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I got 2 collections in MongoDB : - Member collection, including lastname and firstname - News collection, with the following format : { title: String, content: String, comments: [ {


I have a custom adapter, which I show and hide view's visibility based on json value received. It works perfectly fine until I try to add a new item to the data at index 0(i want to to add new item to


Goal I'm trying to deploy my NodeJS ExpressJS API in a Docker container running in my EC2. I'm not sure why my container does not recognize the value of my .env that I created via my container

在中兴ZXV10 W300路由器上创建打开/关闭无线的脚本

i want to create a script to turn on/off wireless on my router from windows just with one click . to turn turn on/off wireless from the pc i need to go at this adress :


So I am new to android development. And for testing I created a small app to test the facebook login with firebase. Until this everything goes alright. But when I test it on a phone the fist times it


<div *ngFor="let el of list"> <img [src]='el.photo' </div> Api retturn el.photo = '/9j/2wBDAAMCAgMCAgMDAw' and i want concatante with data:image/jpeg;base64,


I search for a solution to read data from an php-array Request: $accounts = $client->getAccounts(); Here the returning array: Coinbase\Wallet\Resource\ResourceCollection Object ( [


Thanks for your time and help I have integrated swupdate in my Yocto Project. Now, to create software update rescue root file system, I need to first execute the command: bitbake swupdate-image


I am trying to use NgBootstrap rating system in my project. The problem I am having is the rating system is rendering screen reader (see picture above). the markup looks like this in my component &


Hello so today I was curios how would I code smarter and shorter. here is litle project I did like 2 weeks ago: // Get input element let filterInput = document.getElementById('filterInput')


I have form1, which contains subformA and button1. When the user is viewing form1, selects a record in subformA, then clicks button1, a new form2 will display. On that form2, one of the records is a


I'm working on my first react-boilerplate tests for a component and this has me reading documents from various overlapping sources and unsure which pieces apply. Given the component: /** * *


Is there a way to query a model for a logged in user that will be ever-present throughout their session? In other words, I want to show model details to a user on every page that requires


For example from the PID 10948 I would like to get the process name of firefox.exe I've tried using GetModuleFileNameEx, GetModuleFileName, GetProcessImageFileName, and GetModuleBaseName and all of


I'm trying to create a form that users can submit and use to find and replace text in a long string. However, many of the strings I'm replacing are only 2-3 letters (e.g. "od", "ph") that are often

在Spring Security中登录不同角色

I am designing a login page (Thymeleaf and Spring security) and want to provide user option to chose his role during login . A user can have admin and/or user role . I am using spring security for


I did run both of these commands and switched to the newly created branch but the folder still doesn't contain the PR code git remote add upstream https://github.com/particular/repo.git git fetch


I have a csv file in hdfs : /hdfs/test.csv, I like to group below data using spark & scala, I need a output some this like this. I want to group by A1AN column based on A1 column and the

使用Python 2.7更新for循环中的时间、时间()值?

With the following code, I'm confused as to why time.time() does not update inside a for loop. For example: import time for x in xrange(5) print(time.time()) Is it possible to have that value


I need a little tech help on this one. As you can see here https://www.vtxfactory.org/#pricing I have multiple Stripe <form> containers and inside each of them a <script> tag with a src

I'm having issues moving the '+' button to the right of the words 'Popular'. Here's the code: <ion-header> <ion-navbar color="navbar"> <ion-buttons left> </ion-


I have string enum: enum Country:String { case France case Germany case UnitedStates } But depending on the uibutton restorationIdentifier I want to do something. I have this ibaction:


i have a RDD of some mutable.Map[(Int, Array[Double])] and i would like to reduce the maps by Int and find the means of the elements of the arrays. For example i have: Map[(1, Array[0.1, 0.1]), (2,


As soon as I attempt to login and store the ParseUser complex object in session, I get a JsonSerializationException. What's going wrong? private const string CURRENT_USER_KEY = "CurrentUser"; private


Please see the preview Yes i want to change the position of the text. This is just HTML for this. <div> <span class="rejected-by-admin"> <strong> Rejected by Admin &

DimoDB Java中的分区键串

Is there a method in java for DynamoDB to get the name of the partition key given a table? In other words, I want a method that will return a string of the partition key name for a table. I can't seem


Sorry for the noobiness of this question. I currently have a Discord.RichEmbed stored in a separate file called embed01.js which is stored in my bots main directory. I would like to call it into the


I have been going in circles and can't get this button to work. My intention is for the response_handler() function to be called when the button gets clicked. I can't figure out what the issue is.

