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Ruby on Rails无法生成带有地图内容的PDF

I'm trying to render a PDF of my page that contains a google map but it always comes out as empty. Strange thing is when I call the url using the wkhtmltopdf binary it actually work. Could I be

在ASP.NET C语言中从HTML模板生成多页报表

Please do not down-vote, as i already did a lot of google on my issue and it wasn't that much useful. Issue I need to generate report in the given below format. I am planning to do it using HTML ,


The Issue: I'm attempting to build a simple search tool. It returns a search query by matching an id to another item with the same id. Without going into the complexities, the issue I'm having is


I have 2 groups of data (the main difference between the 2 are that one has half as many features - and consequently different labels of course)that perform better when they are trained independently (


This might sound easy but I am unable to give a proper approach for this. I want to Delete a whole list from a list of lists that carries two equal elements. EX [[5,5,5],[5,10,5],[5,10,15],[5,10,10],[

I can not understand this error , why it won't allow me to post data to users array so i can access it from the html ?

JavaAdmin SDK的FielBASE在项目导出为JAR时会出错

i am trying to create a java application using firebase admin sdk this code is tested FileInputStream serviceAccount = new FileInputStream("path/to/serviceAccountKey.json"); FirebaseOptions options =


I was dealing with a project involving scientific calculation and had to operate on data stored in one-dimensional array representing a 2-D matrix. That meant static and dynamic creation of arrays of

从Ruby on Rails中的字符串中查找字符串

I want to find all subsrings which start from # in a string Like my string dfgdf fdg dsf sad sad #world #football I want to extract #world and #football from this string. But I can't find any way to


I'm creating a simple WPF application for contacts managing in which I'm using an ItemsControl populated with customized button (see the code below) which I have stumbled upon an issue with. <

显示错误:JDBC没有找到合适的驱动程序:MySQL://LoalHo宿:3307 /学生(无法获得不同解决方案的解决方案)

Unable to rectify the error, I have tried this code. trying to print the table of the database , but it is showing such error Error showing : No suitable driver found for jdbc:mysql://localhost:


I'm currently working on a project which requires unsafe-eval at startup due to the use of lodash's _.template function. After startup eval is no longer needed. After load, I'm modifying disallowing


Using the upcoming C# 8 nullable reference type feature, how can I tell if the type signature for a field/method/ property etc is a nullable or non-nullable reference type at runtime?


TLDR Does this method require Unit Testing? If your answer is Yes, please ensure you understand my thought process by reading the whole Question. public void UpdateChildSomethings(int parentId,


Hello I'm trying to build a simple video calling app using node.js ,socket.io. I have been reading WEBRTC on mdn and I'm getting confused.Do I need RTCDataChannel for the video calling app also along

Apache CAMONS CLI选项值与其他选项的名称相同

I am in a situation where a valid argument for an option is the same as the name of another option. Example: options.addOption("a", true, "Option a"); options.addOption("b", false, "Option b");


Sorry, I know there are so many questions relating to indexing, and it's probably starring me in the face, but I'm having a little trouble with this. I am familiar with .loc, .iloc, and .index methods


I'm analyzing datasets concerning the 2016 election. They are data on demographics and voting results by U.S. county. I want to narrow down the counties to the ones that strongly support Trump. So,


I have an elasticsearch model with a field starts_at with the mapping "starts_at": { "type": "date", "format": "yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ssZ" } When I try to


On my website I use contact form 7 to send our price list to our potential clients. They just need to fill up their name and email. In case that they want to book our service the clients just click on


function print(min, max){ return Math.floor(Math.random() * max) + min } alert(setInterval(print(1,10), 3000)) I want my function to alert random numbers from min to max every 3 seconds. I have


This is the code that I have used to produce the following output: import pandas as pd import matplotlib.pyplot as plt import numpy as np xedges = [27.5, 35, 42.5, 50, 57.5, 65, 72.5,


I'm trying to deploy my bot and so far I've heard of pythonanywhere which works for 3-4 hours and then I have to restart it and Heroku which is pretty good too. Is there any way to host it on


I'm trying to compile my maven project using Java 10 but I'm having trouble. In my IDE (IntelliJ IDEA) everything compiles and runs just fine under Java 10. I installed the latest maven version 3.5.4


A game is played with 2 decks, both decks have 52 cards each and there are 4 jokers. A standard hand consists of 11 cards. How many hands are possible? Is 108P11 right? 108*107*106*105*104*103*102*


I have a linux machine with a WiFi Hotspot assigning IP's in the network. I have bind 9 installed. my named.conf only includes "include "/etc/bind/named.conf.local";", everything else

如何使用PDF JS?

