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[enter image description here][1] [1]: https://i.stack.imgur.com/vKq6V.pngstrong text


I'm trying to get the list of files generated on current date in the ls -l format using find command , like below: find . -type f -name "sample[0-9]*?_bill[0-9]*?.pdf" -mtime 0 -exec ls -l {} \; The


I am trying to make my custom TextBox (which inherits WebControlls.TextBox) extendable by AJAX Toolkit Error : Extender control '' cannot extend 'txtUserId'. Extender controls of type '


import spacy from spacy import displacy doc1 = nlp(u'the dog barked at the stranger') displacy.serve(doc1, style='dep') I want this dependency tree to be embedded in notebook itself


I am working with the following question Using system; namespace StringToNumerics { class Trial { static void Main(string[] args) { string division = "10/5";


I have a javafx application: @Override public void start(Stage primaryStage) { PRIMARY_STAGE = primaryStage; PRIMARY_STAGE.setTitle("My amazing app"); PRIMARY_STAGE.setMaximized(true);


I am facing one problem when i clicked on import button(backend) in woocommerce product menu it gives me error and that is this page isn't working i am also try from tools->import->WooCommerce


I have a column with dates in object type > df['created_at_first'] Thats the result created_at_first 2018-07-01 02:08:06 2018-06-05 01:39:30 2018-05-16 21:18:48 I would like to create new


I am developing an SAPUI5 application. What I want to achieve is to have a suggestion list autocomplete in my search field. For example when I type "app", I will list suggestion of "apple, application"


I am unable to open October CMS in my localhost. I've IIS installed in my PC. When I type localhost in browser, IIS is opened. For October CMS, I've installed XAMPP. apache port -> 1234,1443 mySQL


I am trying to create dev environment for fetching ads insights in development mode. We are able to create Sandbox Ad Account test user We are also able to get Access token with required


I have a very simple .net Core (2.1) console application that uses a couple of NuGet packages for development. When I compile (not self-contained) it's output is as follows: HelloWorld.deps.json


I'm populating a table by mapping each row, and inside mapping each column . I want to enable a NavLink instance only if its the first column of each row . I also want to use the row ID and concat it


I have a specific problem, I explain: I have a table "schedule" in my database, the table has 7 fields; monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday When I get the schedule of a coach I do: Coach.find({


I have a TFrame with a TEdit component. The frames are created dynamically at runtime as a TTabsheet for a TPageControl. I need to set the TTabSheet.Caption to the TEdit.Text on the TEdits KeyPress


I'm trying to persist user connection in my React-native app. I'm using : "aws-amplify": "1.0.2", "aws-amplify-react-native": "1.0.2", "aws-appsync": "^1.3.1", "aws-appsync-react": "^1.1.1", "react"


I have a dataframe with 5 different columns. My actual problem is groupby a specific field with a max() and return the row that fulfils this condition. Example (I put the code and a print-screen of


What is the connection line to the database (sql) from visual studio? And what if there is no sql server on my machine already! What are good books or sites to be referred for industry ready .net


We are using a VB.NET script (.NET Framework 3.5), we need to create a image file with text in the image. We should be able to pass a text string which need to be displayed in the image from our VB.


I'm having a problem with Bootstrap + jquery loading from CDN sometimes it doesn't load/get imported from CDN for example : <link rel="stylesheet" href="https://maxcdn.bootstrapcdn.com/


Here below is my code sample, I forked a new process and use it to receive the message via UDS sent by main process, but I added a time.sleep(5) in the child's logic: import os import socket import


I would like to generate a exponentially increasing list of numbers between a start and an end number. So for example I would to take: start_num = 700,000 end num = 750,000 num_steps = 100 and

什么是免费的替代惠普KeVIEW for Windows?

Please suggest any alternative Open source tool or software for Windows which i am using into my project . Open source means i need SDK for that tool. My Goal - To View More file format like text, .

WebLogic 12C中的JNDI查找

I have a legacy code with JNDI template which is: <bean id="jndiTemplate" class="org.springframework.jndi.JndiTemplate"> <property name="environment"> <props>


I wanted to have an ion-input that will be focused and the keyboard should not appear. Is there any way or is it possible? Thank you!


