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使用MS Word通配符替换特殊字符和格式化文本

I'm trying to work out how to replace the following sentence: What’s Viktoria made / makes / making in the kitchen at the moment? with this: What’s Viktoria [**made**makes*&#


I have a .txt file, this file is saving data of further excel tables. The text file has the data from each column separated by a comma, it has the following format: "GTCEN8B","GU_Bantrab_Diagonal_6_(

如何解决methodargumentconversionnotsupportedexception MockMvc吗?

I'm writing a unit test for a controller method that accepts a MultipartFile and a custom object MessageAttachment. So far I can see that the MultipartFile is the correct format for the request but


I'm trying to install the Entity Framework for a VS Project I'm working on on my office machine. As a precaution, our network firewall for powershell is AllSign. There's no way of setting the


I need to get the access to TextView inside dialog to change its properties. My code looks like this: public Dialog onCreateDialog(Bundle savedInstanceState) { AlertDialog.Builder builder = new

Cocos2d-JS 3.17 JavaScript java

i call jsb.reflection.callStaticMethod to call Java from Javascript in platform Android in compile debug, it works. But in compile release error " Failed to find method id of". How to fix


Let's suppose that we're calling a function that expects two parameters but it could work with only one because the second argument is optional and the function that we're using has a callback with


I have some requirements Need to know how to do these in jenkins. I have a own gitlab server. Everytime a commit happens in a repo in gitlab i want jenkins to run the junit cases in the project and

在java多线程任务只有当onClick Button

Attached is the code snippet below. I am new to multi-threading. Attempted to do multi threading which sort of works. However, after I click the button the first time, the second time onwards would


I use dropzone.js with angular 6.x, TypeScript and ASP.net Core as the backend. I able to get all files from the dropzone.js module but I can't find how I can send them to the backend. Let me show


I am trying to convet my angular component so that it will run in both angular and non angular environment. I have added my elements as export and added them to custom element list and entry

SASS Grails 3:assetcompile任务问题

I'm trying to use the source code of Bulma (sass) inside my Grails 3.3.6 application. build.gradle buildscript { repositories { mavenLocal() maven { url "https://repo.grails.org/


Usually jenkins deletes a multibranch job when the branch is deleted but it just disabled this one (after the branch was deleted). I tried to manually remove it and got this error: java.nio.file.


I am studying sorting algorithms and I am stuck on the theorem that proves that a sorting algorithm on an n vector has ,at least, in the worst case a time complexity of n*log2(n) + (1/2)*log2(n) -

SSIS包部署SQL Server 2016使用SSMS 2017

I am running into a problem as outlined in this artice: Execution error while validating script component. I am using Visual Studio 2015 to create SSIS packages and also upgrade old 2008 packages to

GeoJSON Shapefile转换使用shapefile图书馆

so I know I can create a shapefile from a geojson if the shapefile only contains Polygons, but in case there is a MultiPolygon I get an error of : return [min(x), min(y), max(x), max(y)] TypeError: '


I'm using VS2017 and trying to convert my reports from Delphi to , but the problem with some until this point that My users can change their sort from the GUI and I need to dynamically adjust the sort


I have a superclass that currently works fine (all relations and properties are updating to the database) use Doctrine\Common\Collections\ArrayCollection; use Doctrine\ORM\Mapping\Column;


I am trying to upload a file to my server using JQuery, AJAX and a PHP script to handle the server-side uploading. I've tested my PHP script, which is now fully functional. However, I'm facing some


I am trying get the syntax for an inline function which can take in a parameter do a simple modification and return it all in one line. Something like this (options) => { options.public = true;


I want to retrieve Roll number from edit text in android and extract the email id corresponding to that roll number from firebase database and store it in a string variable? Can anyone tell me how can


Is it possible to identify which PostgreSQL version is running on Database Server inside the recipes in chef. right now i am able to identify it using awk command example: [postgres@hostname]$ ps -


How to make a custom notification the like a picture attachment.enter image description here Do you have any suggest or idea for it?

