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In one of my project, we elected to use Chronicle Map as the underlying data structure for storing and sharing data among different microservices across different hosting servers. Our idea is we use


I'm writing some code to auto-gen JSON codecs for Elm data-structures. There is a point my code, where a "sub-structure/sub-type", has already been encoded to a Json.Encode.Value, and I need to add


I'm making a javascript client that reads data from ckan using the ckan.js api. This works just fine when accessing data that does not need authentication. I see that I can make authenticated calls


I am new to react-native but I have successfully imported local files into another before and I am getting this error message. I am using expo XDE for the first time as well if that provides any


The task is to find the largest palindrome number made from the product of two 3-digit numbers but I can't understand where i made a mistake. I made a loop where I get all the possible products of


I have to uninstall tomcat before reinstall it.But, I mistakenly deleted the file folder first and then uninstalled it from "control Panel", during this process I think somewhat might be got wrong.


Error occur when using SetImmediate() method. This is error code. Error [ERR_IPC_CHANNEL_CLOSED]: Channel closed at process.target.send (internal/child_process.js:599:16) at Immediate.mine (/Volumes/


I have a React app that works in development and in production, however in production I get the following error in the console: The script has an unsupported MIME type ('text/html'). Failed to load

默认响应头:AWS API网关W/Pro集成

We have an Angular SPA front end, which communicates through an AWS API Gateway to a .Net Web API hosted in a Lambda function. This configuration mandates that our API Gateway uses proxy intgeration


using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.ComponentModel; using System.Data; using System.Drawing; using System.Linq; using System.Text; using System.Threading.Tasks; using System.


I've a multidimensionnal array like that, and I wan't to check if all of the "open_at" and "closed_at" values are NULL. array:7 [▼ 0 => array:2 [▼ 0 => array:2 [▼ "open_at" => null "


I need to set a cookie in a WKWebView on both iOS 10 an iOS 11. After reading this, I wrote different code for the 2 iOS versions, using a JavaScript script in iOS 10 and WKWebsiteDataStore in iOS 11.


I am using mustache for template rendering and I face this case: JSON { "header": "Colors", "colors": ["red", "green", "blue"] } Mustache template <h1>{{header}}</h1> <ul> {{#


I'm using identity server 4 for SSO using my own users (not using external id providers like Facebook). They can login to my mobile apps via using the hybrid flow in an external browser (for login via


I am using com.jayway.jsonpath. When I create instance of my class JsonPathRule and call evaluate, I receive true instead of false. Everytime in my filter (x || y) && (z) evaluates to true


I was wondering if there any way to perform what I want to do here. I have an HTML table/rows where each rows represent a document. Each document can be reach via a simple call to server with a


i'm creating a new Module for Drupal 7. The module must modify the content form and add some fields. One of the i'ts a Tree field, i get some taxonomies whith childs from an API and i need to show to

角度6 AG网格单元渲染器点击功能

So im trying to setup ag-grid and i cant get one thing to work. I want to have a column that is actions. Then i want it to have a link or button that triggers an method in the component ts file. For


This is a database.php in config folder $tnsname = '(DESCRIPTION = (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = = 3021)) (CONNECT_DATA = (SERVER = DEDICATED) (SERVICE_NAME = orcl))


We’re seeing intermittent 403s from the media.licdn.com 4 server - some users can see the avatar, but others get a 403 at the exact same URL. I know this is fundamentally a LinkedIn issue, but since


I want to run this code in react const WebSocketClient = require('websocket').client; const client = new WebSocketClient(); client.on('connect', function(connection) { console.log('Connected to

jQuery API - HTML-()函数问题

Hi everybody i'm trying to parse with JQuery, but i have some problem with it. I want to get JSON link. My JQuery Code : const data = $.html(function(){ const entities = Entities.decode((this).


I am creating multiple threads and I want each thread to listen for any new message in its BlockingQueue for 2 seconds and then die away. I am using the following code: public class Main { public


How remove old spark streaming data? We have spark streaming process which reads data from kafka, converts data and writes to hdfs. And we have another spark process wich creates spark sql query to


I have two files in a directory (nester). nester.py and setup.py are the two files. While trying to creating distribution in cmd by using the command python setup.py sdist am getting the syntax error.


