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Visual Studio 2017 is allowing me to build my core mvc app with broken code. How is this possible. Please follow link below.

I might be searching the wrong terms. I have videojs loading a video with really short buffer time around 30 seconds. Some clients saying they need more amount to be buffered. I looked in

Getting an error on the ios simulator saying a prop is not a function, and that it is undefined Function I am calling, addNewTodo = show => { this.setState({ new_todo: show }); }; render() {

I was working on my machine for Django project, and moved the project files to Linux server to publish the app. Currently I'm not interested in using gunicorn or nginx. I just want to see if I can

It's me again I have another problem: I want to use the "camera tool" references in Excel and they seem to be lost after I open a Excel file and save it again afterwards. The reason behind it

I have file name like below; sub_fa__hotchkis_type1a__180310__PUO4x4__180813 I want to seperate it with double under scores "__" and using below code. Dim MdlNameArr() As String = Path.

I'm new to Amazon's Boto3 API. I created a basic diagram of my sample architecture shown below, with an ELB, 4 instances, 2 subnets and and 2 target groups in 2 different Availability Zones (2

I am building an R script that automates the download of a csv file from a website everyday. The script works fine on my personal computer but the script fails to run on my computer at work ( I am

package edu.bsu.cs222.twoWeekProject; import java.util.ArrayList; public class arraySorter { public arrayGroup sortByUsername(arrayGroup unsortedGroup) { ArrayList<String> array1 =

I am using spring-data-jpa/1.10.2.RELEASE & spring-data-jpa-entity-graph/1.10.15 (in combination with Hibernate). First of all, I assume that the two versions are compatible. My symptom is that

I am using xamarin forms with basic code. My honor 7x mobile device is not detecting on visual studio 2015. I disable the Use Shared Runtime and Use Fast Deployment. And also enable "

I am trying to move the value of each year from df_2 to df_1. countries <- c("USA","Canada","Denmark","Albania", "Turkey","France", "Italy") values <- c(100, 1000, 300, 300,7000, 8343,9211)

class A { B* ptr; A(B* ptr_) : ptr(std::move(ptr_)) {} }; A myA(new B); In this code, is it necessary to call std::move on ptr_? Is it not already an rvalue reference?

class Category(BaseEntity): """ to categorise the expense """ name = models.CharField( max_length=80, validators=[ RegexValidator(

I have a Json file which I converted to a dictionary in python. One of the values called (target) in the dictionary has this string. I want to create a file with this string name (

I'm attempting to have my message textfield expand when a user begins typing by animating the Right layout constraint. The textfield does expand however it expands both ways from the center which is

I have different html text files and their names are text1 text2 text3 texts400. These are html files that I make R read with following command(one example): text56<- read_html("https://tr.

so i wanted to make web application with .net core i have experience in .net MVC moving to .net core. which would be better .net core web api or .net core mvc.

I am trying to run a JHipster project on my Windows laptop but every time I run "yarn install" it errors and stops on the same part: [5/5] Building fresh packages $ webdriver-manager update &

I’m a young student and I’m moving my first steps into the world of Ionic. I’m delevoping a simple application, and I need to use LocalStorage to count the number of clicks on a specific buttons, and

{ path: ':l/bla/bla/bla', component: , canActivate: [AuthGuard] } Then AuthGuard's constructor: constructor( private readonly router: Router, private readonly activedRoute:

Delphi 10.1 Pro, VCL with embedded Teechart controls. CalcClickedPart shows cpSeriesMarks after a Marks set to be hidden at the place it was previously shown. I may not deleting Marks correctly, only

I'm trying to figure out critical optimization options. First, compile a program with gcc source.c -o test -O3 -Q -v -Q -v lists the enabled flags (-faggressive-loop-optimizations -falign-labels -

When use the shortcut of Win+R, I can run a command. I wonder whether I can setup a catch all command, when the command isn't found, it'll run this command. Thanks in advance for any advice.

