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I have manged to piece together enough html/css from sources online to almost be able to do what I want. I am trying to display n (currently 4) images with buttons in the center next to each other

I need to implement a zoomable Relative Layout which should have children that are draggable, both in a normal and zoomed state. I have successfully implemented zoomable layout following this SO

Alright, so I have a list created in my README.md that looks correct when I view it in Atom: But when I upload it to Bitbucket, this list gets completely ignored: instead, large parts of it are in

How can I measure time passed since the moment I have changed source or sourceComponent property of QML Loader to the moment visual item actually appeared on the screen (got painted)? Loader { id:

We're seeing occasional timeouts in our application that appear to trace to Redis, though I'm not entirely sure. We have a module that we include in some of our jobs to reduce duplication of heavier

I'm kind of stuck when it comes to this. I want to check to see if the line exists: */2 * * * * ls -1 /var/www/html/shared-media > /var/www/html/files.txt I also need a way to remove that

I'm working on a Vue CLI 3 project that includes a NodeJS backend. I would like to extend some of Vue CLI's "nice-to-haves", like Webpack's import syntax and ESLint, to run on the code in this backend

I have a member variable; valid_add_customer_request = { "client": {0}, "name": "CustomerName", "account_number": "W/L141123512", "mobile_number": "1232 414122", "landline_number":

This issue might not be specific to vue but here goes I'm searching for some items and retrieving them from a database, each item has a unique name which I use to load their image from an external

Hello I am new to pygame and I am trying to write a shmup game. However I am always having this error: TypeError: add() argument after * must be an iterable, not int self.add(*group) This is the

i am trying to send twitter data(json format) directly to spark structured streaming. I didn't find any related solution. i tried below code but got an error with data. class TweetsListener(

I am working on a project on java's earlier version below 1.7 where I am facing a strange issue of automatically round off the decimal values. Decimal values are getting calculated correctly in java

Note: I have seen many question regarding this. But no one satisfies my requirement! So please don't mark it duplicate and think before down voting it! I am using Blogger API to get the list of Blogs

is it possible to add a node-express server to an existing jhipster project to create a separate api? Just wondering. I have multiple microservices that are not working (UAA, and others) so I would

I was searching about complete python source code for a server with multiple clients, I couldn't find code working fine, can someone give me web or GitHub contain my order. Regards

I need to create a dropdown component which can be used for selection of nested values, but i want to create a skeleton structure which can be scaled according to the json structure passed to The

I have an array like: // Array1 [ 0: [ ID: 0, translationcode: 'a' ], 1: [ ID: 1, translationcode: 'a' ], 2: [ ID: 2, translationcode: 'b' ], 3: [ ID: 3, translationcode: 'c' ] ] Now I would

I wish to make a macro which can auto login a page and then autofill the search input field and finally web scraping the search result. I have been struggling for a long time that I can successfully

I have to join two Dataframes. Sample: Dataframe1 looks like this df1_col1 df1_col2 a ex1 b ex4 c ex2 d ex6 e ex3

I am using ViewModel in android to obtain an object and then pass it to a fragment to update UI components. I am trying to obtain the value of the object asynchronously and then pass the object to the

In other words, if I have two foreign key constraints on the same column, will both constraints have to be met or just one in order to successfully add the record?

I uninstalled and installed winows which meant I had to re-download softwares. I downloaded Node and npm, both are installed (node -v10.14.2, npm - 6.4.1). I open me previous projects and run npm

We have a docker swarm and we normally run service container using Docker create service API. Now we are seeing after certain time interval the services are not responding ( means the application

I'm doing a Web application project in Java and I have a problem with securing the application using Spring Security, namely my configuration does not work, I've tried several ways to configure Spring

I'm learning React and I want to create a todoaapp nevertheless I'm working with only one component to not deal with props. I already print the tasks in the dom, but now I want to create an event to

I am working in a project class and got this question mentioned in the title. For example: In my case I have an Item Class with a child Class named CDRom (inheritance), then CDRom needs to have one

