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I have various .vbs script that runs smoothly using SecureCRT but I would like to run them using putty however I am having plink and -m "command not found" error. Please advise on other ways to run .

I have an object o with prototype p: var p = {} var o = Object.create(p) It is possible to add a property a to the object o, and then add a setter of the same name to the prototype p: o.a = 1

I use this function in order to make a screenshot of the view and download it as pdf. I have the problem that my second pdf will be cut off for any reason - onePageCanvas.toDataURL("image/png", 0.92);

I want to execute a function every specified seconds, and it should loop forever. When the function is finished I want to start a new setTimeout using a random generated value between 2 and 5 (

I have absolutely no idea why im getting this error message, anyone could help me with that? "syntax error near unexpected token then'" Heres my code: #!/bin/bash IFS=";" while read user mdp nom

I am struggling to get my code to display in HTML. I know I am probably missing something really simple, but I am stuck. I have an Angular 7 app. I want to retrieve the xlsx data (worksheet) and

I have some thousands of blobs with a given suffix I want to assign to a new tier (hot to archive) in bulk. I know it is possible to manually change the tier on portal or through a REST request

I am using the vm2 module, and I have some code with two functions: get_input() for getting some data that I have, and display() for showing some data, but these functions will not be defined in that

I have designed a whole set of hand gestures as vectors and now I want to store them in firebase and retrieve them from android application. Basically I want those gesture vectors to be treated as

i want to use python3 to make a "chat bot", but, i don't want it to be complex, i just want it to say something when someone enters the chat room imvu. Any ideas where to get some docs to read or

I have GoDaddy SSL certificate and it is properly installed on my domain and my domain is working perfectly fine with https but when I open https://.com:6001/socket.io/socket.io.js Then it is

Code is below, Help appriciated :) const ics = require('ics'); var fs = require('fs'); let alarms = [] alarms.push({ action: 'display', trigger: { hours: 0, minutes: 01, before: true },

Been trying to run ionic 4 apk on emulator but it can not seem to get passed the white screen what am i missing or doing wrong? Ionic: ionic (Ionic CLI) : 4.5.0 (/home/yushin/.nvm/

I get error "'Index was outside the bounds of the array". on this line "string Open = array[0].ToString();" when array is empty. I used "if" statement to see if it can be by-passed when array is empty.

How to detect bottom to top touch in horizontal Recyclerview item? I want to display a toast when the user pulls the finger vertically onto the item.

Can anyone have a look what goes wrong with my pyinstaller? I also tried to convert a .py file to .exe file, but the same error was generated I have added the problem that generated from cmd below :)

I'm building a small time based Quiz App in excel VBA. One should answer as many question as possible within 60 secs. so, I have in range("A1") = 60 at the start of the game.. I want to reduce this by

I have added the following dependency to my Spring Boot application <dependency> <groupId>org.springframework.cloud</groupId> <artifactId>spring-cloud-aws-

I am trying to run AVD with newly installed android. I have an AMD Ryzen processor , who I downloaded the ARM api. I still get an error minSdk(api27) > devSdk(api25) I learnt that I need to make

In aurelia binding if in a component we use observable decoration on a property, and if the property being an object, then we will subscribe to all properties of that object. For example: import {

I downloaded a zip file with TidHTTP into a TMemorySteam. The current way I extract the contents is to save it as a file then extract it and then deleting the zip again. Is it possible to extract the

I have an HTML file containing plain text that I need to import to a sheet named Data. The lines on the file I need to copy start with 0 (no indention or spaces proceeding the 0). There are also lines

I can not run a Net Core application in docker-compose due to this error,while i can start the container from dockerfile. Did you mean to run dotnet SDK commands? Please install dotnet SDK from:

I have these two kinds of table below: Stocks Table Order Table ------------- ------------- | stockid | | orderid | | stockname | | orderqty | | stockqty |

int num1 = 0; cin >> num1; while (cin.fail()) { cout << "Enter a valid number for num1"; cin.clear(); cin.ignore(256, '\n'); cin >> num; } int num2 = 0; cin >>

Hello friends I'm working with codeigniter but I need your help. I'm using the default controller like: $route['default_controller'] = 'generals'; But when I enter to my localhost I see the 404

I have a socket IO always pass buffer byte of an audio file to the client which my android. So I have received buffer byte array. I need to play byte array to audio speaker. I'm going to make an audio

I want to get the JWT in respose when I hit '/login'. But I am missing something and can't figure it out. Following is my code: SecurytiApplication.java import org.springframework.boot.