I created a loop to generate prediction results 50 times. the .append() function returns the results in one long column but I want 50 columns for 50 loop output so that I can estimate the mean in the

i am attempting to add an exception to the Content-Secure-Policy for a given IP number. this is my "guess" as to what it might look like: < meta http-equiv="Content-Security-Policy" content="

So I am currently building a web app that is a game that allows users to send friend requests to other users. I am trying to figure out how to show an alert when the user first logs in telling them

If I only have numerical data (No categorical data), then there is nothing I need to change in my input_func to go from LinearClassifier to DNNClassifier? Can you help me with my code here. My

I tried to search, but couldn't really find exactly what I am trying to do. If it's been asked/answered, please forward me to the right page. I have a site_configs table with just 3 columns; id ===

I created a photo directory in which i made a webcam.sh file DATE=$(date +"%Y-%m-%d_%H%M%S") for((i=1;i<=10;i+=1)); do fswebcam -r 320X240 --no-banner /home/pi/Image_graine/"$DATE"_$i.jpg;

In SparkJava application I have the following route: get("/", (request, response) -> { response.type("application/json"); List<String> words = new ArrayList&

error: not a statement n == 12; ^ Code:- public class SolutionEven { public static void main(String[] args) { n == 12; if(n%2 = 1) { System.out.println("

I am attempting to assign new data to existing clusters I have numerical and categorical data types. The example below is similar to my process. The data frame "newdf" are the points I would like to

Typecast double to int returns wrong result int main() { double number = 0.00000201; int precision = 8; double result1,result2,result3,result4,result5; result1=((

I'm trying to pass data from an activity to a fragment. The onCreate method from the activity calls the getUID method inside the fragment and passes a String, the fragment on the other end receives

very recently I started to learn programming, started mostly with theory before getting my hands on the computer, question is, I need to build a program through the console on visual studios where the

I'm having an issue with a project involving a basic cryptocurrency. One of the requirements is to check the hash of a previous line against the hash provided in a file. So essentially, you will

I downloaded and installed Python 3.7 macOS 64-bit installer from https://www.python.org/downloads/release/python-370/ I have the IDLE, so I know I installed python. However, when I try to check the

I'm trying to use the wordexp function to shell-like expansion on some strings. wordexp removes single and double quotes, I would like to preserve those however. My initial though was to just surround

I am pulling a 2d array of names, and adding "@gmail.com" to each of them to be passed to the gmailapp as the list of names to send the email to. It pulls the data fine, but I need to filter out

I'm trying to integrate a loading spinner into a button. This also works very well. The problem: If I click on a button, the spinner will respond to every additional button. How can I correct this?

My code is having memory issues. For reasons I won't explain, I have to use a Dictionary to store my objects. As a result, I've been having plenty of dead and unused objects being stuck on memory. To

I have tried several routes to host my Angular application and I keep running into errors. So far I have tried hosting through Heroku and AWS S3. I am currently attempting to serve my application on a

I'm trying to validate file upload on Laravel (docx only) and it keeps failing. After some research it got down to both $request->file('file')->getMimeType() and mime_content_type($request->

I am trying to create an image timeline (vertical) of a set of images stored in all subdirectories of a given directory (stacked in last modification order) #!/bin/bash/ find $1 -name "*.jpg" -

I have two PS3 controllers, but this problem can be emulated with just one, and for many people, it can probably simply be imagined via the code and the attached graphic. I want to show the

We want to add a function length() to the class Node that implements user defined lists which will compute the length of a list. An incomplete implementation of length() given below. You have to

Having a strange issue with Microsoft Edge not loading my Aurelia site. I've googled for hours with no luck. Microsoft's only solution is to clear cache or do an sfc /scannow. If I have developer

To my knowledge, wireless routers and gateways map the destination address to a port number and drops incoming packets with unidentified port mapping for the destination address. Also, I have try some

I have following models in from django.db import models # Create your models here. class Post(models.Model): text = models.TextField() def __str__(self): return self.text[:50]