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I know it depends on the audience for the project but in general what is the acceptable % to use a feature mentioned on caniuse.com?

I have a requirement where I have to send sms using twilio api but my client havent bought number on twilio so is there a way to send sms without buying number on twilio Thanks

Is there any efficient method to delete multiples databases w/attached forests in simple operation/query? My local MarkLogic testing machine becoming messy and I would like to rid out all unused

For example, I have a 82x82 table. But I want to display only central 80x80 part of the table. The hidden table cells would still have some data, I just don't want to display them. My idea was to put

I am writing a code to get JSON data from a web API and ultimately want to put it into HBASE table using Phoenix. Initial piece of code that I am using to get data from web API is returning me data

I've try to prompt user forcefully for Google Signin with official render UI component provided because I don't want to skip the signin process when there's only one google account logged in, but

I am working on a project in which I am getting reports data from multiple 3rd party apis and showing it in tables with custom filters and other things. It's working fine but I am having an issue with

How can I achieve a result that look's like this? enter link description here I'm familiar with HTML and CSS, could someone do me a great favor and write me the code? I'll try to piece it together

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: Index: 2, Size: 2 at java.util.ArrayList.rangeCheck(Unknown Source) at java.util.ArrayList.get(Unknown Source) at testing.

I'm trying to use this code in visual stdio 2015 it's display image, but with visual stdio 2013 not displaying the image.

I ran the test on my machine and it pass. However, when I push, the travis test fails. describe('.getQueryParams', () => { beforeEach('Getting params.', () => { params =

I am very new to compiling C++ and to postgresql as well. I have been trying to compile Mt4PostgreSqlWrapper from github using visual studio 2017, link - https://github.com/axdel/

While using the command - "./createPeerAdminCard.sh" , the following message is shown. Development only script for Hyperledger Fabric control Running 'createPeerAdminCard.sh' FABRIC_VERSION is unset,

Working on React Components, currently, I have created a modal window in one component on onclick function. also, it is working fine. My concern is I want to open Modal window in another component on

at my company we have python app which exposes rest APIs. I need to periodically check if APIs are functioning and return the correct data in their responses. So far i managed to configure Stackdriver

Facing issue while migrating angular 5 to angular 6 in .net core 2.1 project. For now I have updated packages, Old version package.json { "name": "projectname", "private": true, "version": "0.

I have created a custom shipping method. Now i want to embed API in it. Which steps should i follow ? Should I override Magento_Checkout onepage.php file to do this? Or override success.php file and

How can we disable recaptcha after check "I am not robot" disabled select traffic light or select store pop up.

Below code gives the error as - cannot make a static reference to a non-static field. Though non-static members can be accessed from a static method using object of the class. Can you please suggest.

Im trying to populate a checkboxes from a list getting from the controller in spring-jsp. Im getting the list from a service and then it is added to the model as an attribute. But im finding it hard

First question, I hope I can make it as clear as possible with my example I have a database that looks like this GROUP ELEMENT VALUE A 001 90 A 002 88 A 003 70 B

How can we generate a link for document in sharepoint using C#. How do we create a context to the site? I am not able to finf the right resource for that. Thanks!

I have a REST API backend project written in TypeScript where I want to be able to see when the Javascripts were generated. In my Express routes I want to have a route called '/version' which only

I'm using an Azure Blob Storage for storing photos. It works fine. To connect to the storage I added an AzureStorageConfig in my appsettings.json: "AzureStorageConfig": { "AccountName": "<

I am learning coding for javascript. I created pyramids in console the one that i am not able to achieve is function fnAlphabet(num){ var result = ''; for (var i = 1; i <= num; i++)

I have such docker-compose.yml f.e.: version: '3' services: db: #build: db image: percona:5.7.24-centos ports: - '3306:3306' environment: MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD: pass

I am putting html content dynamically base on condition. Inside html content i also have javascript in script tag. My problem is on slow internet my javascript not load on page. It's work fine on

I have successfully did a star rating system in my application using CSS the star rating consists of light grey when unselected and blue when selected. When the user selects and clicks submit they

I am trying to setup react navigation v3 with redux. In the react navigation docs I can successfully set up my navigation and it works fine without redux added. However, when I attempt to add my redux

I want to install MySQL 5.6 on Ubuntu 18.04. I could not find any source repository for this. Default MySQL server for Ubuntu 18.04 is 5.7. The only suggested repository was https://launchpad.net/~

I am trying to pass a SQL from External file to Spark-Scala like below and it is working fine, Spark-Scala Code val sqlFile = "C:\Users\Input\mytest.txt" val tempIntDf = spark.sql(Source.fromFile(s"

i have this flex column container with two elements with classes .one and .two inside: .container { display: flex; flex-direction: column; } .one { height: 50vh; } .two { height: 50px; } the

In an iOS Swift project I'm including a set of libraries built using C++ (HikVision/hcnetsdk.h) and while I've managed to get the frameworks to build, the header file won't compile and Xcode is giving

Why is Spring Framework asking the developer to explicitly write the class name from where it is being called like SpringApplication.run(ClassA.class, args); It would be a lot easier and cleaner

So, I am applying foreign key constraint on a column in MySQL table. What I noticed is that I am able to do that in two ways - ALTER TABLE book ADD CONSTRAINT fk_code_id FOREIGN KEY(book_type)

I am currently using the code below to create an email from Excel: Sub TEST() Dim outlook As Object Dim newEmail As Object Set outlook = CreateObject("Outlook.Application") Set newEmail = outlook.

I firstly apologize in advance if my question is not concise & clear but I need dire help of your knowledge on Android app & AI. Our college group was given a Project topic: Bargaining on an

Always showing app not installed, I have uninstalled it from every where in device

I'm use webrtc in android, now I want to support multi-person calls, when I check the webrtc's org.webrtc.PeerConnection class , I found that the PeerConnection support multi receivers in getReceivers(

How do I compress a folder from Windows task scheduler with a batch file? I have tried it but the batch file is not running to compress the folder. I'm sorry my English is not good. thanks.

So from what I understand if I'm running linux I can't use the 'tablewrap' attribute with xlsxwriter, If I'm wrong about that please disabuse me of that notion post-haste. That being said, I need to

I'd like to use a CSS variable to store a font in case the user doesn't have the specified font installed. Example: :root { --common-font: Comic Sans MS; } .header1 { font-family:

raise TypeError("Mixing apples and oranges: %s & %s" % (self, other)) TypeError: Mixing apples and oranges: purchase.order(<odoo.models.NewId object at 0x7f726469aac8>,) & sub.contract(&

I am trying to use mXparser from Python. It loads without problem, but as soon as try to call the expression function with a string (as in the help examples), I get an error, TypeError: no constructor

when i click one item in a.jsp, which is made by b.js calls c.js's function of getGrid() to show one more table. it shows data of what i click in console well. but table grid-table-1 doesn't changed.

Hello would like to ask if there is a way to capture a screenshot on a browser using Selenium Java under Krypton platform

What my requirement is "I have an application that downloads images from the amazon s3 bucket. And I need to cache those images, I used normal cache for doing it. But I need to implement the cache

I have tried with broadcast example . I am getting failure wrong network error from reference https://gist.github.com/evias/794b14e2af3704ff5371826e9757832b and I have tried with key pair

I am using an API in my electron app but I need to read the access token value that's returned.What are the possible ways to achieve it?

We are using wordpress and the digimember plugin for setting up an members section. Now we facing the problem, that some pages, that are created with sidebars, are accesible, although the pages are