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I am new in boost. In boost docs here you read this: Data may be read from or written to an unconnected UDP socket using the receive_from(), async_receive_from(), send_to() or async_send_to()


I try to create a list of days between two days. I created solution like this: this.daysBetween = []; while (dateFrom.getDate() !== dateTo.getDate()+1 ) { this.daysBetween.push(this.dateFrom);


I would like to select the ids of two list objects contained within another object, i.e. public class Parent { public ListObject ListObject1; public ListObject ListObject2; } public class


I am building a java / spring microservices where each service has it own database . Let's say i have a user service that stores user information in one of the table and a orders service that stores


I'm rendering a barrel object in Android with GLES20. The barrel is not rendered correctly and it's not clear to me where the problem is (texture? model? culling? depth?): I've tried debugging with


How do i display a table and an chart side by side in a mvc view. The chart is in a partial view. I am able to render the partial view inside my main view. My main view contains the chart. Now how can


i have the following json: { "question": "what's your middle_name2?", "inputType": "text", "questionId": 2, "answer": "" }, { "question": "what's your last_name3?", "inputType"


The code in this repo shows how to create as flask web endpoint to predict probability of surviving the titanic disaster. The trained model is serielized as pickle file using joblib which takes as


I upgrade to Visual Studio 2017 15.8.1 and am having issues creating an Azure function project. The project I am trying to create is through the template wizard, just a new V1 empty function project.


I currently use OpenCart for an online store. My Supplier has an FTP feed with all the stock, product info and images. The FTP site contains a CSV and XML file. Is there a way to pull the feed, say


I am trying to get some sample from a given distribution, in fact, it is a 3-parameter Pareto distribution. Here are the codes: from scipy.stats import gamma, rv_continuous class pareto3_pdf(


I created my own WP Theme with following folders and files style.css is placed in css folder, with comment at the beginning of the file /* * Theme Name: Test * Description: Test theme * Author:


when I backup Rundeck projects, I have moved jobs into new Rundeck successfully and copied the /var/logs/rundeck folder into right place of new rundeck server. But I cannot read execution logs on web.


string SetTeacherId() { char digit = 'T'; string id = ""; var count = db.Teachers.Count(); if (count > 0) { var str = db.Teachers.


We've created an iOS app that implements a CBCentralManager to connect to a device that we've created, that transmits data at 10Hz. It's vitally important that this data comes through and displays


I am working on a WordPress website and I have got a YouTube video where the full-screen isn't working. On the iframe allowfulscreen='true' is set and when you click on the full-screen icon it does

使用Python Tkter 2.7在选定路径中创建目录

I would like to create a class in Tkinter Python 2.7 that creates a new directory using the name introduced by the user in a field after the directory location was chosen from filedialog. As an


I have a class with an ArrSignalCabel variable. In this variable I write an array of objects. Property Get bottom of my class returns only an array. And I do not have access to the array element.


I created a vertical UIpageview with 2 separated views. So the question now is lets say the second view should be in dynamic heights, how to create a user experience that when user scroll from view1


What I want to do is passing DataModel array between Activity by Intent. DataModel class has Bitmap object and FirebaseVisionLabel object. I found many sites to implement this. Many people said


I had an edit text like this: <EditText android:id="@+id/hcNumEditText" style="@style/AppTheme.TextField" android:hint="@string/hc_number" android:layout_width="0dp"


I have to pass an array to my _layout page (which does not have an @model). The array must come from an controller method such as: public IActionResult AssignLoan() { EntityDetails

具有未知IP的C VPN代理

here is an image of server client layout for a VPN Splution i want to develop. VPN Layout I have 2 clients that do not know each other, they only want to connect to a certain server. The problem is


I'm using a client pc and i'm connecting via tcp/ip into a local database server. For some reason, after my connection will be idle for a while, then Sql keep alive is checking my tcp connection if


I m developing a JPA provider that uses Mongo Driver. I know that there are Mongo provideres for JPA but i need to have more control in what's happening. I reached the point where i need to create a


This is the content of a js file, want to append a value by putting a comma to last value. Input TRIVIAL_TIMES: [ 'tags', 'users', 'jobs', 'teams' ], Output: TRIVIAL_TIMES: [ 'tags', '


