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I'm testing this basic example from the SpaCy docs and getting some strange results. import spacy nlp = spacy.load('en_core_web_md') tokens = nlp(u'dog cat banana') for token1 in tokens: for

So here is the program counting the appearance of the most occurring word in a text document. However it's super slow because of the get(i) method I suppose. Any ideas how to make it faster? I know

When I create a new view controller, add a segue from the main screen to the new view controller. It seems that a default segue back to main screen is automatically created: When tap the upper part of

I'm reading the book, Web Scraping with Python which has the following function to retrieve external links found on a page: #Retrieves a list of all external links found on a page def

Running an url through a Cordova Inappbrowser based app on Fire TV that basically runs a few 30s videos in an infinite loop. Basically no content is being cached and the app seems to be using up

I'm new to flutter and I'm trying to make a button disabled as long as some text fields are empty, so i made 3 textcontrollers to act as a controller for the 3 text fields and i made a function to

I want to present a custom pop up view when the user taps on a specific tab bar icon and not the connected view controller. Can I do it by hiding the view controller and create a new view.? Or can I

This is my UIcollectionView without any dropdown. I want to implement this with a dropdown.

from sklearn.prepocessing import MinMaxScaler I have installed the scikit-learn library, but I have this output in anaconda ImportError: No module named 'sklearn.prepocessing' How can I fix it?

#include <iostream> class trial { public:

I have created a virtual environment by using the command < py -m pip install virtualenvwrapper-win> . How I install django using pip3 ?

i am using flat list and have custom search json data and fetched this json url's of searched websites in my flat list but when i click on flat list it does not open that website on web. Anybody can

My code looks like this: <div class="container-fluid"> <div class="row"> <nav></nav> <!-- sidebar --> <main role="main"> <!--

I'm here to ask you people if you know an existing image viewer gallery in js, with a layout in tumblr style, like this one for exemple : https://www.tumblr.com/theme/39963 the idea is to have

events { worker_connections 1024; } http{ server{ listen 80; server_name www.nodeapp.com; location / { proxy_pass; } } }

train_generator = gen.flow_from_directory('train2', image_size, shuffle=False, batch_size=64) train = model.predict_generator(train_generator, steps=25000 ) using keras==2.2.2. my data is in 'train2'

I have a problem to limit my graphql endpoint to only serve data the requesting user is allowed to request I'm using apollo-server 2.1.0 express 4.16.3 graphql 0.13.2 graphql-tools 4.0.0 neo4j-

I have a search form that works well with a post method, however the problem is that the pagination links don't work. Except the first page, all other pages give blank pages. I have read somewhere

i am try to load image from firebase into CircleImageView by using Picasso that is part of code getUserDataRef.addValueEventListener(new ValueEventListener() { @Override

I've got created service file: /usr/local/etc/rc.d/traefik: #!/bin/sh # . /etc/rc.subr name=traefik rcvar=traefik_enable command="/usr/local/sbin/traefik"

server.py while True: if buffer_len >= 100: connection.sendall("something") else: buffer_read = connection.recv(10) buffer_len = buffer_len +

# How to use Pretrained models with PyTorch # Simple Classifier using resnet50 # code by GunhoChoi import torch import torch.nn as nn import torch.optim as optim import torch.utils.data as data

We are getting the below error. Pls help on what causing the issue and how to resolve it. Thanks in advance. servlet error javax.servlet.jsp.JspException: ServletException in '/WEB-INF/jsp/search.

