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enter image description here Hello, I created karatsuba algorithms for Pothon. For numbers of exponent 2. From 2 to 16 bits everything works, but then there is an error, I can not fix it, help. PS: I


I have a next.js application that runs with an express server. Everything was fine until the fetch. When I send from front-end to back-end post request, it works fine. And also when I try to fetch

如何在LaaLVE 5.6中保存多个数据上传到表中

I am using multiple images uploading system with preview in laravel 5.6. with Mysql this is My codes, <div class="field" align="left"> <h3>Upload your images</h3> <input type=


My background is Java mainly, but this project has to be done in c#. So forgive me if I don't sound like I know exactly what I want, I may just use the wrong c# terms. The core question: Can I use .


I am creating a website. I have tried to add a favicon. I have created a folder in Visual Studio in the Solutions Explorer named images and placed my image named "KS-final.png" in it. It did not work

访问嵌套字典- Python的值

I have created a nested dictionary as follows: my_dict = {} my_dict[Length] = graph_dict It gives me the following dictionary. The usual keys() and values() commands give me the followings:


So I have my tableview when I re-order my rows it updates the tableview and everything but it isn't saving to core data. func tableView(_ tableView: UITableView, moveRowAt sourceIndexPath: IndexPath,

R GeoMymap似乎需要地图中的区域列。

Recently some code I've been using to make facet maps has started to give me this warning message Warning message: Unknown or uninitialised column: 'region'. The map file I have created, called


Recently I have installed ubuntu in my system. I have made partion of disk, and it is as /media/as/29428f73-44cb-4089-bd8c-692ebba91795 -- /media/as/29428f73-44cb-4089-bd8c-692ebba91795 It also


i just a little confused, so i could not figure it out how to write this code, also I've searched in google, i couldn't find something useful. Ok, here's an example of what i need, Suppose we have a


I have an Excel UserForm with (2) ComboBoxes. Both comboboxes list information from the "H" range, and ComboBox2 should list info from the "V" range. Any ideas what I am doing wrong here? I'm still


When I try to access http://localhost:4200/category/0 it works but when I try to navigate to the same link using below rendered link it gives error <li _ngcontent-c1="" role="presentation"


I am in the process of converting some animated GIF animated spinners to animated SVG for better/sharper display on Hi-DPI screens. One issue I've run into is that when a user starts navigating to


This is how I have my controller setup: The UIView is a container view. Inside this I load another view controller. This is how the stack of controllers look: Safe Area ScrollView ContainerView


I am using recycle view in GridLayout and Picasso. When a user clicks on images, it opens in new Activity. But when the user comes back, recycle view doesn't restore from where the user opened the


Helklo i am having trouble populating my listbox, like, i want to populate it WHERE active = "1" so that data with active = "1" are shown and data with active="0" are still hidden, this list shows


i have a 3 lists. I need the result to be the same items. def main(args): list1 = ["hello", "day", "apple", "hi", "word"]; list2 = ["food", "hi", "world", "hello", "python"];

Python烧瓶上传文件使用Ajax Restest.file空

I am trying to upload an image about 1.62MB to an end point written using flask. the request.files object is always empty. I've checked the following questions but no luck: Flask request.files is

如何自动化SOAPUI中REST API的URL生成的动态令牌?

For my project I have created test cases in SOAPUI for Rest project. I have to pass token in header for each test steps that I have added in the test cases. Also the token validity only for 1 hour.


I am trying to create a custom route in my rails app. It should be a variant of the New Record Form generated by a scaffold. I am trying to add new_task(a type of activity in my app). However, when I


to load an image, I used : BufferedImage img = ImageIO.read(Sprite.class.getResourceAsStream(path)); And that work perfectly but, don't know why, when I use it in other class, it don't want to work.