I'd like to detect a square in an image like below: and I'd like to highlight the square by drawing a kind of 3-dimensional box around the squares corners like you can see below in the image: How


Hey I need to automate testing for a WordPress site I have a framework built using WDIO Cucumber and Selenium but because the site journeys and content is in constant flux it needs constant


Because e2e test take too time to show me that a change on file cause a break on accessors of page object i need a rapid solution for detecting that kind of issues


I have a dropdown list that is populated from an object data-source (a query in one of my dll's). I want to use cookies to have a selected value chosen in this list. I am doing it in the


I have a div (.content) that has a transform-origin: top left and I need to center it. The thing is, I can only modify CSS of its wrapper (.wrap), but not of the actual div. I've, of course, tried


I made this code to allow the user to pinch on a text to Zoom In or Out. Is it possible to put a minRange and a maxRange? How can I do it. Another question: is it possible to return to the default


I am having issues recovering messages using the gr-tnc OOT. When I run the ax25_framer_deframer_test example with HDLC Encoder scrambler disabled, the Message Debug displays repeated Xs. Vanilla

如何将Python Base64编码等同于PHP Base64编码

I am trying to write a Python function to post some JSON to PHP and there are all sorts of encryption and validation routines that I have to match. The one I cannot get to work is the Base64 encoding


I added a search bar to my project, and took the code from ionic docs getItems(ev: any) { this.initializeItems(); const val = ev.target.value; if (val && val.trim() != '') {


FYI I'm using: Windows 10 (with Powershell x86 as a terminal) Node v8.11.1 npm 6.1.0 electron-forge 5.2.2 I have built an electron app using electron-forge and when running the app with electron-

如何动态地将值填充到KubNETES YAML文件中

I would like to pass in some of the values in kubernetes yaml files during runtime like reading from config/properties file. what is the best way to do that? In the below example, I do not want to


So I have a bar chart. It contains two bar for each x-axis in which each bar read from different data frame. this is the code I am plotting the bar chart. import seaborn as sns import matplotlib.

使用NG Realor或NGOF将JSON对象中的每个对象显示为单独的列表项

I recieve an object that looks like this: I'm trying to use ng-repeat to display the "Message", "Priority" and "DateTime" properties of each object as li items in a ul. I've tried a couple of


I have VS2017, ASP.NET CORE, VSCode and SQL SERVER 2014 installed on my development environment. I downloaded the sample code from the link: https://github.com/mmacneil/ASPNetCoreGraphQL and then


I'm trying to create a new product. Here is my model : class Product(models.Model) : door = models.ForeignKey(Door, on_delete=models.CASCADE) options = models.ManyToManyField(Option) Here is


I am working on a PHP web application with a backend MySQL Database. Long story short, each user has 50 characteristics that NEED to be stored. To make the queries as fast and efficient as possible,


I am creating a method that will take a stored date and time from a DB which is stored as TEXT, use that date/time to then check between the current time and the current time plus one. Now I have


I have a large table (millions of records) and I need to write an efficient select statement. The table looks like this: create table tab1 ( pt_key number , cp_key number , ext_info varchar2(10) ,

NGiNX背后的Service Work.js相对路径

So I have a domain (company.com) and this points to an nginx reverse proxy. Nginx routes the requests to different apps (on different internal IPs) depending on the path: company.com/login company.


I made a GUI using RGtk2 named Main.R that works perfectly when run from RStudio but only works in CMD when I open R in it and then source the script. My goal is to make it fully portable and thus to


I am trying to create a function that removes the oldest files based on date, for a max of 30 files. I grab all the files in the dir. If there are more than 30, they get sorted by date. Then the


I'm using a library in C that works with a callback as a parameter, see this super simple example: #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include "axgmb.h" void callback(

如何在Apache Sead中关联文件的数据串

I’m new on Spark and I’m trying to understand if it can fit my use case. I have the following scenario. I have a file (it can be a log file, .txt, .csv, .xml or .json, I can produce the data in


need sql regex to fetch data before first pipe and last backslash from the text before pipe. eg: test=file://2019/13/40/9/53/2abc123-7test-1edf-9xyz-12345678.bin|type=app/href|size=1234|encoding=|


I'm using django-registration for my project. I am overriding the package's RegistrationView with my own RegistrationViewWithContext, which allows me to pass extra context to the form. urlpatterns = [