WeChat QR Code

So I have been trying to add this in my site so users can update their IP linked to their account key, but it says that it updated it and when I check the database, it is not updated. Was just

I am not sure this is a stupid question but what I want is to reduce .svg file size. The svg file has a lot of float numbers with long decimals and I want to round all of them with 1 or 2 decimals. I

I've written a simple function. The purpose of go_to_url so we can set a max load time for a page. If a page does not load within the timeout_limit, then we will try loading the page again. However, I

Is it possible to auto-focus and allow navigation by keyboard in a ? I want to be able to open the menu and have the 1st item focused and highlighted, and then for the user to be able to scroll up/

I have text in TextViev, there are some words in the text, in the case when the user clicks on it, an alert should appear with a word, which for example can mean a word translation into some language.

I see a funny/annoying behavior working with String.split(). "3,,,".split(",") gives Array(3) "3,,,3".split(",") gives Array(3,"","",3) "3,3,,".split(",") gives Array(3,3) I need the result of these

So, I've written a script where I've got an input tag inside the form tags. And I'm using Flask (which is server-side) to get the input and to do some stuff with the input. But I just don't want that

I am making a call to two end points and need to display all the companies with their funds,name and factory that produces for that company. here is the response from one end point let factories = [

I know there are hundreds of people who have already asked this, but mines a little specialised (I think). I have a raw printout from a Security System (Protege) that records and logs actions taken

I am trying to remove the duplicate elements in a sorted vector such that each element appears only once. My code: #include <iostream> #include <vector> using namespace std; void

I know there is quite decent amount of topics about this, but I couldn't find any that seems to be working for me. I want to post some of the variables on google spreadsheet obtained by another

I am asking this question because now developer needs to compile his code on different OS like windows, Linux, or Mac OS to create the final deliverable. It looks bigger overhead for developers.

Please help me in giving me ideas of how to approach this problem. My idea is a greedy approach. The problem is: You are working in Samara, Russia for a few days, Each day has a new pay per unit of

I've looked at multiple posts about guards, and I seem to be doing everything right (not putting an equal sign before parenthesis, indenting, etc) but I'm still getting an error when I try to run

I'm trying to be a good Google Apps Scripter and use less permissive scopes in my app, but I can't get it to work with https://www.googleapis.com/auth/drive.file. I have a Gmail addon that needs to

Hey guy's I'm making a snake game in JS and right now all I'm trying to do is draw a snake in the center of the canvas. I've set the canvas dimensions to the board dimensions so everything scales

I am trying to set up a java program that would send and receive a file. I know there are similar things for this problem on this website, but I was having trouble after reading those. I followed

I have the following site on which I tried implementing a very nice looking animation. I don't know why but it keeps creating white space around my page and if I also add a button (as I did in the

I am new to Java and I am wondering more about best practice here in structuring my app. I'm building an application that that takes a text file input, parses that input to make instances of a class

Is it a violation of TOS to use the Youtube Data API to play videos in Background using the provided classes in the Android client library?

Is there any way to have a dynamic initial state loaded into Redux? In my case, I'd like a certain variable in the store to be dependent on what route the user initially lands on. Right now, my

I have this flask app that allows the user to upload a .mp3 file. When I run this app locally this file is saved/uploaded appropriately. However, running this app from heroku server gives a

Hi Iḿ new to google maps API and iḿ trying to make a map that puts an icon in defined places to identify sales but I can't seem to able to resize the icon! I already tried to create a var with the

Can anybody give me an advice, how can i execute follow query with PDO? Status is a String with single value "1" and $array have many different values. My Query should create a Table like follow.

