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I'm looking for a way to add an attribute to a Channel before creating it. The reason is that I need to associate the Channel to some arbitrary object so that I have the ability to get the object

SQL> select to_date(' ','YYYYMMDD') from dual; ERROR at line 1: ORA-01841: (full) year must be between -4713 and +9999, not be 0 SQL> select * from dual where to_date(' ','YYYYMMDD') = '

i have tried this, getting click on the checkbox and store the results in Arr. selectpermission(e, permission,modulename){ let Arr:any = []; if (e.target.checked) { let name = modulename;

I have a two-dimensional array of mesh-grided (lat,lon) data in a numpy array. From a single specified point in this array, I want to extend two lines in different directions, such that the area

This is my code. I can perfectly upload .jpg file. But images with .JPG file extensions are not getting uploaded. No error is shown. Here is my code $nameofimage = mt_rand(0, 1000000) .basename($

Stackblitz example link I am using angular material - mat-autocomplete inside form. I want to show red highlight text and border color to the input field & mat-error message for matAutocomplete

Here is my site primecars.darbarhotel.com I design my own custom form and now i want to embedded form design like my form design. i want to customize my embedded form which is embed form

I want to add regularization into my optimizer like this: tf.train.AdadeltaOptimizer(learning_rate=1).minimize(loss) But I don't know how to design the function "loss" into the code below The

I have a WebApp that uses ESRI map which renders two heat layers over it and other few layers. The issue is that when I browse to the app, chrome crashes. Strangely, this is happening only in iPad

I've tried the following methods to use the scheduler, but I can't find an answer, so I'd like to ask you a question. The scheduler service is running exactly on time. However, only 'sessionService.

I have an openssl.lib (linked to by an old version of node.js) and I would like to know how to figure out its version. Is this possible? N.B. I have Visual Studio in various versions and their

I am working on Animating my view where i animate the translation and scaling of View. Problem: If my animation duration is for 2000 ms (2 Sec) i don't want any user event's to interfere in between

I have recently installed Qt Creator 5.12. I can use the edit mode to write codes and can the successfully build and run projects with MinGw compiler. However, I have problems with using the Design

Item Wise Sales Register report did not show the correct rate. It shows the different Rate. Like one Item price is 87.00 Taka(BDT) but Item wise sales Register Report shows the 8.7 Taka(BDT). Please

I have a build server running Windows 10, Visual Studio 2017 15.9.4, SSDT 15.1.61810.11040, SQL Server Analysis Services 15.0.900.163 When I run the following from the command line it produces the

I need to know how to make a link open an Instagram page in an app if the app is installed on a smartphone.I tried this code below.But its not working properly,it opens (instagram app,instagram from

The menu on a laptop or desktop is like I want it to be, however on a small screen, I'm 'losing' to options; the search icon and the translate menu. What I would like to achieve is that the logo, the

Hi As per my understanding Azure function will execute In case RunOnStartup = true 1. on startup 2. if a host changed 3. a new deployment happen 4. on schedule time And, In case

I want to toggle a class to the body if I click on the button inside the header component Header.vue : <template lang="html"> <header> <button class="navbar-toggler navbar-toggler

I want to get an XML document containing NAME, FIRSTNAME and STR of all entries where ZIP=2222 and the NAME=Meier. The input is: <ROOT> <REC> <CONTACT> <NAME>Schmidt&

Consider the below image as an example, I want the below example in my recycler view. Thank You..

I'm trying to insert and then display the information in the screen, but I don't know what's wrong with my logic, I've read some tutorials but did not got it right. Can someone help me with? Would be

So I have Phoenix Project v1.3 and I want to add a pagination query in the backend. I'm trying to use scrivener to paginate my queries. But I'm stuck in the Installation Process. I'm getting a

I have a Laravel 5.2 job that runs every minute: $schedule->command('bii:workorder-post-process') ->everyMinute(); It's a job that runs for several minutes on each execution, handling

gc.collect() just send a request to do the garbage collection. It is not actually starting garbage collection. Then why Microsoft written this public method. As per Microsoft docs, The GC.