加角6使用REST API的用户

I am trying to add a user in an Angular 6 app. when i submit the form nothing happens. This is my form in users.component.html file: <div> <label>User first name: <input #


I have been attempting to export a geographic raster layer which is projected in terms of the Lambert Conformal Conic projection (with a resolution of 1000 m by 1000 m) as an image file (e.g. as an *.

androidstudio SDK位置的另一个用户

my partner and I are new to Android Studio. He made the application first and gave me a copy so I can continue the work. It now gives me an error saying the SDK Location is not found "C:\Users\HisName\


Trying to run the Inceptionv2 Tensorflow model with the architecture and the checkpoint inception_resnet_v2_2016_08_30.ckpt. And my code is for predicting the probability of each classification, for a


Source: <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head/> <body> <p>Here <a href="/cgi-bin/text-idx?&amp;&node=20161118">Link</a></p> </


I am trying to merge around 500 PDFs kept in a folder. These PDFs are named like this: 8658856_1.pdf 8658856_2.pdf 8658856_3.pdf 2498239_1.pdf 2498239_2.pdf 2498239_3.pdf 9876238_1.pdf 9876238_2.


I want to deploy my angular project i generated dist file in my src folder like this ng build Before deploying I decided to add some functionality to my page : Question Is it posible to update dist


I have a variable of a trait that accepts multiple datatypes {Int, Long, String, Double}. I need to do some math operation on this variable. So I try to convert the variable to an ArrayBuffer [Any].


I have a form that uses JQuery mobile elements. When I submit the form and the page reloads, the labels for my checkboxes show up twice. See here: https://i.stack.imgur.com/8v2ha.png <form


I may misunderstood how fasttext/deep-learning work for classification, I would like to take in consideration nearest neighbors to predict labels. The aim of my work is to predict label with synonyms.


For a very simple test example when trying to fill Eigen::SparseMatrix within OpenMP construct, application crashes. SparseMatrix<double> A_mat( nCol, nRow ); //A_mat.reserve( VectorXi::


I have a strange SoapHeader issue, which requires me to show the actor and mustUnderstand in a security header which is part of my SoapHeader. I have 2 questions, how can i set the value of these 2


Platform: SQL 2016 I've written a SQL statement that outputs a series of SQL commands and I want to execute the output of this query in the same script. Below is the query that builds the commands I


I am trying out Gatling first time. But when I try to add .inferHtmlResources() i got following error: value inferHtmlResources is not a member of com.excilys.ebi.gatling.http.config.

飞艇\ jupyter笔记本捻

We are trying to connect Zeppelin Notebook to KUDU via impala. We didn't find any existing KUDU interpreters in addition we tried to find impala interpreters. Any help would be appreciated Rony


I'm having a hard time working with the Youtube API. Please guide me on how to get the number of subscribers even if it's hidden through APIs and OAuth. I know a few sites have done this as: https://


I have a pyramid triangular but I want a pyramid quadrangular, for that I'm using a indexedfaceset. Can you help me with that? <body> <x3d> <scene> <


I currently have a collapsible sidebar implemented using the simple-sidebar template in my ASP.net Mvc application. I have my sidebar able to collapse partially as to still show the image links to my


I am using excel to perform some calculations. I would like to use a CELL as input and another as OUTPUT for a function. Let me explain better: I have done all the calculations within the cells and

从一个函数作为R GA函数返回多个值的健身价值

I have defined a function (Eval) to be used in the genetic algorithm. GAmodel = ga(type = "binary", nBits=30, fitness=Eval, popSize=20, pcrossover=0.7, pmutation=0.1, maxiter=50) The


I would like to perform a linear regression in PostGreSQL. y = wx+b and I am able to get the slope and intercept for the linear trend equation. My goal however is to get a new "predicted" value of y'


I'm trying to remove a registry key using JNA, this works for most keys but for 2 keys I get this error: com.sun.jna.platform.win32.Win32Exception: Access is denied. at com.sun.jna.platform.win32.


We are in the process of moving all our application into secured https protocol, this means configuring all application (websites, webservices, exe's) to work on https. Now I am having issues with


How do I fix this error? Yml file: version: "3.3" services: selenium-hub: image: selenium/hub ports: - 4444:4444 chrome: image: selenium/node-chrome links: -


What are the few things that I'll have to include in my code that will point me in the right direction?


While trying to find my feet in competitive programming I came across : this N teams participate in a league cricket tournament on Mars, where each pair of distinct teams plays each other exactly


It's very interesting to use Class.forName() to load a class and get errors I write one line code and get an error as above. class UnsatisfiedLinkErrorTest { public static void main(String[]