For load PDF file in pdfjs in browser I'm using this code but it's not working for me and file does not show in the browser. <a href="C:/pdfjs-1.9.426/web/viewer.html?file=C:\document.pdf">


I'm trying to unlock data from the keychain / secure enclave via FaceID and make it accessible for the duration of the User session (without additional unlocks). Per the documentation for


I have small issue on my floating button , the floating button its on the buttom right. when i click to english language it appears the same position. now my point is , how to let the floating button

MySQL PASS()列作为间隔日

I have problem with passing MAX(t.to_days) as max_days to DATE_ADD(t.date, INTERVAL max_days DAY) Query: select t.*, MAX(t.to_days) as max_days from transactions t where CURRENT_DATE > DATE_ADD(


I am new to codding, I am created a canvas in angular, and i am trying to pass data That i am receiving from my server to my function inside ngAfterViewInit() The thing is when i am hard coding the


I'm currently trying to implement the core of the second algorithm implemented in this paper (p5-8, p17-20) in matlab as a prototype for a larger project that requires object height detection. The

Access 602的目的是什么?

In this code what is the purpose of access this access$602 ? I copy and past this code on my project but I can't solve the error of access$602. I want to know what is the work of it and how to solve


Does db2 check for file locks when running the db2 import/export command? I have 2 processes, one runs an export to ixf, and another process that imports the ixf. Both run multiple times a day, the


I need to parse a strange JSON looking like this [ "selectedProduct", "GGHJHG", "productsOrder", [ "GGHJHG" ], "productsList", [ "^ ", "GGHJHG", [ "^ ",


I have a topology which saves data it is unable to process at the moment to a special database. Once I add the capability to process the data, I would like to be able to tell the topology "Go and


I want to use exit code 1, if the command returns no output in EOF. But I can't use variable to store the command or store the output in a file. For example: #!/bin/bash a='Some other commands in


I am trying to make word cloud using zingcharts. But I am not able to reduce white space between the words and make the word cloud more compact. Current Version of word cloud I want something like

在Ubuntu上修改的CasyA 3.3 OMNETPP 5.3 -权限被拒绝

I have compiled both castalia 3.3 with its modified version adapted to omnet 5.3 and everything was right but when running simulation using command line /Castalia/Simulations/radioTest$ ../../bin/


I have started learning Jhipster and have created basic CRUD application which is working perfectly fine. I want to extend my application and add new features to Angular part (FE). I want to


so to keep it short, my question is this? I want to make a website shop that when you check out the product(s) that the user selected get sent to my email, along with their info. I know how to make


I have a simple screen with two EditText Boxes and 1 button. I want users to be able to enter various integers into the boxes and the program will perform different operations based on the specific


I'm trying to set a SSL an ssl-key and cert file on ng serve. ex: ng serve --ssl true --ssl-key './assets/somekey.key' --ssl-cert './assets/somecert.cert' However, running this code, the angular cli


I'm writing a simple example of a minimization cost problem. The idea is to decide when to send/receive money in order not to miss the demand/supply of cash. T= [0,1,2,3,4,5] Capacidad= 1000 R0=59 CF=


This is a fairly simple question I think, however I haven't seen too many examples or really anything that explains the connection between using docker configs (v 3.3+) and loading that config into

如何在CAKEPHP 3中验证同名的多个输入?

Beblow is my form. The date may not be in the past. How can I validate each value in CakePHP 3 validation way?


I was programming for a project, but cannot figure out if it is possible to move an image's position before combining it with another one? I have a target image, and a background. I know how to


I wanted to grab a argument from a string in python I wanted to grab the city of this string: weather in <city> How do I get the city? Into a new variable?

Python 3.6导入CV2库

import cv2 File "C:\Program Files\Python36\lib\site-packages\cv2__init__.py", line 3, in from .cv2 import * ImportError: DLL load failed: The specified module could not be found.


With the following data frame, I would like to shift data. Grouping by 'ID' and 'Series', the data in columns Q, R and T should be shifted down to the row where 'Status' is End. data = pd.