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I want to make a persistent instance in django. When django is executed, a class I made will be instantiated and can be used on other classes. Could you let me know how to do that? class A: def

I want to know that is there any limit of generating access tokens when working with Microsoft Graph API. Regards, Amit.

i am new to ionic 3.I am not able to use form validation on ion-select in ionic 3. html <ion-item class="side-heading-background delivery-date-header" no-lines> <ion-label color="

I have input string as below a=rtpmap:121 AMR-WB/16000/1 \na=fmtp:121 octet-align=1;mode-set=1\na=rtpmap:101 telephone-event/8000 \na=fmtp:101 0-15 I have to create 4 dictionaries, with two rtpmap

I want to send GPS location and battery status every 20 seconds to my webserver having MySQL Database.Can I use Sync Adapter instead of Alarm to send the data to webserver in Android ?

So I want to have a block of text centered next to an image, and I tried to use margin auto 0px; but it nothing. I also don't understand why the text starts at the bottom of the container instead of

I want to loop through times, but times is undefined when debugging. router.post('/something', function (req, res) { var times = req.body.times; for (i = 0; i < times.length; i++) {

FAILURE: Build failed with an exception. What went wrong: Execution failed for task ':module:kaptKotlin'. Could not find tools.jar in system classpath, which is required for kapt to work

I am new to R and working with some wide data that looks like: Indicator<-c("C","I","G","NX","GDP") Y2015<-c(20,20,20,40,100) Y2016<-c(40,40,40,80,200) Y2017<-c(60,60,60,120,300) Y2018<

I am generating 3D gaussian point clouds. I'm using the scipy.stats.multivariate.normal() function, which takes a mean value and a covariance matrix as arguments. It can then provide random samples

I want to disable Chrome autocomplete feature in my Angular app, after searching lots I found one solution that set autocomplete=“new-password”. It still works well until I got one input field with id

I am using the CoordinatorLayout with AppBarLayout. Below AppBarLayout, I have a RecyclerView with a list of content. In AppbarLayout I have custom View as Toolbar. And below that view, I have another

I am currently using Appium in CodeceptJS to automate tests in Android. Does anyone know how to invoke the recording of the phone/emulator screen while the test is running and stops after, well, the

In the dataframe below: va 0 35 1 12 2 24 3 25 4 26 5 19 6 14 7 22 8 35 9 35 10 29 11 13 12 20 13 10 14 10 15 23 16 11 17 30 18 26 19 32 20 11 I would like to keep

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.Error: Unresolved compilation problem: The nested type ViewStack cannot hide an enclosing type at ViewStack.<init>(ViewStack.java:5) at GraphicalStack.

I am parsing mp3 using third party. As an example, the actual duration is 3600 sec while it is displaying 3631 sec.

I created a application for get Instagram tags images as a output. I can load the images. But I need to get images within same size. Anyone help me to solve this? Here is the code <?php

I am having trouble understanding inheritance and implementing it in classes. I am trying to create a program with the Car class as the base. What's the best way to do this with the following data (

I am trying to some scraping with php DOMparser but couldn't manage the get nodeValue of the dl's dt and dd tag. Just getting two of those. But why not whole just two I couldn't figure it out eater.

I tried to filter the products using pipe (if no filter choosing from the list I will show all the products) But I'm getting error. why? <h2>store</h2> <select [(ngModel)]="

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I am trying to submit a form using button click result_submit event. Here I am using type as button instead of submit. Reason for changing button type from submit to button: I was trying to show

I want to test if a library function is not called when token value is null. To do this I must change mock value of GOOGLE_ANALYTICS_TRACKING_ID between unit tests. It is stored in 'config.js' which

I have a Trial model, which creates treatment_selection and repetition on create. With repetition I'm looking to save the trial_id and treatment_selection_id which i'm trying to do via a :through

Line chart point overrides/distorts when legend is false As per the attached snapshot points in the line chart are not completely visible and are distorted from top and bottom. In case of right