I'm using the library CodableFirebase to decode and encode data when working with Google's Firestore. It works great, except if a value is not defined in the database but is a property of the class. I

Good day to all. I want to write a store to sell accounts on Woocommerce. In the functional from the box, you can sell digital goods on a file, create an item and attach a lot of files to it for

I'm pretty new with ExtUtils::MakeMaker and I don't figure out how to handle my use case. I want make use of ExtUtils::MakeMaker to deploy my software library. Right now, my Makefile.PL is as follows:

I am working on a java program where I need to perform tests in my main method against a gradeItem class. In my main method I have an array that is being used to create a new object (gradeItem2): //

I have just begun to work with Hibernate and JavaFX. In my test application, a user can enter a Person's contact details (name, address, street, zip, city) and save them to the database. A TableView

I have StandrdTiles with JSON (example below). My problem is connected with JSON file structure and path to tile collection (is defined in XML view). I'm try to have funcionality like: If you cilck on

I want to make some kind of binary tree, but it's not about math. I just want to make moving dot that leaves a taii of it's track and then it transforms to two dots(another one appears at same

iOS 11.x Swift 4.0 xCode 10 Trying to create a custom zone in code. But neither of these [boilerplate] pieces work for me. Waisted 2 hours on this so far! losing my marbles. public func saveZone(

Has anyone ever come across the following error: "The Microsoft Security Compliance Manager setup wizard failed while installing SQL Server Express Edition Unknown Error 0x375de77d" Please Note /

I am using the CRTP pattern to implement the equality operator in a class hierarchy. This code works, but I need to always check the equality of the members of the BaseClass in the equality operator

I am using enzyme to test my component, the state of which looks like following: test: { data: [{}, {}, {}]; } If I use shallow rendering I can perfectly access the state of it with

I don't understand what's the difference between releasing Google Play Game and Application I can upload an apk or push my beta or alpha build to Release in my application, but there's also an

Fellow programmers, I'm developing a new app with Firebase and Flutter and I have finished in an issue when I'm retrieving some data from my realtime database that looks like this: My main issue is

Is it possible to group them by 'country' using array.reduce method? Any advice appreciated. const table = { 0: { firstName: 'Mark', lastName: 'Spencer', adress: { Country: '

In Xcode to set the precompiled header we enable these two flags in Build settings. This works great when there is a single precompiled header per target. Example: What happens if I have two headers?

How to set java progressbar value with the function completion value. For example i am calling a function and want to show the progress on progressbar that this amount of progress done by function.

I have a problem when I make a new Table adapter in dataset in c# the error message say:A network-related or instance-specific error occurred while establishing a connection to SQL Server. The server

I have a React frontend running on a Django backend and I'm trying to import fonts( main open sans, open san sb) but main.js is different with Django, which is how most people suggest you import the

I am looking for an HTML5 equivalent of a RichTextBox control of the kind we have in WPF or in Silverlight. I have a Silverlight application in which I use a RichTextBox to create some custom

I find myself in the situation that I need to synchronize Trio tasks with Python threads. At the moment, I am using threading.Lock objects that Trio tasks have to acquire with trio.

I am facing this issue where I use the bootstrap navigation bar, and that nav bar is not collapsing itself when the component changes. Have a look here: https://www.useloom.com/share/

From dpkt library, I have such values as timestamps (when packets arrive): ts = Decimal('1536310893.687185000') I'm Trying to convert it to a datetime, but I'm getting no microseconds (actually

I know that in ANTLR4 I can use ? for 0 or 1 times. But For example for identifiers, the user may or may not use parentheses. But if I do this '('? identifier ')'? The parser will allow statements

I have a website that gets data using Linq-to-entities. Most of the time it works fine, but in this case, the query takes from 6 to 30 seconds when actually running as part of the website on Azure.

The Domain has the Domain Models. The Infrastructure layer has Commands and Queries, forming CQRS. Commands return Domain Models, and Queries return DTOs. In any API, the DTOs are stored in the

How can I get a map from a Fragment and maniputale it. From an Activity I have no problem implementing OnMapReadyCallback but I dont find the way to do this from the fragment. My current code:

I'm currently working on animating a few lines in avtkChartXY, but I am getting pretty poor performance for my simple task. What I'm wondering is, how do I efficiently update the plot data, and what