I downloaded MeCab to parse some Japanese text. To test it out, I tried doing what some examples online showed. For example, I followed this guy's tips verbatim: http://www.robfahey.co.uk/blog/

I need the java version of play framework with pagination Below is the scala version for reference https://github.com/playframework/play-scala-anorm-example/blob/2.6.x/app/views/list.scala.html

I know executables are suitable for timer triggers, but since the timer trigger doesn't require parallel access to the executable, I wasn't sure if it works for blob triggers. Let's say I have 10

I have homework for c++. But I do not now anything now. I am learnig java but teacher want to do homework at c++ programming languages. Can some one help me ? :) Homework : Your program will accept

hi how can we show and hide div based on url. <div id="step1" style="display:none"> Some Content Goes here </div> <div id="step2" style="display:none"> Some Content Goes here &

I would like to programm in excel-VBA the following: In column A and B there will be numbers entered manually. column C gives out the sum automatically. the colour of the cells in column C change

I have a multibranch pipeline that runs a Jenkinsfile of select branches. Now I need to run that same Jenkinsfile with parameters, so I figured I could use a regular pipeline. Now all I have to do is

When you use the counting sort algorithm you create a list, and use its indices as keys while adding the number of integer occurrences as the values within the list. Why is this not the same as simply

I am running the following block of code to create the path to a new file: # Opens/create the file that will be created device_name = target_device["host"].split('.') path = "/home/user/test_scripts/

I am trying to debug an old DSP system using TI Code Composer Studio V5.5, with a Blackhawk BH-USB-510L JTAG emulator. When I try to update drivers, I get the following error: "No repository found

Good morning people, Anyways, my question is this, I have created a simple "Guess the number" game which uses OOP, it works smoothly. I am trying to implement a loop, therefore the user is able to

Suppose I have a class A. I want to create few objects of type A and push them into a vector. There are many ways to do so, in particular the two illustrated below. The first uses a for-loop, the

I have just started looking at google cloud. I have been following this tutorial to try to setup the system: https://cloud.google.com/sdk/docs/ I can successfully download the tar file, I can

I have written sample code to create a vector of buffers and performed deletions on those buffers. When i perform deletion on the same buffer twice it will give segmentation fault-This is expected.

I'm using SQL server for creating script to run in production . If a table doesn't contain a specific column, then create that column. I've already did that : IF NOT EXISTS ( SELECT 1

I'm trying to log into a website that requires credentials. I'm getting the following error on the password page: ElementNotInteractableException: Element <div id="password" class="rFrNMe KSczvd

[1,2,3] I have this list and want to print all subsets using recursion. I am getting the output using the following code but is there any better/easier way? def recur_subset(arr): enter code here`

I'm new in learning Haskell and have same problems with the definning of functions. I have to write a definition for the function mapProp which has the ability to map an f to every proposition in a

I am a bit new to this. I need to find the string length to get max number by hexdec to not sup pas 4 bytes (integer). I read here and understood that 9 chars should go up to 32 bits, but I get

I have embedded a QPushbutton in a Qwidget in a QListView: QPushbutton >> QWidget >> QListView list_widget = QWidget() list_widget.layout(QHBoxLayout()) btn = QPushButton() btn.pressed.connect(

I am building an akka service and for local testing purposes using akka-discovery in config mode. I discovered that when switching from defined seed nodes for the cluster creation to the discovery-

I'm new to nginx and docker-compose. I have a docker-compose which contains nginx-reverse-proxy and many web APIs called webapi01, webapi02 In nginx-reverse-proxy, I have location /app1/{

I have a Car model and a Garage model. I want to sort cars by the name of the garage but the problem is that my car doesn't have a garage field. Only the garage has a cars field which contains an

for some reason have been struggling to find why this isnt working for 2 days. $link is the variable for db connection established and tested previously in the stack. $sql = "SELECT cabinetname FROM