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Is it possible to define methods which receives arguments, as elements of an array? def array_of_methods [ method(:name_1(true)), method(:name_1(false), method(:name_2(2)


How to paint Jfreechart axis line both sides top and bottom to the X axis.Please look at the sample image mentioned here. [1]: https://i.stack.imgur.com/waHIo.png


the following query should return the results that their value contains: "iffg" or "Info". however it doesn't work. what's wrong with it? { "$or" : [{ "value" : { "$regex" : ".*iffg.*", "$options" :


I am still a bit confused on RDFs and Ontologies after reading multiple tutorials. I am currently doing a project where I am extracting Name Entities from a number of documents and saving them in a

Android WebVIEW变背景

I got two WebViews in Android. One is bound to a layout to display the content to the user (WebView1). The other one is instanciated as an object in order to take a screenshot and do some content


I have a react native application using react navigation. I have following structure in my application. class MainContainer extends Component { render() { return ( <View style={{ flex: 1


I am trying to get a custom field assigned to taxonomy. I have tried this: $vid = 'zeme'; $terms =\Drupal::entityTypeManager()->getStorage('taxonomy_term')->loadTree($vid); $terms is now


I've created a function which returns an action object declare function createAction<T, D>(type: T, payload: D): { type: T } & D; function createAction(type, payload = {}) { return {


Hi am currently working on a block of VBA code that can detect any diffrances made in the list and them export them but using dictionary’s doesn’t work. I am therefore wondering if I could turn on


Currently we have an awx running on a VM using containers: CONTAINER ID IMAGE COMMAND CREATED STATUS PORTS


I have a matrix with many zero elements. The column names are labeled on the horizontal axis. I'd like to show explictly the nonzero elements as the bias from the vertical line for each column. So


Forgive me for my lack of coding knowledge as well as ability to ask the right question. I'm rather new to this ASP.Net Web Application thing (Core), yet I still wondered.. In my current application,


I wanted to rewrite the create_model function into Keras Functional API. Running it on TPU though when I translate it gives me an error about using a Placeholder in create_method function. In the


public void draw(Canvas canvas) { Log.d(TAG, "on draw text graphic"); if (element == null) { throw new IllegalStateException("Attempting to draw a null text."); } // Draws the


I'm trying to project some content into a list, i.e. add a wrapper around each projected item. In a custom component, I have this markup: <my-component> <a class="link">Link1</a&


I want to get a better extract with smartFix for a TopDown field by correlate the field with some patterns around. For example: The Customer TopDown field is often marked by a word "Customer, billing


I have a vue app that re-orders and filters a list of components. <div id="my-app"> <div v-for="item in listItems"> <my-item v-bind:item="item"></my-item> </


I am using Rstudio and would like the help pages to open in the browser. I prefer it to Rstudio's help window (can search, zoom etc). If I type options(browser = "C:/Program Files (x86)/Google/


I have made a notes taking application which allows to perform basic notes actions(CRUD). Problem is that whenever a user deletes/creates or updates a note from a second activity, no change is


JAVA 8 JKS files Application Server Weblogic When I try to read my JKS file from java code, it says File now found exception. Because when i checked the deployment package, I found that my jks files


I have used cursor to loop through my values and Every time i am sending a mail but if no result found then it was sending an empty mail,How can i avoid that?


I've been thinking a while on how to add an active class on my sidebar menu by using jquery which will be filtered by url. This is how I currently add the active class when the page is active : <?


