts with specific tools (sometimes is

I am trying to format .HTMLbody in email in a way that would allow me to put Image containing chart next to table with the data based on which the chart was created. To convert the range with data

I am planning to make a game of flappy birds which will accept values (up, down) from a textfield instead of a mouse click. Can i make such animations of my bird moving without a canvas? I am trying

I have some issues while trying to translate in django (on the front end) So I have a Contact model that has a bunch of messages. Each message has a "contact_date" field which I convert using

So, i have got 2 files each have some sentences, i should merge the two files without writing the common text twice in linear time S1+S2 where S1 is the number of sentences in the first file and S2

I have a Matlab listbox on which some strings are very long. I do not want to make listbox too wide just only because of these few long strings. Is there anyway to display trailing edge of these long

I have an assignment to do for my boring online class and I couldn't come out with an idea to do this thing. I'm told to calculate the ratio of four columns with this formula ratio = weight/

I'm a newbie to Computer Architecture and I'm learning floating point number. So I have learnt about converting a number fraction in decimal to binary like 1.375 . But I don't know hot to represent

My task is a to create a media player (music) in Visual Studio. As I was completely unfamiliar with Visual Studio (I had only ever used python beforehand), I was not very smart when it came to pretty

If suppose consider I have start date and stop date, years between the start and stop date is 3.98 I want to divide them in to four years First year should have 12 months second year should have 12

i'm new to docker ,i've developed an app using flask and it's working fine.when i tried deploying the app on docker the console says that it's Running on ,but when i try to log

I was trying to comprehend the behaviour of Javascript and recursive programming. Npw, I am sort of beginner so I need to understand why do I get already have been declared error and when I don't

I try to update the content of a firestore collection but I have an error message "zone.js:665 Unhandled Promise rejection: PERMISSION_DENIED: Permission denied ; Zone: ; Task: WebSocket.

This is sort of a continuation of gnome - Gnome3 AppIndicator Vala app cannot show submenu (it auto-closes immediately)? - Ask Ubuntu. There I've realized, that if a submenu code runs in an activate.

code The first console is shown to me, the last one does not. Any idea why? async loginTwilio(name) { console.log("loginTwilio", name, "me escuchas"); let log = new Log();

I have data from schema "notification" in mongose like this : { "_id" : ObjectId("5c141ef2a7c50a773661772d"), "title" : "MY POny", "message" : "message POny", "token" : "dHvoi4DQAMw:

To get straight to problem, I have following data. A = [170,170,150] b = 160 C = [2,2] xb = [b/(k-1) for k in C] print(xb) Output: [160.0, 160.0] Now change C list: A = [170,170,150] b = 160 C = [

I am trying to save an array containing 10000 images, thus I am using OpenCv to load the images. The size of the images is 1280 x 720 pixels, the average size of the images is 30kB. The problem is

I'd like to make a bootstrap sticky sidebar when scrolling top/down, but that follow the main content to the right on wide screen. I want this sidebar to collapse to the top on mobile screen, with a

I've read about "copy" one-liner here. It's seems ok to download jar, and from central Maven repo. Like this mvn org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-dependency-plugin:RELEASE:copy \ -Dartifact=junit:junit:

I'm using Windows 10 and recently installed Windows Subsystem for Linux. Anaconda was already installed on my PC at that point. When I try to run conda commands on Bash on Ubuntu on Windows I get the

Newb to PostgreSQL coming from MySQL, am trying to link two different schemas to no avail. Is the following even possible because it only results in an error? SELECT uni.schema1.sessions.uuid,

I was trying to setup quota for my ftp users on fresh Ubuntu 16.04. I was using this flow But at the end came to flowing error, after running "quotaon /" i got error quotaon: using //aquota.user

Why code below does not throw URISyntaxException in runtime as an illegal URI? new URI("http:us//er:ps//w@si//te.c/om/dir1/di//r2/fi//le.txt#frag//ment"); According to wikipedia "/" is a reserved (

Let's say I have html file with divs like that: <div class="message" title="user1> <span> Hey </span> </div> <div class="message" title="user1> <span> It's me </

In my app I have 5 fragments. In order to switch between them i use bottom navigation bar. Also, i need to open activities from my fragments, but when I open new activity it opens in each of the

Im appending a set of card with a value from the JSON. The cards are being created. but i have different JSONs for each of the cards. the card JSON has in more information. so i want to load the JSON

Supposing I have a field in my model that stores raw JSON (so containing double quotes, null, false etc.): class Activity(models.Model): textjson = models.TextField(default="Unassigned") how do

for (i = 1; i < this.people.length; i++) { peoplePicks[i] = this.people[i].chooseAction(peopleChoices[i]); } I have this for loop within my JavaScript program. It runs for ever, even

I Need To detect when user reaches the bottom of scrollable div and trigger a function using react / mobx