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I'm having trouble with converting my list of GUID + string (anonymous type) to a list of strings. My goal is to append the next generated list to the end of the current list. To use AddRange I

There are multiple ways of initializing an object in c++. There are two examples below, ent1 and ent2. I'm wondering what the difference is, and is one of them more 'correct' or preferred over another?

Why does this code run without errors, but not delete anything from obj? function removeEvenValues(obj) { for (i=0; i < obj.length;++i) if (obj.value%2===2) delete obj[

Hey, first off, thanks for helping. As you can see, to the left, right, and top of the purple background, there is a margin, I have no padding or margin code that should be doing this as for as I know,

I am trying to click on a button on a Website. The problem is that this button has no ID so I can not use the getElementByID() function. Is there another way to find the button and click on it? Thanks

I am a DBA in the process of migrating a Django application database from Postgres to MS SQL Server. (This is something I must do.) This application is using sql_server.pyodbc and Microsoft SQL

I don't understand why I'm getting this error after downloading the frameworks 4.7.1 and 4.7.2 developer packs VS Frameworks It even gives me the option to start a new project with these frameworks,

I have multiple TextEditInputLayouts on the sign up page (fragment) and when I first open it up everything is fine. However when I use the clear function below it turns out looking like the screenshot.

I'm trying to check if a date type exists in a table. The code I've had is this: If CurrentDb.OpenRecordset("SELECT tbl_Fechas_Proceso_Contable.Fecha FROM tbl_Fechas_Proceso_Contable WHERE

I want to write a class in C++ that outputs a String containing a Perl command that looks like this: PERL script.pl -a aaaa -b -c cccc Additionally I want to test-drive the implementation using

I have this function in my controller which is returning a JSON public function countriesajax() { $countries = Countries::pluck('name', 'id'); $countriesArray = array_fill_keys($

How to check whether the user in my group or not in PHP. I have their username and user ids. I don't know how to code it on PHP.

I am developing a Spring Boot Application with H2O and need a summary / metadata of all columns in a frame. While invoking frameSummary() of H2oApi, I get an MalformedJsonException: Caused

correlation between A and B or B and A should be same. However, when I use cor() function in R, it returns asymmetric results. Could anyone explain why it happen? set.seed(123) mat1 <- matrix(

When run my task, in Chrome developers tool my sourcemap trigger is last selector in my css compiled. Boostrap selectors is ok, only my custom rules haven this problem. my scss file with all style

While practicing string interleaving in Swift, I'm trying to append the substring of one string to another. This other question covers appending one string to another, which is not my question. And

I am trying to use Numba Decorator with my class. However, I am receiving the the following error. I checked the input dimension and it looks correct but still getting the same error. Any idea on how

Meteor version - OS - Mac os High Sierra Node - lts/boron -> v6.14.4 Getting below error for meteor app. Same code was working well 3 days ago => App running at: http://localhost:3000/

I am using Webdriver in Node.js. I need to access window property which will be populated in the future. I am able to get the value which exists like: browser.execute(() => { return window.

Build a dynamic website using Node.js with Express.js and Pug.js. For this assignment, pick a country and build a brochure website (ie a one page website with information), all facts listed on the

I am learning about mongoDB, and have been using mongoose. I saw that there is a populate method that easily gets me referenced docs without much done. Is there something similar in mongoDB driver? I

I need to produce an x264 video stream with my product using GStreamer framework, and I am going to get a commercial x264 license for that. But now the question is how to actually plug the commercial

Io ionic 3, I am using an ion-list, inside it I have an ion-item, but first line inside each ion-item is cut. As you can see, the capital 'A' letter is not entirely visibile. Can you help me? Thanks

I have a CSV that I'm needing to create a column of random unique MongoDB ids in python. Here's my csv file: import pandas as pd df = pd.read_csv('file.csv', sep=';') print(df)

I have solved to the problem but was unable to come up with the most efficient problem that passes all test cases. It times out in 5 test cases. Determine sentences contain all of the words of a

