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I have a div (.content) that has a transform-origin: top left and I need to center it. The thing is, I can only modify CSS of its wrapper (.wrap), but not of the actual div. I've, of course, tried


I made this code to allow the user to pinch on a text to Zoom In or Out. Is it possible to put a minRange and a maxRange? How can I do it. Another question: is it possible to return to the default


I am having issues recovering messages using the gr-tnc OOT. When I run the ax25_framer_deframer_test example with HDLC Encoder scrambler disabled, the Message Debug displays repeated Xs. Vanilla

如何将Python Base64编码等同于PHP Base64编码

I am trying to write a Python function to post some JSON to PHP and there are all sorts of encryption and validation routines that I have to match. The one I cannot get to work is the Base64 encoding


I added a search bar to my project, and took the code from ionic docs getItems(ev: any) { this.initializeItems(); const val = ev.target.value; if (val && val.trim() != '') {


FYI I'm using: Windows 10 (with Powershell x86 as a terminal) Node v8.11.1 npm 6.1.0 electron-forge 5.2.2 I have built an electron app using electron-forge and when running the app with electron-

如何动态地将值填充到KubNETES YAML文件中

I would like to pass in some of the values in kubernetes yaml files during runtime like reading from config/properties file. what is the best way to do that? In the below example, I do not want to


So I have a bar chart. It contains two bar for each x-axis in which each bar read from different data frame. this is the code I am plotting the bar chart. import seaborn as sns import matplotlib.

使用NG Realor或NGOF将JSON对象中的每个对象显示为单独的列表项

I recieve an object that looks like this: I'm trying to use ng-repeat to display the "Message", "Priority" and "DateTime" properties of each object as li items in a ul. I've tried a couple of


I have VS2017, ASP.NET CORE, VSCode and SQL SERVER 2014 installed on my development environment. I downloaded the sample code from the link: https://github.com/mmacneil/ASPNetCoreGraphQL and then


I'm trying to create a new product. Here is my model : class Product(models.Model) : door = models.ForeignKey(Door, on_delete=models.CASCADE) options = models.ManyToManyField(Option) Here is


I am working on a PHP web application with a backend MySQL Database. Long story short, each user has 50 characteristics that NEED to be stored. To make the queries as fast and efficient as possible,


I am creating a method that will take a stored date and time from a DB which is stored as TEXT, use that date/time to then check between the current time and the current time plus one. Now I have


I have a large table (millions of records) and I need to write an efficient select statement. The table looks like this: create table tab1 ( pt_key number , cp_key number , ext_info varchar2(10) ,

NGiNX背后的Service Work.js相对路径

So I have a domain (company.com) and this points to an nginx reverse proxy. Nginx routes the requests to different apps (on different internal IPs) depending on the path: company.com/login company.


I made a GUI using RGtk2 named Main.R that works perfectly when run from RStudio but only works in CMD when I open R in it and then source the script. My goal is to make it fully portable and thus to


I am trying to create a function that removes the oldest files based on date, for a max of 30 files. I grab all the files in the dir. If there are more than 30, they get sorted by date. Then the


I'm using a library in C that works with a callback as a parameter, see this super simple example: #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include "axgmb.h" void callback(

如何在Apache Sead中关联文件的数据串

I’m new on Spark and I’m trying to understand if it can fit my use case. I have the following scenario. I have a file (it can be a log file, .txt, .csv, .xml or .json, I can produce the data in


need sql regex to fetch data before first pipe and last backslash from the text before pipe. eg: test=file://2019/13/40/9/53/2abc123-7test-1edf-9xyz-12345678.bin|type=app/href|size=1234|encoding=|


I'm using django-registration for my project. I am overriding the package's RegistrationView with my own RegistrationViewWithContext, which allows me to pass extra context to the form. urlpatterns = [


Given the following models class Company < ApplicationRecord has_many :employees, -> { order(rank: :asc)} end class Employee < ApplicationRecord belongs_to :company end Rails seems to


I am having some difficulties on summarizing data from my database in R. I am looking to pull the data and have it summarized by Quarter. I am working with what is in the images and i get the


I could not find any Heiken-Ashi candlestick Stock chart package / library for angular 5. Any help/ source/ idea will be appreciated. How can i draw Heiken-Ashi candlestick chart in Angular 5


I'm trying to use Azure AD to restrict access to certain endpoints in my API. I registered a FrontEnd and API app in Azure AD. When I go to disable the scopes I'm still getting the scopes issued in


