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I have a method which transforms dataset from dataframe. Method looks like: def dataFrameToDataSet[T](sourceName: String, df: DataFrame) (implicit spark: SparkSession): Dataset[T] = { import

Hi stackoverflow members I need help with this issue. I want to automark just success paid orders to "Completed" status. I have serached a lot on Stack and Google, and found this as possible asnwer

Ideally, I want to animate a character talking in Swift 3 or Swift 4 IOS. The idea is to map a voice overlay to a character for example a talking head if to pass it a voice recording saying "Hello,

I was reading an article about OAuth 2.0 with jwt tokens. Interesting part is when author describes client_secret, he says: In a non-trivial implementation client ids and passwords will be securely

I need to make an application that sends and receives data from an arduino leonardo. I tried some examples of serial connection between C # and Arduino and in all cases I had the same problem, the

Is there is any shortcut to wrap in braces or quotes selected text/word in vscodevim plugin? Thanks in advance!

first I want to say that using references to Value in this example is a must. So,I have a tree (for simplicity, this is tree with nodes that can only have one child, this code is not my original

"Exception in thread "main" java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: Index: 62, Size: 62" I cant fix this annoying error. I use indexes = size of List but have this exeption import java.io.File fun main(

I am trying to use google form to get people email then send text which is stored from a spreadsheet. I did follow some instructions but failed to achieve my goal. Here is my code: var message;

I have extended user model in my project and need to update its field (last online) whenever user has authenticated. I use DRF and IsAuthenticated in permission classes, what is the best way to

I'm trying to use a js carousel (siema) in a next.js app, but can't get it to work. I get errors no matter what I try. I have a slideshow component called HomeSlideShow.js: import Head from "next/

Hello guys i have to dipslay post and comment for each post , but i can t display comments. I already display posts in html , but i have no luck with comments for each post .. JS var root = 'https:

I have a Facebook like button on my page's bottom. And I would like to reposition it when the user did some action. However, I used a simple $('.fb-like').insertAfter('.main'); It would work but

I want to create a web application where i want to display all share data of NSE and BSE. So is there any good, reliable and efficient way to fetch data using PHP and keep them updated in 2-3 secs

I've created a blog where markdown is returned as a string from my backend, however when I return a string with the correct newline characters it does not behave as expected. I am using ngx-markdown

I am trying to create a project that is similar to the one found here: Easy Arduino Menus for Rotary Encoders However, I am using an ESP32, and not an Arduino board. To get to that far I need to

I'm using axios to call api. I have a seperate class for it like below: export default class api { static instance = null; static getInstance() { if(api.instance == null) { api.

I have local Jfrog Artifactory Pro. I use "http://localhost:8081/artifactory/webapp/#/home" to go to my Artifactory. I created Local Docker Registry: I configured a Direct reverse proxy, From Rest

This PPO implementation has a bug somewhere and I can't figure out what's wrong. The network returns a normal distribution and a value estimate from the critic. The last layer of the actor provides

I have a program that I built in OpenCL, in which each kernel accesses a read-only buffer located in global memory. At some point each kernel needs to copy some data from global memory into a

i'm trying to wrap elements except one in a popup..everything i do doens't work. for example, in this div (figure or .leaflet-popup-content div) i want to wrap all text, title image, in fact

Each set of fn[] and ln[] <input> row must independently update its own <p> element. This is the jsfiddle link to show the issue as they are not independently mapping.

I have very obscure use case but in essence I need to know if another thread does SynchronousQueue poll and it it does I want to insert item and unblock it. Is there any straightforward way to do

I would like to keep such 2-3 word phrases (i.e.features) within my dfm that have a PMI value greater than 3x the number of words in the phrase*. PMI is hereby defined as: pmi(phrase) = log(p(phrase)/

I tried to install opencv-3.4.0 according to the tutorials https://github.com/TadasBaltrusaitis/OpenFace/wiki/Unix-Installation, but when I finished cmake,then try make -j8, it failed at 30%. Does

I am trying to debug gruntfile.js in VS Code. My launch.json looks like this: { "name: Grunt", "type": "node", "request": "launch", "program": "/usr/local/bin/grunt", "args": ["

first of all I'm not good at PHP development. However, for my issue I hope anyone can help me. I try to load data from an API with XML response and save the information to a MySQL database. I have

If any body faced this problem earlier let me know ,any leads will be appreciated exception in running scriptAn error occurred while calling o40.load. : java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.apache.