I need some help over here. I have this little oportunity here that I need to store sensitive information from costumers into my Apache server (later will be hosted at Hostgator) and I need the files

How a javascript popup can be restricted to show on only first three visits for a page? here is the html code <div id="vr-apper" style='display:none'> <div id="popup">

I have 2 weeks learning and working with MongoDB, I'm building a simple WinForm APP with a DataGridview. Everything was working fine but I added more than 1.000.000 documents and now it show me this

Here is my h.w question about data structure that I have no idea how to solve: Build a data structure which containts n random numbers (not necessarily sorted) which supports this two conditions:

I am using jupyter and I have 2 text file. dataset.txt and feature_names.txt. I input the following code. header1 = r'./data/feature_names.txt' main = r'./data/dataset.txt' df = pd.read_csv(main,

I have the following piece of code: class MyClass { var a: String var b: String init(a: String, b: String) { self.a = a self.b = b } } When I try to create the

I've tested at all sorts of examples and non of them seem to work for me. Given a string like this: "FOO":{"BAR":"0x507A","FIND":"DONTFINDME","ME":["0x3214"]} Is there a RegEx I can use to get

I changed the package name in Build Settings for Android (from com.argonnetech.gardenattack to com.argonnetech.letterstracing). I also changed the package name in the Facebook plugin. After building I

I've been attempting to install an app to my 2 IOS 10.3 devices and for some reason constantly get this error while on xcode 10. I attempted to jailbreak the device and the app successfully ran, why

Is there a way to make sure certain files are in the top-level directory your github repository? I have only two files, a README and a JSON, and I just want to confirm they are in the top-level

I currently have a VBA code which i copied from a website into my excel file to clear all the checkboxes in the Active Worksheet. However when they are unchecked, the formulas (done through VBA) which

It seems that JOOQ's insert returning does not work for generated code. There is a similar issue which deals with plain SQL, however i am not using plain SQL. This is the questionable line:

I have a module I'm importing during my webpack that does something like so: 'use strict'; module.exports = { position: true, gfm: true, commonmark: false, footnotes: false, pedantic:

In SQL Server 2014 I open 3 windows on the same database. In the first window I run Update Statistics A. I time this to take around 1 minute. In my 2nd and 3rd windows I run an Update Statistics B (

Used R version : 3.4.4 (2018-03-15) jdk version "1.8.0_181" H2O cluster version: Installed all the dependent package as mentioned in H2O documentation cpu1$Average = as.numeric(as.

Vagrant has a very nice feature called galaxy_role_fole that allows one to point to a requirements.yml file and to install the roles listed there upon vagrant up (provided that the vm is configured to

Is there a way to send the XML request dynamically and validate the XML response? My scenario is: I will have a CSV dataset config and inside the csv file I will have two column, the first one is for

Can anyone explain me why this: "Hello" > "World" is returning false?

Trying to figure out how to do the following: sum(case when count(goal_id) over (partition by user_id) > 0 then 1 else 0 end) as users_with_multiple_goals. This is obviously not supported.. Any

I'm working in extract data from more complex JSON with unknown structure, its structure changes with operation , JSON sample link :http://afs-i.com/json.json I tried with this code : http://afs-i.

I am new to Xcode and Swift. I am unable to get UITextField to accept an input in iPhone 7 simulator. The code works fine in iPhone XR simulator. What is missing? Full code below: import UIKit

I want to send request during running map reduce program from a mapper to another node that executes a special method. Every mapper should send a request to execute a function by another node and then

I keep trying to @import "bootstrap-sprockets"; @import "bootstrap"; in app/assets/stylesheets/custom.scss, however, when I try to I get the error File to import not found or unreadable:

This code is supposed to call a method any time a Dragenter event is called for any textbox on the form and any time a MouseDown event is called on any label on the form Code; (In form

How can I send an array object between pages in Framework7? I can send variable values but cannot understand how to send objects? I have an array object like this "phoneNumbers": [{ "