Context I have been tasked with fixing a big bug on the menu-edit page, which was caused by a stale element issue, caused by the HTML elements for it being rendered server-side. In my three-day fight

how to set password for default user in mogodb in ubuntu ? now user access to mongo by this code in temrinal without password mongo --port **** --host **.***.***.*** i dont know set password for

Why can not I print the value of j in the last statement although the variable j declared outside the for loop as a local variable? package practicejava; public class Query { public static void

I have configured Authorization server and there is jdbc token store like this: @Configuration @EnableAuthorizationServer public class OAuth2Config extends AuthorizationServerConfigurerAdapter {

I'm using recyclerview to display data from database. When i want to change data and save it to database again, data has indeed changed. But in my recyclerview, that data i have changed before, not

I have a console application in C #. It lies in the Git repository and, if necessary, it is downloaded by the script and is built. build_script: - MSBuild SCADAServicesCLI/SCADAServicesCLI.sln /p:

I used ODatajclient through java to get my service OData v3. I should to use v3 cause my OData retrieve String XML this is my code Configuration.setHttpClientFactory(new

To my understanding string literals are stored in read-only memory and modifying it during runtime leads to a segmentation fault, but my below code compiles without segmentation fault. #include <

The overall goal at this moment is to generate a real simple drawing consisting of four non-coplanar points and the skew lines that connect opposite edges. Four non-co-planar points A0, B0, C0, D0,

I found that fasterxml.jackson parse wrong class in my project. I have this controller method: @PutMapping public Course updateCourse( @RequestBody CourseDto course) {

I believe it is related to this one: Spark Error:expected zero arguments for construction of ClassDict (for numpy.core.multiarray._reconstruct) I have a dataframe id col_1 col_2 1 [1,2] [1,3] 2 [2,1]

Having trouble with Path.mkdir() using: Path('C:\\Users\\', user, 'Desktop\\py\\', folder, '\\', str(x).rstrip('.bmp')).mkdir() ignores it's path and makes the directory at C:/ such as in the

I'm having some trouble getting time-zones to play nice on a client project. I'm pretty sure I'm just too burned out to see what's right in front of my face I've got this line new DateTime(

I read everywhere that reading a file with mmap() is better & faster than fread() (may be in large file case only). But I can't find any resources regarding the difference between writing a file

I have a ran out of ideas and I am wondering if anyone has any links to any Discord.js Source code(s). I have looked everywhere, please help me out. Thank you again, your fellow developer,

Format : (UserId->((Movie1Id,Rating),(Movie2Id,Rating))) I wanted to print Movie1Id and Movie2Id. Following code works fine: user foreach (x => println (x._2._1)) Following Code doesn't work:

I need to append Main Menu into first grid's row and put canvas into second row. At runtime I see, that second row rendering under first row. Why? What's wrong? I can set margin from top, but it's

hi im tying to install ros on ubuntu im getting this error sudo apt-get update Hit:1 http://pk.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu cosmic InRelease Hit:2 http://pk.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu cosmic-

I'm running CentOS 7 I know officially they are never updating their GLIB but I need something that's not 5 years old. I tried installing a package that has them but it's not working It says

I'm working on Twitch api with php. I'm trying to get list of resolutions of clips. How can i get lists of resolution of clips ?

I have a route in FLASK that return a jsonify object: @app.route('/getgoodbye', methods=['GET', 'POST']) def getgoodbye(): return jsonify({'html':'<h1>Good Bye</h1>'}) and a function

I'm working with a Rails API / React project. I've successfully set it up to upload files to S3 with Active Storage. I want to get a public url to be able to display that image file. I believe that