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In Angular 7 - how can I disabled chrome auto fill and manage password select list? Things I've tried: autocomplete="off" autocomplete="false" This is my form: <form class="col-12" [formGroup]="

How do I find the starting address and destination in the threads of the program that is running like Process Hacker? Process pc = Process.GetProcessesByName("notepad")[0];

The situation is as follows: working on a enterprise cluster with spark 2.3, I want to run pandas_udf which requires pyarrow which requires numpy 0.14 (AFAIK). Been able to distribute pyarrow (I think,

I am getting error shown in image for the below code: handlechange(event) { this.setState (prevState => { return( checked : !prevState.checked );}); } But when I changes round

Is For-In loop only option to create an object with properties or is there a better approach? I would like to create an object instead of array. Currently it loop data.Batch using for-in loop and do

I have a test environment, and the z-index is not working for some reason for the website. I have tried position: relative; on most elements but not sure why is it not working. Since it was made with

I write this code to automatically gets values and put them in a linked list but it just maintain first one and replace any new one in second node and doesn't make third, forth or nodes. #

I am using EPSON SDK and sample code from epson for android to print. I am able to print via Ethernet but can not print via USB. I already opened permission at AndroidManifest.xml. When I clicked

I've seen several posts about this solution, but I cannot put mine working. I have two components (same level) and lots of repeated functions that I want to put in a service. This example method with

I want to start my Development environment on an Amazon EC2 instance. Why? Because I want to dispose my application which will be running on localhost via Ngrok permanently in order to run a code

These compile and run without MalformedURLException: new URL("http://example.com/dir1/dir2/page1.html&k>v%k1=>v^!"); new URL("http:////\\example\\.com/dir1/\\@dir2/@&##page1.html&k&

I would like to be able to have partial screenshot taken when selecting any part of the screen (e.g. drawing a rectangular in bottom right of the screen and only that part is taken in Bitmap). I've

I want to catch with "file_get_contents" or some other method the result of a combined GET/POST request. The URL already contains some GET Variables like for example https://www.example.com/?var1=

I got error of undefined reference to fstat64/stat64 when linking without libstdc++ in a C++ program (I was trying to use libcxx). But I never use a function named fstat64. In the man page it is said

I want to use signals and slots between two seprate class(i use pyqt5 and python3.7 on windows 10) I'm doing the following, but I get this error: TypeError: up_img() takes exactly 2 positional

This code removes duplicates in subarrays: var array = []; array[0] = ["a","b","c","c","a","b","e"]; array[1] = [0,1,2,3,4,5,6]; var NO_DUPES = array.map((e,ind,a)=>{ return e.filter((

I have a movie application. This app has a menu at the bottom with 3 buttons. I want to show a fragment when I press the button on each menu. But the problem is that if I get a new items in the

I want to visualize the images in Convolutional Layers of a deep learning model, I found the code in the link. https://github.com/yashk2810/Visualization-of-Convolutional-Layers/blob/master/

I have a issue with AppDelegate when trying to call my function on my class CameraButton: import UIKit @IBDesignable class CameraButton: UIButton { override var isSelected:Bool{ didSet{

im trying to play AVI file in wavesurfer.js it says cant read encoded data when i provide the input file as AVI but, with wav file it works fine. so i decided to use videojs.wavesurfer im struck im

Rust has the concept of Ownership and Borrowing. If a function doesn't borrow it's parameter references, the values to that function are moved and will be deallocated once they go out of scope. Take

I have some code in place that successfully changes some tabs on click. The issue I have is when the tab changes, if the content in the tab is different in height the content beneath jumps up and down

Setting the info of a file you can associate an app with a particular file type so that when clicked the application is launched. My question is how the app can discover the full filename of the file

Can anyone help me with finding out how can I obtain the address space of a dynamically loaded library? The context: I'm loading a shared library using dlopen and at some other point I want to track

