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I am updating my Azure Web App from Azure DevOps. Currently, my release is like this: Stop the Web App, Update the Web App and Start the We App. My question is that is it reasonable to stop the Web

I have a map, where my keys are parents and the respective values are the children of said parents. This map can extend to an n-depth if necessary. For instance: K>> obj.hierarchy ans =

So the company I work for has an in-house metadata system to manage metadata (databases, tables, partitions, etc) that are stored on S3. They recently added a API layer on top of the system so that it

I am trying to convert many pdf files into jpg but only if it has 1 page. I rather work with multi-pages pdf than images. I tried different command and get them working correctly individually, both

I have a force layout with a zooming behavior. var min_zoom = 0.3; var max_zoom = 3; var zoom = d3.behavior.zoom().scaleExtent([min_zoom,max_zoom]); Before form submission, zooming (using the mouse

i_know_this = "11.22" # I'm really noobish with regular expressions. I'm looking for a version number that starts with "11.22" but is incomplete in a string. An example of this string would be: "

I am working with hibernate currently to try and map to and from SQL. Every time I try to run my code I get the error: org.hibernate.AnnotationException: mappedBy reference an unknown target

I have a photo editor android code and I am getting the error 'Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke virtual method 'void android.widget.ImageView.setImageURI(android.net.Uri)'

I have a class which needs a Parameter that needs to be invoked in other moment asynchronously so lets say: public class UnitTask { public string Name{ get; set; } public Task JobToPefrorm {

I have installed Dorid4x emulator with WhatsApp.apk on it. How to enable Microphone support?. It is disabled. I have tried several ways to enable the Microphone support but all have failed.

I am trying implement a service mesh to a service with kubernetes using istio and envoy. I was able to setup the service and istio-proxy but I am not able to control the order in which the container

I'm looking to swap on an image when clicked using CSS only. When the image is clicked and the swap has been made there should be a link to a new url when the new image is clicked, not swapped back as

I'm using VichUploaderBundle to upload images in an admin built with EasyAdminBundle. In the edit view, the request is made to localhost/assets/images/uploads/IMG.jpg which is the desired behaviour

I just created my first heroku app and pushed my code through it onto heroku. While testing it however, it showed that one of the templates didnot exist when it infact does when I test it from my

I have noticed a change in my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge SM-G935 model. Today in the morning when i switched on the handset there is no option for Vo-LTE and i am now unable to make calls using LTE

I have an nxm Array{Int64,2} in Julia. I would like to find for each row, the minimum element that is not zero if the row is not zero. If the row is zero, then return zero. For example, for n=10 and

i placed war file on shared drive. And i set docBase in my tomcat \conf\Catalina\localhost\myapp.xml like this: When shared drive is up then tomcat (AutoDeployOnStartup=true) checks war and

I'm developing a chrome extension and I tried to understand why nothing was stored when calling chrome.storage.sync.set. I found somewhere that you need to make an app instead of an extension to use

public class LkpSchoolsTypes : IEntityBase { private ICollection<Schools> _schools; public LkpSchoolsTypes() { } private LkpSchoolsTypes(ILazyLoader lazyLoader)

What is the algorithm appropriate time complexity equation on that case? A : O(NlogN) B : O(logN^2) Where N is the number of Objects (Bounding Volumes) and log the intersections iterations (How

how can I draw lines in Python where each line exists of two coordinates? And is there a method to give each of them another color? Thanks for your help

I want to sort items on the Woocommerce notification emails by categories, as by default they are sorted by the order the customer picks them and add them to the cart. Any help in this regard would be

Has anyone implemented the louvain algorithm on multi relation graphs? I implemented the louvain algorithm on a simple graph used networkx and clustered the vertices of the graph by best-partition ,

I'm working with four phoenix tables A, B, C and D (each ~100 million records) and implementing CDC(Change Data Capture). I need to pull data joining all 4 tables but only the records that changed in

