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Given two strings s and t, determine length of shortest string z such that z is a subsequence of s and not a subsequence of t. example : s :babab, t :babba sol : 3 (aab)

I am in need of ordering a list of numbers stored in a C++ vector: #include <vector> #include <iostream> struct Oid { Oid(std::vector<oid_data_unit> _oid_) : mOid(_oid_) {}

let paymentURL = URL(string: "http://etc..")! var request = URLRequest(url: paymentURL) request.httpBody = "payment_method_nonce=(nonce)&amount(amount)".data(using: String.Encoding.

i have problem. I want generate multiple JRXML files on Java. I guess Jasper Reports Library can help me but i don't know which class use.. Just need generating empty JRXML files. Thanks.

Helo, I have a problem with testing controller that throws MethodArgumentNotValidException. I have entity with validation annotation. public class Tag extends ResourceSupport { @NotEmpty(

I would like to match names based on frequency of usage. For instance, I want to match Elizabeth and Liz as same as most frequently Elizabeth is nick named as Liz. Same for William and Will. I am

I'm new in django development. I m developing an API in which i am sending data from client side (mobile app) and this data is to be stored in a database using django. And if I query the data the data

So I know window.find(), an unstandard js object that finds a string on the page, it returns true if found and false if not. Now is there somthing similar to string.replace(), but is a window object (

I've been flustered over trying to figure out how to call a method from an instance of a class from a different class. For example: public class Test1 { public static void main(String[] args)

I'm reading this article and I can't really understand how the finalizable objects (objects which override the finalize method) takes at least 2 GC cycles before it can be reclaimed. It takes at

Scenario: I have a list of companies that each have an array of projects as one of their variables. I will display the list of companies in the parent component/html, and only when clicking on their

I am trying to label images in a jupyter notebook by selecting a ROI in an image with mouse clicks. I wanted to use the ginput function from matplotlib.pyplot but jupyter notebook raises the error:

I wanted a good way of storing time i.e. 12:00 PM, 2:00 PM, 6:30 AM, etc.. into Firestore. Not using timestamp (day, month, year, milliseconds, etc). Like an alarm clock, and how to retrieve it? I

I am creating a menu. I am using Bootstrap 4 and my code is: <div class="row mx-2"> <div class="dropdown"> <button type="button" class="btn btn-info dropdown-toggle" data-

How can I get the min length value in the form? <div *ngIf="dataForm.get('description').hasError('minlength') && dataForm.get('description').touched"> The product description minimum

In my application, I am following a OAuth-Login procedure. I am authenticating successfully by receiving a code within a url through my custom url, with which I already can get hold of an access_token.

When I convert a DOC file with Shift-JIS encoding to PDF by using LibreOffice command line, output look likes: ‰Á“¡�²“¡“¡“¡. My command line: "C:/Program Files/LibreOffice/program/soffice.exe" --

3D model is not displaying Loading DXF model with dxf loader from GIT. Model is not displaying, only black screen is showing. It might be the camera, the model problem or any other problem. I am

Note: my question is not duplicate I have form in out of site and use web api laravel 5.7, now is send these parameters as post: estate: "545345" id_number: "43534545" serial_number: "435435345"

For one of my project i need to show a alert with custom animation which will show message when a network activity is finished in a separate view.The animation would be something like this . My

public class Test{ public static void main(String[] args){ while(true) new Object(); } }

Can somebody please give me a simple example of bidirectional association in c++ which the interface(.h file) and the implementation(.cpp) are in seperate files, i've been struggling with it since i'

I have 184 audit sheets in one folder. I want to reference 1 cell in each of these sheets and bring them back in to one master spreadsheet. I have a code that does the opposite that sends a value to

In integration tests I use real modules instead of mocks. The app reaches to the callback(param) line. However, Jest does not return callbacks although Mocha do seamlessly. I wonder is there any

I have this question: how can I calculate all the possible combinations of banknotes in Java given a number of banknotes? The output should be like this: You can only use bills of 20€, 50€ and 100€.