How do we convert and add trailing and leading Zeros to a number? ex. 123.45. I Need to make this ten digits long and have padding numbers in front and back. Would like to convert it to 0001234500.


source The bug, as it currently appears, is in the player spawning in the middle of the matrix when it had stored 5 or more tetrominos. An attempt to buffer the upcoming type showed that of commit()


This is the Matlab code which is returning eigenvector in V and eigenvalue in D. Consider C is 9*9 matrix then V is 9*9 matrix and D is 9*9 diagonal. matrix. [V,D] = eig(C); I want the same thing in

Python SkEX-T-SNE:当我将初始值设置为以前的T-SNE时,它似乎又从头开始。

I am trying run a T-SNE whose initial placements are the results of a previous (identically done) T-SNE. Here is the code. tsne = TSNE(perplexity=50, n_components=2, init=tsneResult, n_iter=650,


Is it possible to declare python functions with specific class parameters? The reason is that I want to avoid type errors (Happens to me quiet often) For example: def connect(socket as socket, HOST,


I have a project which has 3 pom files: parent file (very basic one, just declares its children), main pom for building project itself and a pom file for generating swagger client library. The client


I whant to embed image in outlook inspector at cursor position so i have to use this line: string ImagePath = @"C:\Users\Itai\Desktop\photo.jpg"; document.Application.Selection.InlineShapes.


Karate -junit will provide Reports as BDD. We have new requirement to push this report to Report server KLOV(Extent Reports). Is this possible to with listener's? please let know the documentation.


Given the following setup: CREATE EXTENSION IF NOT EXISTS "pgcrypto"; CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS foo ( id TEXT DEFAULT gen_random_uuid () NOT NULL, text TEXT NOT NULL, is_latest BOOLEAN


I've written a script in vba to parse some links (connected to contact keyword) from few sites. One link from each site. I used xmlhttp requests to accomplish the task. When I execute my script it


In my laptop, i am not able to see the youtube videos in the flash player. The flash player always shows loading (round progress bar) only. I uninstalled the flash player and reinstalled the flash


I am using minicart.js for add to cart products and it is working perfectly. My products are added in minicart popup section. Now I have generated checkout page where I want to show all my product


Out Of The Box hybris promotion codes are case sensitive. If you creat a coupon code as TAKE50OFF, you need to enter it as TAKE50OFF to redeem, if you try Take50Off or take500ff, it will not work. I


I am planning to apply for US universities for fall 2019 in the field of manufacturing engineering , I have completed my bachelor in mechanical engineering with 75%(approx 3.5 GPA) and have two and


I have application on which one page will call the getBookBySearchText and it sets the list of books to local variable. Anothr page will call the getBookById after setting the local variable. But,


I'm developing an API that uses not standard database connection that is not supported by Laravel by default. Because of that I am not able to use Eloquent Models to create JWT tokens and authenticate


For example, #!/bin/bash touch a b c d docker pull alpine # This SHOULD take the fraction of a second only docker build --no-cache -t test -f - . <<EOF FROM alpine COPY a / COPY b /tmp COPY c /


I have a dataframe, and each string in the array is unique. +---+--------------------+---+--------------------+---+--------------------+ | _1| _2 | _3| _4 | _5|


I'm trying to use selenium with StaticLiveServerTestCase in order to run the django server in the tests automatically. For some reason, login fails if I use StaticLiveServerTestCase, and succeeds in


I have one csv that i need to import, here's the data: ------------------------------------------------------------------------- | id_attendance | emp_code | emp_name | date | time


Based on Configurator Specification in OSGI Compendium we can specify configuration using json files. It is also mentioned that default config location can be changed from OSGI-INF/configurator to


I have written a small helper function which I use to check if a navigation item is active. The code works as I expected, but it looks a little bit nested. Does anyone know how to simplify it? def


I'm a java programmer who have used eclipse and intellij. I'm pretty comfortable for Java. Do we have a similar IDE which has the following features on ctr+space the methods should come for the


I want IIS Express to server a folder. In the output I get: Successfully registered URL "http://localhost:8080/" for site "Development Web Site" application "/" I would like to change the URL. The


When I import reactive search from the following module: import {ReactiveBase} from "@appbaseio/reactivesearch"; It keeps showing me the following error: ./node_modules/@appbaseio/reactivecore/

PistGRES- 9.6——从多个列创建对象数组JSON

I have the following dataset here http://sqlfiddle.com/#!17/70f9a/1 I want to create a query that the result will be as follow: key: 1, avg_time_1: [{ "category": 10, "avg_time": 10},{ "category":


I've been trying to implement the Firebase Admin SDK into our backend server, running on JAVA. The source of my question is this piece of code, provided by Google: FileInputStream serviceAccount =


I am developing an algorythm in C++ that uses Backtracking in this way: Considering a number sequence (ES: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15). Calculate (if exists) an Hamiltonian


I have a simple database query to put out some stuff from database like example: $user->HeadHits = DB::table('csstats AS cs') ->where('cs.steamid', '=', $user->steam_id) ->select("cs.h_1")