I have some code that appears to work, in that it prints what I expect but it seems like there is at least one to many foreach statements. I did initially have the same data in JSON but to make it

I'm having a problem with my surface view, the bug looks like my thread has created two layers of the player, however in the code I'm drawing only once. when I put in to update the frames, it only

lets say at the memory address, 0x7fffffffeb58 of a program lies a value, I want to find out what is the value of the address. Is there a way to get the value just by using commands such as dd?

I'm currently trying to setup a gitlab ci pipeline. I've chosen to go with the Docker-in-Docker setup. I got my ci pipeline to build and push the docker image to the registry of gitlab but I cannot

Does anybody know how to show a specific form from GAMBAS3 in the second monitor? The main frm should open on primaryscreen and the second one on the second screen. i cannot find any solution.

I am working on WinForms application unsing EF 6.3 and framework 4.5.1. The application is compiled as X86 and running on different Win10 x64 machines. I the application thows XmlException

I am trying to setup an external cmake project which clones a git repository and builds its contents using make. cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 3.13) project(rplidar NONE) include(ExternalProject)

I have a component in a reactive form, how do I add a validator function to it in the form builder? DropdownItem objects for itemList: const items: Array<DropdownItem> = [ {name: 'a', cost:

I am trying to send a post request though an api. The call requires: content-type: multipart/form-data; boundary=[boundary_number] I have used Charles HTTP proxy to watch see what headers/content I

I am trying to deploy the DemoSite (ROOT.war) on tomcat 8.5. I followed the steps in the website and this guide. With these steps I can successfully deploy admin.war with no problems at all and

I have the following entities: @Table(name = "parent") public class Parent { @Id private Integer id; @OneToMany(mappedBy = "childs", cascade = {CascadeType.REMOVE}, orphanRemoval = true,

Im making my first react ptoject. Im new in JS, HTML, CSS and even web app programing. What i try to do, is to display some infomration on button click. I have an API, that looks like this:

In our application for in our dao we inject entitymanager using @Persistence context. like below: @Repository public class GroupDaoJpa implements GroupDao { @PersistenceContext private

Did somebody experience and solved such a problem? We use adb shell screencap command to catch screenshots on Android device: //catch and download screenshot adb shell "screencap -p /sdcard/screen.

I have such a list: for i in [100, 1000, 10000]: print(i) How could I reproduce it with range for i in range(100, 10000, 100) print(i) the above code does not work as expected.

My JSON_Respon from googlemap API give body = { "geocoded_waypoints" : [{ },{ }], "routes" : [{ "bounds" : { }, "copyrights" : "Map data ©2018 Google", "

I'm trying to compare the performance of two machines that I have. I have in both of the machines a database that was installed with the same settings. Both of the machines have the same amount of cpu(

I am getting DOMException: "The operation is insecure." error in the console from my website (using Vue). It only happens when it's hosted on github pages but it it doesn't error when it's being run

I have plotted two different plots in separate figures. Here is the relevant part of code: f1=plt.figure() f2=plt.figure() ax1=f1.add_subplot(111) ax1.matshow(conf_mat,cmap=plt.cm.gray) ax1.

I need Help in java Code. I need to get the HTML source of website, but I need to wait for it to finish loading. Example https://www.instagram.com/accounts/login/?source=auth_switcher . I need to

(XCode 10, mac os 10.13.6) I cloned a project and tried to run but XCode is giving this error : /Users/cac/Desktop/temp/contact_test/contact_test/ViewController.swift:10:8: Could not build

I would like to aggregate a Pandas DataFrame in order to count the number of children (variable child_name) for each father (variable father_name). The dataframe looks like this (it is a toy example