I build two websites which use the same images. The plan would be storing the image only once like domain1.com/images/img1.jpg and when the second site loads the image from domain2.com/images/img1.jpg

Trying to call api to fetch some data once the user sign-in and store in indexed db. But the worker code gets called before sign-in happens i.e., once the application starts it finishes its work. app-

My data structure is like this and what I want to do is to get value from different node. root |__data__people___name1: | |_name2: | |_name3: |

I want to set PopupWindow same as screen. Need to set PopupWindow arrow and message more button to opposite same direction. Button Image

I have a collection like the one below, with the collection, and I want to group it with an id that the item has no parentId. Can help me? let item=[ {id:'001', name:'A', qty:10,},

https://github.com/mgwidmann/scrivener_html I am using scrivener paginate in elixir project. I am showing list organisations in index with search query http://localhost:4000/organizations?_utf8=%E2%

I have the following Data: CREATE TABLE TimeLog ( [User] NVARCHAR(6), [Event] NVARCHAR(3), [Time] DATETIME ); INSERT INTO TimeLog VALUES (N'Mark', N'IN', '2015-04-15 00:31:00'),

Could you help me to understand and fix the reason why my urlHelper.Link method return null? I give you my API [Route("api/Document", Name = "CreateDocument")] public IHttpActionResult Post(

I rummaged through SO and learned a lot regarding default constructors, copy constructors, objects assignment, smart pointers, shallow/deep copy and their relationships with dynamic memory allocation (

I am using side-nav component in my project,Here i am facing an issue: Here i am unable to close the side-nav on clicking router link: I have given router link like this: <mat-list-

I have web application running inside a docker container on a digitalocean droplet. I've successfully generated the .crt files using sslforfree.com But I'm confused where am I suppose to put the

I want to craete a custom widget area and store it's content in footer. I'm doing this as a part of the plugin I'm creating. So, in the main plugin file, I tried with: if ( function_exists('

i'm creating a hashtag style system for one of my projects.So, i broke down all the data from DB with explode and am trying to match it with the string output from a loop. The output from the loop has

Requirement is if user selects "Contact me now" and send form. The mail recepient should receive the mail with subject: "your-name has requested to contact now" and if user selects schedule a demo

I have a python program which writes multiple data into a CSV file, Let's say I have 3 data which will sit in 3 column. I want to name each column with a unique header to know what data needs to be

I'm using wavesurfer.js in one of my projects. I tried loading a long audio (28 minutes) but it seems that the wave is not filling up the whole width of the container: If the audio length is not too

I am using Google OAuth2 to authorize my web application to use the Google Analytics API. I have used the following dependencies to achive this. <dependency> <groupId>com.

My program is designed to figure out the area of a rectangle through the user's inputs. My code is prompting the user's input twice for both length and width with the second time being the value that

I am very new in react Native world. I want to shift focus from the first input box to second input box. Please find my below code. <View style={styles.inputViewStyle}> <

https://stackblitz.com/edit/angular-gitter-xx2rhq?file=app%2Fapp.component.html hey we have developed a very big application using angular. In this, Particularly at one place the input tag is very

Asking some ideas, confuse where to start.

I thought I'd pick up Rust, so I installed it alongside Corrosion for Eclipse. Corrosion's description reads: Corrosion provides a rich and smart Rust editor with: - Syntax highlighting (using

So this is a coding question from school I have, I don't want to say "hey guys do my homework for me!", I actually want to understand what's going on here. We just started on arrays and they kind of

I know that on Apache I can define a virtual host with environment variables in the following way: <VirtualHost *:80> ServerName Symfony2 DocumentRoot "/path/to/symfony_2_app/

"SELECT * from room r join room_features f1 on r.room_id = f1.room_id and f1.feature_id='$feature_id' where hotel_id='$hotel_id' and max_occupancy >= $occupancy and r.status =1 and r.room_id NOT IN (