I have an issue where when running my app in Windows Mixed Reality the microphone's sensitivity levels would change, usually going to a lower sensitivity. My app uses the microphone and it needs the


I am fairly new to C++ and I would like to do the following but can't figure out how. I want to define a function based on a template with some parameters. Lets say we have f(x)=a*x+b, but the

ESXI 4,检索属性SOAP调用

Am trying to get Datastore summary using RetrieveProperties method. I'm POSTing the following: <Envelope xmlns="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/"> <Body xmlns="http://schemas.

Visual Studio日期范围选择器不

I am new to Jquery and I want to display a dateRangePicker in my ASP.net web application [Visual Studio 2017]. I have found the below component perfect for my requirement: https://github.com/


I'm really stuck trying to figure it out why UIScrollView won't scroll. I will post screenshot of my application: And structure for this controller is following: I have two horizontal collection


Hello my fellow developers! I am currently struggling with a problem in the latest Visual Studio 2017 Professional - Version 15.8(.1). Since The Update to Version 15.8, I am unable to publish any


I'm using passport.js authentication for different API's and works fine, but I want to separate the code for each one and I'm stuck calling passport.authenticate('facebook'). I'll put Facebook code


I've started reading "Learning Spring Boot 2.0 - Second Edition: Simplify the development of lightning fast applications based on microservices and reactive programming" and am having trouble with one


I try to upload a file using input tag and type='file', i want to save that in my project folder. Can i do that with the help of javascript without using ajax?.. Is there any possibility available?


im new to perl, im trying to read an excel file. And trying to write into another excel sheet when ever required data is found. I found few codes online and edited them, writing into excel


getting exception : SLF4J: Class path contains multiple SLF4J bindings. SLF4J: Found binding in [jar:file:/C:/Users/apoorva.dubey/.m2/repository/ch/qos/logback/logback-classic/1.1.7/logback-classic-

Django 2中的URL映射

so moving from Django 1.9 to Django 2 is not so smooth for me. I have struck in the URL patterns. Django 2.0 uses path instead of URL, How to convert these URL patterns to Django 2.0 compatible? url(


If we can create REST Api using Spring MVC then why do we need Spring REST? Spring MVC is based on servlet,is Spring REST also based on servlet? Which specifications do Spring MVC and Spring REST


I have a project where I have two windows, basically you could compare it with powerpoint in presentation mode. In one of my windows I would like do show a small preview in a corner of what is shown


I have a really strange missing values message which is not reproducible and I also can't find the problem. Any suggestion? Once I get the warning, once not, and by counting NAs, I don't find it. &


I wanted to replace the old inclusion guard macros with a #pragma once in a huge project. #ifndef FOO_H #define FOO_H class foo { }; #endif I wonder, what could be a reliable strategy to replace


I need to print any doc type in console app, i tried using System.Drawing.Printing, but it could not be found in VS. System.Drawing.Printing.PrintDocument printDocument = new System.Drawing.Printing.


I am partaking in an online course and have come across a question which involves making a simple program which finds the product of all elements in an array. I understand it is a simple question but


I want to test my app by Iphone7, and IOS version(16A5357B) doesn't support ,where can I find it? here is supported version,I want to know where can I download it


I have used a timer to call a method at 5 seconds interval inside a job scheduler. But the job scheduler only running on app running stage,if i kill the app the job scheduler was not worked. How to


I've the following Home controller: [HttpGet] public async Task IndexAsync() { Response.Write($"{Thread.CurrentThread.ManagedThreadId} - {DateTime.Now} begin <br>");


I have a text input and a small script to focus on it after a few seconds: setTimeout(() => { debugger; //Emulates a breakpoint document.getElementById("textinput").focus(); }, 2000); &


I've been trying to use COLMAP to produce 3D meshes from photographs, but all I can get is useless point clouds. I've studied various YouTube tutorials, but the results I get differ from what I am


I used flutter map in a scaffold and I have a method named "_showMyBottomSheet" in scaffold widget class. the map used to execute this method when the map is tapped and the bottom sheet opened. but


I'm trying to open pdf from my application to default document viewer in Nougat. This is not duplicate cause I have different problem than others so read till end . What I've tried: I know i have