Problem: In the below code as per the developer guide final ActionBar actionBar = getActionBar(); actionBar.setNavigationMode(ActionBar.NAVIGATION_MODE_TABS); the setNavigationMode is getting

I'm trying to connect windows PC in commandline but i'm unable to do that. Actually my requirement is to connect windows PC which is in the same network to use it's gpu resources. In linux we can do

I am trying to make a script to automatically browse a URL in Tor browser and after a few second terminate the process on the windows. everything works fine actually, python randomly chooses a line

i have used prometheus, grafana stack to monitor my local kubernetes cluster.But the grafana UI is not able to get cluster data or metrics. can anyone help me out to setup this

I want to input a string then format it using Cleditor. However, when I clicked on the B icon then clicked back on the text area frame to input the text, it lost the bold effect. Then I found out that

I'm looping through a file with several lines and printing them to a new file. However, I can't seem to print parts of the line that contains succeeding spaces. For example: 123213 4152345245

I created datagridview to pdf its working But I want Table in vertical view help me to solve this

I have a function mapped on Quick create formOnLoad event in Dynamics. The script is : var CompanyName = (function (){ return { testFn : function(){ console.log("a"); } } })({}); The function

I just write this random string generator std::string RandomString(int len) { srand(time(0)); std::string str = "0123456789ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz"; std::

'default region code alwasy shows US(+1)in firebase suthligin screen. please help me to solve this isses. enter code here this is my gradle file please suggest if anything need to be changed'

I have looked all over and the syntax I have seen on websites doesn't seem to work I want to replace the numbers in the following code with variables start and end: sed -i '28030,31121d' strip.dat

I am transmitting protobuff message over the network using REST. My REST Client is written in Java and REST service is in python. I generate a java protbuff message and write it into file and send to

import $ from 'jquery'; export class BaseElement { constructor(){ this.element = null; //jquery Object } appendToElement(el) { this.createElement(); el.append(this.element); }

I'm using divi template, and I have sortable porftolio on homepage. I need to display tags of these under each one. I have tried to get_the_tags( id ) , get_the_tag_list() and et_the_term_list('tags',

I have a Eureka naming server configured on port 8761. Below is the application.yml file for it. server: port: 8761 eureka: numberRegistrySyncRetries: 1 instance: preferIpAddress: true hostname:

Whenever I run my nodeJS app on Ubuntu, my mongodb process from "top" command shows 99%. This is the log from mongodb itself. 2018-12-19T06:27:08.085+0000 I COMMAND [conn4022] command mydb.City

Here is my string '2018-01-31 05:29:37 | Jan Pong Lee | [Number of contacts]:1', I would like to remove '| Jan Pong Lee |', sometimes the name can have 2 or 4 words, is there a way to do that?

How to fix it. I can't run Cluster again after shut down computer. It's stoped in Starting VM

I want to know what is the best practice for saving passwords in Android App, does it the key chain or shared preference and why ?

I am trying to create a library for linux in C#. In order to make certain things work I had to write some code in C and invoke from the C# class using PInvoke. My question is how do I bundle this

I am trying to create expand/ collapse tableView having multiple labels, textViews and images. The problem is when I expand a cell, the top most label (Black Text/ Blue background in image) disappears

I am trying to get the Email associated with the current user. The following shows few lines that I add Claims in authentication. public override async Task GrantResourceOwnerCredentials(

I'm new on dnspython. I know that bind dns zone files are like this. $TTL 86400 @ IN SOA ns1.example.com. root.example.com. ( 2013042201 ;Serial 3600 ;Refresh

I have recently started using fbprophet package in python. I have monthly data for last 2 years and forecasting for next 9 months. Since, I have monthly data I have only included yearly seasonality (

Because I am new to programming and trying to learn several languages at once, I made a series of files in one folder in order to test how these different languages/technologies work together. In the