I have this piece of Java8 code: user.getAcquisitions() .parallelStream() .map(a -> a.getPurchases()) .sorted(Comparator.comparing(Purchase::getPurchaseDate).reversed()); But I have

I am having problems connecting a java program using JDBC to my XAMPP mySql Database on localhost. This is my Java Code: import java.sql.Connection; import java.sql.SQLException; import java.sql.

I have a enormous data which consists of various coloumns from that of my interest is coloumn 3 and 7. In coloumn 3 there are names and in coloumn 7 there are numbers. If the value in coloumn 7 is

i am new to c# i found a software which need a product key for activation, when I decompile I found a line of code which is checking the key i would like to know, what is the code means. below is my

I am trying to code for make a registration System and Identity Card printer first form done with making data import to database using sqlite3 database and tkinter GUI.this form for get data from

I have a nav hamburger menu that when it's clicked, opens up the main navigation menu. On one of our pages, we have a navigation menu embedded into the page, and both work fine, but when the main

Problem I'm setting up eslint with eslint-config-standard. I'm also using babel plugin that @babel/plugin-proposal-class-properties. I tried lint my javascript files by "eslint index.js" command,

I am using squid proxy but normal https sites does not shows in logs or only when connection is closed. The latest test I did and found that Each "GET" in CONNECT request will be in log only after

I have this simple method: private String read(String filePath) throws IOException { FileReader fileReader = new FileReader(filePath); BufferedReader bufferedReader = new BufferedReader(

I have a carousel in which loads images from a API and the carousel changes image as you click on a different image or the "previous" or "next" buttons. There are lots of examples of putting text

I am new to Apache installation. When I am trying to start Apache server by command line $ sudo ./apachectl start I got the message: [ AH00558: httpd: Could not reliably determine the server's

I was bored while watching youtube and I started to program just basic randomisation of characters. And then I thought of three letter words that have 36 different characters to choose from. import

help me please i was try to create javafx stacked bar on myproject. i'm so confused to create that bar, it's not common for me. i have read any ask question and any answer on stacked over flow but, my

To implement pytorch's DataSet class __get_item__() method, it requires to support the indexing such that dataset[i] can be used to get ith sample. Say I have a time-series ser: 2017-12-29 14:44:00

I use: php artisan storage:link After that i can access my file in public/storage But when I add file like this: request()->image->store('public/storage/foto'); or request()->

I have a xlsx file with 3 columns. There are more than 100 000 rows. Example of data in file: Row1 = {site1.com utm_source=adwrods&utm_medium=cpc 10} Row2 = {site2.com utm_source=medid&

select count(ratings) as number_of_ratings,sum(ratings) as sum_of_ratings from performance_reviews where year(review_date)=2004 and employee_id='00009-1761417-9'; i am executing above QUERY in php

I'm creating a jest transformer but for some reason it doesn't work and doesn't throw any errors Here's my // .babelrc { "plugins": ["transform-es2015-modules-commonjs"] } // jest.config.js

I've got a form which is submitting a post request to Flask. It all works perfectly except when a checkbox is not ticked which causes a 400 error unless I have a try: except: catch for each option.

I have a bam file does anyone know how to convert a bam file to a csv file? I am trying to use R-software to open the bam file but I am not sure how to get the variables from the bam files so far I

In the JS, I am creating an input element which will be nested inside a div with id "scripts" on the html. I attach a value to that input field via JS and later on I want to catch the value of the

I've written some code to iterate through the children of a LinearLayout: for(int i=0;i<myLinearLayout.getChildCount();i++){ // some code } With only 5 child views, it had 10's of thousands of

I am trying to run specs on a Rails 5 app. However, I am seeing the following LoadError: Failure/Error: raise LoadError, 'Capybara is unable to load puma for its server, please add puma to your

I have been given two .accdb files. One file is the app(the front-end with forms) and the other file is the database(a bunch of tables) that the front-end connects to. I need to make some coding and

jQuery slider ain't working. No errors in console, in other questions with similar problem there was a problem with JQuery libraries, but mine a fine, i guess. Also i've checked that libraries are