Using google streetview publish api, after authenticating properly, i successfully list photos, but i am stuck with startUpload(). gapi.client.streetviewpublish.photo.startUpload().then(function(resp)


I have the following SQL Statement which shows me transactions from a Point Of Sale system. I would like to calculate the total sum of (MoneyIn - MoneyOut) columns but is a bit beyond me and show

Tomcat XSS发行-

In my Tomcat 7.0.88 application, users are able to put a tag into the URL params, which obviously is a XSS issue. However, I'm not sure how to fix it, and am hoping there's some Tomcat Filter


I think this may be a configuration issue, but I'm looking for confirmation/suggestions. From terminal or script, the following: user1$ sudo su - user2 -c "pwd" prompts me for the original user1's


I’m trying to get setup using Firebase Admin on my nodejs app running on my Raspberry Pi. when I call; admin.database().ref().child("myPath").push({date: new Date()}); I’m not receiving any


I have a tensorflow freezed model file from a third-party where the initial layer is a convolutional layer with the following properties; kernel size: (3, 3) number of filters: 32 input channels: 3

Axure ActiveDirectory B2C集成与XAMARIN PCL App发生的SaleTime.SeralIzialSerialEctive Eclipse错误

System.Runtime.Seralization.SeralizationEception Error occurring on Azure Active Directory B2C integration with xamarin pcl app for login/register system. Visual studios isn't showing any error in

在Python 3中跨模块共享DB连接并处理大量数据库查询

I have 2 parts to this question. I'm posting them together because I feel like the second aspect might affect the first. Problem 1: I feel like I must be crazy or incapable of using google adequately,


In linux kernel version 4.14.41, Error occurs whenever the LOAD segment that is aligned is not a multiple of 2MB. But why not the same check performed in linux kernel version 3.16.0 ? Also, Why isn't


Can I create an Arraylist like ArrayList<Integer, Integer> arrList = new ArrayList<>(); in Java ? What I actually require is store a pair at each element of an ArrayList and sort in non-

从另一个Perl 6文件访问POD

The Perl 6 POD documentation has a section on accessing the current file's POD document by using $=pod. There is no information on accessing another file's POD document. How can I access another file'


I am using localstorage to show a div only once, and although the code it works very well, I would like to know how I can delay the visibility of this div ( #alert ) for 1 - 2 seconds (the first time

Python Kyy Tab床板-设置自定义标签宽度

Thanks for years of unknowingly helping me!! I've used this site so much but this is the first time that I'm actually going to have to post a question to get the info I need, which is amazing. I've


I am getting Below error while inserting a message from pubsubio to BigQuery. How to insert a record from pubsub to BQ. Can we convert pcollection into list? Or is there any alternate.


In the following tests: how the results of str == str2 and x == y can be different? [Test] public void StringsAreImmutableObjects() { String str = new String(new char[] {'a', 'l',


I have a remote server (3rd party, not under my control) that calls a defined endpoint (http://myservice.com/service.asmx), but internally before calling, it appends '.wsdl' to the URL string (so I


I am coming from this question. I thought about starting a bounty on it because it has not received any attention in months and over the time I did not see any changes from Firebase nor answers, but I


'I have Found this piece of code below. But This won't work is there any correction required. Thanks in advance. function countFontColor(rangeAsTextString, numericColorCodeToFindAsTextString)


I'm trying to train my dataset on the basis of test dataset but facing difficulty of how to do this. The dataset I have is: text 1 | @a_siab @sardarbabak999 @BushraGohar @jafarshahmp @


Role Table Person Table ROLE_PERSON TABLE I want the final output as follows final output As the underlying database is maria DB, i cannot use pivot function. Please note that person's can


I am dealing with an external api. I want to post some data so i set a token in the headers to be able to access the api. I am told that my test origin has been whitelisted


I am running apache 2 on centos 7 which is running ipv4 , now I would like to enable it to support ipv6 , would advise what I need to change to Adding IPv6 support to the server ? or nothing need to


I want to control my python script output with values in a csv: I select a Category and some parameters like that: csv1 or like that csv2 In my python-script i got the Values of each parameter in a


I have a cognos xml file that I need to upload to my db so I am creating an xslt file. One of the fields have () <item name="Summary(CheckEmail)" type="xs:string" length="102"/> how can i


the map does not show the details it shows only the sign of google when i run app on device it does not show any thing , it show just white screen i tried to use different api key but it does'