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I am using auroradb service from my java lambda code. Here I set my lambda concurrency as 1. Since creating/closing database connection is an expensive process, I have created the mysql connection

i am tying to search user search from database database include varchar and image every time i type in search box this error appears in console Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token < in JSON at

What is the advantages of using Merkle trees over Hash lists (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hash_list)? A hash list is a 2-level structure, Merkle tree is log n - level structure. Both can be used

My setup is like this: An old Windows XP machine that still has a real serial port and a newer Windows 7 machine that uses a USB-Serial adapter. I'm trying to run the librs232 example which looks like

I am trying to delete a file. I tried using: dbx.file_delete() however I get an AttributeError. AttributeError: 'Dropbox' object has no attribute 'file_delete' I believe this is because file_delete()

I'm developing an app in Android Studio which I've installed previously on a simulator. Now I want to simultaneously run an older version of same app on SAME sim. So I loaded up the corresponding

After reading the microsoft docs (https://docs.microsoft.com/fr-fr/aspnet/core/client-side/spa/angular?view=aspnetcore-2.2&tabs=visual-studio), i have seen that we use the Startup.cs file to call

How to render java.time.localdate in grails gform. In browser I can't see field for java.time.localdate property.

I'm running a fixed effects regression in R, with four FE strata. I have an independent variable, x, that varies within two of the strata, but is invariant within the other two strata. My

my rails app is deployed on Heroku, I cannot access my Graphiql on www.mysite.heroku.com/graphiql,it gives me this page image image

private void CmdPositionRel_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { CmdTest.Location = new Point( CmdTest.Location.X = + 20, CmdTest.Location.Y); What I am trying to achive is that by

Wikipedia defines URI format as follows (RFC 3986, section 3 (2005)): URI = scheme:[//authority]path[?query][#fragment] A non-empty scheme component followed by a colon (:), consisting of a

I'm processing multiple (independent) Exponential Moving Average 1-Pole filters on different parameters I have within my Audio application, with the intent of smooth each param value at audio rate:

When I try to utilize grid-areas, they are not spanning the appropriate amount of columns. The grid-template-columns property is however working fine and it displays as if I was not using the grid-

I am working on a project for school makin a little game using Typescript. I am trying to add a function to a eventlistener, but the eventlisteners render all the argument as void. public

I have such script made in Python3: response = simple_get("https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mathematics") result = {} result["url"] = url if response is not None: html = BeautifulSoup(response, '

I install ffmpeg successfully. ffmpeg worked https://imgur.com/a/Ws9VGUr but in the sites (in the php) ffmpeg does not working. example: video screens does not seem. Also, php -m There is no

I want to compute in pyhton the average shortest path between very big subgraphs stored in dictionaries like this: graph = {'Subgraph1' : { 52: [401135, 1069112, 1163551],

I'm using SFML library and I'm trying to generate a random float between 0.0f and 360.0f, and then I want to generate a new vector based on that and assign it to element of and std::vector of type

in my use of google.cloud.firestore i have "blinking" error RetryError: RetryError(Exception occurred in retry method that was not classified as transient, caused by <_Rendezvous of RPC that

I have some time series data called dat and what I am trying to do is to split it into training and test on a rolling basis. Say we have 100 days in total, I want to train the model on the first 20

I am making a website (little e-shop), where my task is to add products/ delete them and so on. I am stuck and point where I don't know how to add information from text box which is located under a

I want to display difftime data with ggplot2 and I want the tick format to be hh:mm. library(ggplot2) a= as.difftime(c("0:01", "4:00"), "%H:%M", unit="mins") b= as.difftime(c('0:01', "2:47"), "%H:%

In a form the field below "name" is "company", but for some reason chrome autocomplete often puts the users birthyear, 4 digits in that field. Can I make a pattern which makes exactly 4 digits

I've made a simple example that highlights a few of the problems / not-understandings I'm having with TypeScript. I created a simple list of cars that reference a caritem detail view. Code is below