Am taking a tutorial on youtube for python3 - in this exercise the code runs just fine if I have the open "r" option selected for reading files. If I switch the "r" to a "w" it runs through fine the

I'm new at WPF and I've been away from c# for years. I used to develop my basic GUIs at WindowsForms. Anyway, I cannot figure out how to update a datagrid from a combination of two comboboxes. Here'

In a Blazor app, I want to load an external assembly and execute a method. For this, I have created a new ASP.Net Core webapplication using the Blazor template. Then, in a Razor Page (which will be

I have an issue and I have no idea what is going on. I am using a WordPress theme that uses Visual Composer and I want to make an image in one row display in front another row div above it. I've got

i have two DB tables (A) with columns: (a,b,c),and (B) with columns: (a,b,c), how i can retrieve data from them with pagination. keep in mind that 'm using Codeigniter framework, and the two tables

I want to find text between to and replace it with hex codes. I believe that this preg match will find the text between the tags, but how do i combine with the code below? "/^[^</tr>]/"

I have a custom marker image and want to use a variable for the opacity of the image. I doing the following and gettin this error "Value for opacity cannot be cast from ReadableNativeMap to double"

I'm creating a controller that talks to a service. The controller (which is based on the Play library AbstractController) takes an implicit request and returns a Future[Result]. The service receives a

I have the following from IPython.display import clear_output from IPython.display import display, clear_output import ipywidgets as widgets, interact import pytraj as pt import nglview as ng gb =

So I've just imported an app into Android Studio. It says "Migrate Project to Gradle? This project does not use the Gradle build system. We recommend that you migrate to using the Gradle build

Basically I have an WPF border and I would like to fire an event when mouse is on one of the sides and corners: Left Top-Left corner Bottom-Left corner Right Top-Right corner Bottom-Right corner Top

I want to reset/clear my form after it has been submitted but am not able to setState inside my handleSubmit function. The inputs do not clear. I have noticed that for some reason logging "this.

I have an application that uses a SHBrowseForFolderA interface. I know I should be using something else. I need to use this for a variety of reasons. One of the features you can use is asking for a

I have an android library that I distribute as a jar file; Currently it has zero dependencies (other than the things built into Java itself). I like the idea of porting it to kotlin, however I haven't

I have the code below where I’m trying to use a custom scorer I defined “custom_loss_five” with GridSearchCV to tune hyper parameters. I have the example code below. I also have some sample data. I’

I am just trying to follow along with the webpack tutorial to get my feet wet with it. All was good until I got to loading fonts part where it seemed to not work anymore. The font would not change. I

I'm somewhat new to Python and I've been really struggling with solving what seems like a simple problem, but I'm noticing all this code piling up and I'm just getting lost in the sauce. I just need

my requirement image I want to show the effect of moving item views from the Recycler View to the Status Bar. But, the actual operation does not leave the RecyclerView item area. Here's my code :

I know the cacerts file that ship with JRE is the truststore where Root CA certificates are stored, many people refer to this file as a keystore as well. However, my understanding of the keystore file

I'm having a problem with the following function. The problem is that when it reaches the "return true" line or the closing bracket of the while loop, an error appears: "Read access violation. _Pnext

I want to set up some VPN that can route traffic to specific proxies depends on user credentials (dynamic). For example user-de/somepassword will use proxy x.x.x.x:5051 and user-us will use x.x.x.x:

Consider the following query SELECT my_id, my_info FROM my_table as r JOIN ( SELECT my_id, max(my_time) as max_time FROM my_table WHERE my_time > timestamp '2019-01-10 00:00:00' GROUP

I'm working on a small game with multiple choices in Javascript, after I choose the answers and hit submit, at the bottom, it will show the answer of how many questions I answer correctly, and

I want to sample geographical coordinates based on a specific number of values, let's say, 1663 for the following case: -78.0599088 -11.89402416 -78.04317744 -11.88622134 -78.0267798 -11.87700462 -78.

I want to hear some opinions on software design: Data models I'm currently developing software based on: Controller Service Repository and I'm not really sure whether it is a good

The problem here asks me to reverse any string inside (). Let's say if my the string is "foo(bar(baz))blim", then the returned result would be "foobazrabblim" . Someone helped me with the coding