I am using WPBarkery in my Wordpress theme and I have 2 rows, One is a stretch row and the other is a default row but has the element Image Gallery in it. What I am trying to do is apply two separate

I've found questions here about grepping multiple strings and questions about outputting to multiple files, but can't seem to find any about doing both at the same time. I have a 300GB file that I

When i am using Google drive API query for documents its returning 0 items even though documents in between that range are present. I am facing this issue with time range only. I have written query

Trying to use the video player on the page. <video src="{{URL::asset("/images/upload/$itemContent->file_name")}}" controls> </video> The link is correct (the file is

I try to run any example code with tensorflow and gpu support. I check supporting devices: from tensorflow.python.client import device_lib print(device_lib.list_local_devices()) And I have there

I have a school assignment where I'm making a cache simulation of the LFU (least frequently used) algorithm. The user should be able to input the number of frames and number of address units. I have

Im using dropzone with sweet alert. when accepting a file im checking the extension and throw a sweet alert popup. when I add files, second file onward after sending it again call to accepting

I have a table like |1|2| |2|3| |3|4| |10|11| |11|12| |12|13| I need get |1|4| |10|13|

I'm trying to perform a complex join between two collections, using coordinates as the join match, and I receive the following error message: Error: command failed: { "ok" : 0, "errmsg"

I don't know how i should use pointer, to take value of "win" in function main from function spr(). Should I define one more var for example resullt and write it as: bool *result; result=&win;

How can I implement a siamese neural network in PyTorch? What is a siamese neural network? A siamese neural network consists in two identical neural networks, each one taking one input. Identical

I have a python script written in Python 2.7, but want to import it in a python script written in 3.5, how do I make sure the python script knows what python version to use to read the script?

I ran this commnad and there was no problem python manage.py makemigrations python manage.py migrate then I ran and did as username, email and password: python manage.py createsuperuser but when

I was using the normal tables and all my buttons where working fine. Then I came accross DataTables and so I have implemented datatables to list all the employees in my employees model. So i use

What is canonical way to store NULL value in FlatBuffers ? I have ExpirationDate *int64 I understand why FlatBuffers is not defining NULL. But I do not understand how to handle that properly.

I have the following dataframe: df= Date Team1 Team2 6/1 Boston New York 6/13 New York Chicago 6/27 Boston New York 6/28 Chicago Boston I would like

Currently, I'm trying to decide what pattern I should use while dealing with errors inside a Promise. For instance, I have the code below promiseFunc() .then(result => { console.info(`.THEN::

I am currently working on implementing a website that allows a user to (fictionally) buy and sell stocks. This is problem set 9 in Harvards' CS50 computer science course. My program compiles,

I'm new to programming and just started to learn the bare minimum in terms of c++, could anybody give a heads up and provide a intuitive and easy to understand explanation on "working classes" in c++

I made a simple angular 5 app adding chessboardjs and jquery libs. It works perfectly in chrome and firefox (desktop and mobile) On Safari (IOs) however the (click) event is not fired at all. Even

I'm presented with this problem: Stock within a warehouse is represented by rows in the following database table: CREATE TABLE stock ( id SERIAL, product_id integer NOT NULL REFERENCES products (

DFP documentation has instructions how to generate passback tags which look like this: <script src="https://www.googletagservices.com/tag/js/gpt.js"> googletag.pubads().definePassback('/

I am somewhat new to Sails, and wondering how I would go about generating TypeScript files when I use the "sails generate .." command in the terminal. I found this Custom Generators link on their

I have an official docker NginX container (NginX:latest) connected to official Php-Fpm (php:7.2-fpm) based container using bind mount for config and source code (for testing purpose). They are

I have a component that updates state in the Vuex and I can see via vue dev tools that vuex state is changed, however when I try to execute some logic when state changes via watchers bound to the

start is the hour in which a worker starts doing his job. duration is the amount of time the job will take. A worker can only work between 08:00 and 20h00. If a worker starts a job at 19:00 and the