I am quite new to python and I am currently playing around with pyserial and what I am basically doing is sending simple commands via UART. A simple command that I have is: b'page 0\xff\xff\xff'

So i've looked at many issues online including this one https://github.com/angular/quickstart/issues/320 and i'm stumped How I have my code set up is that I have my main describe create my

We can draw a rectangle in many ways and one of them is first defining a Rectangle and then draw it with Path.Rectangle: var rect = new Rectangle({ from: [80, 50], to: [100, 200] }) var

I am trying to get a SQL query to count unique customer for a given month, count only if the Customer was not part of any previous months. date| Customer_name ---------------------------------

I want to create a panel of 4 barplots using ggplot. This stack overflow post contains an example: Simple bar plot with multiple variables in R - Similar to Excel When I run the code, I obtain an

I have an access DB menu form. Once I enter the date and going to the next field it's prompting Compile error: Syntax error It is showing me the error at below code. Private Sub Text14_AfterUpdate(

I am currently trying to write a program that reads in a text file and encodes it by creating a HuffmanTree. I am using parallel arrays in a binary heap of a priority queue and to keep track of my

Iam kinda new to Asp.net and also Iam rookie, i wanted to make menu that has dropdown Menu with it, but I have one problem and that problem is when ever i click the dropdown menu nothing happens like

I want to pass the result of a function on my service, to my component. Service: import { Injectable } from '@angular/core'; @Injectable() export class passVarHelper { header: string;

I'm trying to get a hollow point to have the same line type as an associated line range. For instance library(tidyverse) data.frame( x = letters[1:2] %>% factor, ymin = 4:5, y =

I am using Materialbutton from the support library. I want the icon to be to the right of the text? Ican't seem to find how to do it. Any help is appreciated

So I am trying to do something simple yet hard to think out now. So basically I have random number generator where it sometimes is: 12 1234 23 2345 etc etc.. and basically what I want to do is

I have the project in flask to get a parameter and it works, if I make the call by postman. But if I do it by the java code, it returns error 400. Flask: @app.route('/predict', methods=["POST"]) def

I get a TypeError when extending a @js.native class in scala.js and running in node. object MainApp { def main(args: Array[String]): Unit = { println(new B()) } } class B extends A @js.

I just recently started exploring graphQL and I'm very excited about it but I wonder how it might work when the schema can change based on user actions. The types in our application can have user

I implemented the addition of two generic matrices using multithreading and a sequential algorithm. I tested my program with two big matrices (2000x2000) that contained real numbers (doubles) and the

When my user logs into my app, I save their session user and token. When the user closes out the app, and reopens it later, I have the app check to see if a user and token has been saved to

public class ResponseList implements Serializable { private String sku; private String query; private List<QAResponse> responses; // getter and setter } The 2nd class:

I am new in SQL Stored Procedures. I need help creating query that can pull information from one table connecting to other table. Table_Class: Code Class ------------- 002 Geometry 045

I have the following xml request <soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/" xmlns:wsdl="http://uciext.ws.hw3/wsdl"> <soapenv:Header/> <soapenv:

I have typed up my question using Latex so it is easier to see with the math formatting. Looking for some help solving my problem listed in the picture below! Here is my code below I made: import

I recently asked about cyclic dependency. The answer was to dedicate a project on interfaces (MyProject.Abstractions). Now, this project is the cause of another cyclic dependency, with a Visitor

Here is part of my code which is fetching a zip file uploaded to Azure blob, and sending it back to the caller. The content-type returned by Azure is application/x-zip-compressed. However, I need to

Like Clustering multiple stacked columns chart, is there any way to create a chart like following using aMchart

I am working on a sharepoint online site. and i want to integrate with the following BBC RSS feed service to get the latest news items https://feeds.bbci.co.uk/news/uk/rss.xml. so i wrote the

I have a register form. When the form is submitted and valid there is a bunch of validation happening like checking if the password and password_confirm match. If not I redirect to the same page