I'm currently using webpack for my typescript project, I googled around and found rollup which is supposed to be a better choice for library. I setup rollup and generated the library boundle, when


Am working on a Laravel project and have successfully implemented a search functionality to search users from a database using twitter typeahead with jquery but am stuck. I want upon click of any


I am trying to get the basically the active class applied to the current page. As it goes, the builder plugin is setting the URL through: <a href="{{ detailsPage|page({ (detailsUrlParameter):

ASP.NET MVC5应用程序内存泄漏

I have an ASP.NET MVC5 web application that is consuming excessive amounts of memory on our production server (excessive in that it increases over time and doesn't seem to stop until we recycle the


When i click on Reset Password and fill the email and submit it.. then I am getting email for reset but URL is localhost my project is on production server. In my config\app.php: 'url' => env('


I get a symbol error when trying to import a python extension module for a c++ class. It's my first attempt to write python extension modules so please be patient :-) In order I have a rather

I am working with spring and my entity is myEntity.java @Entity public class Ecran { @OneToMany(fetch=FetchType.EAGER, cascade = { CascadeType.ALL } , mappedBy="ecran") public Set<Fields>


I have a 220GB SQL file. I have to import this into the 355GB Ubuntu MySQL server. There is not enough capacity to import directly from the MySQL server. So I tried to do a remote import from the


I want to lock the button and display a message if the passwords do not match. But instead, after entering at least one character in any of the password fields, both input fields are blocked at the


I assume the same logic from this question also applies to the following code snippet? Which would mean that the enumerator will never be a snapshot in time and thus an additional synchronization


I have an array in mongodb in which i would like to remove a nested array based upon the id's i have Below is my array structure { "_id" : ObjectId("5b17b991c440782b5a218cd1"),


I am new in boost. In boost docs here you read this: Data may be read from or written to an unconnected UDP socket using the receive_from(), async_receive_from(), send_to() or async_send_to()


I try to create a list of days between two days. I created solution like this: this.daysBetween = []; while (dateFrom.getDate() !== dateTo.getDate()+1 ) { this.daysBetween.push(this.dateFrom);


I would like to select the ids of two list objects contained within another object, i.e. public class Parent { public ListObject ListObject1; public ListObject ListObject2; } public class


I am building a java / spring microservices where each service has it own database . Let's say i have a user service that stores user information in one of the table and a orders service that stores


I'm rendering a barrel object in Android with GLES20. The barrel is not rendered correctly and it's not clear to me where the problem is (texture? model? culling? depth?): I've tried debugging with


How do i display a table and an chart side by side in a mvc view. The chart is in a partial view. I am able to render the partial view inside my main view. My main view contains the chart. Now how can


i have the following json: { "question": "what's your middle_name2?", "inputType": "text", "questionId": 2, "answer": "" }, { "question": "what's your last_name3?", "inputType"


The code in this repo shows how to create as flask web endpoint to predict probability of surviving the titanic disaster. The trained model is serielized as pickle file using joblib which takes as


I upgrade to Visual Studio 2017 15.8.1 and am having issues creating an Azure function project. The project I am trying to create is through the template wizard, just a new V1 empty function project.


I currently use OpenCart for an online store. My Supplier has an FTP feed with all the stock, product info and images. The FTP site contains a CSV and XML file. Is there a way to pull the feed, say


I am trying to get some sample from a given distribution, in fact, it is a 3-parameter Pareto distribution. Here are the codes: from scipy.stats import gamma, rv_continuous class pareto3_pdf(


I created my own WP Theme with following folders and files style.css is placed in css folder, with comment at the beginning of the file /* * Theme Name: Test * Description: Test theme * Author:


when I backup Rundeck projects, I have moved jobs into new Rundeck successfully and copied the /var/logs/rundeck folder into right place of new rundeck server. But I cannot read execution logs on web.


string SetTeacherId() { char digit = 'T'; string id = ""; var count = db.Teachers.Count(); if (count > 0) { var str = db.Teachers.


We've created an iOS app that implements a CBCentralManager to connect to a device that we've created, that transmits data at 10Hz. It's vitally important that this data comes through and displays


I am working on a WordPress website and I have got a YouTube video where the full-screen isn't working. On the iframe allowfulscreen='true' is set and when you click on the full-screen icon it does

使用Python Tkter 2.7在选定路径中创建目录

I would like to create a class in Tkinter Python 2.7 that creates a new directory using the name introduced by the user in a field after the directory location was chosen from filedialog. As an