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I want to store data of fifty Employees into it. But i am unable how to do that!,now provide me some code that will store data of 50 employees in an the object of class employee. Payscale =

I faced a problem with my angular application (6.0.0) when I try to deploy it on firbase. It shows "Firebase Welcome setup page always". I read all the blogs which are already posted with same problem

I am trying to convert / serialize the @Id field (which is not a string) of the model class but keep getting this error. The custom ID class just concatenates two values with a colon, e.g. aaaa:2345.

I apologize in advance. My domain is mostly C (and C++). I'm trying to write something similar in C#. Let me explain with code. In C++, I can use large static arrays that are processed during compile-

I have a mask image of size 3000X4000. I want to draw several polygons(bounding boxes) on the image using canvas. I have the x and y coordinates for the polygons and they are generated according to

So, I am in the process of creating a 2D tile-based top-down game in Gamemaker: Studio 1.4. Here is the current script for the world generation: //Generate Center Points var centerPointCount = 500;

Is there anything like elasticsearch Multi Search API ? the link is : https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/current/search-multi-search.html. consider I have multiple queries and I

In the manual of AssetBundle usage, https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/AssetBundles-Native.html I can see that when use LoadAsset loaded an GameObject, why we need to do the extra step Instantiate it ?

I am simulating a research work based on VISTA, Author described a technique which he called Feature-Dependent Silhouette Segmentation Low-Energy Comparison (FRILL). In which a silhouette of an object

I am new to java programming and here is an issues that I have been stuck on. public static double Totalwallspace( int NumberofRooms ) { double squarefeet; double totalSquareFeet = 0;

I have a module like this: let Search = { settings: { inputField: document.getElementById('search_field') }, init: function() { this.bindAction(); }, bindAction:

I'm trying to select a value with Selenium. This is the target HTML: <div class="main_table"> <div class="fields filter_center clearfix" style="margin: 0 auto;"> &

Im use myBatis for work with myMysql. I have several identical tables (actors, producers, composers end etc..) that contain only two fields - id and name. I have to write a lot of almost identical

Suppose we store long strings in a Map() object: const m = new Map() m.set(long_string_1, 10) m.set(long_string_2, 20) So, the question is what exactly is being stored inside Map: original long

Assum that I have two models with two serializers, one has another as a nested serializer, as shown below: class Item(models.Model): discounts = ManyToManyField(Discount) gift_discounts =

I am new to programming and I am trying to write a code for frequency analysis of a sentence. I have a problem, that in switch statement it is char and in case it is string, which does not work

Should a simple data transfer objects (DTOs) or Value Objects (VOs) in a distributted Java systems been kept immutable? Since there might be other instances in cloud used to get the shared object and

I'm trying to create a unique temporary directory in the system temp folder and have been reading about the security and file creation issues of tmpnam(). I've written the below code and was

I am interested in Python and started reading Think Python by Allen B. Downey. I am a complete beginner and do not know anyone in my circle of friends who programs so I decided I will ask my question

Client.py from socket import * from threading import Thread from Crypto.Cipher import AES f = open('book.epub', 'rb') f2 = open('example.epub', 'wb') def encrypting(message): obj = AES.new('

i have text field in elasticsearch and i want to visualize word-cloud from it on kibana first step we need to tokenize them, i used "standard tokenizer" word-cloud visualization with this form

I'm using a concatenated version of frankbi's Price of weed data (https://github.com/frankbi/price-of-weed for the original, https://github.com/Travis-Barton/Github_code for the cleaned version). I

here API "distance" is it meters? Is it miles? Feet? Using the API here.com I am able to get lots of great info, one item is the distance somewhere is from the supplied location in their

Suppose we have an 5x5 size image and a 3x3 size kernel with Stride 2 and Padding On. What is the size of the output image after passing through a convolution layer in neural networks.