How do I simply calculate 2 number fields? ie: 2 in one field and 5 in the other and I want the sum of the two fields in field "SUM"? I have very little code knowledge if at all but thought there may


How to pass a loop value (viewbag value) into a controller on button click. i have a view with for each loop and i am getting the values of the loop through a viewbag. now what i want is to pass a

Node Js,Excel写,国家货币格式,动态公式列

I have created excel sheet in node js. Now I have applied tolocalString(to convert the value in respective country) but in some column in which formula has been applied like(exportData.cell = {


I have some files in a month, like below: |--20180101 ||--AA |||--AAA.CSV ||--BB |||--BBB.CSV |--20180102 ||--AA |||--AAA.CSV ||--BB |||--BBB.CSV I want to iterate over this CSVfiles and merge


I want to make a new column in my datagridview named "No.", i want that column to contain the record number of every record in the datagridview, So if there are 3 records in the datagridview, the

设置默认UITExtField值为0(SWIFT 4)

I'm making an application and part of it has a sort of calculator functionality. Users have 4 UITextFields to which they input numbers, all of which should be optional - but if they are left empty,

I am trying to deploy an Angular 6 application on an AWS Ubuntu server and nginx. The Angular app is in a dist folder. An Express server is running on http://localhost:3000. The trouble I'm having


I was following this tutorial for setting up a new RecyclerView but using LinearLayout instead of RelativeLayout: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vyqz_-sJGFk Here is my layout_listitem.xml:


I'm trying to create a test page for the test user i created in my Facebook application portal, i added the manage_page permission to the test user and aquired an access token as mentioned in the

IE vs Chrome中的JavaScript无效日期

I have the following javascript code which I am using to calculate a datedifference and then calculate a pro-rated amount in https://mtderrimut.com.au/signup. The value that I'm passing in is "


So, I have some development to do on a legacy C# application. The app takes 3-4 minutes to start up and there seems to be no way around this. I'm tasked with making changes to some stuff. I've


I already put some code to the frontend, and now i need to connect the angular to my postgresql database. how to do that? I can't find any tutorial connnecting angular5 with postgresql in grails3


My .htaccess file contains the following. <IfModule mod_rewrite.c> RewriteEngine On RewriteBase / RewriteRule ^index\.php$ - [L] RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f RewriteCond %{

Bootstrap 4:下拉,Nav丸和分离链接在水平线上

I have an html file, which displays in Firefox as: Problem is, I want to have everything in one single horizontal row next to each other: the label Dropdown, the dropdown box itself, the bootstrap


looking for an editor who by FTP immediately editable from the locale code to fill the server and see the results of edits. But not just to fill-and delete all comments from the code, ideally-that the


There are grammars we convert to unambiguous by using left recursion. Are there grammars that cannot be converted to unambiguous grammars?

KAAS自定义损失:A* MAE(1-A)*常数

I am trying to implement a fairly simple custom loss function in Keras, but the lack of documentation makes it quite hard. Basically, I am trying to make the network predict bad input (i.e. on which


[1]: https://i.stack.imgur.com/vKq6V.pngstrong text Check images for my problem, How to solve it


I'm trying to get the list of files generated on current date in the ls -l format using find command , like below: find . -type f -name "sample[0-9]*?_bill[0-9]*?.pdf" -mtime 0 -exec ls -l {} \; The


I am trying to make my custom TextBox (which inherits WebControlls.TextBox) extendable by AJAX Toolkit Error : Extender control '' cannot extend 'txtUserId'. Extender controls of type '


import spacy from spacy import displacy doc1 = nlp(u'the dog barked at the stranger') displacy.serve(doc1, style='dep') I want this dependency tree to be embedded in notebook itself


I am working with the following question Using system; namespace StringToNumerics { class Trial { static void Main(string[] args) { string division = "10/5";


I have a javafx application: @Override public void start(Stage primaryStage) { PRIMARY_STAGE = primaryStage; PRIMARY_STAGE.setTitle("My amazing app"); PRIMARY_STAGE.setMaximized(true);


I am facing one problem when i clicked on import button(backend) in woocommerce product menu it gives me error and that is this page isn't working i am also try from tools->import->WooCommerce