在JoOMLA中添加斜杠/ URL

Iam looking for redirecting adress on adress with slash /, for example: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/ask to https://stackoverflow.com/questions/ask/ with slash on the end. In joomla 3.8.6 In

The following code compiles: fn consume(_: Box<u64>) {} let tuple = (Some(Box::new(1)), Some(Box::new(2))); match tuple { (Some(x), Some(y)) => { consume(x); consume(y);


What I am looking to create is a dataframe which looks like: amount months category 0 6460 2018-01-31 budgeted 1 7905 2018-01-31 actual 2 11509 2018-02-28


I have a class with two properties: weigh and Id. I want to trigger an event when weigh is set. The event to be triggered is a messageBox showing the Id property. The Messagebox is shown, but it doesn'


I want to create a structured grid of points that semi resembles the normal distribution. Locally, the distances between the points near the center should be small but further away those distances


An object can be constructed with following line: let ex = new ccxt.kraken(); But I would like to construct the same object in that fashion: let exchange = 'kraken'; let ex = new ccxt.{{


I have a MySQL table named Travel like this: +----+----------------+--------------+-------------------+ | id | Departure_city | Arrival city |Date_of_departure | +----+----------------+--------------


I'm using Jinja2 and Python to generate html and I'm also using bootstrap for the css and js. I'm trying to create Bootstrap pill tabs by using Jinja2 for loops and some other logic. Here is what my


Background: I am trying to change the ArrayLists to primitive arrays (double) in a large model. The model is currently incredibly slow, and so this is an attempt to speed it up (with limited Java


This is my first time posting any kind of code. Does anyone else have a problem bringing functionality to their projects? I wrote this code. It was only for fun. Can someone look at this code and tell

在ECS中的节点/ Express项目的根目录中是否应该有.Env文件?

Goal I'm trying to deploy my NodeJS ExpressJS API in a Docker container running in my EC2. Should I have a physically .env in the container, or just simply created via task definition is good


this is my ajax code $(window).on('load', function() { $.post("http://localhost/test", {run : "1"}, function(data,status){ $("#show").html(data);


i need to replace the values of one column(livre_doença_meses) only when there are some conditions(recidiva == 0 and vivo == 0) with the values of another column(sobrevid_meses) in pandas, but keeping

无法将一个div附加(位置)给jQuery UI Slider Handler

Can you please take a look at this snippet and let me know why I am not ble to attach the .box` to ui handler $("#slider").slider({ min: 100, max: 500, step: 1, value: 200,


Ok so I posted a question about this topic before and I was told to go more in-depth about my problem. I recently ran into an issue in Spritekit where a node would fly through another node in less

VSCode W/MSYS2中的包含路径

Try as I might, I simply cannot get VSCode to find ANY headers I've specified in includePath and browse->path. Here is my c_cpp_properties.json file. Surely VSCode should be able to find curses.h


var str = '<input style="background-image: url(&quot;

在C 14中有没有写短文的方法?

This might seem like code golf, but that's not what I'm after. I'm looking for a way that's both more succinct, and clearer. I want to be able to write code that computes the square of the magnitude


I'm working on an Angular 6 project where I'm loading data in from an AWS DynamoDB table via Observable into a Material Table component. I used the angular-cli to generate the initial structure of the


I know there is a huge number of questions on this topics, but not even one worked for me, not here, not on github. I have installed anaconda2 for macOS a few days before. I know pandas come with


PHPMyAdmin is displaying Japanese characters perfectly with COLLATION =: utf8mb4_unicode_ci but it just displays ???? in the browser. I am using the correct UTF code in the HTML headers like: <


I'm getting this error, but it's pretty unclear why it's happening or what I should do about it: 5.1.0 - [Firebase/Analytics][I-ACS006009] Audience definition is invalid. Audience will not be saved.