I need to render a list of dicom files into canvases using cornerstone.js. I downloaded some examples provided by cornerstone to test and everything works fine. Here is what i modified to test

I have a database called 'airplane' inside which there is a table named booking. The booking table has the columns phone(int type) ,name(text type),address(text type),city(text type) destination(text

We are building our tracking tool, and we want to keep track of the CTA's on our website. Here is the code for that: <script type="text/javascript"> var $ = jQuery; $("a").click(

I'm a beginner in Android programming and creating multiplayer game using firebase. I'm thinking of the logic of how users can start the game. What I am trying to do is to show Toast when the room

def testfunction(): for i in range(10): return('a') print(testfunction()) I want 'a' outputed 10 times in one line. If I use print instead of return, it gives me 10 'a's but each on a

I have been trying to create a mock server, but I am getting the response in TEXT format only. How to get the response in JSON?

Hello there fellow coders. Just a noob here that is currently stuck in a pickle. I am coding a math training program, and am needing to loop back to my main menu. There is an infinite loop i am having

I am working on a project , where I have dictionary with column date called "starttime" .. I need to extract month , hour and year , day of the week. I am stuck for now I have the below code . {

I have a pretty big dataset (around 5e5 rows) of (x, y) coordinates with additional feature z. It's something like this: x <- rnorm(1e4, 0, 5) y <- rnorm(1e4, 0, 10) dist <- sqrt(x^2 + y^2)

I've stumbled upon a strange issue in EF. I have the following class hierarchy in my EF model public abstract class Entity { [Column] public string Id { get; set; } [Association("Links", "

I have a numpy array with following dimensions : (1611216, 2) I tried reshaping it to (804, 2004) using : df = np.reshape(df, (804, 2004)) but it gives an error : Traceback (most recent call

Thank you for taking a look at this post. I am trying to receive data using the RF chip, PT4305-x using an arduino. I'm sure its a 323 - 433 chip Basically i have a few products that transmit data

I have the following Dockerfile and entrypoint.sh script. I do as below, but when I run the container it looks like gunicorn never starts because nothing gets written to log files. The container

At the moment, I'm trying to get a list to print backward in the testing class. I thought Collections.reverse(discardPile) could work so I used it and the results are mixed, to say the least. This is

I want to add a number behind another number. instead of doing 1+1=2. I want 1+1=11. how can I do this in python?

I have the following and I'd like to get it looking like this: i.e. forcing the box-shadow & border of both the title and subheading to the back, and then moving the title element itself

I've already set default value for some of my columns. Now I'm going to set them to null in my INSERT statement sometimes. Thanks for the help.

I am working on maps along with firebase for the very first time and stuck on dependency issue. Please fix the version conflict either by updating the version of the google-services plugin (

I am trying to create a local server accessible via local network in my electron app. I want to allow incoming access to a specific port. import server from "./server"; import os from "os"; //TODO

var input = document.getElementById("search"); function showTrue() { document.getElementById("output").innerHTML = "It's true"; } function showFalse() { document.getElementById("output").

This is a bit of a monster query that I am close to but falling short of solving I have 3 tables that share some common IDs that I would like to grab and display data from, but not sure if its

vs2017 include iostream but give error C2665: “sprintf_s”: None of the 2 overloads can convert all parameter types #include <stdio.h> using namespace std; #include <iostream> int main(int

I need to update value of a record in DevExpress XAF, from a custom form, if Oid of a record matches the input I am getting from a textbox. I have tried using UnitofWork by the following code, but it

I got this problem In my Homework, and I thought that I know the answer, but it not making any sense: there are in a node maximum of 2t-1 elements and 2t pointers to childs, therefore finding t using

As far as I understand there are special logs (like for EC2 Instances, RDS) which can be enabled to collect metrics and are not enabled automatically. Is there an OVERVIEW somewhere stating for which

I have a function that takes a long time to compute def longFunc = {Thread.sleep(30000); true} while this function is computing, I'd need to ping a server so it keeps waiting for the value of my