When I try and unserialize the following string: a:3:{i:0;s:19:\"Sales+%2F+Customers\";i:1;s:78:\"Micro+Business+%28less+than+10+employees+%26+turnover+under+%C2%A32+million%29\";i:2;s:13:\"

I'm making some function in my application with JavaFX and Scene Builder I can pick a color when clicking on JFoenix Color Picker and then this color applies to my label background I made JFOenix

My chart doesn't read my array data unless I hit breakpoints while obtaining the data through JSON url. If I am debugging, my chart renders okay, if not, it's blank. Please help. Thank you! <

Following the ArangoDB "Graph Course for Freshers: The Shortest_Path to first graph skills" requires flights.csv data to go along with airports.csv. Airports.csv is found at GitHub - arangodb/example-

I have the following file seed, I am trying to save the information in the bd, but the following information comes out, I do not know if I am calling the image load wrong or I am specifying something

I'm trying to create rows with svg + text with flexbox, and I'm facing an issue. When the text is too long and takes 2 lines, the svg is shrinking. The more there are lines, the more it shrinks Note

There are many places I have seen where it talks about how Insertion Sort is good for small data sets. I can't find a number for what "small" is though. My guess is that there is no absolute answer

I know there are couple examples of this but i tried many of them and i couldn't fix my issue.I want to delete an ArrayList from my shared preferences. I create my ArrayList on shared preference in

I am working with TFS 2017 update 3 & SSRS, trying to build a simple report to get product backlog items at specific iteration path. I was double checking the results and found out that some items

I am thinking of building a shop application and just wanted some advice on a couple of things It would be basic online shop (like amazon but a lot less complex) users would have a basket they can

I try migrate my android project to Android Studio 3.2.1. In this project I use Gradle 4.6. My android app has main app and 2 modules. Here my project/build.gradle: // Top-level build file where

I already wrote a pretty complex stored procedure, but now i want to bring some dynamics into the procedures using variables. I still call myself a newbiew when it comes to sql programming, so i might

I have this problem in my homework. I have this 2 classes: -an user class: class user { protected: int id; std::string password; std::string name; bool online; static int usersCounter; static

I have this function to get a 2D pixel location from 3D coordinate position. The x y z are pre-transform coordinates (1 to -1). This is a model view architecture with camera permanently at -3.5,0,0

I am trying to debug my python program but my program encounts on: sys.settrace(None) and - as a result - is finished. My question is: How python interpreter know that is run under debugger? What

I've got a class inside my MainActivity class from which I'm trying to display an AlertDialog. The Dialog isn't showing and there are no errors. The code for the dialog is: AlertDialog.builder

I dont know how to connect my Java Client with JDBC to my SQL Developer Database on localhost with the 1521 port. My SQL Developer is running. Im sure about username and password - but I think my

I've been trying to create a PWA using stackblitz and it's create-react-app template and hosting it to firebase. I thought CRA already was a PWA but the necessary files are not there and I've tried

I've just got into a trouble with developing an action. I was created a project and then deleted it today. Then I just created another one and while trying to give it the same display name as I gave

I am working on React.js. I want to know how to integrate tableau with React JS code. If you have any reference let me know Thanks for Advance

I have the following data: Letters <- c("A","B","C") Numbers <- c(1,0,1) Numbers <- as.integer(Numbers) Data.Frame <- data.frame(Letters,Numbers) I want to create a Dummy Variable for

After following instructions on how to connect and get response from a hub server using signalR-objc briding header: Call SignalR method in Swift (SwiftR). I was able to get response from the hub

I'm using Keras with the TensorFlow backend and am noticing that my GPU isn't getting data fast enough. The dataset i'm working with is originally a Pandas DataFrame, but after pre-processing it

I am binding the apis from aws but didn't httpMethod didnot Identified I didn't get why this happen? I already mapped the integration request in get request of api-gateway Is there something that i

I have built a Winsock2 server. Part of that program has a function that receives data from clients. Originally the receive function I built would peek at the incoming data and determine if there was